Dashcam footage of cash van crew under attack from CIT robbers
Here is how it ended satrucker.co.za/cash-in-trans...

Check out the other video showing Leo Prinsloo ramming into the robbers' cars and almost run over the rogues tellitallsa.co.za/yet-another...

  • Dennis Suhm
    Dennis Suhm

    Thank god for bulletproof glass

  • Sigmund Albertus
    Sigmund Albertus

    Lol, the driver looks like Mike Mew. 😂

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh

    Trevor and franklin

  • Sharveen Rajakobu
    Sharveen Rajakobu

    Use red dot in close range. No 4x 🤣

  • panzertoo

    That driver courage under fire for sure

  • J P
    J P

    Inside job. Robbie and Josh were in on it. And why aren’t there small armored portholes to fire weapons from?

  • J P
    J P

    That white guy is going to get canceled for buying into white savior stereotypes.

  • Doctor Manou
    Doctor Manou

    Driver : keep me the coffee and give me the fucking gun

  • Raihan Nauval
    Raihan Nauval

    This kinda sicario or some shit


    Kinda like driving through Alloa,Central Scotland on a quiet day! 😆😆😆😆

  • Lucas The MTAG Hater
    Lucas The MTAG Hater


  • En Zo
    En Zo

    2:54 wait ooo sheesh my crush texted me

  • NextGen Gaming
    NextGen Gaming

    Black dude Frankline GTA V

  • Utopian Brainfarts
    Utopian Brainfarts

    Shawshank redemption Part 2

  • Story Fire
    Story Fire

    The facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts that the facts

  • Jim Slip
    Jim Slip

    Having worked and lived out there for about 5 years in the eighties, I would say that was a typical reaction from both. The troopies in Rhodesia were always happy to go out with the moonts but not the cc’s. Cc’s were more likely to shoot you in the back and often deliberately.

  • Emmanuel

    part 2

  • Muttakin Ahmed
    Muttakin Ahmed

    What's the final update of them?

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    Jesus.... its called talk to your partner. Either these two must really hate working together or their lives are so dull they've nothing to say. The few seconds before the shooting started was like watching paint dry. Small talk even. Makes the shift go by faster

  • Kue Cubit
    Kue Cubit

    no way, it's only game.


    I hope this what gta6 look like😭💀

  • The Tesla guy
    The Tesla guy

    Franklin and Trevor doing a heist

  • Rj_ SalazarYT08
    Rj_ SalazarYT08

    We all know who died first

  • king kong kong
    king kong kong

    Part 2 please

  • Ruben vargas
    Ruben vargas



    No one is talking about 4x on M16A4..

  • मिहुMORPHY

    Moveless fellow in passenger seat

  • 719850 Rick Hansen SS
    719850 Rick Hansen SS

    Ironic how I’m seeing this after recently watching wrath of man 😭🤣

  • _Faras_

    If lazy had a face : the co passanger

  • Jeremy Boatright
    Jeremy Boatright

    Mud sharks 🦈 are not good for anything

  • paul fromm
    paul fromm

    Trevor and Franklin performing a mission

  • Николай Фомин
    Николай Фомин

    Уголок в теме, это же ясно

  • history seeker channel
    history seeker channel

    Did they survive ??? ...i hope that guys both are good and save...they're very a brave man

  • pallab roy chowdhury
    pallab roy chowdhury

    The black guy was probably in on it.

  • Tima Khamitov
    Tima Khamitov

    Мужик красава

  • Randel Fuertes
    Randel Fuertes

    Vin diesel should be proud 😂

  • Ekquizit Sounds
    Ekquizit Sounds

    That driver had to be former special ops.

  • Dger8

    Just another day in the office lol

  • L Y
    L Y

    1:26 me driving bumper cars at six flags.

  • J.R. In WV
    J.R. In WV

    @3:07 you can see how bad his arms shaking trying to rock the thing from 1st to reverse and get moving again, guy definitely drove really well for being under that kind of pressure.

  • DamianTheBeholder

    Passenger : mom can you pick me up

  • TKCoutside

    My question is; did the bad guys get caught, shot, or are they still on the prowl? Man, that was some serious evasion skills.

  • moha moha
    moha moha

    Le chauffeur est très courageux, mais l'autre c'est un débile....

  • yumnam ragpjg
    yumnam ragpjg

    The Rock and Kevin Hard!!

