Dorian Yates: Bodybuilding Legend and 6x Mr. Olympia Who Changed the Industry Forever
As an aspiring bodybuilder, Dorian “the Shadow” Yates never thought he’d compete at the level of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Haney, Frank Zane, and other Mr. Olympia winners.
That attitude soon changed with his monumental success.
Dorian won Mr. Olympia six consecutive times. He changed the bodybuilding industry forever with his physique and insane workouts.
Tune in to this episode and listen to his unbelievable story. You don't have to be a bodybuilder to learn something from this guy.
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    Did he stop lifting?

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    Dorian followed his path, at times it's direction was not immediate. This is the time to be cautious. The end was not his, it was just like a bereavement . And just like a bereavement, it is wise to celebrate what you have gained, and not focus on what you have lost . He would be a great advantage for training, however bodybuilding seems more focused on size, instead of symmetry. However this is thankfully changing to.

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    Colombian Muscle Papi

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    treasure the time

    Dorian developed his body as a means to an end. He never became attached to it. So unlike a lot of bodybuilders who started from a position of insecurity, he never worried about being "a nobody" when he was no longer 300lbs.

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    Michel Jean-Pierre courtier immobilier/ real estate broker

    Training is meditation. Respect to Mr Yates for giving us a glimpse into a winners mentality. Cheers from Canada!

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    its crazy how normal he looks now . One of the lucky ones.

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    Glen MacPherson

    This is about desire, motivation, and dedication. Body building is simply the context for it. Once we move beyond the (skilled) self-promotion of Arnold and the others, we find Yates giving us the simplest and cleanest recipes for success. It's so simple it's beautiful and terrifying: you either want something or you don't. If you don't give it your best, then you actually don't want it. If you actually want something, then you will do the work. And you can cry with regret and envy all you want, but at the end of the day, you make the choices. If you make bad choices, then own those choices and shut your mouth with the excuses. At the end of the game, all you have are the choices you made and the actions you took. There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is today.

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    Charlie Parker

    My training style is very different to what Dorian recommends. I do full body routines every day, focusing on volume and contraction, not so much intensity or weight. Dorians intensity won him 6 Olympias sure, but he damaged muscle, tendons, cartilage etc so now he cannot lift weights. Lowering the intensity is safer on the body. But lowering the intensity will not get good results if you train each body part just once per week.

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    Patton Was Right

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    Jim Siriotis

    What a fountain of knowledge! Dorian Yates altruistic personality is refreshing. I reckon he's a wonderful human being. He speaks the brutal truth and offers insight generously and I will say again with goodwill and integrity. Love him! The English Lion.

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    Humberto Garcia

    Such, an honest man. Love, you brother.. Keep it coming.

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    What a narcissistic douchbag Yates is. He acts like he trained way harder than all the other bodybuilder when in reality he was the one who abused anabolics the most when he was competing. On top of that he even states that he didn't even use that much. Fast forward, what is yates doing nowadays? I will tell you, doing recreational drugs like cocaine and alcohol while accusing Bill Gates of massmurder... what a role model.

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    Thats It

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