I used an APPLE WATCH 6 24/7 for 2 Weeks straight | Apple Watch Series 6 Review
Yep - you're reading correctly: I am reviewing the latest APPLE WATCH SERIES 6 for you!
In this video I am explaining everything that is new with this Apple Watch series 6, what I ACTUALLY use it for on a day to day basis and what I like and dislike about it!

00:00 Why this is on my channel lol
01:34 What's new
06:09 What I actually use it for
08:51 What I like and dislike about it

I know this is something out of the ordinary for me on this channel but I really enjoyed reviewing a smart watch for a change :-) if me branching out is something you'd be interested in let me know in the comments down below (also let me know what you would like to see next!).

As always, thank you for watching this video :-) if you haven't already, make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates and behind the scenes stuff!

- Jenni ♥️

  • Caveman Syndrome
    Caveman Syndrome

    Two watch gang!

  • Jeff Estrada
    Jeff Estrada

    Useless content 👎

  • Bruno Brauer
    Bruno Brauer

    I'm sorry to be the one telling you, but you DO have big fingers. 😁

  • Darryl Learie
    Darryl Learie

    I thought I was the only one who had worn two watches at once - usually because they both have different functions.

  • Mars Mars
    Mars Mars

    Blood Oxygen 95% is too low... normally it should be 97/99%

  • Sam

    double wrist checccckk


    use a regular watch like a mechanical watch for example, you will fall in love with it. smart watch just another boring device with useless features like step count, sleep monitor and hr tracker

  • krazie

    "Iphone accessory" - Spot on.

  • Joel M
    Joel M

    24/7???? Are you sleeping with the cable charger connected? Haahahah

  • Roni Javmndouza
    Roni Javmndouza

    Well, because of your review, I'm gonna buy one and it's your fault .😅

    • Roni Javmndouza
      Roni Javmndouza

      I just bought one today. It's on promotion here in Doha for only 1499 QAR. Thanks for the review.

  • Kevin Shie
    Kevin Shie

    apple watch is not a watch, it's a iphone accessory. good point!

  • SHERVIN SHARES - Optimize your Health
    SHERVIN SHARES - Optimize your Health

    Live with ONLY an apple watch cellular for 2 weeks straight! I want to see that video :)

  • Fat-Sam FatSamEIE
    Fat-Sam FatSamEIE

    I know you need an iPhone to set it up but I was wondering if I then sold the iPhone would the watch still work? My aim is to get rid of a smart watch but I like the idea of the watch as an alternative. I don’t really want a newish iPhone pro sat at home gathering dust as that money could get me a Halios (if they ever become available)

  • Bob Frost
    Bob Frost

    You glossed right over the fact that this watch has extremely poor battery life and is not even rated for 24 hours. Apparently you’ve been bought off by Apple and therefore you have absolutely no credibility.

  • Shivraj Bhosale
    Shivraj Bhosale

    1st time on your Chanel and impress with your description and genuine review. Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Murphy 102
    Murphy 102

    I’m no doctor but that first EKG reading looked weird.

  • misterjimmybob

    Thanks Jenni for another great video. I could listen to you all day and I am not even that much of a watch lover.

  • Joe Pickering
    Joe Pickering

    I too view the Apple Watch as a fitness and health device, not a watch. I’m not sure I can pull off the double-waisted look but am VERY torn. I think the Apple Watch is a fun and useful device, but still love my mechanical watches.

  • stefano baretti
    stefano baretti

    Disposable watch......total waste. I own watch from 1930, 40,50........mechanical, automatic, quartz, meca-quartz and they are working well and still usable in 2021. What a guy can do with an "old" smart-watch in 2050?

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 19

    I have changed my mind on the Apple Watch. I used to love it but I was getting headaches. Upon research I have found it emits radiation much like our phones. Since switching back to a normal watch my headaches have gone. I can only link them to the Apple Watch

    • Mightbe Sherwood
      Mightbe Sherwood

      It could also be eye strain.


