15 Unusual F1 Car Concepts
Formula One is the most competitive motor sports in the world. Every year teams compete not only on the racetrack, but in their car designs and technology. There have certainly been some interesting ideas over the years. Here are the top 15 most unusual F1 car concepts!

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  • Dj Nadja & New Sound Orchestra
    Dj Nadja & New Sound Orchestra

    The best blonde in the F1 is here → hrposts.info/five/video/14mnmourY9uGuMg

  • Ingens_Scherz

    Fan car: "Other teams complained". Meaning Ferrari.

  • [KPG]

    Wait...Simple History?? "TF YOU DOIN HERE N-"

  • Zorica Sremcevic
    Zorica Sremcevic


  • Fairy Duster
    Fairy Duster

    Dude. TY-RELL. WTF.

  • ארז יואל גרסון
    ארז יואל גרסון

    What about renault espace f1

  • Denis Alexa
    Denis Alexa

    Are you the simple history narator?

  • I help anytime
    I help anytime

    you have so many wrong information about the last car. 1: it was first introduced in 2010, with the X2010 car. 2: It can reach 450-480 km/h 3: The car concept is not an improvement of formula one, it was gran turismo and red bull idea to make a racing car without regulations, and they thought of this 3hp per kg car with a massive fan to make huge downforce

  • Pooty tang
    Pooty tang

    "concept vs reality" "'A business idea may or may not be a business opportunity'". The Ferrari "Sigma" tells a lot now in 2021 and for future racing now.

  • Ricky Widayana
    Ricky Widayana

    Bruce Wayne : those all my cars.... Any question? 😎

  • Aodren Richard
    Aodren Richard

    13:59 Its not a concept its just the 2022 car

  • Abduh Ariq
    Abduh Ariq

    Ferrari Sigma impression to me is a Kart with stretched front bumper and aerodynamic addition, longer wheel base, have a cockpit since the tyre is bigger than kart, and rear wing. It basically good replacement for karting imo

  • Lamster 66
    Lamster 66

    Tie -rell LMAO The made it from Alume-in-um apparently

  • polski

    is this the infographics show narrator

    • On its way
      On its way

      More like the guy from simple history

  • SomS4

    Although all of them r nice, but why do some of these cars look like lmp1 cars to me?😅

  • __ TheMiniMaus__
    __ TheMiniMaus__

    We here are f1 fans, we know the cars

  • RJB

    A 30 year old "Concept car" is not a concept car today.

  • Karpa-D

    The thumb looks like x2010

  • Gabriel Gagne
    Gabriel Gagne

    he pronounced Tyrell like Tyrone, bruhhh

  • Alfonso Ferrerad
    Alfonso Ferrerad

    why do F1 cars need to be electric?? I understand and support that regular cars need to be electric but a F1 which only used on track its a little stupid

  • Lucas Lopes
    Lucas Lopes

    Fia: what a interesting and innovative idea, let's ban it.

  • Ken Hendricks
    Ken Hendricks

    Petronas 🇲🇾😊👍🏾

  • DarkLordDiablos

    Funny thing about the Sigma is that it sports the same colours that Ross Brawn chose for his team. You have to wonder if he thought of it when creating his team due to losing most of the sponsors of the previous team Honda.

  • Leo Schenk
    Leo Schenk

    I really don't think everyone is expecting a closed cockpit soon, by that I mean this is the first video I've ever seen that's mentioned it as an expectation in f1

  • Strat Cat
    Strat Cat

    The Dell will fail due to inability to upgrade...

  • Cameron Marshall
    Cameron Marshall

    Some of these aren’t f1 real concepts tho

  • Phillin Myself
    Phillin Myself

    It's going to be formula E not f1

  • BAM Mözzi
    BAM Mözzi

    They really should do an F1 Concept Racing series... The only 'rules' are the power-plant (no more than 1.5l, must be totally 'green' etc) and of course comply to ALL safety requirements. The innovations that would come from this sector and potentially filter down would be incredible. ABS for example came from F1 but now with so many rules, restrictions etc, its hardly the pinnacle of innovation...

