Gossip Girl (HBO Max) Trailer HD
Gossip Girl premieres July 8th on HBO Max. Developed by showrunner Joshua Safran, a writer and executive producer on the original series, this extension of the pop culture classic takes us back to the Upper East Side finding a new generation of New York private school teens being introduced to social surveillance nine years after the original blogger’s website went dark. The series is based on the bestselling novels by Cecily von Ziegesar and the original show, developed by Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage, which ran from 2007-2012 on The CW. GOSSIP GIRL explores just how much social media - and the landscape of New York itself - has changed in the intervening years. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on HRposts for more Gossip Girl season 1 promos in HD!

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» Starring: Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak, Savannah Lee Smith

  • Nhandi Malinki
    Nhandi Malinki

    Nah this won't do, they should've left gossip girl alone coz this just looks like Pretty little liars, Riverdale, Elite, oh no they should just cancel it right now

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro

    From the trailer alone I can tell this won’t be anything like the original which is sad, considering how good it was, also is it just me or does this one seem more inappropriate? I don’t get why tv shoes now a days are like that.

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata

    There is alot about this show that is disturbing. I wouldn't want my teenage kids watching it. I'm an adult tho so it's amusing and entertaining.

    • Mac Camardo
      Mac Camardo

      what is disturbing…?

  • fergotten

    It's hotter and so far more dramatic

  • fergotten

    Excellent so far

  • Dex Roda
    Dex Roda

    the shows not bad, its just in a way different style than the og. i love elite so im kinda excited

  • TheLast AirBender
    TheLast AirBender

    There's so many hate comment, like I understand why. I love the og gg too, i grew up watching it. And to tell you the truth I prefer the og rather than this reboot. ( I already watched it, currently in ep4) But the show isn't that bad. Its okay. Give it a shot first before bombarding with hate comments. We all know No one can beat the ORIGINAL. I hope there will be an improvement in the story line, and the characters.

  • Tanner Kim
    Tanner Kim

    i will be honest after watching up the recent episode. Max is literally carrying the show but surprisingly he gets very little screen time. Aside from Zoya and the blonde girl everyone else is watchable. Zoya’s character needs to be re written its fucking hot garbage always whining and having these random ass mood swings its not pleasant to watch. The blonde girl is literally there to give Aki a push to come out of the closet but she has no purpose.

    • Tanner Kim
      Tanner Kim

      the cast itself is fine but the storyline has no purpose. no meaning. no setup. and shit gets resolved at the end of every episode. its like a disney channel version of gg with drugs, alcohol and sex.

  • Sergio B vazuez
    Sergio B vazuez

    I’m trying to like this show but it feels so forced.

  • Ari

    Sorry, extremely boring 🤷‍♀️

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    dafuk is this shit

  • Mattia R
    Mattia R

    wtf is kate doing there at 1:47 💀💀

  • Lebo Mabaso
    Lebo Mabaso

    I don’t think I’ll like it

  • Maria C
    Maria C

    Nothing beats Blair and Serena and I mean we had LGBT love in our time but this LGBT generation TAKES IT WAAAY TOO FAR! the old one has perfect balance and showed enough not OVER the top! this is heartbreaking to see! GOSSIP GIRL I really feel can be waaaaaay waaaay better ATTRACTIVE cast but no pizazz and overly gay! seriously

  • Chocolate Perfume
    Chocolate Perfume

    This is basically elite with a gossip girl website

  • Splatrick

    Fucking traaaash. Writing, cast, everything. It’s godamn terrible. Just rich kids on snapchat and insta. Nothing compared to the original. Not even close. Rly dumb idea bringing this back w a new cast. Its soooo baaddd😑

  • Sofia Patierno
    Sofia Patierno

    You can’t decide you’re not going to like a show and hate on it before you even watch it. I’m personally excited and love seeing shows like this. Reboots have the same general idea and storyline, they aren’t supposed have everything the same. People are saying it’s nothing like the original but it’s not supposed to be like the original, these are new characters, new personalities, new actors. Sure some may prefer the original gg but don’t decide your whole opinion on it before you have even seen it. Thanks.

