25 Questions with MKBHD
25 questions with Marques Brownlee / MKBHD, including our top smartphones of 2019, as well as some...less...successful phones. For more videos about Shoe-....I mean...Tech, checkout Marques' channel here: hrposts.info...
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  • Dilip Suresh Kumar S
    Dilip Suresh Kumar S


  • Ahmad Umat
    Ahmad Umat

    The biggest crossover event in the history of tech youtubers!

  • Ramanjaneyulu V
    Ramanjaneyulu V

    ARUN you should run a guided meditation channel lol ,so pleasing voice

  • Rich Rosolada
    Rich Rosolada

    i think they're husband and wife in their past lives.... hahahahaha...

  • Rich Rosolada
    Rich Rosolada

    can we have them as love team.... ?? Hahahaha .

  • rahabmunir

    i love both of you

  • γ€ŽMK』SØLØ

    I have the same s10

  • tiff loo
    tiff loo

    why they both look so similar

  • R 480 Gaming
    R 480 Gaming

    Mr beast is in their, mrwhosetheboss marques is also there What r u waiting for. Join it

  • Furn

    The colab everyone wanted

    • Ayniss

      Obama hamburger susy bals

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma

    Two of the Best Tech Creators TOGETHER!!!!!!

    • Surgical Power
      Surgical Power

      @Jai PrashanthJust does unboxings and never learned anything new related to tech.

    • Jai Prashanth
      Jai Prashanth

      guruji ka bhullo,, aham aham 20M subs

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    digital subliminal messages

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    digital subliminal messages

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  • Arturo Basilis
    Arturo Basilis

    I enjoyed, it was funny. Thanks!

  • Killertiger Gaming
    Killertiger Gaming

    0:50 oh that didn't age well

  • Luis Serrano
    Luis Serrano

    The past satin neurobiologically realise because language periodically plant amidst a abundant cart. doubtful, smart plaster

  • Hi Im Bird
    Hi Im Bird

    Marques Brownies

  • ThatBoyCubes

    omg 21 mil dollars good work boys

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas

    Love the bond they both share. Felt more like 2 friends chilling at the beach, relaxed.. talkin about tech. πŸ˜‚

  • Franek Bielecki
    Franek Bielecki

    his voice is so funny lol

  • Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 946

    Hi god bless have a good one

  • Kastjels

    Imagine if one of the big Smartphone companies ask *Arun,* and *Marques* to #create a future phone? *That would be awesomeπŸ˜‚*

  • Joel George
    Joel George

    #save e bull jet

  • Lemekani Kaipambe
    Lemekani Kaipambe

    @Marques and @Arun...two years later...trying my luck...any one phone in your collection will be a decent upgrade to my current one lol 🀞 ....At 7:15 "I don't have any plans for them" lol

  • Abhay Mhatre
    Abhay Mhatre

    This year's rewind will be better.... That didn't age well

  • Supuran Bogdan
    Supuran Bogdan

    why don't you guys just donate the phones that you don't use ? there's lots of people with shitty, old or no phones at all and you have hundreds ... i don't think anyone would care that they receive a phone with an open package ... just a thought

  • vikram kaviya
    vikram kaviya

    have been searching the comments, which chair is it, arun sitting on

  • Thomas Taylor
    Thomas Taylor

    patent for a flying car lol...now that's comedy

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh

    My 2 fav tech youtubers collab. Wp

  • Gamerbuddy

    That's a wonderful colab from one of my fav youtubers, keep bringing the unique content.

  • Linux dude
    Linux dude

    Why British accent is so sexy?

  • Sornesh

    Boring πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma

    Starting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Best duo ever

  • Akshay Tonge
    Akshay Tonge

    I see pocophone somehow finds place in the convos😁

  • Bhumit Yadav
    Bhumit Yadav

    In The entire video I think they are about to laugh any moment

  • Mizbahul Alam
    Mizbahul Alam

    . .

