Lee "Hercules" Haney: 8x Mr. Olympia and One of the Greatest Bodybuilders of All Time
Lee "Hercules" Haney is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.
He has been bodybuilding for 25 years and won 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, beating Arnold Schwarzenneger's seven-title record!
Lee retired from bodybuilding competitions at the age of 31. Today, he dedicates his time as a
youth mentor, consultant, and trainer focusing on nutrition and fitness.
Tune in to this awesome episode to learn all about this incredible icon.
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  • hoodnibor

    Algorithm common

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Lee Haney should do voice over .

  • Richard Krupa
    Richard Krupa

    I can only imagine a world where 10% of people were like Lee. I turn 60 tomorrow and wish I had 10% of his goodness DNA.

  • vincent desiano
    vincent desiano

    Very compelling program. This man is on the money!

  • Ky Plummer
    Ky Plummer

    Really cool that you give it all to God I love that you put the in the interview, hopefully by the name of Jesus. Edit: he said in the name of Jesus Christ as soon as I sent the comment lol I love this Guy!

  • E Pang
    E Pang

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  • Mary Phillips
    Mary Phillips

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  • Chris Muzz
    Chris Muzz

    I almost had a heart attack when he sneezed at 31:20 😂

  • Kenny Halperin
    Kenny Halperin

    This man is the greatest body builder of all time.Because he has the greatest God of all time. Best shoulders too😇👑👍

  • Saif Moussa
    Saif Moussa

    This is some of the WISEest advice I've ever heard. Lee Haney is a WISE man !!

  • thehomefront

    This guy is hypnotic, he oozes knowledge and wisdom.

  • Richard Stern
    Richard Stern

    A True Man

  • Richard Stern
    Richard Stern

    He is the actual Greatest 0f All Time. He beat Ronnie because Ronnie did not win eight in a row. Lee Haney never faltered once he became Mr Olympia. He also had a better, more aesthetic physique and never looked bloated like Ronnie usually did.

  • Carlo B
    Carlo B

    have a signed photograph from Lee Haney , i'll never forget seeing his bicep resting on his forearm while signing the photo ! what an absolutely amazing body this man has

  • Terrence Mustipher
    Terrence Mustipher

    One of the greatest human being on this earth and possibly the universe. He has inspired me for many years ❤️

  • Scott

    “Put God first in your life”. “Boy, act like a man”. When do you ever here that kind of wisdom anymore?

  • Damon Reynolds
    Damon Reynolds

    Godly genetically gifted V tapered aesthetics for EIGHT YEARS STRAIGHT, plus great mass before the monster/gut craze took over. His methods were conservative, yet intense enough when necessary. He remains healthy and is living the rewards for it to this day. Plus of course, the grace, charm, generosity and character completes the total Mr O package. Other greats may be far more famous, but for me Lee Haney remains the BB GOAT🐐

  • Tim Proffit
    Tim Proffit

    Lee is so smart. I got my picture with him when I was 15. He signed my I trained with Lee shirt. I like what he says about the stubborn calf and how it needs to be trained 5 days a week. Great wisdom in that Mr. Haney Vince Gironda suggested every other day training the calf and so Iv been doing that for about one year and am seeing results. Perhaps I need to up it to 5 days per week. Thanks for the interview.

  • Bill Buyers
    Bill Buyers

    Spartanburg SC cool I know a few people from there.

  • stuart

    Lee Haney is incredible

  • Jose Tafoya
    Jose Tafoya

    Uses the word natural a little too much. But he definitely worked hard.

  • Tim McCallum
    Tim McCallum

    He had a grest family support upbringing.

  • david rynberk
    david rynberk

    Man of God.... something I hope all body builders will follow.Great ambassador for the sport.


    How can you workout 4 or 5 days a week when if your really building muscle which is based on "skeletal muscle regeneration" it takes a full week to repair and remodel muscle fiber!! So, this guys training isn't building muscle he's building water volume his training is "sarcoplasmic hypertrophy" that ain't muscle!!! 😐

  • Isaiah Bucur
    Isaiah Bucur

    He just became my favorite bodybuilder

  • Bit2Brain

    Lee is all class.

  • Jeff Sievert
    Jeff Sievert

    What a cool man !

  • Quantum of Conscience
    Quantum of Conscience

    I met Lee when he guest posed at Penn State in 1989. He was the same nice guy then as you see here.

  • G GOD
    G GOD

    So negatives are no good on reps 🤔🤔🤔

  • Hittdogg 17
    Hittdogg 17

    36:50... oh no!! Did he really say that? We lived on bro science in the 80s lol

  • Sunny

    Bro how can Lee be inspiring u when u were young, you looking fucking much older than Lee now

  • Tim Mathewson
    Tim Mathewson

    Great to see Lee Haney again. Mass with class. Many of great bodybuilders followed since Haney retired. Once he strikes that crucifix pose, you're like wow. He had it all. I miss the days when symmetry meant something. Along with impeccable character... Lee Haney is the best ever !!!