  • Eretrina Chakma
    Eretrina Chakma


  • William Morales
    William Morales

    Which one was supposed to be Serena

  • C Fernández
    C Fernández

    They're trying so hard to look cool and classy, but it just doesn't work.

  • Dorina Mehmeti
    Dorina Mehmeti

    Did u miss me -A? This is more like Pretty Little Liars 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ishita

    Gossip girl was hilarious. Why dafuq do they have to make every new young adult series look like a world of psychopaths??????

  • choi xtng
    choi xtng

    this looks so bad i prefer the og one

  • Gabby Roman
    Gabby Roman

    i watched the first three episodes and the blonde girl looks a bit like Blair. AM I the only one?

  • Amrita Pramanik
    Amrita Pramanik

    I mean, ew

  • veronica b
    veronica b

    Somehow, this just doesnt seem exciting at all.

  • Miranda Hung
    Miranda Hung

    This stupid reboot ruins everything...

  • Odaun

    This show is so bad. I can't even begin to explain🙈😖🖕

  • Cute Unicorno
    Cute Unicorno

    Why I always feel happy when it comes to any reboot. I love seeing old series getting renewed and coming to life again. I just hope it will be good

  • KinGing MyQueen
    KinGing MyQueen

    Elite is this you!!!

  • Floraine Dwayne
    Floraine Dwayne

    euphoria and dare me conbined lol

  • Shirley Hines
    Shirley Hines

    doesn't look as good as the original. maybe a spin-off would have been better

    • way

      it is a spinoff

  • Alexander Stefano
    Alexander Stefano

    This show should be called "The New York Elite" not GG.

  • Nw Cc
    Nw Cc

    Black, mean, short hair black girl, so 2020 🤮

  • Kitten Paradise
    Kitten Paradise

    Just my personal preference I still want to see a character that's girly, hot, fashionable like blair or serena. Just cuz i like fashion. also the buzz cut hair girl is not entirely relatable to most audience... as the main character

  • luna

    why does the music slap so much help

  • Sasori Tv
    Sasori Tv

    So glad this show is back! Loved the original!! ^.^

  • Melany Atanaia
    Melany Atanaia

    has anyone watched it? Is it worth it?

  • Snita Bhowmick
    Snita Bhowmick

    Why I feel this is going to look like Elite, Euphoria and PLL very soon!

  • Snita Bhowmick
    Snita Bhowmick

    I mean who asked for a reboot really ? Just make a movie or something just like SATC. Blair, Serena, Chuck Bass could never be replaced though. However, will watch the pilot with an open mind.. 🤞🏻 Anyway, the only original voice recasted is Kristen Bell saying XoXo Gossip Girl 😍

  • Romney Ranjo
    Romney Ranjo

    it’s honestly average but i like it HAHAHA. I enjoy watching the show. It has an entirely different “vibe” with the original one but yeah, both are enjoyable

  • Caro004

    Woke girl

  • Mackenzie Bristol
    Mackenzie Bristol

    Idk how I feel about this yet...

  • Darbie Backer
    Darbie Backer

    We all know what happened to the Pretty Little Liars spin off...

  • MyLadyYoshi


  • unknown

    Where can I watch it in the uk

  • Asma Zakaria
    Asma Zakaria

    So far all the episodes are original then the og gossip girl .. at least it’s not a copy of the original ..

  • MrMoyoT

    Too many black faces. Sadly it won't go anywhere.

  • The Liamster
    The Liamster

    The music in this sounds so good.

  • Willie Steyn
    Willie Steyn

    Feminism new world order hard at work trying to make men look and act less manly. nice job

  • Man0 GRC
    Man0 GRC

    Wish I could travel back to the early-mid 2000's, today's standards suck hard.

  • Catspers

    I need to watch an episode of the original gg now to wipe away this.

  • Vivienne J
    Vivienne J

    Normally you should at least like one of the characters and root for them. After watching the first few episodes...still waiting for that character to come on the show.

  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Justin's Cinema
    Justin's Cinema


  • Kayla James
    Kayla James

    Now I’m about to watch the original gossip girl over for the 100th time .

