DJI FPV - Why this drone is taking over FPV (full Review)
This video was sponsored by DJI.

Ive been testing out the new DJI FPV drone since back in December of 2019 and ive put together this video to let you guys know my thoughts! Overall this drone is game changing in the world of FPV for several reasons and im excited to take this thing on more of my journeys around the world :)

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  • Markus Uden
    Markus Uden

    incredible how this video the content and even the comment section is bought 🤦‍♂️ I hope this doesn't lead to a take over in fpv it would ruin the hobby 🤷‍♀️

  • Amade Alexandrino
    Amade Alexandrino

    goggles 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Last Sniper ChaneL
    Last Sniper ChaneL

    Just standby for more bettry..

  • MrElias

    Amazing review!! I've been thinking about getting an FPV Drone and after watching your review I might just do that!

  • JHTT - Gaming
    JHTT - Gaming

    Apple should learn DJI’s repair method

  • Moistykus

    I dont think DJI is taking over FPV??? The most FPV Pilots hate this drone!

  • nablablaFPV

    Until you crash... once... and your DONE. Anybody who buys it take into account that you can NOT fly this like a freestyle FPV quad. I was out today with a friend who has this drone. I made tricks with my real FPV freestyle drone, I "crahed" 7 times between trees. no damage, the DJI FPV quad would have died at least 5 times! The functionality that DJI built in there is ok, but it is soo stupid that it is just that damn fragile

  • DS RaptonVN
    DS RaptonVN

    Nice bro 😊

  • Chris Klugh
    Chris Klugh

    I really like the idea of this. But they need to improve the image quality. Looks cheap/toy camera like.

  • febrianti permata
    febrianti permata

    magang epr boss

  • Andrzej Cackowski
    Andrzej Cackowski

    "This video was sponsored by DJI." This is not a review, it's an ad.

  • RacistPixel

    its not rely taking over fpv, ppl who buy is noobs who crash it same day or pros who already have good skills with classic fpv but not willing to do anything crazy or risky with it since of the price and fragility ratio. ppl missjudge this drone, it way different product that fpv we are used to, it meant to take cinematography , but for regular fvp stuff it sucks

  • Raeodor

    Cant post a sponsored review and expect to be taken seriously.

  • Raeodor

    Everyone knows you cant take a dji drone over 300ft.

  • Tarz Thomas
    Tarz Thomas

    can the Fpv still fly with the camera steady like the other models if you choose ?

  • JuuLz ZFPV
    JuuLz ZFPV

    Its not real fpv for freestyle or race . It's more expensive and you have to pay alot for parts. It's like the difference between a iPhone and an android.. This thing is closed source. and The only good thing is the digital part of fpv

  • Bear Lemley
    Bear Lemley

    My motion controller did not work out of the box. It syncs, but does nothing in flight except fly forward at walking speed. Awkward when flying out over water at it will not turn

  • 369Life

    Wow, my Island in the first footage. BALI

  • Bhayankar Aatma
    Bhayankar Aatma

    Sir , good afternoon Sir , I love drone too much but sir i have no drone 😭😭 Sir , I'm belonging in poor family so I can't achieve drone Sir , I begging to you please give me any drone please sir

  • Gio 1983
    Gio 1983

    Man what a great video and review amazing I’m getting this thing👍👍👍

  • Joel Mulder
    Joel Mulder

    I’d just like to say, it really doesn’t take months to learn how to build an FPV drone. When I was getting started 2 years ago, the most difficult part was actually finding what components I needed and which would work together well. All in all it look way less then a month (when not counting shipping times) from planning to maiden flight.

  • BH

    Just bought one after watching, have owned phantom 1, phantom 2 and inspire 1

  • Jack Tambunan
    Jack Tambunan

    Dan Indonesia termasuk ada didalam video ini saya bangga jd orang Indonesia 👍

  • Nabiha Siddique
    Nabiha Siddique

    Hey! I’m from Jukin Media, a LA-based media company. We saw your video and we’d love to share it with our 200 million fans & potentially license it to our 600+ Clients! Send me a message for more info!

  • Jeff Reynolds
    Jeff Reynolds DJI FPV Quarry Dive !

  • Fixmi Net
    Fixmi Net

    Uh, I mean yeah this is pretty sick... but I don't know about having raised the bar that much?? =/. I mean... people don't realize how cheap drones actually are

  • Ivan Tantalean
    Ivan Tantalean

    Amazing review man. I saw a lot of shots in Bali. You still around? Let’s catch up if you are here, my IG is @itanta.o.

