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Let me know what team I should try next weekend?!

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My previous uploads have included:
Top 100 with a Bronze Team
Top 100 with a Silver Team
40-0 with a 100k Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Bronze Team.
Winning Division 1 with a Silver Team.
Winning Division 1 with the slowest team.
etc etc

  • Zeinar - Football!
    Zeinar - Football!

    Mate have you dissapeared where u at

  • Nicholas Kriticos
    Nicholas Kriticos

    For harrys third win the kid literally quit at 1-0 in the 5th min, like y 😂

  • SumthinScottish


  • wavy

    I bet u wont pin this also love ur vid bro love the energy aswell 🔥😎🔥😎

  • jorge arenas
    jorge arenas

    Lol u almost got a heart attack

  • Richard Maurin
    Richard Maurin

    Do a Swedish team

  • Kenzie Bagley
    Kenzie Bagley

    I’ve watched about 5 of your vids and your always hungover.. are you in need of some therapy 😬

  • Lewis is the goat
    Lewis is the goat

    If you respect BLM do a black or mixed race team only

  • Andy Keane
    Andy Keane

    Why u screaming bro chill

  • Jair Alvarez
    Jair Alvarez

    *grabs heart* am I gonna die 😦

  • Kez mush
    Kez mush

    That bucket hat glued to your head?

  • Sam d123
    Sam d123

    Lol that’s a fucking killer

  • D B
    D B

    30-0 with a a team each game being a different league on the game

  • Mohamad Naim
    Mohamad Naim

    I dare you to play weekend league with icon swaps player hahah would be fun mate

  • Leo


  • Tortugo Says Less
    Tortugo Says Less

    How do you do that touch where you put it ahead of the defender is it just a “big touch”?

  • Mike Lapointe
    Mike Lapointe


  • Mart Nijkamp
    Mart Nijkamp

    Why you screaming like gudjon daniel

  • albsvs _
    albsvs _

    Why do you scream?

  • Wenche Lehn
    Wenche Lehn

    Ur good at screaming

  • Connor Yancy
    Connor Yancy

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  • Bin Hamdan
    Bin Hamdan

    At this point I think “still not got an intro ladies and gentlemen” is the intro

  • C Leek
    C Leek

    Start smashing the gear every weekend mate you’ll feel better for it

  • jadenmccourt123

    man i’ve not played fifa for months but still watch harry’s videos because the vibes

  • Cripinub1

    Still not got an intro?

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown

    I really like your intros!

  • Limitless _FN
    Limitless _FN

    Gotta watch fifa as I’m banned from my FUT team as it was called AushwitzFC and I got reported 🤣

  • Sjgb2007

    for a champs challenge try go 30 and 0 with a team of icon swaps

  • Papa Ganoosh
    Papa Ganoosh

    Christ on a bike where is your inside voice

  • Declan Bruce
    Declan Bruce

    Might need to add a warning for headphone users

  • elmochacho3

    I wanna I wanna 🍀🍀🍀

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro

    That marcelo grohe guy you packed was actually a Alisson’s “rival” here in brazil, the rest is history

  • Yung Blaster
    Yung Blaster

    he's content always makes my day. harry plz keep going

  • YungJamaican

    Perfect video to eat my McDonald’s to

  • Sam Robinson
    Sam Robinson

    40-0 using only English right backs

  • otomewo malcolm
    otomewo malcolm

    Serious talk...we need an intro😐

  • byron duckworth
    byron duckworth

    half way through one of the games the bolivian marching powder catches up with ya and takes your heart for a jog

  • Max Gibbo
    Max Gibbo

    Where’s Wigan p and p ?

  • Deeryyy

    Never related to a Sunday champs sessions so much in my life.

  • Ben P
    Ben P

    When Harry noticed Mason Mount in the first team he played.... Whispers Olé Olé Olé 😂😂

  • Leonidas Kemper
    Leonidas Kemper

    Having no intro will be the most iconic intro

  • Adam A.Farghal
    Adam A.Farghal


  • Did Jesus have a cat?
    Did Jesus have a cat?

    “Carved me a new arsehole” Beautiful sweet poetry 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reinaldo Brito
    Reinaldo Brito

    Oh... no "vamos carallo" on this video?!

  • Bilal Iqbal
    Bilal Iqbal

    Harry positive vobes for you

  • YaSsirJuMaah-HMC

    Everytime you lose a game you replace a player with a silver card

  • nero king
    nero king

    Why didnt foden get in tots and mount did foden is better

  • Matty C Corson
    Matty C Corson

    The 3-2 game is against my mate 🤣

  • CCF

    yo why are you screaming the entire video

  • Роман Макеев
    Роман Макеев


  • Jacob

    Harrys got them post-coke heart palpitations LOL

  • Alex Rose
    Alex Rose

    still not got an into will for ever be the best not intro

  • Raphaël Blancpain
    Raphaël Blancpain

    whats this soucek disrespect i dont like this

  • Ac3 Strange
    Ac3 Strange

    me a div 8, realising I might have to play against this in my first fut champs 😐

  • S P
    S P

    great vid

  • Ryan Skinner
    Ryan Skinner

    Too much cheng the night before for you lad

  • Cormac McCarthy
    Cormac McCarthy

    What happened

  • MHI Rhivu
    MHI Rhivu

    Loved the ending

  • Akshay

    You should do this like pack and play and use upgrades like if you get normal sarr you should upgrade that to tots sarr

  • Leb Deh
    Leb Deh

    How are people quitting after one goal.. Mfers I know wait till the 90th minute no matter how bad they’re losing.