  • Anthony Garnica
    Anthony Garnica

    I swear there is only 1 reboot that has been good and that's Leverage. Gossip girl is too iconic. I swear they gonna fuck this show over somehow

  • Iman A
    Iman A

    It’s so disgusting

  • Forever18or21

    This is so cringe I can't even

  • Saskia pixie White
    Saskia pixie White

    The old Gossip girl will all ways be number one in my eyes

  • Thu Duong
    Thu Duong

    The queen B is meant to be pretty. Why is she bald

  • iulix max
    iulix max

    This doesn't look like gossip girl XOXO 🙄😒👎!!!!

  • diorrka

    issa no for me

  • Svetlana Iurcu
    Svetlana Iurcu

    this aint nothing like the OG Gossip Girl , dont even try. its useless

  • I probably dislike you
    I probably dislike you

    Gonna give it a try

  • d t
    d t

    this looks good

  • leo Beems
    leo Beems

    People criticise without even having seen the show beforehand. Y’all are annoying

  • TheFlawless93

    oh. no.... big NO ;/

  • jwatwater

    No reboot will ever be as good as the OG, at least give it a chance. I won't be able to tho, cause I'm not subbing to another streaming service.

  • Gordana Stulic
    Gordana Stulic

    This is like PLL: The Perfectionist and Elite

  • R W
    R W


  • Esther Webster
    Esther Webster

    Nothing could ever top the original gossip girl for me.

  • tunahan karaarslan
    tunahan karaarslan

    Kristen Bell's voice oh my god

  • Tamara

    tbh only watching this because of Thomas

  • Ricky Myers
    Ricky Myers

    The incompetent ray globally switch because fountain singly fail below a efficient sing. cagey, helpless muscle

  • Piper Genkin
    Piper Genkin

    the only redeeming thing about this trailer is that it uses frank's music

  • Lauryn

    at least they brought back Frank Ocean sigh.

  • Janine

    Is this a joke?😂 Sorry but this just looks stupid af! Nothing can top the REAL gossip girl show! It’s my favorite of all time since I’ve watched it about 7 times lol!

  • Kharib Alawan
    Kharib Alawan


  • Samantha Rittenberg
    Samantha Rittenberg

    Euphoria gossip girl tomato tamato this is like all the shows they make these days and why shows from the early 2000s are so much better

  • Samantha Rittenberg
    Samantha Rittenberg

    This is a totally different show, how is it right to even call it gossip girl?! Gossip girl is in another world and this is a new one.

  • Muriel Rojas
    Muriel Rojas

    Es serie o película ?

  • Diving Here
    Diving Here

    no lesbians? i won't be watching, thanks edit: false alarm! we'll have lesbians! watch it!!

  • Jill Orts
    Jill Orts


  • Jill Orts
    Jill Orts

    YIKES I get that this is trying to be what today's society is like (very cringy) so like yeah this is a hard PASS

  • Jill Orts
    Jill Orts

    call this rich kids in new york city ANYTHING but gossip girl

  • витя витя
    витя витя

    help a little money whoever can I beg you 5375418807489109

  • Georgiana Petu
    Georgiana Petu

    Wtf is this? Definitely not Gossip Girl.

  • Julieta Fernández
    Julieta Fernández

    NOTHING can compare to GG. Ever.

  • Ruben Garza
    Ruben Garza


  • Elle S
    Elle S

    the saddest thing from what i've seen lately...

  • Léia Castelo
    Léia Castelo

    awful omg

  • AlMi English
    AlMi English

    "Chuck" besandose con otros hombres?! Que mierda es esto? 🙄

  • Allicia Meran
    Allicia Meran

    Estos por lo menos son los hijos de los originales para darles una cucharada de su propia medicina o es solo otra versión?

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali

    American Version of Elites

  • Sneha Phalke
    Sneha Phalke

    Umm… I still like the original one better?

  • nevaeh whiteway
    nevaeh whiteway

    the cast looks amazing and the frank ocean!! AND kristens voice

  • Karla Micah Yalung
    Karla Micah Yalung

    I'll still watch this no matter what but just a question why is every teen show now trying to have a vibe like Elite?