  • Y. Lagarde
    Y. Lagarde

    What would you say to FPV drone purist that say it is to flimsy to be a real fpv? And that it wont survive to a crash that will happen in fpv

  • Juan River
    Juan River

    Says "NOW" before every sentence

  • AL

    DJI commercial

  • Edgar Madriz
    Edgar Madriz

    What's this drone taking over. The number one spot in breaking easy lol. The fpv community makes fun of this all day. It's not taking over anything but your wallet



  • Hidden Hidden
    Hidden Hidden

    Chelsea is so cute.

  • The Titan
    The Titan

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dji fpv's suck they are a total rip off , i advice you build from scratch or go in for a protek and a go pro 😊😊😊😊😊

  • [revive project]
    [revive project]

    wow that flight simulator is a game changer. epic!

  • antonio paladini
    antonio paladini

    Great video, and as a non-native english speaker, it's so nice to listen to you, your voice is smooth and clear.

  • Michael BMW
    Michael BMW

    Is it good or wait för v2?????

  • Researchia

    what mic you are using please tell?????

  • Zack Duda
    Zack Duda

    Taking over FPV, not at all.

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    Would you recommend a complete beginner to start using this drone for his first time? Haven't used any other drones before.

  • onetimeeeeeeee

    Does this drone do tracking? Like when it follows my truck down a dirt road?

  • Martin Ibanez
    Martin Ibanez

    you said that DJI raised the bar to a whole new level for the world of FPV... you could not be more wrong

    • Dante Anderson
      Dante Anderson

      He's clearly a fanboy

  • Patryks Szwydowskis
    Patryks Szwydowskis

  • Patryks Szwydowskis
    Patryks Szwydowskis

  • Matt

    Over 1.2K for something that will literally explode at the first crash and there’s no way to fix it yourself? If you start with fpv you’ll not but this to see it broken after few minutes while learning, and you’ll still need to learn everything while doing that, and you’ll not buy this once you’ve mastered it because you can spend half the price to get the same shots while having a lot more fun flying not being scared by crashing that plastic thing.

  • sam robins
    sam robins

    Did you use a drone to get Footage of a drone?

  • Chill Drone Videos
    Chill Drone Videos

    Woow amazing

  • ThatGuySteve

    the post production color grade while he's at the table is so nice, anyone know how to replicate it?

  • Drone_Cameras Reviews
    Drone_Cameras Reviews

    Best DJI FPV First Flight article

  • makesomemore

    This isn't the best drone for fpv or beginners its a over hyped drone not the best for fpv.

  • Codeezy

    dang DJI has OBDII now

  • Phát Thích Đi Vlog
    Phát Thích Đi Vlog

    helo I am youtube vietname helo all you

  • The EV Guy
    The EV Guy

    Wow, you've absolutely blown my mind! Amazing!

  • Drawmaster33

    Which quad die you use before the DJI system?

  • XCAL 345
    XCAL 345

    damn , we have come so far in memory tech, i got NOSTALGIC just watching the memory card.

  • XCAL 345
    XCAL 345

    0 to 100 in fucking 2 seconds, this my frnd why air will always be AIR.

  • WeCanFly Drone
    WeCanFly Drone

    So good👊🤠

  • Sherpa Ryu
    Sherpa Ryu

    Great review! Love it. I was unsure of getting into FPV, but with this review you made me to. Thanks Sam! Love your content.

  • Lucid Ventures
    Lucid Ventures

    I saw you in DJI air 2s promo. Amazing brother.

  • MC Entertainment
    MC Entertainment

    SOLder not SAWder

  • Magnus Berglund
    Magnus Berglund

    So how about your leaked air2s video? Will you post it or re-edit it?


    Nicely shot clip, hope to get my hands on this for my videos one day :)

  • Roush

    I don’t seem to find any info on the HMS, nor can I find it anywhere in the app. Where can I find this feature?

  • Timber land
    Timber land

    Aahh nice to see payed revieuws with the obvious outcome.....

  • Mergim Neziraj
    Mergim Neziraj

    What app do you use for the simulator ? Same as the app ur using the drone ?

  • Aren Lee
    Aren Lee

    Hi we also did our vlog about the dji 💕 you can check it on our YTC Masaya Studio ❤️

  • Mukesh mack
    Mukesh mack

    Heyy inspiration...!!!!!!! where is MY YEAR 2020 ????????😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Michael Andersen
    Michael Andersen

    Almost impossible to use in Australia legally

  • Bro Malone
    Bro Malone

    I’m glad I waited a few years before returning to fpv

  • Влад Тузниченко
    Влад Тузниченко

    What about repair price in comparison with freestyle drone? =D

  • John Barrert
    John Barrert

    If you're interested in hardcore fpv flying or fpv racing,this ugly thing is taking over nothing,watch the bardwell vid,breaks after one small crash,this is fpv for people into mavics and phantoms,for those of us into carbon fibre fpv drones this is crap.

