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  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter

    I forgot White Shoes Theme Song, I'm editing from Las Vegas (in other words drunk)🤣

    • Max's Raving Music Production's 123469
      Max's Raving Music Production's 123469

      Bruh moment there hahaha 🤣😂 all good bro, still awesome review!!!

    • David Evans
      David Evans

      You and techspurt are the most unique tech reviewers on HRposts love the content bro .

    • jhot scott
      jhot scott

      Check out the custom built in EQ on the phone...I have one. it's insane!

    • Rodolfo Ortega
      Rodolfo Ortega

      LOL pin comment!! No problem!

    • k0neZ

      OMFG! The pics of the Fire Station are so close to my boys folks crib by 89th & Park Lane! We would go down to 105th & Jamaica & pick up the other derelict 😈, and hit the old coffee shop that used to be on Jamaica & Woodhaven OPEN 24 HOURS! Grabbed 3 40's of OE for fueling thot hunting until it was too light out! 🍺🥴🍺😵🍺🤤💤💤💤💤

  • Mr. RoD
    Mr. RoD

    How can i buy it on the official website can see buy only see the information on what it has

  • Raza K
    Raza K

    you review alot of international phones which often might not work fully in USA. can you add a section to your reviews reviewing compatibility with US networks and US cellular bands?

  • Ashraf Azman
    Ashraf Azman

    Good voice man

  • pdaddah

    I don't have Instagram I'll buy it

  • zackery swartzlander
    zackery swartzlander

    Subscribed for the kitty kat

  • Leandro Malta
    Leandro Malta

    Dude, this is exactly the video i was looking for! gaming functions and that the smartphone can game we all know, but daily experience is basically another dimension no one talked much about

  • Albert Nieves
    Albert Nieves

    Question do you ever sell any of the phones you have?

  • MiLLeR

    HAHAHAHAHA.. the very first time I witnessed floss shocked blown away amazed and aloss for words at the same time when he flipped that phone around face unlock hitS him full speed ...... LoL complete loss of words lol did y'all see that haha

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Hahahaha that was fun 🤣

  • Terry J Sale
    Terry J Sale

    To me, the cameras are good enough bro. Awesome Review. I've been checking this phone out with interest. You make a great salesman. I'm sold on this device. Mad respect to you Floss.

  • Gabino Olandria
    Gabino Olandria

    Hi dream phone 🙂

  • 089

    waitin on my rogue 5 ....... 2 more days 😍

  • tsohgallik

    When I saw that window app separation, I thought WOAH, next gen... But even the One Plus N100 can do this ...

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      All phones do it

  • Xxcept1on XD
    Xxcept1on XD

    I am also buying just because of RGB 😂

  • DJ Lifted AndreaS
    DJ Lifted AndreaS

    "If you're looking for the lightest phone, just hit like on this video and keep it pushin'" LOL

  • torsten magnusson
    torsten magnusson

    have a great day Flossy.regards from sweden

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Cheers 🥂

  • Mattias Kiil Mejlvang
    Mattias Kiil Mejlvang

    Flossy, when the nitro is 🟣 double press on the button. Don't hold it down. Love the videos!!! 👍👍

  • Only Fools and Gaming
    Only Fools and Gaming

    If the phone is getting hot that's a good thing, the liquid coolant is working because it's pulling the heat away from the processer and out into your hand. If the phone is getting hot it means the cooling system is working

  • The Outlier
    The Outlier

    This phone shows a list price of $999 on the Asus website and the ultimate is 1497 on aliexpress right now.

  • Gamer Neutralized
    Gamer Neutralized

    First time here. Was he in the ARMY?

  • Dylan Towse
    Dylan Towse

    I got ready to sing along to the white shoes song but I got baited :(

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera

    "Floss, calm down" lmfao I love the excitement



  • S.Michael Jesman
    S.Michael Jesman

    Awesome review I had ever sawed..

  • anonymous

    PC master race stand up.


    Just got mine lets go

  • Slaa

    Where can u buy the pro?

  • Tomacq Tech
    Tomacq Tech

    Anybody please tell how much internal memory we get out of 128GB for storing files

  • Screwrot

    Just got this phone 2 days ago. It would be perfect but the speakers are crappy low during calls. Contacted Asus support team about it since there is no way to increase the volume. Besides that all is perfect👍🏻

  • imad al-musalhi
    imad al-musalhi

    hi how are you you get updates for phone direct??

  • Oğuz Çıtak
    Oğuz Çıtak

    Where is Asus rog 5 ultimate Real user reviews?

    • Oğuz Çıtak
      Oğuz Çıtak

      @Flossy Carter ok thnks dude

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Never got the phone bro

  • Jesse G.
    Jesse G.