  • Mizbahul Alam
    Mizbahul Alam


  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 225

    Tech channels are like arrow verse But with a higher budget

  • Hybrid 225
    Hybrid 225

    If yt put mbkhd in YT rewind and make the theme a m o u n g u s then I’ll cry

  • Utkarsh Tiwari
    Utkarsh Tiwari

    Marques do u live in Pennsylvania?!?!?!?!?!

  • Charan Gurupura
    Charan Gurupura

    MKBHD has personally texted me his middle name....send me $10 to know the middle name. :D

  • Dudu XrMa
    Dudu XrMa

    It must be nice to both of them to talk to someone who have the same interests in something, about the thing they loveπŸ˜‰β€ Btw- im a fan of both this HerosπŸ˜‰

  • Prashant Pandey
    Prashant Pandey

    I respect both of these very highly, but in this video MKBHD looked shy and MrWhosthboss was confident..

  • MineBlox _
    MineBlox _

    Nope rewind got worse

  • Jake Lockett-clark
    Jake Lockett-clark

    My two favourite HRpostsrs on one channel! So happy! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Gaurav vishwakarma
    Gaurav vishwakarma

    both of them are too awesome.... I can blindly believe them for tech news 😎πŸ”₯

  • AsYou


  • Differ Cheang
    Differ Cheang

    2019: Arun: Let's collaborate ! MKBHD: I'm coming . After 2020 *Let's collaborate * MKBHD: oh yeah , Let's video call

  • Ananda Krishnan S
    Ananda Krishnan S


  • Fast Facts
    Fast Facts

    This is the ultimate tech collab

  • K7TZ

    So who gain 10 million subscribers first?

  • Xing Shen
    Xing Shen

    The young love compatibly melt because radar kinetically part out a erratic business. burly, majestic business

  • Alina Khan
    Alina Khan

    no hate or anything I love his videos and am subscribed to his channel, but how is it just now that I noticed that he used *whose* instead of *who's* who's as in who is and whose as in who does is belong to.

  • Mukund Chamria
    Mukund Chamria

    Seeing the 3 digit phones that you and Arun have ...why not do an auction of the phones (old and new) and use the amount to fund your #teamtrees campaigns? ...also which dont sell, you can do your normal environmental disposal of them

  • Deborah Abayie
    Deborah Abayie

    This is one of my fav collabs

  • Shrey Gupta
    Shrey Gupta

    So the HRposts reqind as so bad that year they cancelled it in the next year lmao!!!

  • Donnie Baker
    Donnie Baker

    The daffy mass geometrically wander because suit neatly man including a unbiased beam. overconfident, incompetent open

  • JosΓ© Pablo
    JosΓ© Pablo

    Can anyone buy me an iphone 12 pro max? PleaseπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ

    • JosΓ© Pablo
      JosΓ© Pablo

      @Szxc Rzxc ??, just skiping the comment is enought

    • Szxc Rzxc
      Szxc Rzxc


  • Sar Shar
    Sar Shar

    What to do with 100+ old smart phones? Hand them out to homeless people trying to find jobs maybe? Chrysalis in Los Angeles or the Jericho Project in New York City might be worth talking to.

  • Technological Penguin
    Technological Penguin

    My two favorite tech reviewers in one place!!!

  • mstickle89

    So you would recommend an iphone to someone who uses nokia 3310? So someone who has the cheapest phone is recommended the costliest phone? Dude use some common sense :D

  • Deeptha Madhuranga
    Deeptha Madhuranga

  • Last Strand
    Last Strand

    *But can you do this*

  • XXX Nissan
    XXX Nissan

    Mkhbd has 14 million subscribers. .10 M crossed

  • Dustin Moore
    Dustin Moore

    Dang can i just have 1 if those over 100 phones :D

  • fil fil
    fil fil

    Hey, 7 millionsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Ahmed Bashir
    Ahmed Bashir

    @mrwhosetheboss I have a question. You or MKBHD or other youtubers who get to review the phones, do you guys buy new phones or the company sends them over? Also, for people who cannot buy phones, do you guys do some lottery or something to give them away because after all, its about reaching out to people so can we give them on reduced prices maybe or something similar like this?