  • yashoda salunke
    yashoda salunke

    Bro in which destination u had shoot it 😍 awesome Plz reply

  • Saint Kenny
    Saint Kenny

    I know nothing about FPV. I would love to know how you are able to fly between rock and other stuff at such a crazy speed? I totally get your very experienced and I am totally new to this, but wow is this cool 😎!

  • Go Out TV
    Go Out TV

    Kold, love you always from Indonesia,

  • John Pappas
    John Pappas

    Vey helpful video.

  • Eric Willard
    Eric Willard

    Is this footage yours? Another person on HRposts is claiming it as a collaboration with DJI and has much of the same footage.

  • BroweryRombus

    Hi Kold, I am looking for a cinematic camera under £500 and don’t know whether I should get the Sony a6300, Canon M50 or the Lumix gh4.

  • The white room Production
    The white room Production

  • stve haas
    stve haas

    Paid ad. Cool

  • Burak Halis
    Burak Halis

    Perfect Review!


    This is it.

  • KingCobra707

    Got mine in the mail today..... but it's raining😭😭😭😭

  • Cyril Raczynski
    Cyril Raczynski

    This kid is paid by DJI for this probably, So no its not a good Quad, i tried it last week and it just doesnt fly good. For beginners new bee drones or other ready to fly kits are solid and better handling. The only good thing out of this is the V2 goggles, but i ve been flying dji for more than a year now, there aint much diff. Fly safe

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury

    Miss your videos bro. 🙁

  • Alfio Lora
    Alfio Lora

    Thanks for the video . Question , I am a real estate photographer / videographer and doing fun videos for client’s listings could be fun, BUT a 150 degrees and props showing definitively will not work for me . What can be done about that ? Any solutions from your experience with it . Also , how good is the camera for still photography ? Thank you !

  • Filip Cieplechowicz
    Filip Cieplechowicz

    New level? what's a bullshit. So you don't heard about crossfire, long range, freestyle and strength of components? DJI is a expensive way for beginner tool in FPV word. Good to see this is advertisement, not review. Could change film title.

  • thejackrussell fpv
    thejackrussell fpv

    This "drone" (it's not an fpv quad) with fpv will fall apart on its 1st light crash, you'll spend more time waiting for repairs than flying, man up and build a real quadcopter

  • FPV Adam Warren
    FPV Adam Warren

    The drone is good but it isn’t taking over FPV, if I’m honest you can buy much better FPV quads that use the DJI FPV system for a lot less

  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell

    Getting ready to pick up my new Mini 2 today, brand new to Drones not sure if I should be watching this. Whoa!!!

  • samouray

    2021 is going to be A weird year also. We are in only in March and theres already snowflakes anywhere...

  • 한지훈

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  • Bunny Backpacker
    Bunny Backpacker

  • Fish n chips
    Fish n chips

    And comes the cost..

  • Daniel Anthony
    Daniel Anthony

    They need to make a entirely new process for even obtaining a fpv drone. Maybe 300 hrs of digital flight time and a license. These things are too dangerous for just regular consumers .

  • MR. EAST
    MR. EAST

    Please visit Pakistan 🇵🇰 And explore the real beauty especially northern area you will enjoy it ☺️

  • Bo Zire
    Bo Zire

    Love Kold, but this is a sponsored video- which means he is doing a commercial for DJI and can't be critical of the drone. So it's NOT a real review- it's a commercial. Remember that.

  • bart gremmen
    bart gremmen

    don't crash it though. you'll be crying

  • B H
    B H

    So many people will think they can fly acro, and they can’t. Unless you have trained and it seems like they give you a simulator. Tempted to buy this though, they really simplified racing drones for us.

  • Ashley Whitehead
    Ashley Whitehead

    Might be ok for cinematic FPV but for hardcore FPV this thing is an overweight snowflake. 1 crash and your done. Try bouncing this off a tree and see how it flies lol. Not!, and never will set the standard for FPV. If you want to learn to fly proper fpv this thing will be a waste of time and money. Get off your arse and put some effort in. Learn to solder. Learn about batteries. Learn to to build and tune your drone. But if all you want is a more nimble mavic then this is your beastie.

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez

    Awesome vid. What's the ost in the beginning of your vid. The violin is sick