iPhone 12 Anti Repair Design - Teardown and Repair Assessment
Apple says they are aiming for zero climate impact by 2030.
So to me that says a device should be able to be repaired when the time comes to, preventing it from becoming e-waste. But is that true?
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  • Localxikea_edits

    Tip for me : never buy the iphone 12

  • Gandalfwiz2007

    JerryRigEverything did this swap recently between a Note 10 international version and a Note 10 NA version and it worked!! Apple just like to mess with you

  • Uzumaki Diak
    Uzumaki Diak

    I have always hated this brand because they have an outright selfish policy ! They only think about them, and I really don't understand people who swear by their products !

  • MontrealMan1970

    I thought the EU had a law that appliances needed to be rebuildable? As a apple iphone user i dont like crapple.

  • Svinja

    Apple website: “whatever you do, don’t try to fix the battery yourself” Hugh: *we’re going to ignore the law*

  • plunder1956

    Typical Apple attitude to repairs. It's the reason I don't buy anything from them.

  • Vloogle

    Looks like Apple has created a perfect market for repairable competitor phone manufacturers.

  • Bastian_5

    it's not a software bug, it's a software middle finger

  • leafo fufo
    leafo fufo

    wow apple is being stupid

  • Gerry Tweedie
    Gerry Tweedie

    Very interesting.Just convinced me to continue to NEVER buy Apple products.Samsung all the way!

  • Jero Akio Buala
    Jero Akio Buala

    That why I have a nokia

  • DragonBall Legends
    DragonBall Legends

    I feel like apple programs their parts to tell you it can't be fixed went they break like might just go to Samsung

  • Brass Bucket
    Brass Bucket

    Apple is literally nestle except it makes phones

  • Benjamin The TabbyFox_83
    Benjamin The TabbyFox_83

    Me owning an Amazon tablet but also an iPhone 11: I'm playing both sides so either way I win

  • Beezlebub Boi
    Beezlebub Boi

    Wow thanks apple that sure is is scummy Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave he made apple to be affordable not a money driven powerhouse of scum

  • Elusive Gaming
    Elusive Gaming

    when are idiots just going to stop getting apple phones and just get the much better android

  • Pootis Bird
    Pootis Bird

    apple fans after buying the iphone 15 for 5950$ wow this has 348 cameras! wow it has no earphone jack or charger! wow the charger is sold separately for 2000$! wow the instructions are useless! wow it cracked after i put it aside carefully! wow i don't notice any change in the phone's speed, just some useless apps! wow i can't bring it to a phone repairer since the closest apple shop is 81km distant! Trust me, apple. i sure don't like

  • Im Phanta
    Im Phanta

    Gotta love Apple.

  • Eskir

    Can we all just agree that Apple sucks and Steve Jobs would fucking spin in his grave if he knew what his dream has become?

  • Chloropill

    Apple is disgusting

  • Tyler Sephiran
    Tyler Sephiran

    Apple: "Yo Dawg, I heard you like broken phones. So we gave you a broken phone that breaks when you try to fix your broken phone."

  • MrPiztol

    Apple: Forced strategically to waste money. Android: Simplicity...

  • JuniGear X
    JuniGear X

    I'm still android/linux user.

  • Lonna J.
    Lonna J.

    And all this nonsense is why I went back to using other brands. Apple is just another phone, but thei operating proceedures are immoral and unethical. Too many other viable options exist, especially for people that have a life not glued to a mobile phone.

  • MoJesEli

    Reduce emissions and help environment🤣 produce the mission the help their wallets. Eh but too many are blind to see🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Purple Phoenix
    Purple Phoenix

    Damn it's pretty sad people actually buy their phones

  • Anna Johnston
    Anna Johnston

    How are there 7,100 dislikes???? :O

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man

    Imagine changing the charging cable to a USB type c but making the output the still shitty lightning plug 🤡 iphone users are braindead

  • Dominic Lucero
    Dominic Lucero

    F*ck you Apple, just f*ck you

  • smokeN budz
    smokeN budz

    Apple should have a lifetime warranty for that 1000 dollars

  • smokeN budz
    smokeN budz

    Another mistake

  • Rondee Laural Naman
    Rondee Laural Naman

    Hmm thats why my family rather have good android than apple lol

  • Rick I Sanchez
    Rick I Sanchez

    They do it so you need to pay More apple is a ripoff. And not to be Eco Friendly

  • Rick I Sanchez
    Rick I Sanchez

    The say the do everything to be Eco Friendly but if you go to the Company to repair your phone They Need everything new because other Old Electronics will not help

  • Rick I Sanchez
    Rick I Sanchez

    I don't understand why people still buy a product like apple that is so expensive for no Reason. Everyone stop buy Apple And Wait Till The Marketing is dropping with the message that Apple makes the project too expensive the will rethink about you need to come to the Company for repairs Or Die expensive accessories you need to have to listen to music or something

  • paul davis
    paul davis

    I bought iphone 12 pro from US and wifi not working and iam staying in UAE so give to one of apple authorized repair shop then they refused to repair this phone besause of phone from US. Nice service of apple brand😏

  • Moriar Teaa
    Moriar Teaa

    This should be illegal

    • adrian


  • 21st Century MadLad
    21st Century MadLad

    Someone’s about to get in an accident

  • Unar

    its like being sold a new car with the keys inside and they offer you a brick to break the windows to get the keys, and then being needed to repair the window for you to drive the car

  • amNein

    Wait they don't even give you a charger head (brick) now? What kind of joke is this?

