Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet 'shouldn't be there'
Biologists say the inadvertent discovery of sea life on a boulder underneath an Antarctic ice shelf and hundreds of kilometres challenges our understanding of how far organisms can live from sunlight.
A British Antarctic Survey team drilled through the 900-metre-thick Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf and dropped a camera down the hole in search of mud on the seabed. To their surprise, the camera revealed a boulder ringed by animals. Video footage appear to show 16 sponges, accompanied by 22 unidentified animals which could include barnacles. It is the first time such immobile life has been found beneath an Antarctic ice sheet. “There’s all sorts of reasons they shouldn’t be there,” says Huw Griffiths at the British Antarctic Survey, who analysed the footage.
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  • Pedro Aliu
    Pedro Aliu

    Ancient organisms and virus trapped for millions of years. Such a good time to set them free.

  • Exauce Mayunga
    Exauce Mayunga

    How do they know its alive?

  • Elpidio Espinoza
    Elpidio Espinoza

    That rock looks out of place.🤔Comet.🤔

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    Speedy Goblin Shark

    in my opinion life started in the deep sea and worked it's way up

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    너프먹고 퇴물된 송하나

    남극의 신비..... 신종 생물이 인간세계를 위협할지도 모르고 무섭다

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    Sponge bob i mean...

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    Thanks for the subtitles, as I couldn't hear much of the commentatoress due to the bleeding loud soundtrack!

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    Couldn't see anything but ok cool

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    michelle mead

    Why say it shouldnt be there. Just because it beyond understanding as we know it. Its there cause it should be. Im sure theres way more that we dont know.

  • 周靖

    put it back, seal it back!

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    Sweet! How long till we manage to destroy this habitat now that we’ve found it?


    😂😂 they accidentally destroyed their half of population 😂😂😂


    So the video clip duration is only 0.51 secs... come on..! You can do better than that..!!

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    Life is everywhere...

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    Darwin: That my bois B)

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    Just dont wake up the Godzilla ..

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    The thing !!!

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    Raymond Cruz

    how can it be liquid water underneath 900 meters of ice no sun no daylight i dont understand

  • Tommy Lopez
    Tommy Lopez

    Scary .

  • Nina Lehman
    Nina Lehman

    If there are filter feeders, then there are microbes to eat, too. Did they bring up a water sample?

  • FishHeadSalad

    I think Dr. Ian Malcolm put it best when he said "life finds a way".

  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović

    Was someone expecting something fucking big and slow to appear? Or a big eye open from the sand

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    Thetruth inyafaceboi

    First thing that came out my mind is" Richard E. Byrd" The high jump operation


    Another proof for the famous quote from Jurassic Park "Life finds a way".

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    Illuminated sphere

    Looks like it’s growing off whale 🐋 poo 💩

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    Jake Craig

    Saw this on the news came straight here

  • KillerQueen

    reminds me of the humonculos video. by planet nibru or that one russian guy

  • flamencoprof

    I liked the boulder; rounded like in a river, in the ocean. Glacial erratic is my guess. Who knows what life it brought down there when it sank?

  • Laszlo Szabo
    Laszlo Szabo

    The Thing

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    Vladimir Putin

    aww man I wanna see some crazy new animal, not something that's usually on our plates

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    May be alien 👽 spices

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    “Life...uh..finds a way.”

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    Barry Ram

    This video needs to be a lot shorter, with much louder music, way more massive embedded subtitles, and more adds plastered all over. Great discovery, but a solid thumbs down for the video

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    Scientists: this shouldn’t be here! Life: *flips the bird*

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  • The Green Phantom
    The Green Phantom

    It makes you wonder what else could be found with more exploration.

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      Deez nuts

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      Cyber Batman

      I giant double headed dildo with wings

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    Point And Click

    This video is awesome.

  • Naughtystimpy

    I couldn't see the video - very irritating. Also why have you made the subtitles permanent and part of the video!? I couldn't get rid of the subtitles

  • LivingTwice

    how is there snow on the ground underwater?

    • Nina Lehman
      Nina Lehman

      What is referred to as “snow” is actually very fine particulates which sit on the bottom until some scientists come along with a camera and cause the water current to stir things up.

  • Jannis

    >Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet... Second Impact incoming I guess...

    • tchekof o'
      tchekof o'

      oh god oh fuck

  • Top Lobster
    Top Lobster

    This may say quite a bit about the likelihood of finding life on Europa.

    • Exauce Mayunga
      Exauce Mayunga

      Europa's ice is not the same as Earth's

    • ZoNeS Productions
      ZoNeS Productions

      I was about to type the same thing! I'm really looking forward to when that mission goes ahead.