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz

    In America call 911 in south Africa call Robi lol

  • James Howell
    James Howell


  • rahliE05

    Great conversation these men were having prior to the chaos lol.. Passenger I don’t think said anything the entire time, it almost seemed like he wanted to hand the AR over to the driver at first! Kudos to the drivers skill behind the wheel, glad to see both men made it out ok!

  • D _
    D _

    I really wanna know what happened at the end

  • Guerrero _510
    Guerrero _510

    Remember, the armor is only a tool to escape from ambushes, it does not resist much that is why it continued driving, they do not roll down the window and respond to the aggression, because it is a protocol, they must find a safe area and be able to respond to the aggression btw the driver is a badass and have a lot experience I know his record ufff

  • Jake Andre
    Jake Andre

    Drivers a Real G

  • Life in the Twenties
    Life in the Twenties

    Anybody know what happened after he got out of car?

  • Rosa Rodrigues
    Rosa Rodrigues

    Meu Deus a polícia trabalha com muita adrenalina Deus cuida bem dos polícias

  • Fito Sanitago
    Fito Sanitago

    Bet you they got drunk after that one....

  • KANE


  • shatterjack

    I'm DYING to get footage from some additional cams

  • Em Are
    Em Are

    The driver is the definition of “everybody is a gangsta till a gangsta walks in the room.”

  • West Coast
    West Coast

    It looks like the passenger guy with the robbers

  • Relaxations


  • akiim allen
    akiim allen

    rumor has it that the passenger quit at 3:39 😂

  • IMMORTALS Gaming
    IMMORTALS Gaming

    The first minute is just awkward silence lol

  • B Balderston
    B Balderston

    Have to give these guys credit. I would totally lose it. It's really not fair that anyone is put in that situation. Horrible.

  • TheyActually

    Real life action movie. Ramming cars driving like a g

  • Stanjee Gaming
    Stanjee Gaming

    if Micheal was in it, he would be the shoter behind the back of the van

  • Brad Lamb
    Brad Lamb

    Why TF did they turn back onto the highway to confront them???

  • Philip Priestman
    Philip Priestman

    Some co driver.....

  • Travis Rhodes
    Travis Rhodes

    I'd like to know what happen' gunfight or what?

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott

    That driver is a bad ass.

  • Ultimate Dab
    Ultimate Dab

    All while driving a standard transmission. Real og. That is a dangerous job.

  • Isterb

    Franklin and trevor

  • Julio Moraes
    Julio Moraes

    The passenger should name his kids after the driver. The guy saved his life for good

  • Mema Del Rey
    Mema Del Rey

    God's protection over you in Jesus name

  • Ewerton S.N
    Ewerton S.N

    Real GTA in life 👌

  • anon

    What happened afterwards??????

  • Gamaliel Medrano
    Gamaliel Medrano

    Man did not miss a single gear with that manual transmission lol

  • Tech Junkie
    Tech Junkie

    Perfect example of when you're down to ride...gone wrong. You either have heart, or you don't.

  • Hypzz_Alpha

    High level gta player being shot at by a level 1 with a pistol

  • Kenneth Banks Jr
    Kenneth Banks Jr

    Damn is he off road

  • Christian Capisonda
    Christian Capisonda

    came here for the comment

  • chewchew74

    Who is that black man?

  • Deonka Mathis
    Deonka Mathis

    They don't have CT radio thingys or a panic button in those trucks?

  • MrViolero

    I didn't get a shit of that situation! They were attacked by who??? Where is that???

    • Dave Scott
      Dave Scott

      Did you not see the car drive up and start shooting?

  • Jake Sansing
    Jake Sansing

    Reminds me of my first deployment except we turned around and ran them over. 20 points.

  • Revilo Pua
    Revilo Pua

    Stupid choice of weaponry,,the rifle is too long,,look at the butt stock consrantly hitting the torso of the driver,,

  • Doug Payne
    Doug Payne

    Why did they call for help right away?? That's very strange but they didn't call for help immediately

  • Dab_It_Bobby

    I feel like this dude when I'm playing battlefield

  • ases.topgun

    Is that Michael???

  • Will the Wise
    Will the Wise

    The way they keep looking over at eachother like they want to start conversation lmao

  • TimLikesWaffles

    if this dude is the real life john wick then just think about how badass robbie and josh must be if THIS fucking dude wants to call them for help.

  • Mrgurin

    black guy is in trance.. 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  • Eduardo Suarez
    Eduardo Suarez


  • Mrgurin

    why doesnt call the black guy not the police earlier..? He waits till the driver gives him the gun.. the phone... wtf? black guy is like in dream.. 😵‍💫

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