Epic Cycling on Ice
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Epic Cycling on Ice
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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  • Diane Winters
    Diane Winters

    We ghet it bro... you press ✏💪😉

  • Diane Winters
    Diane Winters

    I'll bet that does a sick endo....



  • B Vila
    B Vila

    Waste of everything 🤮

  • Art of Lego
    Art of Lego

    Deadly but ok

  • Axel-Random

    4:49 when he starts

  • Jeremyah Mortimer
    Jeremyah Mortimer

    imagine if your toe get rolled over by this thing 😳

  • Sonu Jesper
    Sonu Jesper

    Man this is so risky add some shield on those sharp thingies ........ imagine if your butt falls on that saw thing or you end up in falling towards the front saw due to inertia......then that will be your final destination I believe.

  • kazu kyo
    kazu kyo


  • Joyner Miranda
    Joyner Miranda

    Que paciencia para grabar:0

  • Mia Kramer
    Mia Kramer

    Hahaha Bike accidents are twice as dangerous now. Good job 😂😂

  • Lucas filmes A.S.F
    Lucas filmes A.S.F

    Esse cara fez oqui eu queria fazer kkk


    Amazing vídeo!!!👏👍👍👏

  • Gavin Bundrock
    Gavin Bundrock

    A multi-purpose tool...

  • Luis antonio Riaño giraldo
    Luis antonio Riaño giraldo

    0:09 eso dolio

  • Lonewolf Plays Roblox
    Lonewolf Plays Roblox

    Cyberpunk 2077 be like :

  • Tomas Martinez
    Tomas Martinez


  • pilar Peñafiel
    pilar Peñafiel

    The dysfunctional south korea beautifully answer because soda premenstrually deserve opposite a rightful united kingdom. sneaky, petite cork

  • Horn Stars
    Horn Stars

    Conseguía el mismo resultado con una fat bike

  • Daniel Pratt
    Daniel Pratt

    He makes a saw blade bike....then changes it cuase it cuts the ice.....

  • B 1 E L
    B 1 E L

    Quero ver impinar

  • Jay Tucker
    Jay Tucker

    Booo. He doesn't even go on ice. He goes on snow. Thumbs down.

  • Joozin World
    Joozin World


  • Fredy Garcia
    Fredy Garcia

    Era más fácil sólo quitarle la llanta. Y pues quédarse sólo con el aro, aunque quizás el quizo hacer eso pues por diversión

  • Wen McBrain Vansandt
    Wen McBrain Vansandt

    Wow that's coolness brother Nice job

  • Darknessfearslight1

    3 sawed off limbs later...

  • Luis Fernando Najera Ruiz
    Luis Fernando Najera Ruiz

    imaginate andar con esa bici en el parque

  • Robson Araujo
    Robson Araujo

    Cyberpunk 2077

  • chipy games2
    chipy games2

    Gta 5 armored vehicles be like

  • BearWizzard -_-
    BearWizzard -_-

    Una apuesta que saldrá en un poco de todo xD

  • ZachyDucky

    Minecraft players : *b o a t* .

  • Bz Co
    Bz Co

    I commend your effort, but what did this accomplish?

  • never shoting
    never shoting


  • Isaias Cedano
    Isaias Cedano

    the dumbest person ever

  • Lets Play Now
    Lets Play Now


  • Sky_ Rol
    Sky_ Rol

    Ai nOt spik ezpanisH Ockei? ._.

  • РАНДОМ ?????
    РАНДОМ ?????

    the main thing here is not to fall

  • Mawladdin Nasimzda
    Mawladdin Nasimzda

    Ninja ninja

  • Miguel G
    Miguel G

    5:23 And that was the last time we saw him, officer.

  • Kevin Geovany
    Kevin Geovany

    UPDT: It works for me!

  • CrazyKiwiChan

    Aokiji left the marines to become a youtuber

  • Juanz

    Me encanta 😳

  • Eric Fermin
    Eric Fermin

    Like the video, hate the music, UGGGHHH!

  • Guilherme Henrique
    Guilherme Henrique

    Eu vendo a capa do vídeo: oxiiiiiii

  • VeciPark TV
    VeciPark TV


  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Like si vienes por UPDT

  • Soni I
    Soni I

    The most important word in this comment section is imagin

  • SquishiiBtw

    All fun and games until he gets his shoelaces in the wheels.