    I use my Apple Watch 6 for fitness and tracking anything health related. I also think it’s neat to have your watch tell you about your day and to leave your iPhone and just go out and jam with your AirPods if you have the cell version. It’s definitely not replacing my love for mechanical watches but it’s for sure fun to wear!

  • James Hartley
    James Hartley

    Oh god, putting that iPhone alarm sound in was not ok lol, I don’t want to hear that

  • Hugo187

    how can a german speak so good english?

  • Crasy Cookie
    Crasy Cookie

    If you had it 24/7, how did you charge it?

  • Haunah King
    Haunah King

    I have one but I still use my orient and gshock. Next is a grand seiko

  • Viren Sequeira
    Viren Sequeira

    are you a watch enthusiast

  • Jorge Biavath
    Jorge Biavath

    Fidel Castro used to wear two Rolex hahaha

  • Cristiano K.
    Cristiano K.

    I consider an Apple Watch something completely different than a mechanical watch and I wouldn't buy one considering the price and the functions. I only have one because the company that I work for gave me one. I only use my Apple Watch while training and sleeping (as an silent Alarm). I wouldn't use with a mechanical watch and I wouldn't use as a replacement of my mechanical watch.


    im watching this because shes CUTE

  • mannyfestoINS

    Can we get married?

    • mannyfestoINS

      8:25 I died a little inside

  • gloriousholy

    Just measured wrist for first time. OP is so beautiful. 😅

  • Bowen Smith
    Bowen Smith

    This device makes the user seem less intelligent.

    • kumbaga

      They can't even tell what time it is unless they flip their wrists vigorously to wake the screen up. If they have always on display it will use up the battery quickly

  • JJ S
    JJ S

    Beautiful accent as for German (?).

  • Tanay Dinc
    Tanay Dinc

    This women just said my 1000€ Apple Watch is not luxurious im sad

  • James May
    James May

    I have a Samsung smartwatch to track my sleep (Mostly just because it's interesting) and track my runs and workouts but other than that I'm wearing a traditional watch

    • langhamp8912

      I noticed most if not all people in my bicycle or running groups had some sort of Garmin-like device, telling me it was pretty useful. After a decade, I finally bought a Stratos. Gotta say having a fitness watch that tells you if you can go or tells you to slow down is probably the most useful exercise device you can buy.

  • mgi 12321
    mgi 12321

    10:18 You have great taste in music

  • Ski Strycharski
    Ski Strycharski

    Grant you it has a time feature. I think tho it’s a expanding the body sensors for your health. We still well wear old school watch’s. Style all !!

  • Vitus Yu
    Vitus Yu

    Seems like this series 6 is still not practical to use, rather another annoying gadget to look after...

  • RichieV

    What about in the shower or washing the car did you wear them and did you put it in swimming mode please thanks.

  • Alex Mamedy
    Alex Mamedy

    Why cant I use ECG?

  • Monika Wierzbicka
    Monika Wierzbicka

    @Jenni Elle I think that you haven’t mentioned why you prefer solo band to this sport one. I’m considering the purchase and this would help me a lot!

  • marvin marvin
    marvin marvin

    Come on people fess up, how many take an ECG while bumping uglies?

  • Irish Oday
    Irish Oday

    Me love this video!