    My Galaxy S8 just died today and ordered the rog phone 5 in white today. I'm quite upset but I'm so excited to get my new one....

  • Vill's Unbox and Reviews
    Vill's Unbox and Reviews

    This is what most of the youtubers forget, the fun of unboxing and appreciating those small stuffs. Elite youtube techies, mostly, don't appreciate the RBG thing on the back of the phone. but dang this G. so hyped. I love that

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

    • Vill's Unbox and Reviews
      Vill's Unbox and Reviews

      @Flossy Carter dannnnggggg you gotta show those machete collection too!

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      @Vill's Unbox and Reviews 😂😂😂😂

    • Vill's Unbox and Reviews
      Vill's Unbox and Reviews

      @Flossy Carter totally! I love your content man. Keep it rolling. That small unboxing knife tho haha

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      They forget the fun because most of the stuff they get is free. I pay for mine so I'm enjoying it more lol

  • Farhan Bin Rafiq
    Farhan Bin Rafiq

    I'm a HUAWEI p30 User but TBH I'd switch to this phone any day because the camera is awesome for a gaming phone. Impressive.

  • Plu Turner
    Plu Turner

    Waiting for the Ultimate joint to drop

  • itzme

    How do I buy this phone it's just says learn more

  • Kevin Gareth McBride
    Kevin Gareth McBride

    Ordered 12GB model today after watching this 😁 Love watching your videos Floss, all the way from Liverpool in the UK 🇬🇧

  • Juan Duran
    Juan Duran

    8:21 no wonder i vibe with this man soo damn much

  • Terminatroll -_-
    Terminatroll -_-

    Oh my god the cat purring at the beginning I can't

  • Wafiuddin Wafi
    Wafiuddin Wafi


  • GhostlyDa_OG

    Honestly I missed the theme song for shoes but in other words floss being drunk in Vegas makes it worth the miss haha would have loved to kick it with MR. Carter and the crew! Love the vids and love you and shoes and your daughter y’all are the best! Much love once again from SC dirty Myrtle Beach from me and my daughter Kynlei.. she loves shoes and your voice being it’s deep haha 😂 I guess’s. She’s 3 and ask to watch Mr. fossssssy everyday haha. Salute & tell me where to donate!

  • JayR Alfonso
    JayR Alfonso

    Watching with my ROG 2...welcome to the REPUBLIC!!✌️👍😄

  • rizzodefrank

    Punk ass xbox shit, had me rolling


    Bro , want to know one serious Information , will ONEPLUS 9T Launch

  • Sharif Shalih Loong Hasim
    Sharif Shalih Loong Hasim

    Nice cat

  • 94ロビン

    Hey man, can i have that phone if you aint usin it? Hehehehe my phones 7y/o. 😂 im just trying to shoot my shot here.

  • TheMMABoom

    This or the Red Magic 6 ?

  • elyche

    It gets mad hot because it is working, it's taking that heat right to the exterior

  • SuperBROKEN81

    That new SoC is what kills the phone. They should have stayed with 865+

  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters

    Aye yo!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 This man whipped out the short sword☠️☠️☠️

  • MattLikesPandas

    Brooo where you find it for 500

  • Suhel Rana
    Suhel Rana

    Yo! Please make a comprision btw rog 5 vs samsung note 20 ultra snapdragon variant flossy sir

  • Furiousmelo TV
    Furiousmelo TV

    what smartwatch you using?

  • Alexis

    Got it ysdy. The best😄

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    Brilliant review. Thank you

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Thanks Ryan

  • rolando Last
    rolando Last

    U.S. T-Mobile user, any issues?

  • Mohammed Arabi
    Mohammed Arabi

    U love white color than black?

  • The Obgyn 678
    The Obgyn 678

    Yes but how is it on the U.S. network? T-mobile etc

  • Cristian Fernandez
    Cristian Fernandez

    Where can I buy this phone in the USA please??


    When it comes to photo, colors rendering is not that bad for a rog phone. By the way nice review. You bringing light to the world

  • Derrek

    I've just gotten this phone today. The first thing I did was to download a video and music player. Like goddamn, the Gallery couldn't play 90% of my Videos and that YT Music thing only recognised a few songs although I had hundreds.


    He :- *using social media Arp 5 :- I can do this all day

  • Abhishek Chatterjee
    Abhishek Chatterjee

    The best review of the rog phone 5 till date! 👍Regards from India.