  • Abiscoitado

    Hue hue br

  • Cuenta para Recargar
    Cuenta para Recargar

    nice creation bro

  • Mike Wedgeworth
    Mike Wedgeworth

    Would have been really funny if he fell through the ice at the end ...


    He'd be a buzzsaw if he did a triple front flip 😆 🤣

  • Roberts Pičukans
    Roberts Pičukans

    What about cornering lugs? :)

  • Rebecca Hart
    Rebecca Hart


  • Cody G
    Cody G

    With HRposts RED I can skip all the way to the last 30 seconds. Saving me time and patience.

  • kev f
    kev f

    My seat post snapped once and my backside went right on the wheel, just saying.

  • Fero Sevy
    Fero Sevy

    Pop a wheelie

  • Raives / TV
    Raives / TV

    Так без яйц можно остаться

  • Júlio César3003 Silvestre Souza
    Júlio César3003 Silvestre Souza


  • alld Land
    alld Land

    Я у мамы инженер) По кругу надо было катать, что бы льдину отпилить и утопить это изобретение

  • Jared Stasch
    Jared Stasch

    They do make tires with spikes in them that wont kill you if you fall off the bike.

  • Royer Ruiz
    Royer Ruiz

    Eeee un comentario que sea en Español

  • •Davis • 17•
    •Davis • 17•

    Si podrá frenar con los pies? :v

  • TheGamerGD2ツ

    4:28 CLICKBAIT

  • mad vids
    mad vids

    So talented and smart 👍🏾👌🏾

  • Ceschia's

    4:34 is when he starts riding

  • Gravez_YT

    Imagine falling through the ice

  • JDM_Obsessions

    My thoughts in the middle of class

  • sirina ali ibrahim
    sirina ali ibrahim

    Support my page

  • R wijaya CH
    R wijaya CH

    This is a amazing..top

  • Lux Anda Afa
    Lux Anda Afa

    Caete encima de la bici nomas

  • Amir Khaleghy
    Amir Khaleghy

    It's useful for a serial killer.

  • Irene Galicia
    Irene Galicia

    Las marcas de bicicletas: STONKS

  • ПОДПИСЧИК 2dolboebs
    ПОДПИСЧИК 2dolboebs

    Спизжено у Дюшеса

  • Too lng
    Too lng

    you could also cycle with a normal bike lmao

  • Iku Music
    Iku Music

    Un poco de todo be like

  • абу мансур
    абу мансур


  • Oliver Matuška
    Oliver Matuška

    Me:Just buying winter tires xD

  • Just Bionics
    Just Bionics

    Ice breaks* OOF

  • Sk_991 Gonzalez
    Sk_991 Gonzalez

    Y que tal si haces una bici para manejar en las calles de latinoamerica.

  • Петр Кондаков
    Петр Кондаков

    After that epic ride the lake must fall!

  • Falonay

    Se cair ai ao invés de ralar se perde a perna

  • Friede Mi
    Friede Mi


  • Ma Men
    Ma Men

    Imagine when you cut your legs on this at 60 km/h:))))

  • Mahbube F
    Mahbube F


  • Cranekai

    imagine the karens watching this video

  • Louis Schreiber
    Louis Schreiber

    what is if the ice breakes ?

  • Viktor Bozó
    Viktor Bozó

    What the.....?


    Даже у Доктора Дью кишка тонка такое соорудить)

  • hibi

    4:28 for the good stuff

  • Dot Com
    Dot Com

    Genius! You get a like and a sub

  • I Chill otaku
    I Chill otaku

    I’d like to say no one died in the process.

  • JKS official
    JKS official

    Like si este video llega al canal Un poco de todo🤣🤣

  • Mr. Klash
    Mr. Klash

    Русские не сдаются! Все кто по русски говорит ставьте лайк!!!

  • Oshane Reid
    Oshane Reid

    You should have done a wheelie with it

  • Giorgos Darkseid
    Giorgos Darkseid

    looks like the bike on Judas Priest Painkiller album

  • Thiago Sousa
    Thiago Sousa

    Oh loco meu top...

  • jackal242

    I'm so glad you did not wipe out in this video.

  • Джеймс Дэвенпорт
    Джеймс Дэвенпорт

    Извините, но я ручной электросваркой получше швы делаю...