  • p g
    p g

    In the start of our journey no one doubts. The sad part is the progress as the years go on and the inevitable realisation that you wont get big no matter how hard you train

    • p g
      p g

      And by that i mean truly big and lean

  • John Youngblood
    John Youngblood

    If you don’t like this KING there is something seriously wrong with you!!!!!😌🤔😇🙏🏿👍🏿

  • Pete Cornelius
    Pete Cornelius

    This guy is very, very special...........

  • Sreenivas Rajasekar
    Sreenivas Rajasekar

    I love the way how he approached and guided his kids. I expect my father to be the same but unfortunately, he isn't the way I expected. When I become a father I would use the same approach as Sir Lee Haney to my kids.

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones


  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones


  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy

    The Pre-exhaustion excercises are good.

  • Lewis Collins
    Lewis Collins

    What a guy!! A proper gentleman... same birthday as me, one thing in common then..

  • Antonio Lira
    Antonio Lira

    This guy !! I’ve always said that to myself “if I take care of my body, my body will take care of me” found some one that thinks the same ! Very inspiring words !

  • ??

    An interview with someone from the 80's and 90's they don't mention his age?

  • outdoor guinea71
    outdoor guinea71

    Lee is awesome

  • TheRealAPOLLOS

    Excellent interview. Thanks for doing this. So much to learn from this legend. Lee was one of my heroes growing up. I intend to pursue the Minister Of Fitness certification.

  • Jessica Anabella
    Jessica Anabella


  • Pulse Nutrition Concepts
    Pulse Nutrition Concepts

    It amazes me that these icons of the sport from that era say things like " machines are good for shape and definition." Just goes to show you that you can be a champion and be completely wrong with some of the paradigms you hold as fact and just aren't.

  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker

    Maybe Lee was on to something .. maybe

  • Viking Power
    Viking Power

    "As you get older, you have to go lighter" = false. " You can't grow from the negative motion" = false

    • 214

      Hey, he’s old school. And he wasn’t natural. A lot of things enhanced lifters did doesn’t apply to us natties. Like not lifting heavy. We have to lift heavy to grow. There’s just no way around it for us. I myself just inclined benched a weight 9 times I wasn’t able to do 5 times about a month and a half ago. So, I know my upper chest is goin to swell over the next few months.

  • PaulBodyBuilder

    How about Anabolic Steroids. Wyndmoor Pa

  • Pandah Sykes
    Pandah Sykes

    @46:04 definitely my kind of guy , I will never get rid of carbs unless I accidentally become far too overweight... I like Lees way of thinking in terms of diet.

  • Pandah Sykes
    Pandah Sykes

    I’m trying to get obliques and lats like this dude , they literally grow into each other so well and it connects to his ab inserts in such a “bulky” yet aesthetic way ...

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone


  • CamoBoy 06
    CamoBoy 06

    Lee Haney is very genuine. Not a big cusser like most are. Good man right there, not just in bodybuilding but a great life teacher

  • Thaddeus Wagaba
    Thaddeus Wagaba

    Lee was really very educational when telling a little knowledge of how to work out without hurting yourself. I need to get his books

  • Zachary Devan
    Zachary Devan

    Sounds like he had great parents.




    So glad when asked 'whom was one of his inspiration? he name no one other than( one of the greatest physiques of all time ) the GREAT Robbie ROBINSON.!!! Whom was still crushing the game way after BIG Arnold retired.! MR. (GENUINE) CHARMER HIMSELF 'LEE HANEY' for a long time now is one of the GREATS OF INSPIRATION ALONGSIDE THE OTHER GREATS THAT HAD COME BEFORE HIM.!!

  • Indonesia Indah
    Indonesia Indah

    The LEGEND 🤩🤩🤩

  • Born2late 88
    Born2late 88

    Lee's a really great guy.

  • Eric Kokin
    Eric Kokin

    Lee has a PhD! NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT!

  • mark warne
    mark warne

    Lance Armstrong interviewing him is the biggest cheat and liar.

  • Andys709

    What a class act this man is .

  • Justin Whitmore
    Justin Whitmore

    Somehow Lee Haney is actually a better person than bodybuilder...impressive.

  • Kevin Brennan
    Kevin Brennan

    And with all that talk on morals, religion etc.. What's your attitude about steroids Lee?

  • Bishop Fitness
    Bishop Fitness

    And he won his 8 Mr. Olympia titles without having a distended stomach!!!

