Garmin Fenix 6 vs Apple Watch Series 6 // An Unfair Comparison?
Comparing the Garmin Fenix 6 and Apple Watch Series 6 as smartwatches and sportswatches. Thanks for watching!

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0:00 Intro
1:13 Hardware
4:25 Battery Life
4:51 As Smartwatches
6:54 Health and Wellness
8:09 Fitness and Sports
10:59 Ecosystems
12:02 Wrap-up

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  • DesFit

    Lots of you asked about the watch band that I have on the fenix 6 Sapphire in the video - this is it! (Amazon affiliate link) Thanks!

    • Jose Hagevoort
      Jose Hagevoort

      Thank you so much for all the great info. You are a master at your craft.

    • Neal Weber
      Neal Weber

      I’ve had several Apple Watch’s and Fitbits, just bought my first Garmin delta tactix solar ...... the Garmin smokes them all of the, the buttons are much more reliable than a touch screen, it’s bullet proof, battery last 1-2 weeks, hot keys, ox sensor, even looks much better. I will never go back to Apple

    • Chris Mccann
      Chris Mccann

      £90 strap 🙈

    • DesFit


    • Hardtail Heaven
      Hardtail Heaven

      Awesome comparative review of both devices. Thanks. For me I love the battery life of the Garmin products and their sports orientation.

  • Paul

    I have both, apple is not a robust, I always go to the F6. Battery life is also so much better.

  • Mente

    Is it possible to load my Apple Music stuff onto the Garmin when paired with an IPhone? Or does it just work with Spotify etc.?

    • Mente

      @RockyBoy1998 - sometimes I hate Apple. Such a dick move

    • RockyBoy1998 -
      RockyBoy1998 -

      Only Spotify or Deezer!

  • David Barnes
    David Barnes

    Garmin Fenix 6 all the way, simply for the amount of data it produces. The durability of the watch is far greater than the Apple Series 6. Both great devices but Garmin takes pole position for me! Great review by the way!

  • Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    Thanks. Your video helped me a lot

    • DesFit

      Glad it helped!

  • Patrick Leegte
    Patrick Leegte

    Want to charge your watch everyday? AW. Want to charge once every 2 weeks? Garmin. Sold my AW and returned to my FR935. Less options, less charging.

  • Aryan Upadhyay
    Aryan Upadhyay

    Garmin Anyday I have purchased fenix 6

  • Михаил Иваницкий
    Михаил Иваницкий

    got my fenix6s and preparing for my first half marathon. Very happy with it. What I'm always using during the run is metronome to help with cadence. And one hour of it drains the battery by 10%. Usual work of the watch - 9 days(about 11-12% of a battery), so that If I use the same feature on apple,it would die after one workout...if I run for 2 hours - in the middle of the workout. I think Apple doesn't work for the sport if you want to challenge yourself and grow as a runner...

  • Ruchit Shah
    Ruchit Shah

    Thank you so much for this video. This video pretty helped me decide which watch is more useful for me. I definitely like how much data you can get on the garmin but for personally I wouldn't be analyzing so much data. Plus I don't see myself going on too many outdoor treks for couple years and hence I think a smart watch is better choice for me where I can do activities where I can leave my phone and go out with just the watch and still have my calls forwarded on it. So Thank you for this video. Now I'm gonna go buy my apple watch 6 :-))

  • Garotti Garotti
    Garotti Garotti

    For sports, forget about Apple and Samsung and go straight to Garmin. If you want OLED display, go with the Garmin Venue.

  • Metin Senler
    Metin Senler

    You can also download music from Spotify now. They enabled it a few weeks ago. Thanks a lot for the video man. Subscribed!

    • DesFit

      Yup, been meaning to do a follow-up video. Thanks!

