Loren Landow - A Masterclass in Speed Development
Filmed at our 2018 Performance Coaching Workshop in the SportsLab, watch the world-renowned Loren Landow talk about his passion for movement along with the drills which have made his athletes among the best in the world.
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  • Jim my
    Jim my

    49:30 why loren asks for ffat footed? this movement is teached on foot fingers in athletism

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    Ionas Granados

    Bruh I fell asleep watching Netflix and woke up to this

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    What in the heck this is like the tenth time this video has auto played in the last two weeks! I thought it was kinda cool at first now it’s sorta like one of those music singles they wear out on the radio.

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    This guy has the God mode of algorithms. Fall asleep on a MPMDs video and this guy comes on.

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    Mikael Johansen

    Is this how college is in US? I would never skip classes

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    Luke Benjamin

    I watched it. Are you happy now HRposts??

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    sid hsssan

    This automatically plays after coach greg

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    Jacky K

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    Jacky K

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    Prince Ekeson

    I didn't wake up to this. I work the graveyard shift. All I remember was an Elliot Hulse video, and them bam!🤣

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    I get paid 500k a year to do nothing.

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    Positive Guy

    Why does youtube wanna make watch this so bad 😓

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    Mo Poppins

    Since we all seem to have fallen asleep to fitness videos from different channels, shoutout to THE BIONEER!

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    Mahathir Moon

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    Why does youtube want me to watch this so bad😂

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    Is this a self promotion?? Athletes work their butts off and have master genetics. Your job is not that important!

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    Free & Divided

    I’m so sick of this shit. Wtf

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    Sukhraj Dhillon

    Can someone summarise

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    Mathias Vibeto

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    j smooth

    All this just to get dusted by a kid from the inner city fueled by hot cheetos and a Arizona tea

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      A Righteous Name


  • Mike O
    Mike O

    Love it, thanks this is awesome info. Laughed around 23 mins when he asked "ok so who wants to do some drills?"....one guy raises his hand..."ok so everyone get up were gonna do some drills" XD

    • Mike O
      Mike O

      (43:50) - lmfao friggin animal

    • Mike O
      Mike O

      Kills me seeing some of the coaches attending the seminar phone it in, seeing a WIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEE gap in this group

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Good lesson

  • DorjeDriftwood

    I am being completely sincere, Please don’t attack me for potentially seeing things differently Don’t both karate fighters in their kicks, Ballet dancers in their spins and twirls, and boxers in staying heel up create structural stability in extending the foot? Is it not natural in terms of impact reduction and in the engagement of the calves to catch oneself with the toes or front of the foot. I thought it was well established that this is the natural function of the foot in running without the benefit of modern shoes? My experience with Baji Quan has shown me that the calves and the rolling of the foot to and explosive foot exstention with the calve is the most powerful forward drive possible. Is this useless from your point of view or is does this have a place?

  • JUN !
    JUN !

    I was just watching some more plates more dates lol

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    David Forrest

    I started with watching Herschel walkers mma highlights and ended here

  • AceOfDaOaks

    I’m just trying to figure out the people he’s training... old men and dudes in jeans?

    • Austin J
      Austin J

      Obviously coaches

  • The Raging Ray Show
    The Raging Ray Show

    Not gonna lie, I took a nap while watching Greg Doucette and woke up to this lmao

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  • shootsbraw

    Guy in the jeans and light blue shirt... Buddy... You shouldn't do sports...ever...

  • Claude

    This is information that I'm currently in grad school for and it's FREE. That's the beauty of it. He's a brilliant mind and a coach. He has the eye of the coach as well.

  • at

    How in the world did i end up here?

  • Arhon Pineda
    Arhon Pineda

    this dude really talking about how to build your speed when you can literally do sidequests for skill points.


    Why is this video not letting me delete it if from my suggestions? 🤔. Tired of seeing it

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16

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    Yeah I fell asleep to a Greg doucette video and woke up to this, hope you all reach your fitness goals

  • Peedinkus

    I have a passion for movement too, especially after Taco Bell.

  • Fecal Eruptions
    Fecal Eruptions

    What's his 40 yard dash though lol

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    kashif javed

    I need a coffee.

