Can a 1,080hp Jeep Beat Travis Pastrana’s Gymkhana Subaru? // Flying Finish
So far in Flying Finish, Travis Pastrana has raced (and defeated) racecars with GTR power, twin turbo LS power, and three rotor power. BUT, can he beat a… Jeep Cherokee? It’s not just any Jeep, being a Trackhawk and all. But it’s still over 5000lbs to hustle down a drag strip faster than a full blown Subaru racecar. If you don’t think it’ll be close at all, you better just watch.

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  • Craig Barrett
    Craig Barrett

    We have a customer with a Trackhawk on e85......damn, dream SUV!

  • Garland Chihwai
    Garland Chihwai


  • Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers

    The Trackhawk is like Rasputia going down the slide.

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales

    Would love to c Travis make his on street outlaws

  • Ricky Ist
    Ricky Ist

    Cool race man.. But at some point we miss the Unicorn..

  • John Kiai
    John Kiai

    That Subaru is a monster

  • Garrett Harrison
    Garrett Harrison


  • george31380

    Its a 4 banger you did fine Travis 🙂 👌 👏

  • FishingStiX 610
    FishingStiX 610

    Subie jumps ramp subie wins by default

  • NH Trucking
    NH Trucking

    Jeep vs C8. He helped build it. Hartford......

  • Rajan Rai Realty
    Rajan Rai Realty

    alot of power for a sti

  • Rajan Rai Realty
    Rajan Rai Realty

    evos n viper can do 1400 hp easy viper hellcat can do more but diff car not a rally car

  • Htx Tippen936
    Htx Tippen936

    Team trackhawk 🏆💯✊🏽

  • chili doritos
    chili doritos

    Race that big daddy demon


    that trackhawk is super nasty

  • Onam Rivas
    Onam Rivas

    He should race the Hoonicorn

  • kurttug

    That jeep with its paintjob looks like a modern powertool.

  • C To The James
    C To The James

    jeep trackhawk or hellcat duarngo?

  • Nick Kostakis
    Nick Kostakis

    Top race mate I just love that Jeep ( Nick from Sydney Australia)

  • yaboiJaavz

    You won't find this on carwow

  • Daniel Bermingrud
    Daniel Bermingrud

    i hate Jeep... but these trackhawk made so we in EU / Asia can finely start love it, cause no cap, Jeep started SUV but it's a beach car at it's best " before you hit dry sand " until you Mod that thingy or pay large.... that Trackhawk is wildin.

  • Philly Dee
    Philly Dee

    This makes me wanna get my build out to the track😎

  • Dynasty Demon
    Dynasty Demon

    I wanna see the ferrari built gt 86 on one of these episodes

  • Aezarex Xzarus
    Aezarex Xzarus

    The audio is Soo clear, I legitimately thought I was listening to a podcast in the start


    vin looks like the bad guy from sweet tooth netflix series

  • Cartney84 Ian
    Cartney84 Ian

    at least that Jeep never fly fly 🕊


    This is still the best I've watched

  • Mike Hike
    Mike Hike

    Jeep will ALWAYS be crap! All american cars are fully shit built!

  • Slow Ya Roll BJJ
    Slow Ya Roll BJJ

    That track hawk is insane

  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams

    Second race travis jumped line... silence... trackhawk jumps... "Should we call it too early"

  • keifsanderson

    I'm so sick of "chase is a race."

  • TheRustyLemon

    The jeep mightve jumped but Travis wasn't gonna win anyway lol

  • AblationMusic

    If I get beat by an automatic? Lol. Sequential basically is automatic.

  • Juicy Jorge
    Juicy Jorge

    Imagine they gut the trackhawk

  • holeshot1

    Does anyone even realize hes hitting this jump at 100mph prbly more he has to be dead nutz everytime !! Hes crazyyy

  • Ehsan Salar
    Ehsan Salar

    jeep so heavy and so better


    Where was the FPV guy on this one

  • Tyshon Sullivan
    Tyshon Sullivan

    Bro that jeep was hauling some serious ass, for a yacht

  • WenMars

    That trackhawk was epic!!

  • Amar Saini
    Amar Saini

    I just holy Shat myself 🤯

  • Bored Panduh
    Bored Panduh

    "Safety 3rd" 😂. My new life motto!!!

  • Killatunga

    Zombie - David Korkis Song from the intro cause it was dope af

  • Javier


  • DJ Soundz Ebike Life
    DJ Soundz Ebike Life

    I love this video!!!!!

  • Christopher Moltisanti
    Christopher Moltisanti


  • BrianAlan23

    Very impressive, but that fast ass trackhawk loses all day to the hoonicorn

  • phobiazzzero

    except WRC subarus are trash cost you another subaru to get it to 700hp

  • Mason Holding
    Mason Holding

    Got beat by a station wagon

  • ucnhtmenow1

    At least it's 4wd vs 4wd. That was a great race though considering how much more the jeep weighs than the suby. The only people that know about "a chase is a race", is people with slow cars.

  • pissed off conservative
    pissed off conservative

    2 nd and 3rd race Both jumped . So no good

  • Musawenkosi Mpanza
    Musawenkosi Mpanza

    Jeep🙌🏼 salute🥰

  • Abubakar Sohail
    Abubakar Sohail

    Fucking hell that jeep is wicked

  • Knight Link
    Knight Link

    Travis hits the GAS, watch the Tip and Hold the FUCK ON !