  • Phil Snelgrove and Jessica Best
    Phil Snelgrove and Jessica Best

    Does anyone find the calories read as burned during exercise incorrect or off? I’ve had the garmin instinct for 2 days now, and the calories seem to be reading pretty low (compared to my previous Apple Watch). I’m an experienced weight lifter / bodybuilder, 180lbs around 15% BF. When I trained today, for 90 minutes, my calories burned read 490, when on Apple Watch, would read around 750-800 (which seems more accurate. HR was pretty consistent between 100-150. I’ve only used the strength training tracker so far. I never entered any reps or anything done, as I track that with my log book. I just want something really to track my heart rate, calories burned, and time. Maybe the Apple Watch could be wrong, but when I inputted these stats into a calorie burned calculation, given my stats, it said my estimated calories burned were pretty bang on to the Apple Watch. Anyways, I’ll leave this at that. Just wondering if anyone is experiencing anything similar, or if there’s certain settings I can adjust to get a more accurate reading (p.s I already have my stats entered into garmin connect) Thanks

  • Tommy Harris
    Tommy Harris

    Studies have shown wrist monitors are totally inaccurate when it comes to heart rates and they recommend cardiac patients to not use them.

    • Tommy Harris
      Tommy Harris

      @DesFit What's the point of spending a few hundred dollars to buy an inaccurate device, especially as heart rate is one of the most important functions in exercise?.

    • DesFit

      "Totally inaccurate" is totally inaccurate. They are usable for the many activities but for people with cardiac issues a medical grade sensor will definitely be the safest bet.

  • Jotham Walker
    Jotham Walker

    Pinnacle luxuries sells a steel case for the Apple Watch with safety glass. I have beat the piss out of mine… still works like new.

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris

    Thanks. My Fenix 6 Pro firmware took a turn and I had to return it to Garmin, who happily is shipping a new Fenix…but I WAS considering changing to Apple Watch. This video reaffirmed my use and need for the Fenix. Great video.

    • DesFit

      Glad they are taking care of you. Thanks!

  • Neal Weber
    Neal Weber

    Love my Garmin Watch, blows my Apple Watch away, especially when it come to a fitness watch. Plus Garmin has a 14 day battery


    liked, subscribed, thank your for the information!

    • DesFit


  • erick larson
    erick larson

    awesome video. learn a lot thanks loads

    • DesFit


  • Lucas Chudleigh
    Lucas Chudleigh

    Apple Watch battery life is unusable. Going camping? Leave it at home. Business trip over the weekend? Haul around yet another charging cord, which usually gets forgotten. Got a busy day with lots of texts and calls? Better bring the charger to work. Brush it on a feather? Better go get the screen replaced. Usable GPS? Nah, it’ll be fine. The list goes on. If you love watches that have 8 hours of usable battery life, the Apple Watch is for you. Garmin takes the cake. All of it.

  • latent heat
    latent heat

    I have an question. How accurate is that barometer? Can i record 12hrs atm pressure?

  • bertraminc

    The screen fell off of my apple watch, dangling by the flat ribbon wire that controlled it. Not buying another one.

  • LucklessGun

    I’m personally fine with the athletic functionality of the Apple Watch, it’s the weak battery life that makes it difficult to live with.

    • DesFit

      It's definitely the Achilles' heel

  • Joe Bennett
    Joe Bennett

    Appreciate the video man! Thanks!

    • DesFit

      Sure thing!

  • Kommandant Karl
    Kommandant Karl

    The best video out there

    • DesFit


  • Albin 2
    Albin 2

    I'd break an Apple watch within a couple of months, but that's just me.

  • C M
    C M

    Great video but all I can think of is how your camera focused on your hands and not your face almost the whole time.

    • DesFit

      I’m not much to look at so in general I did that for the sake of the viewer.

  • Brian Taylor
    Brian Taylor

    I noticed as you were scrolling through the Fenix 6 menu, the InReach option. Does the Fenix 6 function as a stand alone InReach device?

    • DesFit

      @Brian Taylor 👍 sure thing!

    • Brian Taylor
      Brian Taylor

      @DesFit gotcha. Thanks for the response!

    • DesFit

      The InReach option is to pair to an external InReach which enables some remote functionality. You'll need an InReach device for the satellite communication (it's a different satellite system).