  • Sche1l

    I went back to mechanical on my left wrist after wearing a succession of AWs for years because the AW has that annoying tiny delay before the time is displayed making it impossible to read at a glance. It feels a little dorky wearing both but since they’re almost always under a cuff the visual impact is minimized. Jeni could help herself a little with the awkward ergonomics of her AW by using the Watch App on her iPhone to flip the AW display (General>Watch Orientation) and bring the crown and button to the more accessible left side of the AW when it’s worn on the right wrist. It’s easy enough to do this that when I leave the mechanical off for swimming I can readily move the AW over to the left wrist. It’s difficult to overstate the AW utility and flexibility in tracking almost any type of exercise. It records my swimming workout including detecting and recording all 4 strokes without intervention when I change from one to another in the middle of a workout. It’s GPS records my route for an open water swim in the ocean for display on a satellite map of La Jolla Cove on my iPhone as well as it records my route through the Sandia Mountains for a trail run. Recording a hour or more of swimming or running cuts way into the battery budget and my AW will need the charger hours before the end of the day. Although it’s plenty waterproof for swimming the crown motion can get gritty in the sand after a tumble in the California surf. I’m waiting for a future AW that will pick up some charge with some seamlessly integrated solar cells in the display. The only real downsides I know of for the AW are that annoying tiny time display delay and not quite enough battery life to get through the day when it includes a big workout. On the other hand I could listen to Jeni’s charming English all day. It makes me wish I could hear what must be her exquisite Deutsch! I notice that she almost always mentions her husband in her delightful videos to keep us admirers under control.

  • Puddytatpurr

    I don't know anyone else with an apple watch so haven't been able to play with the WalkieTalkie app lol

  • KEPC KatherineC
    KEPC KatherineC

    I’ve had my series 6 Apple Watch for several months and I’m very happy with it. Along the way I’ve accumulated 6 different watch bands. My favorite by far is the solo braided loop. It is the most comfortable, very secure and the easiest to pull on and off over my hand. The braided solo loop doesn’t provoke that annoying sweaty feeling that I get from the silicon bands. I don’t necessarily agree with the price of the braided loop, but it’s so outstandingly comfortable that I don’t regret my purchase. Thanks for your review, and enjoy your watch! 🌸

  • Bryan Hull
    Bryan Hull

    I’ve also just bought a Apple Watch and I am now double wristing with a mechanical watch on my left wrist, Apple Watch on my right. For me I wanted a communication and fitness tracker and not a watch as my watches are very important to me and I want to continue to wear and enjoy them. I bought the BT 40mm so it would not dominate my wrist or attention.

  • Mikael Biilmann
    Mikael Biilmann

    I was trying to determine where you come from by your accent. Had a hard time determining it, but then there was the German texts on your watch. You speak English really well. I am currently looking to expanding my Apple eco system. Can't decide if I should get a watch or an iPad mini, or the M1 Air, or...

  • Haim Green
    Haim Green

    God you sweet..

  • Trevor Greenbank
    Trevor Greenbank

    I would take the seagull over the Apple Watch every time.

  • Louelle Caldino
    Louelle Caldino

    After 6 series I still see this watch as beta device.

  • Brinta

    I immediately subscribed while I have no idea what you usually review. You’re a thousand times better than many ‘famous’ tech reviewers.

    • Haim Green
      Haim Green

      Same here :)

  • Sai charan T
    Sai charan T

    ah maam apple watch is a luxury smart watch and they also tell hermes editions and stainless steel casing are more premium material for luxurious feel and alumunium is a also a premium one but not as much as stainless steel or hermes ones and they are also offering titanium cases so it is a luxurious smart watch indeed. no offense

  • John Law
    John Law

    i was thinking you looks like my dream type and then my name is also Kai lol.

  • atulsheffey

    Good vid. but what is your accent??? Sounds like a mix of UK/Australian and some other european language like german, or sweden, etc.

  • Mathieu LEGROS
    Mathieu LEGROS

    Well, bottom line it’s only a toy watch with apps that you will use once and that’s it. I won’t wear 2 watches and I won’t trade it to any of my mechanical watches. Pretty much useless to me. I’m already staying away from my phone. It will call me when needed. 😅 Thanks for the review so I don’t have to try it myself. 😉

  • Shreyas Reddy
    Shreyas Reddy

    Disgusting battery life

  • Benfica M
    Benfica M

    my biggest fear of getting one, is that it becomes so convenient, it makes me dependent on it. that'd lose interest in wearing haute horlogerie again.

    • Fat-Sam FatSamEIE
      Fat-Sam FatSamEIE

      If that was true people would be dependent on their phon… ah shit.