  • Paballo Ramohlala
    Paballo Ramohlala

    After seeing the trackhawk launch against the supra I immediately knew the trackhawk would win even when it's stock the launch is insane

  • SugaryPhoenixxx

    "wE nEeD aT LEESt 2 sEcOnDs To bUiLd BoOsT" You need a supercharger, loser & I hate Jeeps. But Hellcat engines? There is no replacement for displacement. This race just proved that to the grave.

  • SlumyGoat

    How you hon use “Chase is a race”logic on the 2nd race but try to say it was too much of a jump on the very next winning race. Lolol (trackhawk jumped like half a sec pretty close to the wrx jump on the 2nd race)

  • Adventures with Corey
    Adventures with Corey

    Finally a good match up.

  • Juan Saldana Ponce
    Juan Saldana Ponce

    I’ve never seen so many people kiss ass before 💀

  • Scott Cupp
    Scott Cupp

    That Jeep is fast AF!!!!

  • aнтониоcарлоскк

    name music intro

  • Agazzi Gautama
    Agazzi Gautama

    I think it's a draw.. because they nerver start at the same time

  • Q&R Electronic repair
    Q&R Electronic repair

    Ok the 3d printed exhaust is dimpled like a golf ball. Most Flow bench workers would say it flows air better . kinda like a Tesla valve . I know a guy who knows ah guy.

  • vicky kozh
    vicky kozh

    You guys should race the hoonicorn against the subrau

  • CatiaDr


  • Pedro Toledo
    Pedro Toledo


  • greebuh

    I watch all these vids about all these crazy cars and trip out on all this stuff, but at the end of the day I'm glad that when I walk outside to go anywhere, I walk out to an ISF and I still can't fucking believe it.

  • Rooster

    That jeep is wikked

  • Banjo Kazooie
    Banjo Kazooie

    That jeep is sick nasty that's what i would spend over a $100,000 on. 700 hrsprs straight from the dealership thats worth the money already.


    Thats a lie it is not the faster trackhawk in the world there is a 3000hp out there along with other trackhawks that touch 1200+ so that's a lie.

  • Kris Di Re
    Kris Di Re

    You guys need to watch how “car wow” set up the start of the race

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores

    You guys should bring a turbo truck thats making at least 1k hp

  • Adam Picker
    Adam Picker


  • Afrodisiac [HD] Sound/Entertainment
    Afrodisiac [HD] Sound/Entertainment

    TP. Brp Brp!!!

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz

    All that money for a car but can’t buy a green yellow and red light 💡 so you can actually have a real race lol waste of time lol

  • EZT

    I’m playing Lil Durk “Hellcats & Trackhawks” and doing push-ups after watching this. Sheesh.

  • Willy Gaming
    Willy Gaming

    12:26 ur welcome

  • Đạt Trần Thanh
    Đạt Trần Thanh

    The sturdy mice namely crack because carpenter metrically wash qua a deeply blinker. dysfunctional, recondite bicycle

  • Al Ale
    Al Ale

    I need one of these in like ten years haha😭

  • Uriel C.
    Uriel C.

    14:35 thought he said try 🐓

  • iRide uWatch.
    iRide uWatch.

    You have balls of steel have you ever been hurt by them ?

  • Travis Mobley
    Travis Mobley

    Love the subie and the track hawk that’s the best thing coming from dodge

  • Fishin with Nick
    Fishin with Nick

    This trackhawk would be eaten by my work friends trackhawk. His trackhawk makes 1500hp and is actually the worlds fastest trackhawk. He actually beat the record a while ago he just needs to get it on video.

  • H4RD2

    that was sick

  • xyris romero
    xyris romero

    pastrana lost from the starting..

  • slandshark

    Awesome video. It would have been very different outcome though if the subaru was geared for at the very least regular street driving instead of rally/gymkhana.

  • yusuf yare
    yusuf yare

    6:57 wtf im dying🤣

  • Mateus Souza
    Mateus Souza

    12:22 13:54 15:26 16:25

  • Joe Johnson III
    Joe Johnson III

    wow....just wow

  • DYH

    He totally flinched on that 2nd run. 3rd run was way too much of a jump.

  • Tion White
    Tion White

    That jeep is pure engineering insanity😂

    • Mike Hike
      Mike Hike

      That Jeep is nothing but a pile of piece of shit! You people need to check reliability on all american cars! Last thing look at race again that Jeep atarted before guy pulled hands down which is called cheating

  • Murad SW
    Murad SW

    i wanna see Boostedbois Mr2 racing like that

  • Simon Rees-Owen
    Simon Rees-Owen

    Best race yet

  • willy wijaya
    willy wijaya

    that jeep traction make earth spinning a bit

  • Cameron Clayton
    Cameron Clayton

    So when Travis jumps it’s cool but they have to make a little example out of the jeep when it does? Lol

  • Dejuan Wilson
    Dejuan Wilson

    Y’all had donk master on here so now the streets need boost doctor #givethepeoplewhattheywant

  • RDC_Autosports

    12:50 he put it to the floor 😆

  • Medhy wolf
    Medhy wolf

    So it’s all about the best launcher?

  • swizie lift
    swizie lift

    That trackhawk was mean fun fact in almost got hit by one in jersey while working on n the roads

  • Aidan Aranas
    Aidan Aranas

    Bring back the banshee

  • THE ZOMs
    THE ZOMs

    Man tht Subaru on board cam audio sounds so good all of that channeled air flow and suction