  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson

    Garmin sucks balls, the software is just awful. I’d be pissed off if I found one. Sure the battery lasts longer, but it should, it does fuck all.

  • Rugged Ind Soup
    Rugged Ind Soup

    I bought the Fenix 6 specifically for the MASSIVE battery life compared to AppleWatch. Now that I’ve had it for over a year I’ve been extremely happy with it and impressed with how good it is for fitness activities. Another benefit is that while doing activities while wearing gloves, like mtn biking, it’s easy to use the buttons. I highly recommend the Fenix 6. It’s missing some of the cool gadgetry of the AppleWatch but almost every other aspect of it is superior. BTW, that’s coming from someone who is a big Apple fan.

    • DesFit

      👍 Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Richard Witt
    Richard Witt

    Thank you! My Apple Watch 3 has a POS Optical HR sensor. So much so that I purchased a Bluetooth one (which works great! - thank you Garmin!). Here'e my dilemma: I NOW have a Series 3 Apple Watch that is stuck in the "white apple - do not pass go" state. My Garmin 820 only gives me about 4-5 hours of life (which doesn't give me a 100 mile bike ride without carrying an external battery). Let's say I'm wearing my Fenix 6 on a 100 mile ride and stop for a gatorade and a restroom. Will I need to manually pause my activity? or will it know I've stopped "riding", pause the activity and pick it up again say ...after I've reached 6mph or so? I have an iPhone, so I love the Apple world I'm in. I have an idea that the Fenix would replace BOTH the Apple Watch and the Garmin Edge 820. Ideas?

  • ffi1001

    What’s the point of the sleep tracker on iwatch since you have to charge it overnight? It’s garbage

    • DesFit

      Charging only takes an hour or so. No need for an overnight charge so lots of people just place it on the charger as they are getting ready for their day.


    great review. As a tri-athlete I understand now why is not the same having an iWatch than having the GARMIN. Dorn it ! I am going to have to spend on that Fenix Now !

    • DesFit

      You can actually get triathlon functionality from the Forerunner 745, 945, and 945 LTE as well so definitely check those out too! Thanks!

  • saudLFC

    what is the watch he's wearing?

  • Abdi Darmawan
    Abdi Darmawan

    Garmin display suck

  • Jessy

    I currently have a Vivoactive 3, but I'm looking at upgrading. Are there any differences on how the Garmin Connect app works between the two watches or is that essentially the same thing? One thing that irks me a lot is that I do both road and mountain biking. I created two different activities on my watch, but they both get tagged as just Cycling in the app, with the same gear attached to it. Every time I finish a ride I have to manually set the activity type and change the gear to the bike I used. Is it the same on the Fenix or since there's a built-in MTB activity, the app sees this as a different thing?

  • Adam Buxton
    Adam Buxton

    Unless i missed it, did you try using both devices with a wet hand? litterally wet fingers render the iwatch pretty useless this is why I'm watching your review of the Fenix?

  • texasbelliott

    Very helpful, thank you.

    • DesFit

      Glad it helped. Thanks!

  • Dave Rombedza
    Dave Rombedza

    Because of the battery, workout information, durability and application integrations Garmin it is.

  • the legend29
    the legend29

    good stuff nice vid awesomeness

    • DesFit


  • Noris Delalic
    Noris Delalic

    Hey man great Video! What watch is you wearing in the Video? It looks cool.

    • DesFit
      DesFit 👍 Thanks!

  • Ahmad Ilmam
    Ahmad Ilmam

    Dang you got a lot of money for a small channel

  • franKENStin

    Ty for video. Do you know of a divice that can be worn and charging at same time.. I see apple has its charge port/docking on under side :(

  • Don Sayers
    Don Sayers

    Just subbed i also just ordered a fenix6x pro solar. Im reading up all the links. Yours was good and concise. Thanks

    • DesFit

      Enjoy your watch! Thanks!

  • Gex Villegas
    Gex Villegas

    Los dos relojes muy buenos , pero si eres un deportista élite definitivamente el Garmin fénix es el mas adecuado para comprar

  • Hannu Leinonen
    Hannu Leinonen

    Are they accurate? Ofcourse not, but how much is the error in heart rate?