  • Pilihan Hidup - Self Improvement Journey
    Pilihan Hidup - Self Improvement Journey


  • Zafir Uzoma
    Zafir Uzoma

    If you watch you can really see the difference in the coaches there's only about two or three of them that extend to right angle and drive down good when they did the a skip

  • Zafir Uzoma
    Zafir Uzoma

    What the fuck why I'd there so many people waking up to this i just wanted to learn how to get faster and jump higher

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    Holy the comments on everyone waking up to this is insane 😂😂😂

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    I dont know how I got here but I used to run and now I'm hooked

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    Wow I thought I had two times speed off this guy talks super slow

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    Georgia May

    Third time now I've fallen asleep watching a Greg video and woken up to this 😂

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    Why are so many people saying they woke up to this?? because i actually did i am so confused. I was watching more plates more dates when i fell asleep

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    I never ran in my life but Damn I feel like a super athlete now thanks

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  • bob stash
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    Am I the only one who didn't wake up to this?

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    I naturally found this video via curiosity! So many people woke up to this apparently haha.

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    You couldn't even take the dip out of your mouth! I wouldn't let you teach my son or daughter s***!

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      Shut up lol


    That’s fucked I actually fell asleep and woke up to this video...

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    Those dudes have no idea what he is even trying to explain to them.

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    I think we should try, the "Jfk Challenge". I believe this will help. Here it is: m.hrposts.info/five/video/y321m4Ola8p5ma4 Hope you enjoy and be inspired, I certainly was. 😊✌

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    How did we all wake up on this video🤨

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    Algorithms be working wonders

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    is this crossfit? i dony have 2:16 hrs to waste

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    fucking RIP to them Concords.

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    I sprinted out of bed this morning. now I know why

  • matt!*

    ik it’s called an “A skip” but the coaches are doing tooooo much of a skip

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    Everyone went to sleep/woke up to this video thats hilarious lol

  • Bikini Bandit
    Bikini Bandit

    Imagine trying to be a White pro track athlete in 2021.

    • KZrZ

      Check out Matt boling, will definitely change your perspective trust me :)

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    Why does the HRposts algorithm want me to watch this video so bad?

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      Yeah same, I've got it recommended more that 6-8 times and always ignored, finally decided to see what it is and why is it that important 😅

  • Ryan 5576
    Ryan 5576

    All the people who just “wake up to this video”, it’s actually gold knowledge if you’re interested....

  • Iason Terezis
    Iason Terezis

    That dude in the black shirt and blue pants really had his leg and arm on the side up for the A skip. He’s supposed to be an S&C coach?

  • TheBackyardBangers

    landow is such a cool last name

  • Take A Hike!
    Take A Hike!

    Repacked information from Mark Versteegan from API over 15 years ago.

  • Milan Stojanovic
    Milan Stojanovic

    supination? Foot? you mean plantar and dorsal flexion there also is inversion and eversion when talking about foot movement ? please explain, you don't seem very smart so far, i literally clicked through the video and found this part in 5 sec, will watch the whole thing later but as of now we started on the wrong foot

    • stevolukic

      You didn't provide the timestamp. When I think of foot pronation, I imagine duck walk. It is probably connected to knee and hip positioning and not the foot exclusively.

  • GTA London
    GTA London

    Does it count as a view every time autoplay brings me here? How much does that tier payola cost?

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    Sports User

    Great video. The author is great. If it's not difficult to look at my channel, there you will see what a strongman from Russia is capable of and a lot of other things about sports........,,,,,

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    lol every time an mdpd video endsi hear " Hiptus Emrorectus is a two Joint Mustle, Right?"

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    Never heard of this guy and I have concerns to many people THINK they know what they're talking about. But 56:50 his start was good for no effort and looking a little out of shape (ground contact and knee position). I guess I'll stop skipping around and will listen to what he has to say, but 2 hours is long lol

  • Mitch G
    Mitch G

    01:31:48 One for the old Spank Bank.

    • CrownClown510

      That made me chuckle thanks

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    graham kehoe

    This guy looks like Paulie shore if he became a personal trainer

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    Ok Bobby Axelrod teach me

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    Idk how did so many people fall asleep on MPMD's video. I get that it's long but lmao. I'd rather fall asleep on a nat geo wild documentary than that.

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    This is the 3rd time ive waken up to this video on the same spot

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      he really has a knack for talking on and on about the same thing for a long time. A useful skill if you're a new presenter covering elections live or something, I feel many of his 25 min long videos can be compressed to 4-5 mins.

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    At first I started off with only 1 pill per week now I'm at 8 per day !! Thanks for this video

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