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    Yvonne Renèe

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    Angel Morales Alvarez

    is there any more footage of this?

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    • Angel Morales Alvarez
      Angel Morales Alvarez

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    Hanna B.C.G

    They found Spongebob!!!!

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    sponges and some golden teachers.

  • Green Is Not A Creative Colour
    Green Is Not A Creative Colour

    1. Thanks for finally narrating these videos! 2. Nobody should ever be surprised at where life turns up, especially not on Earth.

  • Feather

    They're the oldest animals too.

  • The Truth Is Out 777
    The Truth Is Out 777

    Terrible existence

  • Mark Cliffe
    Mark Cliffe

    It's resilience like this that convinces me that when humanity eventually destroys itself in nuclear winter, some will still carry on, repopulate, and there will be more resilience and prosperity until we do it again, repeat, repeat, repeat...

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    Music louder than the voice and the important part of the clip was way too short to see anything :/

  • ThrummerOfLove

    I'd be a little careful about poking around down there; you may not like what you find.

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      Cherry [L]

      @Renata loving life What do you think “should be left alone”

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      Cherry [L]

      @Renata loving life No lol

    • Renata loving life
      Renata loving life

      I was thinking the same thing! They don’t even know what they could be releasing into the sea! It’s down there for a reason! Certain things should be left alone

    • Cherry [L]
      Cherry [L]

      @ThrummerOfLove Interesting things, I don’t care how vile or scary it is. I want to know, I want to see and learn. That is a core part of being human.

    • Inkoolah

      @ThrummerOfLove I agree with you too

  • SpaceX says
    SpaceX says

    Why wouldn't so-called Scientists expect life under hundreds of kilometers of Ice? Life thrives next to volcanoes. Are these so-called Scientists announcing these bite-size chunks to make themselves look and sound important?

    • SpaceX says
      SpaceX says

      @Whirled Publishing ...If only we could all hear an open fair balanced opinion on this so-called problem from the Scientists that oppose this is a man-made problem. But as per-usual we will not be privvy to that. Somebody has set an Agenda and it "Will" be carried through. Those poor scientists that didn't tow-the-line will be banished and never heard of again. It seems you are part of this Dictatorial Regime that nothing will stand in its way. Do as we do or go policy.

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      ​@SpaceX says When you've studied Chemistry and Physics for decades, when you've studied Geological Formations, Wave Propagation and Cataclysms for decades, when you've studied hundreds of historic documents, written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth, going back over 600 years with reports going back another 1500 years, when you've seen the true timeline for our Earth's continents, oceans, mountains, Earth's expansion and Earth's cataclysms documented in hundreds of old records and have compiled thousands of other sources from all across our Earth that corroborate that timeline, when you've become a Doctoral Scholar, an Expert Witness for the Court Judges and tested off the WAIS-R, when you've read the captain's logs from the sailing ships going back hundreds of years and noticed that they collectively tell us that the timeline from ice cores is intentional disinfo, when you study the photos from the Antarctic expeditions of the early 1900's and notice they corroborate the timeline given to us by the ship's captains, when you've studied the maps of sonar images of the landslide debris on the seafloor that displaced massive volumes of sea water which then launched colossal tsunami waves that decimated the lands and then you correlate that destruction with reports in old records and in old literature, when you've exposed the unintelligent fake science gods as a pack of lying frauds, using thousands of sources of data, when you've uploaded video that exposes the USGS as unintelligent fake science gods and other videos that reveal the truth about our world, you will then realize that you were in no position to challenge my thousands of sources of data because you do not know the true history of Antarctica - like I do - you don't know the horrors that have gone on there - so please go do over 50 years of research - as I have done - instead of imagining that you're the smart one with the answers - because you do not have thousands of independent sources, written in over a dozen languages from all across our Earth with reports going back over 2,000 years that tell us the true timeline for Antarctica, the continents, oceans, mountains, Earth's expansion and Earth's cataclysms - this is the database I have because I wanted the truth. I am not a "sir". I am a woman - born female. If you want to present yourself as a qualified expert who can challenge thousands of sources that tell us we've been lied to about our Earth, you'll need to actually do the work and have the documentation to corroborate your claims. Seafloor volcanoes have been active for over 600 years, however, the rapid meltdown of the Antarctic began several years ago when the volcanoes there began to erupt at unprecedented rates.