  • Emir Beytur
    Emir Beytur

    Great review as always. I have just placed an order for Garmin 6. Sapphire because it is half price deal at the moment in Australia. I am selling my Apple Watch at the same time.

    • Emir Beytur
      Emir Beytur

      @DesFit thank you 🙏

    • DesFit

      Nice! Enjoy your watch. Thanks!

  • Cake Batter
    Cake Batter

    The Apple Watch's battery life is completely unacceptable in 2021. It a fatal flaw and shouldn't be recommended for that reason alone. My Microsoft Band from 2014 even had better battery life than the current 6th gen Apple Watch. Seriously, is there any current smartwatch available today with worse battery life?

    • DesFit

      WearOS watches are pretty close in short battery life department.

  • streetspiritman

    Warning if you want to use Apple Watch for pool swim drills. Regular swimming works fine but because it uses your arm movement to track distance but when performing different types of drills the distance calculation can be way off eg 50% of the real distance covered. Garmin does similar however has the option for you to manually correct the distance for swim drills which the AW does not.

  • streetspiritman

    Bad feature on Apple Watch for running is that when you have your iPhone it uses the iPhone for GPS to preserve AW battery life, but the iPhone GPS is much less accurate. They should give users the option to use the AW GPS if they want accuracy over battery life.

  • marrok

    What watch can you recommend me ? Looking for a fitness / tactical watch. I have an iPhone

  • Alexandr Mukhin
    Alexandr Mukhin

    Nice video! Thanks a lot! But actually, I have no problems integrating with Strava: using Apple Watch with a standart fitness app during my running workouts and then syncronize data to the Strava via Apple Health app, just one button to update.

  • haileynetta

    apple is of course going to win!

  • haileynetta

    thats not little thats big!

  • Channel customization
    Channel customization

    I appreciate you

    • DesFit


  • Karen Hull
    Karen Hull

    Thank you for the excellent presentation of strengths of each smartwatch! Very clear and effectively explained.

    • DesFit

      Glad the information helped. Thanks!

  • cejay67

    I now own both and this is a fantastic and fair review. I agree with all points.

    • DesFit

      Thanks and glad you’re enjoying your watches!

  • pictishboar

    Doesn’t the series 6 require a cellular signal for maps and that to work but harming works all the time from satellite gps?

  • Toto Gosu
    Toto Gosu

    fk apple watch jeeeeez

  • Raquel Foster
    Raquel Foster

    The Apple watch finally got offline Spotify a couple weeks ago. I love my Fenix 5 because I can run a marathon and listen to Spotify without my phone. The Apple watch can last through a marathon, but not while listening to music. Their battery life will get there within the next two generations, though. I appreciate that Garmin managed to get offline Spotify integration long before Apple, but they’re never going to get UX sorted out. And there are plenty things which balance out any plus sides to the Garmin. It takes my Fenix about 30 min. just to sync a few Spotify playlists over Wi-Fi. And sound quality is going to be better with the Apple watch because it has AAC, and Garmin just uses the lowest-possible-quality SBC codec. I hate to be another person on the Apple bandwagon, but it’s gotten to the point that there are more downsides than advantages to me using a Pixel phone and a Garmin watch. I mean, if the iPhone 13 brings back the fingerprint sensor. I’m not getting an iPhone without a fingerprint sensor. I’ll dust off my iPhone 7 Plus! 🙂

  • Dude Of Hazmat
    Dude Of Hazmat

    Have FENIX 6 Pro for about a year. This watch is an *INVINCIBLE TITLE CARD* beast. Even the battery life doesn't drop, at least for now.

  • highxj

    Your videos are absolutely outstanding!

    • DesFit


  • Alex Atreides
    Alex Atreides

    It’s not a fair comparison. I don’t even think they both target the same customers.

    • DesFit

      As per the title, but it's interesting that so far 600K people are interested in the comparison.