  • Daniel 99
    Daniel 99

    As weird as this may sound watching Harry’s vids makes me want to play fifa

  • Swet Kazi
    Swet Kazi

    What’s this camera angle?

  • dez

    That kit tho 😍😍 #OHHHHCANADA

  • ChrisM

    You need to do a 100k team for fut champions on the ultimate tots and give yourself a ultimate tots pack and build the team around

  • laughingout loud
    laughingout loud

    For some weird reason has anyone found the future stars fofana better than the tots version. I only got rid of future stars cause I got 89 in red picks but for some reason don’t feel his presence like the future stars version

  • Putu Miarsanjaya
    Putu Miarsanjaya

    still cant believe ea give prem less sbcs than laliga:(

  • Berk Y
    Berk Y

    Turkish League P&P!!!

  • Unknown YT
    Unknown YT

    We call Harry the postman because he always delivers

  • Jay Mccallum
    Jay Mccallum

    No one- No one at all- Harry-french eddy

  • LorneMac1

    🤣🤣🤣 I don't believe... MOUNT MOUNT MOUNT

  • Faisal Ala
    Faisal Ala

    RIP to my ear

  • Lane Dixon
    Lane Dixon


  • Taran Jones
    Taran Jones

    “Still not gotta intro” IS the intro

  • Boxing Sensation
    Boxing Sensation

    why we will eventually forget fifa: scripting plus 13:00

  • Zakk Khaaan
    Zakk Khaaan

    Why do u shout so much when talking ur deffo a crackhead

  • Colin Hesketh
    Colin Hesketh

    Nice top son 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • Sam Squad 792
    Sam Squad 792

    I got dominated in that first match haha just gave up😅

    • Harry Hesketh
      Harry Hesketh

      Gg mate 🤣

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova

    We all been there and it hurts even more each time EA fix your servers

  • Connor R
    Connor R

    You should be able to upgrade the players you get in packs

  • Rio!

    harry mate, the vybes are immaculate. one reason why im always a jolly person is because i watch you and your chants i shout out loud on the yard in school , BUT WERE IN FOR THE STRAIGHT VYBES!

  • Eggfrost

    Why do you always scream M8? I can hear you over here in Germany

    • Kyran O
      Kyran O

      Yh annoying af, literally only watch for the gameplay

  • Stanley Smith
    Stanley Smith

    6:54 Maura that😂

  • Jake on Xbox
    Jake on Xbox

    "Am I going to die" 😂

  • Elixr

    There are my many things in life I have done but one of them is to get Harry to reply to me and tell me even tho I get abt 2 wins in WL im still good

  • Jakub Cieslikowski
    Jakub Cieslikowski

    Custom tactics?

  • mario bmw
    mario bmw

    the ending was not surprising at all

  • Vinay Mehta
    Vinay Mehta

    That ending gave me a heart ache

  • dechron 123p
    dechron 123p

    Can you use a full Saudi League tots for weekend League?

  • Stephen R
    Stephen R


  • Ally niven
    Ally niven

    Love his energy even though he hungover

  • Bavan Sandhu
    Bavan Sandhu

    What a bloody top Harry much love from Toronto

  • Neal Glassey
    Neal Glassey

    Can we all appreciate playing champs hungover is grim, content on top as per besides Wamannn's founding father

  • henry corbett
    henry corbett

    Is it more or is he way louder than usual

  • David Franklin
    David Franklin

    Harry's voice box rn; Why me???🤣🤣

  • smartintentionz

    I have come to the conclusion that spend 1-3 mill coins on a team you’ll be far more successful with winning then you would playing with a 15 mill squad. I had a 15 million squad, now I have a 3 mill team, and I am having such a better time. I can finally enjoy FIFA again.

  • Average Dan
    Average Dan

    The ball finish needs nerfing

    • Liverpool YNWA
      Liverpool YNWA

      shut up

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper

    6.52 that goal was just like the one irl for Chelsea when kante pressed

  • CLD Adam
    CLD Adam

    Ntcham is pronounced like knee-cham well that's what I call him..

  • Lee Byrne
    Lee Byrne

    Anyone else think it was ederson aswell

    • Harry Hesketh
      Harry Hesketh

      Note to self: do them on time this weekend

  • Brxtho1 1
    Brxtho1 1

    When is the Wigan and Bolton P&P

    • Harry Hesketh
      Harry Hesketh

      When thogden doesn’t delete his footage