    • Benfica M
      Benfica M

      @Bryan Hull Definitely considering this!.

    • Bryan Hull
      Bryan Hull

      Double wrist. I’m only a few days in but my Apple Watch is not my “watch” it’s communication device on my right wrist, my watch is on my left as always

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris

    What size do you use?

  • Jay Bisky
    Jay Bisky

    Wheres her accent from

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki

    Most boring watch I’ve every own. A g shock has more character. And I can’t even wear it when I go rock climbing or running in the woods. Or camping, or kayaking, or riding motorcycle.

  • Brett G
    Brett G

    my wrist is exactly 170mm, im stuck between the 44 and 40, im dying lol what do i do?

  • Kritheek Beemadi
    Kritheek Beemadi

    Haven't seen the video yet, How can you use it 24/7 if you have to charge it?

  • Stephen Brown
    Stephen Brown

    I wear a watch (mechanical) on my left wrist and a computer on the right- apple watch series 6. Today I am wearing my new white dial Omega Seamaster 300 co-axial master chrononmeter. The computer has helped me stay motivated to exercise and I wear it in bed to monitor my sleep. Love your accent and your reviews.

  • Kevin

    Maybe I'm a odd one out, but I find all these "useful features" completely useless. I don't care about anything it offers. I know I keep a healthy lifestyle and go to my doctor regularly. I have a healthy sleep pattern and keep myself active on my own and don't need a smartwatch to help me with that. I also have a blood pressure tester as i have hypertension and I'm medicated and keep track of that. Great review, it made me understand smartwatches better and made me reaffirm that I will never want to own one, lol (especially as they are as expensive as some traditional watches like Tissot or some Seikos).

  • tentimetex

    The debate is always: Regular Watch Vs Smart watch. I do not think that they are competing with each other. Because a smart watch is not a watch. It is a smart phone, which has been shrunk down to the size of your wrist. You are literally buying another smart phone. This is why we are seeing more and more people wearing both at the same time: one on one arm and the other on the other arm. Makes sense, right? because they are not in the same category. Wearing a watch is no longer about telling the time. This is why the smart watch will never replace the Regular watch.

  • divinejudge1

    Hello fellow lefty!

  • Ana Laura
    Ana Laura

    Omg don’t make me want to buy one! Ughh

  • Eazy-E

    I have had an Watch (series 4) for 5 months and sold it .... I like to wear mechanical watches better....and they give so much more class on the wrist...

  • phil spencelayh
    phil spencelayh

    I tried a cheap smartwatch to track heart rate etc during exercise and was really dissapointed that the battery only lasted about 5 days. I suppose I should have been pleased.

  • Mother Algorithm
    Mother Algorithm

    No thanks, 400 will get me a watch that will last a lifetime

  • GAGA

    Watch or no watch- it still compete for the same wrist!

  • Ponma Mo
    Ponma Mo

    That alarm tone is my ringtone 😎

  • TheChazz

    Wanted one yesterday, But chose to wait cause maybe the newest apple event might have the series 7

  • Aki

    I will wear one if they come out with a tiny slender one. Fitbit has one that just looks like bracelet. That’s what I used. But then stopped using after a few months.

  • JGoode

    This seems like more of an ad than a review honestly. As an Apple Watch owner of 4 years who deals with skeptics, I can say that this “review” is not very helpful if you don’t already own an Apple Watch. Talking about all the features isn’t helpful. Instead, speak on your personal experience with the device. There are features I never use and yet I still am happy with it. Should’ve just focused on the specific features that enhanced your day to day & what usage surprised you coming from a mechanical watch owner.