  • J SH
    J SH

    Never trust anybody who drinks milk from an oat!

  • Bobby Pinkston
    Bobby Pinkston

    My life insurance company basically forced my hand in buying an Apple Watch, but I’m happy to know it’s at least comparable for sports and health features. Thanks for such a detailed review!

  • Pierre du Plessis
    Pierre du Plessis

    I live with a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and an iPnone 12 Pro,. However, I also own a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar. They are unfortunately sadly way superior to anything Apple manufactures. And the Garmin Express app seals the deal. Especially as I run Garmin Dashcams on both my BMW M2 and Toyota Hilux Xtra cab, My 2c worth...

  • Fayyad Faidhi
    Fayyad Faidhi

    Sir you forgot ECG hmmmmm

  • Fayyad Faidhi
    Fayyad Faidhi

    For those who havent use an apple watch, just buy an apple watch. Its super smooth and more accurate. It can be used longer worth the money.

  • Rodrigo Cesar Da Rocha Martins
    Rodrigo Cesar Da Rocha Martins

    I would like know if Garmin fenix 6 it's possible listening information about training during running with bluetooth. Thanks


    It is like comparing a top model McLaren (Garmin) vs a top range Volkswagen ( Apple)

    • Stephen Skoutas
      Stephen Skoutas

      I've been amazed at what I've been able to do with and get out of my Series 6.

  • Steven

    I would have went with the Apple Watch if the battery lasted at least 4-5 days. Watches should feel seamless and something that’s on you 99% of the time without worrying if it’s gonna run out of batteries.

  • Matt Webster
    Matt Webster

    love this dude! thanks! just fyi, might wanna close down your fstop on your camera. your hands are in focus, but your face isn't in focus. please keep making all the awesome videos you've been doing over the years!! i really enjoy your channel!

    • DesFit

      Thanks so much! Ya, I completely messed up focus on this video 🤦‍♂️ but have made some adjustments. Thanks again!

  • Erik Rettmer
    Erik Rettmer

    Hey Des I’m currently doing a bunch of research for my next smartwatch / fitness trackers and you’re videos are by far the best! Thanks so much from Canada!

    • DesFit

      Glad the information is helping! Thanks!

  • David Jones
    David Jones

    Wow this was way more thorough than I expected, great comparison. I already own fenix 6 pro and I don't have an iPhone so I made the right choice!

  • dustarian

    Ironically, my apple watch lasted longer than my fenix 3... fenix 3 died just barely after a year...

  • ffs630ify

    Feel its a fair comparison but theyre tools made for different uses once you get passed the basic functions

  • Zepenthus

    Great video Des! However, I cannot choose what to pick. F6 or S6? I am an iPhone user and a CrossFit athlete. The big issue compared these two is the battery life on apple watch in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts please! Thanks!

    • Zepenthus

      @DesFit Thanks for replying! If series 6’s durability and battery life were improved to its competitors there would be no answer what to pick. Now I’m really thinking of it because I gotta charge the series 6 every night and in my opinion , due to Fenix 6’s durability it will maybe be better since crossfit is quite tough. However, thank you so much! All the best!

    • DesFit

      The Series 6 would probably do a little better for CrossFit if you’re not planning on using an external HRM as the wrist HR sensor is a little more accurate. However the Fenix 6 will be more durable so that’s something to consider. And then battery life…well, it’s definitely the Apple Watch’s Achilles heel! Thanks!

  • Alan Miller
    Alan Miller

    What watch are you wearing ?

    • DesFit

  • Mel M.H
    Mel M.H

    Garmin 5 has a charging slot problem they corrected it with 6 it was hell of a problem by the means of customer service. I switched to Apple in the end and pretty happy, for rugged look and protection I go with catalyst cases. If some kind of malfunction happens garmin really is a headache 🤕 by the means of customer service. For the ones asking for what the problem was; charging slot is getting oxidation and watch becomes unusable, paid hell of a money for fenix 5 sapphire and ended up struggling with distributors and customer service and I gave up.


    Love my series 6

    • DesFit


  • shanmac77

    I just can't wear a square watch. Thanks for the video!