    • Rosaria

      Apparently they believed that producing more chargers create waste. Also it adds insult to injury when you used an iPhone 11 Lightning to USB-C cable, which ONLY exists on 11 and 12. It's basically creating the problem and selling the solution, which adds a lot more waste (packaging). Since Apple did it first, Samsung and even Xiaomi followed suit.

  • Karito

    y do i feel like apple r just makeing thing more expensive 😑

  • Sin of Envy
    Sin of Envy

    nothing screams "we are a multi-billion dollar corporation, but we still want more money" like giving a huge middle finger to third-party repair shops

  • Less Talk
    Less Talk

    Is xs max swappable?

  • Mr_OutSide

    We're all slaves for cotton paper

  • Logan Kraft
    Logan Kraft

    I have had the lg fortune for 5 years now it's fallen been stepped on smacked ect and still going strong not a crack a replaced battery is all i have needed so far now thats a green phone

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    Tell me Apple is a trashcan of a company without telling me Apple is a trashcan of a company.

  • Laszer271

    I have always wondered why people bother buying from this company.

  • Ghost Bombl
    Ghost Bombl

    I am guessing it has unique ids prepare on rom chips before it boots.so it can check id and hang a steak few feet in front of a hungry poor man with his arms legs bound.

  • Ghost Bombl
    Ghost Bombl

    What about people who can not Ford a new phone used get fix cheap?I guess there screwed and the rich wins again.what junk.

  • Ghost Bombl
    Ghost Bombl

    IPhone is becoming a disease that is spreading to other phone companies with there money scam fitlth,Just like plastic 4,Xbox scam,all the new way to nuclear scam there consumers.I still have android 6 and love it.

  • Ghost Bombl
    Ghost Bombl

    This why I never by IPhone,The king of scams.They just keep on ruining it and scamming people out there money any just actors for rich.I still use my android 6

  • Johnny Synaptic
    Johnny Synaptic

    > "It just [[ doesn't, as intended, ]] works."

  • Mike L
    Mike L

    Apple sucks, period. They are the worst company on earth! Yes "Android" has some issues, looking at you Samsung! Hopefully Motorola and some other brands will do better than those two shits, Samsung and Apple. RIP LG phones. Had the LG G4 for 6 years, I've replaced the screen, camera, earpiece, headphone jack, volume and power buttons and motherboard and it kept going strong.

  • Gamma Bursta
    Gamma Bursta

    What a scam

  • paulo carvalho
    paulo carvalho

    with right to repair laws being made now, their gona have to change or they are gona get fined hard.

  • Cristina Garrido
    Cristina Garrido

    If they're going to give you the usb thing then why tf not give the other things? (I know cause money but they are just giving themselves a bad name) this is why i always say *don't* buy iphones

  • Kmambu

    Thanks for this video, man, that was very interesting ! Jesus, the lengths Apple goes to these days. This reminds me of anti-piracy features you could find on Nintendo's NES and Sony's Playstation back in the day. The fact that this company considers the right for customers to repair as hardware piracy is nuts....

  • Jeroen Herlaar
    Jeroen Herlaar

    Apple = Evil

  • Loki Lockness
    Loki Lockness

    Got a new IPhone SE didn’t have the right charger port didn’t even know what a USBc cable was lol

  • Smasheded

    I don't get why ppl still buy apple products

  • thtspreegud

    It hurts that I love their products but they’re so anti competitive and repair + reuse is the first two cornerstones of the recycle trio because they’re the most effective. It’s disgusting.

  • Spaggetti Noodles
    Spaggetti Noodles

    Sheeeeshh I have an i phone xr My whole family has samsung, tho when i got my phone my dad got my mom on too My sister keeps telling me samsung is better and i phone sucks for phones but she wants a ipad cuz procreate :D I believed her a bit because there was an app she had that wasn’t on apple where you could get gift cards just by playing the games on the app qwq she got FlipaClip premium with that app There are some games not available on one or the other which is upsetting But if apple keep being like this if i ever get a new phone im getting samsung unu

    • MrNorthz

      nıce choıce

  • Camille Pepin
    Camille Pepin

    Not to mention Apple is the first company to tell you "sorry, nothing we can do, buy another one"

  • courier 6535
    courier 6535

    This is the reason I don't get anything from apple

  • Min Yun Hui
    Min Yun Hui

    this is why i always say apple hates their customers and only cares about money. switch to any other android u can literally fix it yourself for hundreds of dollars cheaper

  • Killer Kotomibro
    Killer Kotomibro

    Absolutely unconscionable. So glad that the last Apple product I bought was a refurbished iPod video in like 2007.