  • Ricardo Maldonado
    Ricardo Maldonado

    I wore mechanical watches for most of my adult life, on the flip side, I was someone that did not do any type of exercises. In 2016 I decided to make a lifestyle change (due to some health concerns at the time), lost some weight (about 45 pounds) and started the process of walking, then running and fell in love with it. At the time I started wearing a Fitbit that looked like a bracelet and still wore my mechanical watches on the other wrist, but as time went by I wanted to know more about the fitness aspects of my day to day activities and upgraded to Garmin vivosmart, then to Garmin Vivoactive and eventually, to the Apple Watch which became my daily watch. What happened to my mechanicals, they were kept in the watch box for extended periods of time and eventually, sold off.. I don't miss them, I just transitioned into a different lifestyle that came with different interests.

    • Joshua Rosen
      Joshua Rosen

      It was interesting to read that. The information you had obviously did motivate you to keep active.

  • Navil Talukdar
    Navil Talukdar

    Me who has an exactly 170mm wrist size:

  • SamBamBiker

    I been putting off smart watches for a long time as I prefer mech watches but also tried one this year. Didn’t think of wearing both mech and smart watch at the same time but it’s a good idea, especially if you turn off always on display and leave you mech watch to check the time

  • DimmyDS

    watch collecting facebook loves to hate smartwatches for no reason other than the yearly forbes article about the Apple Watch and Swiss watches. You'd think more people would be up for having a phone on their wrist, but apparently the art of mechanical timekeeping is so fragile that they have to defend it at all costs.

  • Robert Naus
    Robert Naus

    its not a watch, its mini phone basically, consumer product, in couple of years it will be dead

  • Kurt N
    Kurt N

    I love you! ❤️

  • Ines Maria ramona Pidal
    Ines Maria ramona Pidal

    The battery of my Apple w. (S.6 44mm) lasts 48 Hours. You have to give It time, so That the battery reaches its balance. One week is not long enough to judge its actual lenght.

  • Ines Maria ramona Pidal
    Ines Maria ramona Pidal

    The battery of my Apple w. (S.6 44mm) lasts 48 Hours. You have to give It time, so That the battery reaches its balance. One week is not long enough to judge its actual lenght.

  • thenormalone

    I was always a watch guy but I never understood why you would need a smartwatch in general. Then I used one and today its one of my favourite tools I use


    Jenni is such a cutie pie

  • Raul Pathak
    Raul Pathak

    I’m in love with her

  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton

    Interesting accent. Where are you from ?

  • 44VeniceStreet

    Both wrists, for some years now. Apple is for comms, watch for time.

  • Adam Sbel
    Adam Sbel

    Apple watch is not just a fitness tracker , it’s a full size computer on your wrist !

  • S1kR

    Ich sehe die Apple Watch als eine Ergänzung an :) Ich liebe mechanische Uhren. Allerdings trage ich nicht Beides gleichzeitig. Die Apple Watch vor allem beim Sport und Mechanische so wenn ich unterwegs bin. Trage die Watch um meine Gesundheitswerte zu checken, nicht die Uhrzeit. Zum Musikhören über Airpods ist sie auch top. Ergänzen kann sie. Aber nie den Platz einer richtigen Uhr einnehmen!

  • Story Time With Cabrera
    Story Time With Cabrera

    Who else jumped when that alarm went off

  • F F
    F F

    Unfortunately I can’t use the ECG in indonesia :(

  • Mark Panado
    Mark Panado

    What lens focal length are you using to film? The scene when you are talking from the table :)

  • Vegan for Life
    Vegan for Life

    Yes I have An iPhone 11 and a apple wach se 44 Nike in silver

  • Lori A
    Lori A

    That's what's been holding me back from the watch, I wish they could get that battery life a bit more improved. Nice comprehensive review. I'll eventually buy one:)

    • GreenlifeFin

      Yeah, for that priceit really should have better battery!

  • Yos Hideky
    Yos Hideky

    The only reason i dont use smartwatch is the battery life ... If they can make it a year or at least a month without charging, then im sold ...

  • Tom

    That watch looks very large on you.....

  • KabayanTayo


  • TLB099

    does this android wash work on iphones ? plz explain fst i need buy asap for health cure covid