  • nady jose villar tavarez
    nady jose villar tavarez

    Never tease your audience with the we talked backstage, instead from previous anecdotes, make it feel like is the first time you and I are enjoying the answers

  • PaulBodyBuilder

    What about Steroids? The worst interview

  • Nicholas L
    Nicholas L

    Guys like Lee Haney are rare these days. Accomplished, successful but also humble and grounded. A man of God who’s confident without being conceited. A true Alpha and role model. I hope some young men that need direction see this interview and learn what a respectable man is supposed to be

  • samihhadid

    0:44 Illuminati handshake so fucken obvious satanist sell dogs both of them

  • Gilbert Bello
    Gilbert Bello

    Wow Lee Haney is awesome! Great interview 👍

  • Michael De La Rosa
    Michael De La Rosa

    With that voice , if he called you “boy” you would listen asap

  • Richard

    I've been working out for 27 years and I haven't injured myself a single time. Have stayed away from behind neck military press, deadlift, and heavy squats & bent over barbell rows, and I don't even know what my one-rep max is. If I can't lift something for 8 reps or more then I lower the weight.

  • St Ben
    St Ben

    bald lance armstrong, uncanny

  • Ashley Soudah
    Ashley Soudah

    Lee is a very impressive man - his great character even outshines his accomplishments as a body builder. Inspiring.

  • George Brennen
    George Brennen

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  • Tom Lyons
    Tom Lyons

    Very wise man. Rarely will you find a bodybuilder with this kind of insight. Great interview!!

  • Time Code
    Time Code

    This was the interview I need to see. Such an inspiring man

  • Andy Essex
    Andy Essex

    I was lucky enough to sit right behind the judges at the 1991 Mr Olympia pre judging. Lee Haney looked phenomenal - better than I ever could imagine. He would have beaten Dorian in 92 with that physique. I admit to previously being sometimes underwhelmed with his physique at certain Olympias but I'm glad I got to see him close up. Absolutely unbelievable.

  • Flowhannesburg

    British Michael Rosenbaum

  • Grant Thomas
    Grant Thomas

    Hate to say it but look at Ronnie today and look at Lee here.......Amazing the difference in condition of the mind, body and spirit and they both won 8 O's.

  • BattleBrothersTrading

    Looks like a British lance Armstrong

  • NaCl Creep
    NaCl Creep

    Wow, I didn’t know anything about Lee the man. He seems like a great role model. It’s men and women like him and his wife that make me want to fine religion. I just haven’t found it yet

  • Lana H
    Lana H

    Just wow! Superb interview and a wonderful man🙏🏼

  • Michael Ose
    Michael Ose

    What a champion 🌟🌟🌟

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTip

    I grew up living near weider company in Park-X I went with my Go-Kart to buy my first plate weights at 9 years old.. hahahaa These men were the bodybuilders i grew up with and bought weider magazines . I loved the women back then so sexy ...beautiful Rachel MClish oh man talk about sexy ...

  • EVIL QTip
    EVIL QTip

    I always liked LEE Haney Really Impressive Bodybuilder.. Great symmetry and awesome bodybuilder.. Very respectful... great to the fans Met him on 3 occasions spends days where he was around in the hotels contest and gyms incredibly classy and family man !! I was very Impressed by him.. Very rare to see such a great man like this.. Trust me I met a lot of people.. Most were FUGAZY'S This man is the REAL DEAL !!!! LEE HANEY I SALUTE U ..

  • Charles Nemec
    Charles Nemec

    This dude is an idiot about different genetics and diets.. Blow hard

  • Marlon Chambers
    Marlon Chambers

    Thank you for such a great interview with one of the premier athletes of our time!!! 💯

  • FlowerPower

    You cant get growth from negative movement? Well, you can get growth and increased strength. Lee you messed it up there...

  • Dan Rustle
    Dan Rustle

    Wow. What an amazing interview. Lee is a world class man.

  • Billy Mehaffey’s Tips and Tricks
    Billy Mehaffey’s Tips and Tricks

    I had one of those cysts on top of my wrist and my friend had me lay my hand on my knee and he smacked it with a hard back book and it was gone and the pain was gone as well.

  • E Pang
    E Pang

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  • Jules Vallez
    Jules Vallez

    Team JC baby!!! Dude, this guy is awesome. Forget the bodybuilding.... he’s a fountain of real wisdom

  • howard condoman
    howard condoman

    What a class act!!

  • Timmy Cruz
    Timmy Cruz

    This has to be the most beautiful interview.... ever! So insightful. Thank you for bringing this to light.

  • Mikel Gomez
    Mikel Gomez

    It’s really incredible that he is so well known for B-building rather than the dozens of amazing accomplishments. What a blessing to this world!

  • Panther Black
    Panther Black

    The greatest of all time no disrespect to Arnold. Look at him healthy as a horse that's the way to do it.

  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown

    “Can’t train like a horse and eat like a bird” love this quote

  • S Essien
    S Essien

    No doubt 10:45

  • Im Yu
    Im Yu

    8xMrO. Undefeated as MrO. Unique. GOAT.

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