    • SpaceX says
      SpaceX says

      @Whirled Publishing All you have is a belief my freind. Undersea volcanoes have always existed. The Ice in the Antarctica has always melted. Chunks have always despatched into the great oceans and melted. I understand you have a biased interest in this field, but I am telling you as a person from back in the 70's when they officially said a new Ice-Age is on it's way. But it's easy to blame the chinese after the west carved the Panama Canal and the Suez Canals that could have put the whole worlds water system out of kilter. And never a word with the pollutants that seemed to be waved by the authorites of each individual governments. The Food system is also saturated with posions and artifical salts and sweetners without a word being said. The domino effect started way before pack-ice started to slide down your street sir. Of course money is at the heart of this epic man-made problem you believe. And those same people that started your problem will find it so easy to point the finger to demand more money and taxes and restrictions to a world which was made for us. The Antarctica is the highest land mass in the world and is restricted to the highest level so that nobody can venture and enjoy it.

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      @SpaceX says The answer to that question is not because of aliens or pyramids or demons and ancient cities - that nonsense gets thousands of views and likes - and ads - which results in cash but it's intentional disinfo - the answer to your question is found in over a hundred reports from glaciologists spanning the past several years: The Antarctic ice is in rapid meltdown - because of heat rising up from over 100 volcanoes - some of these volcanoes are on the seafloor which results in heating the Antarctic sea waters which melts the ice shelves which results in the glaciers rapidly sliding toward the seas - what happens when thousands of colossal glaciers - the size of France and two km high - slides into the sea? From that, we get a worldwide cataclysm - you can check out my Antarctic videos and links below to see for yourself. We're watching to see whether the horror will begin in Antarctica or in China as the ocean of water behind the three gorges dam bursts across the Asian tectonic plates which will begin a ricocheted domino effect there.

    • SpaceX says
      SpaceX says

      @Whirled Publishing And after studying a few new creatures for another 40+ years, they'll restricted The Forbidden Zone even longer. Why the secret down there? Why the urgency to forbid people to travel there?

  • Kooka Munga
    Kooka Munga

    The question is How did Noah drill a hole in the ice then find two of these creatures and finally put them in his Ark untill the flood was over ?

    • Vladimir Putin
      Vladimir Putin

      @Egors Deimos logical man

    • Lilien Calvel
      Lilien Calvel

      @Egors Deimos So true

    • Egors Deimos
      Egors Deimos

      Well if they could survive in water, why the fuck would he put them on a boat? They are already fine

  • Gary Bonie
    Gary Bonie

    It was a team of geologists, not biologists, that made the discovery. They then consulted with an off-site biologist.

  • A P
    A P

    Every time we find out that life is more “diverse and adaptive” than expected it sucks cause like.... where all the other life at in the universe

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      This "life" isn't all that "adaptive" - the problem is that the Antarctic sea waters are so unusually warm that creatures are coming in off the adjacent sea currents and deciding to stay.

  • Jim mij
    Jim mij

    Presume these life forms need something to feed on to grow and procreate, does that suggest there is more life down there then what the video suggests.

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      @Chris Palmer "Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet 'shouldn't be there' - the sea creatures are there now because over the past several years, volcanic heat has been warming up the sea waters which rapidly melts the ice shelves - the unusually warm sea waters also attracts creatures from passing sea currents.

    • Chris Palmer
      Chris Palmer

      @Whirled Publishing based on what? Those things could be centuries old.

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      Yes - they're not admitting that the cause for this is that the sea waters are unusually warm.

  • Graeme Pennell
    Graeme Pennell

    When is the human psyche going to realise that "life find a way". No matter what kind of life it is.

    • Wade

      Found that out when I left a piece of pizza under my bed for a year

  • Arun Lamsal
    Arun Lamsal

    Would love to read detail article about its exploration & identification as it gets published. Cong to all the team members.🌷

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    I bet they'd love a warm hell compared to that ice hole😅 Life is awesome.

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    Awesome find.. :-) Kudos to the Biologist. :-))

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    Kurtis Engle

    Why are there 'things' on the screen. You know, where the video is supposed to be?

  • ritshopper

    This is really big news, since the underground sea under Antarctica has been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years. The place is completely inhospitable and these complex life forms have been able to adapt and survive. This makes a visit to Jupiter's moon Europa even more exiting!

    • Whirled Publishing
      Whirled Publishing

      It's not isolated - sea currents from the South Pacific and South Atlantic flow along there - and those sea currents come from the equatorial Pacific and equatorial Atlantic..

  • Steve I
    Steve I

    Animals? looks like mushrooms

    • Dom Yelin
      Dom Yelin

      mushrooms are animals, they respire, not photosynthesise.

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    It's really thoughtful that the 20% off overlay completely and irritatingly obscured the video annotation. Thanks! From a subscriber - to New Scientist, itself. Presumably these life forms were 20% Off.

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