  • Christian Hackenhaar
    Christian Hackenhaar

    stop getting butthurt about the pronunciation of tyrell ppl, its not his fault english has no phonetic consistency whatsoever

  • Gellért Hajas
    Gellért Hajas

    11:04 Batmobile xd

  • BattleBooms

    Closed wheels kinda suck tho... It reduces the risk of losing a tire when racing too aggressively.

  • BattleBooms

    Is that the voice of Simple History?

  • Boris Kusinikov
    Boris Kusinikov

    I don't think that none of these concepts compare to the 2022 f1 car. Nothing compares to that dinner plate of a nose.

  • No Lies   -  No Evil
    No Lies - No Evil

    Ear has a micro technology ? 18:20

  • Mark Ang
    Mark Ang

    Lewis hamilton is a car himself.

  • Dank Memer
    Dank Memer

    Does the narrator sound like the simple history guy

  • ヅEuxinorus


  • Vitorxd12_

    thats bad research

  • tankBG

    Everyone talkin about the flaws of information for the video but i just noticed this is the same narrator as Simple History

  • Cole

    Some of these designs look straight out of the game F-ZERO

  • Hpmiddelfart Nielsen
    Hpmiddelfart Nielsen

    Total lækker video om formel 1 Ræser

  • EP Jensen
    EP Jensen

    I think by the 2050s, Formula 1 will be racing hovercrafts. F1 is going total scifi in design, just like the racing games we have on our consoles and PCs.

  • Joep Verheijen
    Joep Verheijen

    Sebastien vettél

  • SandStinger 345
    SandStinger 345

    2:23 someone must’ve been like what if you combine an F1 car, a go-kart and a mars rover.

  • Gideon le Grange
    Gideon le Grange

    Tie-rel. Good god I could not continue watching beyond that

  • Aran Whelan
    Aran Whelan

    Wait a minute, is this the voice from simple history?

  • TZA

    People really think it's better for the driver to risk his life at every crash for a thrill in their spine than to see him live and race more times in his life ? Come on guys, if the drivers feels safe under a transparent sheet of polycarbornate don't you think they would fight more fiercely and overtake with more confidence? Idk man i see it as a win-win situation if they added a closed cockpit

  • Felipe Hergovic
    Felipe Hergovic

    0:39 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Chang
    Nathan Chang

    At the beginning, they said that Mclaren has been struggling for some time. I feel that the team has been on an upward slope and they have been getting better ever since 2019.

  • Teku

    Why is the simple history narrator here?

  • Sean Case
    Sean Case

    With the mp4-x they just basically completely butchered an f1 car and still called it an f1 car its an open wheel series not an lmp series

  • Alexi Moreno
    Alexi Moreno

    I would love to see Bugatti in F1

  • Jun-Hee Han
    Jun-Hee Han

    These are not f1 cars

  • Tyron Jimenez
    Tyron Jimenez

    F1 can't be electric thats why Fe's are a different variation.

  • Nihari_Pops

    Le Mans: "It's for me? Is for me Senyor?"

  • angus ohlsson
    angus ohlsson

    I cant be the only one who lost my mind when he said "closed cockpit, for safety" THEY AREN'T NECESSARILY SAFER, THERE'S THIS THING CALLED FIRE

    • captainace

      This guy should talk to Romain Grosjean

  • Rocka 90
    Rocka 90

    Is this the same voice guy who does simple history ? Ye sound VERY alike

  • Stanley Liang
    Stanley Liang

    The hurried wholesaler comprehensively prepare because timbale biosynthetically start along a even excellent excited foxglove. garrulous, nostalgic good-bye

  • its fuzon
    its fuzon

    Anyone else get kinda triggered when he mispronounced tyrell

  • Warren

    What about the Chaparrel 2J?

  • Neale Ware
    Neale Ware

    I watched a video that showed why an F1 car can't do 300mph. So what changed?