    • DesFit

      Sure thing!

  • Roberto Genchi
    Roberto Genchi

    If you are even sightly serious about sport and physical activity you don't want to charge your smartwatch every day, and you don't want it to be fragile. Those are 2 key points that led me to sell my Samsung Active 2

  • Kevin J
    Kevin J

    What watch are you wearing with the white band?

    • DesFit


    Great video! I'm NOT an athlete. I'm just looking for something for heart rate monitor, steps and good sleep pattern recording. I have everything apple but I just can't get on board with a watch from apple; I'll use my iPhone for texting, mail, FaceTime, etc. I just see it as a fancy toy I don't need. I like the Garmin's details of sleep patterns but you said the Apple Watch can do it as well with different apps? I am not sure which to get. I'm sure the Garmin heart rate monitor will be fine, but you said apple was better? thanks.

    • DesFit

      If you aren't going to be using the watch for texting, calls, etc... I'd probably lean towards a Garmin since it has everything baked in. The heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch may be more accurate but the Garmin is still usable in most situations. Thanks!

  • Riley Barrad
    Riley Barrad

    Apple is complete trash. Also Apple users can't use all Garmin functions and always have issues. Never had issues with my androids and my garmins.

  • denise baugh
    denise baugh

    I own an apple watch which I love as a smart watch for all the features it has but does not even work for 1 long day of hiking or climbing so now I am going to by a Fenix6 for all my recreation activities and my apple watch will be for work and just daily activities

    • DesFit


  • Angry chili mango
    Angry chili mango

    Garmin fenix 6 pro is king 👑


    Thanks a lot for your detailed analysis ! 🙌🏼🔥

    • Simon Stephenson
      Simon Stephenson

      I second that: informative and nicely produced too. Thank you! 👍👍👍👍👍

    • DesFit

      Sure thing!

  • Gnome Star
    Gnome Star

    The apple watch has an option of sapphire and solid metal body, just like the fenix its an option.

    • DesFit

  • Omar Khouri
    Omar Khouri

    Stop showing off your VO2 Max, it's getting me depressed

  • Richard A
    Richard A

    That Apple watch battery life SUCKS. I'm sure in a year or two, it won't even last a day.

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan

    Apple watch looks cheap and ugly. The Garmin watch is too big.

  • Rehan Siddique
    Rehan Siddique

    Which is the most accurate if u compare both

  • Richieforthewin 1
    Richieforthewin 1

    I’ve broken 3 Apple Watches so the durability factor alone might just make me get the Garmin instead

  • Clever Anwitty
    Clever Anwitty

    I owned both. Apple Watch is WAY better and it's not close. The reason I say this is Apple products are extremely intuitive and easy to use. If you have iPhone, everything just works perfectly an easily. The Garmin was a pain in the ass straight out of the box. It was a pain to get it to sync with headphones. It was an HUMONGOUS pain to get the Garmin to sync with runcasts (it's podcast service). Good luck trying to get podcasts and music to load. And when you do, good luck figuring out how to play it. I had so many fits with the Garmin that I eventually sold it. It's a huge pain in the ass and not worth it. Garmin really needs to work on making things work seamlessly and more intuitive.. Until then I'll never buy another one.

  • Kuan Khoon Tan
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    Wow! VO2 max 58!

  • will Brown
    will Brown

    I love my Marq Athlete. It has the traditional look while offering everything I want out of a smart watch. It's definitely a pricey option, but one I would absolutely recommend!

  • Aymane Bzioui
    Aymane Bzioui

    First video to watch on my 12 pro max

  • no name
    no name

    What's the watch he's wearing?

    • no name
      no name

      @DesFit thank you!!

    • DesFit

  • Mohanlal D
    Mohanlal D

    The review is great as always but the question is "Do we need such $1000 expensive wrist watches?", are they worth the price?

  • Peter Luo
    Peter Luo

    Bang a nice watch on the wall.. really..!! Nice video. Thanks. New subscriber.

    • DesFit


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