    • the house
      the house

      I took my iPhone 11 from Best Buy. Has a mark from when I ripped it off the stand

  • Vitessa Lyfe
    Vitessa Lyfe

    This is why I prefer Android mobile devices. Apple is the new EA

  • AbstracTAssassin

    Apple is literally just brain dead at this point

  • Annxiety

    They've gotta get sued for this it pisses me off so much

  • kutkuknight

    So ancap bullshit? Yeah seems about right...

  • Luke Dykes
    Luke Dykes

    Motorola and Samsung supremacy

  • enbysquid

    ✨this is one of many reasons why i'm an android user✨

  • Uddelhexe

    they literally make an effort to prevent people from repairing their devices so that most will buy a new one, because their repairs cost way too much. I what universe is that less waste. This makes me so angry. Good thing i never owned an apple product in my life.

  • iR80

    If only you could enchant the phone with Unbreaking III and Mending

    • Benjamin The TabbyFox_83
      Benjamin The TabbyFox_83

      I like your thinking

  • The Spicy Fox
    The Spicy Fox

    In my opinion apple turned into the embodiment of greed

  • WhaleShark

    So what I learn from this video: Do not buy Apple. Thank you!

  • Tommaso D'Avola
    Tommaso D'Avola

    Why don't you exchange every part of the blue phone with the red phone ones ?

  • Just your average person
    Just your average person

    This is why I only consider buying from Microsoft or Android.

  • Alex Szubka
    Alex Szubka

    Apple is insane. I mean genuinely mentally fucking insane.

  • Muhammad Hussain
    Muhammad Hussain

    What ever! Iphone is Iphone . . . . . . . Thanks for reading till now It was just a joke

  • mετα12

    Buy a car instead,lol

  • Bear up
    Bear up

    good reason not to buy an i phone

  • Mamodokod

    Apple seems pretty scummy why do people buy apple?

    • MrNorthz

      well they are good wıth marketing i mean really fucking good

  • jefthereaper

    TL;DR Just buy an Android/Samsung. Cheaper, more user friendly, more customization, more apps, just one cable required, faster and cheaper repairs then Apple, and they don't care about third party repairs, not that you need any as it won't break down as fast as an Apple anyways.

  • Mobile GAMER
    Mobile GAMER

    And people say that Apple is superior to android. Well android gives you a charger that you dont have to buy a separate box to actually charge your brand new $1000 phone. Not to mention we get headphones with our new phone

  • Luna

    aaah, apple. capitalism on drugs.

  • Hollander113

    It seems like Appel's R&D no longer works on innovation, rather on how to make the phone as unrepairable as possible.

  • Z.E.R.O

    Just HOW greedy can a company get? I’ve always been an apple user, but i think i’ll switch to Android for my next phone. this is just too absurd. truly disgusting.

  • L N
    L N

    idgi. if you’re unable to repair the iphone using OFFICIAL apple parts, what does the apple genius techs do that overrides that issue? i’m still using my 6s and am worried when they will eventually stop supporting it and make me buy a new phone. will i be able to fix it outside of apple?

    • adrian

      In 2017 the company confirmed it did slow down models as they aged

  • Cheyenne Snyder
    Cheyenne Snyder

    This is really stupid what they are doing is super stupid

  • I'm_a_dumbass

    I know realize halfway through that these are personalized logic boards, so they can only be replaced by apple. They put pins into the logic board to make it so they can only be replaced by an exact match, possibly the pins could be changed but if not, welp.

  • Justin Graves
    Justin Graves

    Right to Repair passed, and apple still blows more than a hurricane

  • gameinater

    Funny that the new phones both suck

  • Moonbagger1

    It doesn’t come with a wall charger? That doesn’t make any sense. How are you supposed to charge your phone?

  • Meem Mahn
    Meem Mahn

    damn apple is greedy

  • Owen Clark
    Owen Clark

    And this is just one of the reasons why I will never own an Apple product of any kind. They have a very long history of making their products to be serviceable only by Apple Technicians.

  • MaskedRecruit

    At this point, I feel like Apple is just a big, elaborate prank on the world. They're just seeing how far they can go with their bs until everyone gives up

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow

    Eventually they'll make the phone explode if opened

  • JDub

    My iPhone 5 and 6 were piles of garbage after a few years, but my iPhone 8 is almost pristine functionally after years. I’m genuinely questioning why Apple made such a quality (non-degradable) product, because there is no way I’m buying another iPhone after this one.

    • JDub

      @adrian Funny because the iphone 5 randomly shut down a ton years ago. You’d think we could just replace the battery.

    • adrian

      @JDub the updates they says they make the iphones slower to prevent their aging batteries from causing the devices to randomly shut down

    • JDub

      @adrian that’s obvious, but, like, how? Through updates, or just hardware?

    • adrian

      In 2017 apple confirmed it did slow down models as they aged

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker

    apple has been trying to discourage hardware repair for years now wtf do you mean "just killed" lmaooo