  • Sharif Selim
    Sharif Selim

    HAHA ' Hit a like buttom and KEEPIN BUSHIN' what a BADASS

  • 25649sanchez

    i hate asus they make it so complicated to buy there phones u cant even buy from them directly 😤🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ theres no point in postin there link if theres no way to buy ND I DNT WANT IT FROM EBAY

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool

    Thanks for your review. Picked one up last night on ebay.

  • Justine xyrus Cardenas
    Justine xyrus Cardenas

    That's a big little unboxing knife

  • DJ Gaming
    DJ Gaming

    Respect for actually picking a favorite console lol. I'm on Xbox/PC for my main but it's mostly where my friends are. I don't hate any console, I just hope everyone finds a gaming preference. So many people put down games without even trying.

  • mukund kaul
    mukund kaul

    Watching it on my Asus ROG 5 lol

  • Shotz

    These new asus products are dope my guy.

  • John Austria
    John Austria

    Techno Talk = Linus Tech Tips! hahaha Love ya Floss! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheTheShizzler

    Hit like on this video and keep it pushing 😂😂

  • ChunkyLover53

    I'd to get this in the U.S. with a warranty. What's up? Why doesn't ASUS want people to buy their phone?

  • Tariq Mulla
    Tariq Mulla

    When you use a gaming product, its for all. Not just gamers. Gaming screen for best quality viewing. Nobody talks about the audio on this beast, so its a high quality audio for the music lovers. Fast processor & ram, for every day task. Its paradise for gamers and same goes for everyday users. Edited: Thank you for still supporting the IR Blaster. You are the only YTber for speaking about it.

  • marius eybers
    marius eybers

    Mr Floss you want a half liver a kidney and a left nut for that phone? Hahaha wish south africa had these phones.

  • david bradford
    david bradford

    iPhone and Samsung owner here I’m waiting to get my cash hoping get enough for this phone if not I’ll be getting the red magic 6 pro

    • The Escalator
      The Escalator

      @Flossy Carter anyway to contact you I will pay the cost + shipping

    • david bradford
      david bradford

      @Flossy Carter I was going with your rog 5 recommendation cuz that thing does kill it with that rgb I’m waiting for cash to come in I’m collecting disability seen that red magic 6 pro for $699 for 16gb ram I was like yes lol

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      I’ll sell you a red magic 6 for cheap, give me $300 plus the shipping

    • david bradford
      david bradford

      @Flossy Carter I’m in South Carolina

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Where are you located?

  • david bradford
    david bradford

    The Lenovo duel 2 looks crazy too

  • david bradford
    david bradford

    Damn I’m a punk ass cuz I have Xbox one x lol

  • david bradford
    david bradford

    My man floss convinced me I need this phone lol who do I watch if I need a great review and a laugh FLOSS!

  • david bradford
    david bradford

    This asus rog 5 phone in white looks clean

  • Joel Ramos
    Joel Ramos

    We need the machete unboxing.

  • C Lionsman67
    C Lionsman67

    I still rock the ROG2! And I have that duel screen connector!!! BONG

  • Cyber _ Gaming
    Cyber _ Gaming

    Bro is it fake or legit which is in aliexpress

  • Felix Liew
    Felix Liew

    Shannon Sharpe vibezz

  • Hydro Too funny
    Hydro Too funny

    Floss you so rude what's wrong with X box jump over and we will see if u a real man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep up the good work bro. 👌🏾

  • Ben Anantavara
    Ben Anantavara

    I'm listening to this on a beyerdynamic dt 770 pro and let me say that your cat is very clear 😆

  • G. Abarintos
    G. Abarintos

    do both floss long reviews and short updates

  • illGottenGains

    Those night shots look awesome!

  • becoming Productive
    becoming Productive

    No white shoes music, no sound check music ... 😭😭😭😭😭 .. WHAT IS LIFE!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • ken the lawn guy
    ken the lawn guy

    anyone know what weather widget he is using

  • Redball official
    Redball official

    New to your channel ,love ur reviews you're funny guy 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      Thanks brother

  • sam

    mans paid 200 for shipping 🤣

  • Gloxzii

    Flossy, where do I buy the Asus rog phone 5?? I can’t find where to buy it on their official website.


    awesome video as always. White Shoes was straight up trolling u in this video lmao twice!

  • Speedy1034

    I love your videos keep it up!!!!

  • BeastieBear

    3:00 i thought he said Flux Capacitor then. I thought he was trolling lol


    Thank you for doing the translation in Arabic

  • Cataks World
    Cataks World

    its weird i cant buy it on asus website

  • Dan

    Great phone but the bezels are just too big! Side bezels too.

  • Wrenn

    Asus said that the reason the phone gets hot is because all of the heat created is getting dispersed out the back, which means by their standards that the cooling is working well. But having hot fingers is a bit annoying