  • Jack H
    Jack H

    I'm ded

  • Jack H
    Jack H


  • Jack H
    Jack H


  • Jack H
    Jack H

    There have been 3 6 wheel cars as far as I'm aware

  • Jack H
    Jack H


  • Jack H
    Jack H

    As an F1 fan I think I just died inside

  • Kuky 4kokyCZE
    Kuky 4kokyCZE

    Well the only reason i dont watch F1 is because all the cars just looks the same and its simply uninteresting.If these cars would make it to F1 with some regulation on horse powers and downforce but allow them to change design i would watch F1 Everytime.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    The Tyrell wasn't the 'one and only' 6 wheeled car. Many other teams tested the idea, March and Williams being the better known. It was, however the only 6 wheeled care to race. So, sorry yank, it was NOT the one and only 6 wheeler. Perhaps more research is needed!

  • BobbyT223

    Why do car companies think tires will have lights in them in the future? It’s not gonna happen. It’s economically stupid. Don’t give tire companies a reason to charge even more than they already do

  • André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
    André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    Nothing from F1 goes into road cars.

  • André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
    André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    The 6-wheeler only looked like a bust because the tyre supplier refused to make them good tyres.

  • André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
    André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

    Mounting a wing on top of the driver and calling it safe, that's Ferrari for you. Clueless!

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant

    homework... check your research 🤔

  • Abhijeet Pandey
    Abhijeet Pandey

    Where is lambhorghini's model ???

  • Galactic Jellyfish
    Galactic Jellyfish

    This channel is a joke

  • nodell boi
    nodell boi

    Wait he voices simple history too

  • Tony Kelly
    Tony Kelly

    The day f1 going’s fully electric is the day I stop watching it

  • Yazan WB
    Yazan WB

    I like F1 concept mclaren Honda 😎🏁👍

  • Lyxess

    On par with a renault megane. But which one? A diesel station or a megane RS its quite a difference.

  • Pathetic Babe
    Pathetic Babe

    Those concept car look like it comes from unrealistic asphalt game.

  • eric hernando
    eric hernando

    oh my god

  • Danilo Rodriguez
    Danilo Rodriguez

    The first car you show is the safer

  • BX 325
    BX 325

    Was this video made in 2018? Because a lot of the facts are just outdated and wrong. For example: That McLaren isnt doing very good now and that ferrari is the team everyone is trying to best.

  • Herr von Maggi
    Herr von Maggi

    The Renault 2027 is the exact same car as used in the Videogame Trackmania

  • Mr Pelican
    Mr Pelican

    Ferrari the team to beat. 🤔 not in 2021 🤣🤣

  • vesacksi

    me at 2004 playing gt4: haha that nike 2022 shoe car looks so stupid it can never be true

  • HECKproductions

    so basically the red bull x series from gran turismo edit: lel they actually used it in the end kinda fishy tho since its purpose was explicitly NOT to adhere to any f1 rules

  • _ Diceman _
    _ Diceman _

    Pronunciation of Tyrell is so trash

  • Skippy 4077
    Skippy 4077


  • The FOOD Slayer
    The FOOD Slayer

    I think i saw the car in the thumbnail in the crew 2.

  • Warrick Johnson
    Warrick Johnson

    Did anyone else notice the mclaren get dropped on the ground with out the rear wheels in the pit stop? 🤣

  • shrek smith
    shrek smith

    dude number 14 (i forgot the name lol) is friggin stunning

  • Mq S
    Mq S

    These are wack

  • Giro D'Avanti
    Giro D'Avanti


  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez

    10:49, the best design in every aspect

  • AlexFerrero12

    If f1 ever goes full electric ill for sure quit watching it.

  • Peter Hazzard
    Peter Hazzard

    1:50 so that’s where dr.

  • Ralph Lazio
    Ralph Lazio

    I wish Renault would ‘invest’ time, energy and $$$ into their passenger car lineups… here in the U. S. they were never successful.

    • captainace

      @Miguel Laurito they're pretty successful in South Asia too with their partnership with Mahindra

    • Miguel Laurito
      Miguel Laurito

      ? They're successful in Europe and South America. They probably know that the american market is over saturated.

  • Driveway STAR
    Driveway STAR

    I would like to see a car with completely articulated control surfaces