  • Tabish Khan
    Tabish Khan

    Good to see you both sharing a single screen.

  • Amer Younes
    Amer Younes

    I got the xiaomi redmi note 9s and it's amazing in every single way except its cool weight which is 209g .

  • Shea Beals
    Shea Beals

    Can you do a giveaway for all of your 100 phones plz

  • Deathring

    Is no one gonna ask about MKBDH’s malformed hand in the thumbnail

  • Sync

    β€œAfter that, mind control” and smiles

  • Nahid Parvez
    Nahid Parvez

    Best collab ever.

  • Andrei Comsa
    Andrei Comsa

    I am a guy who went from e Nokia e72 to an iPhone 5. I couldn't be more disappointed. Technology wise the iPhone was light years ahead. But the phone battery was my biggest disappointment. In less than 2 years the battery didn't even last 4 hours. So I would not recommend iPhone to a guy moving from a button Nokia, I would recommend him the phone with the biggest battery life. 😁 Cheers!

  • ASnub

    #TeamTrees I donated 100 trees

  • ASnub


  • Hayes E
    Hayes E


  • Smoke 003723
    Smoke 003723

    "....and after that, mind control." Will we be controlling the device or....?

    • Killertiger Gaming
      Killertiger Gaming

      The devices would be controlling us

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    "2:00 yell the key phrase" just hold the home button for a few seconds

  • Sarp YΔ±lmaz
    Sarp YΔ±lmaz

    This is a video which English learners can notice the difference between the British and American English πŸ˜‚

  • Purple_Chalk

    :0 My 2 favorite tech youtubers did a collab?! Amazing video Also you’re so close to 7m subs!

  • Henry Stack
    Henry Stack

    Me wondering who is the ultimate tech review channel..

  • big bang
    big bang

    Both legends..

  • victor wambugu
    victor wambugu

    Ask him to send some phones to us in kenya

    • puteqX

      He would never do that. Only in a giveaway. Your a beggar so you don't deserve the phones. Go buy it for yourself.

  • alvin rasher β€’ 10 years ago
    alvin rasher β€’ 10 years ago

    Lol 1 year ago thought it was released now

  • Abhay Mhatre
    Abhay Mhatre

    Mr whose the BHD

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman

    Saw the 20syl Electric Guest remix on your phone... Love that song. Alltta is dope too and sylvan is 1/2 of that collab

  • Nilay Didolkar
    Nilay Didolkar

    It was such an obvious 'Can you do this??' moment Arun!

  • douglepong

    Foldable phones are dead...



  • Michael Sarres
    Michael Sarres

    I instantly trust them with those soothing voices...

  • Atiq Rahman
    Atiq Rahman

    Happy to see you bothπŸ₯° from Bangladesh.. I love both guy... I Watch regular boths video.

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585

    Arun has a naturally flirtatious voice

  • Asif Shah
    Asif Shah

    you both have alot of phone. i wish i can ask you to sell me one for less or giveaway.

    • puteqX

      Nah none would. They both are making a collection so they wouldn't give you. But if they had 2 Same phones then they would give 1 to a fan. And they don't to giveaways very often, And it's probably unlikely for you or me to win a giveaway.

  • H Doan
    H Doan

    Hm Linus be flexing his diamond play button

  • hello hi
    hello hi

    It's so nice how POC are dominating the HRposts tech space

  • Bad_Script

    I honestly thought it was just '20 questions' but they have a phone in mind. "Is the front camera a punch-hole?" that kinda thing.

  • Felix Ludwig
    Felix Ludwig

    I want more of that!

  • Purp Mint
    Purp Mint

    These fraudsters never do a deep review of some low-end smartwatches from GARMIN, COROS, Samsung, etc.

    • Purp Mint
      Purp Mint

      @puteqX Stop YOUR hate comments. I use an iPhone but I'd like to see something else other than iPhone-drooling on this damn channel.

    • puteqX

      You have just been putting hate comments on all of there videos. Then if you hate him then just stop watching him idiot.