Luka Doncic Shocks Entire World With CRAZIEST Game Winner 3 In NBA History!
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
GOAT Of NBA Parodies !
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  • Speed Buffalo
    Speed Buffalo

    “Shocked the entire world”....but only played on local tv and nbatv. Yeah the North Koreans are stunned.

  • FunnyByNature SupanaturalActions
    FunnyByNature SupanaturalActions

    This guy has so many skills and he can win a game in many ways

  • Jesse F
    Jesse F

    Can we relax on the hyperbole? “Shocks the world”? The world doesn’t care. “Craziest 3 pt game winner...” - there have been plenty. “In NBA History.” Why do these guys always want to claim NBA history? Have they watched every game ever? Just say, “Luka wins game with crazy three-point shot.” That’s enough to get me to watch. It doesn’t have to be all the other things...b/c it’s not.

  • Christian Matthew Elera
    Christian Matthew Elera

    Teardrop 3 point

  • NBA Jam Line
    NBA Jam Line

    Luka Doncic did it again! A long jump floater magic shot 🤑🤑🤑

  • Joshua Lyndon A.
    Joshua Lyndon A.

    So refreshing to see someone not black doing amazing things in bball

  • Marc Hodges
    Marc Hodges

    As a Grizzlies fan this is motivation to want to see us demolish them again later this season.

  • north lonechild
    north lonechild

    That’s just not fair tbh

  • Kenny Beans
    Kenny Beans

    Ha ha. The fact it happened _in_ Memphis is the icing on the cake. Screw Dallas too, though. Or should I say the “Democrat” Mavericks.

  • Sky High Skyla
    Sky High Skyla

    Longest floater I've ever seen lol

  • skeon67

    As a Grizz fan...........Luka is the best

  • skeon67

    Grizz v. Mavs 2020’s powerhouse teams

  • Chris Fischer
    Chris Fischer

    Why are we ignoring the FOUL by Brooks?

  • badassdahn

    A three point floater or hook shot or something 😂

  • Merc Mer
    Merc Mer

    LUKA ⭐. LUKA 🏆

  • Eric M
    Eric M

    Nobody wants Cuban around. Let’s get real . Guys a tool

  • KingOvaGrind Rogers
    KingOvaGrind Rogers

    Thats dat nba jam 3 luka hit😭😭😭

  • Andrew Lacey
    Andrew Lacey

    Larry Bird. I mean Luka


    He's getting annoying with his crying on court like Lebron

  • Eleazar Tadiaman
    Eleazar Tadiaman


  • Flow2crazy

    Definitley not crazier than Jason Richardson’s game winning 3. This shot was incredible tho.

  • Flow2crazy

    Definitley not crazier than Jason Richardson’s game winning 3. This shot was incredible tho.

  • crossbow140

    Luka Big Dongcic Baby!

  • King Dmiles TV
    King Dmiles TV

    That's how im shooting all my 3s from now on

  • fadeawaybrown

    Okay, game winner 3 yeah I’ll give you that. Craziest buzzer tho I’d give it to Darren Collison against OKC

  • Randy Creach
    Randy Creach

    Luka “what foul?” Doncic💪🏼

  • Marsha Julessa
    Marsha Julessa

    Shocks entire world? 🤣A bit much considering whats going on in other countries. An erupting 🌋, famine, war, yup this game winning shot shocked the covid world! 🙄

  • What’s The Deal
    What’s The Deal

    His ref girlfriend must be proud

  • RealPs Know
    RealPs Know

    bro n the stands walked off like yooo wtf bra lmao

  • kiNG ROB
    kiNG ROB

    The hell🔥🔥🔥

  • C K
    C K

    Giannis, Embid, AD, Luka, Jumal. We have years of nba with superstars worth looking forward to.

  • Ptah Enoch
    Ptah Enoch

    He is most definitely the New Larry Bird



  • Garland Owls11
    Garland Owls11

    Mark Cuban lost weight.

  • Hyper Hooper Basketball
    Hyper Hooper Basketball

    Wtf ( what the frick) 😳 how did he hit that?

  • Marcon

    Is that Mark Cuban at 00:25? What happened to him?

  • Noah Siekmann
    Noah Siekmann

    This is absolutely not the greatest 3 point game winner. It isn't even in the top three.

  • nexhat halimi
    nexhat halimi

    Its a shame hes on a shitty team this kid deserves like 5 rings before he retires and now days real easy just join a stacked team like the clippers,lakers,nets,or even go to the heat or sixers anywhere but dallas

  • MarQos MarQos
    MarQos MarQos

    This guy is special.

  • Doug Buse
    Doug Buse

    Can Shaq pronounce his name properly?

  • Junjunpyo TV
    Junjunpyo TV

    did I just saw a 3 point floater

  • luck luckie
    luck luckie

    When magic Johnson first few years he was a shooter slash get everyone involved still . Luka reminds me of a 79. Magic he's not the new version of Dirk totally different styles 😙

  • Mike Russo
    Mike Russo


  • DeanBoyTv

    Buddy did it 1st🥱

  • V’onté Marquise
    V’onté Marquise

    😲 WOW! 🥶

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony

    This Channel is Trash 👎🏼

  • Chris Palm
    Chris Palm

    Have you ever seen Devin Harris’ 3-point buzzer beater?

  • Molotov

    the Mavs seem to get all the good white basketball players

  • MrAlienware1

    What’s the big deal?????????????????? I don’t see it?.........

  • Emil Koch
    Emil Koch

    This was only impressive because doncic got tripped and still made it. It’s expected for Doncic to make the game winners all the time now. If MJ would have drafted him, Charlotte Hornets would be Division Champs right now. Congrats to Dallas. It must real nice to be a Mavericks fan.

  • Im not mark
    Im not mark


  • James Holmes III
    James Holmes III

    This is not the worlds greatest game winner bud

  • Teachmehowtodoge

    Luka > overrated LehelpmeKyrie

  • Control 101
    Control 101

    can't believe this!!!

  • antuan pittman
    antuan pittman

    God bless u all. It would be great to accept Jesus now before its too late. He cares for our souls and so do I. He died and rose so that we may spend eternal with Him. He gave us His Holy Spirit to help us. We are not alone. The choice is yours. Jesus loves us.

  • GregaK


  • Dennis Abucay
    Dennis Abucay

    What a Shot Idol

  • Dwayne Mason
    Dwayne Mason

    The great white hope..Lol man white media loves to hype this guy😀

  • Comment Gawd
    Comment Gawd


  • Anthony Banks
    Anthony Banks


  • Asteroid-Gaming15

    Pita.. hahahahaha

  • Patrick M.
    Patrick M.

    craziest in nba history lol.. calm down kid


    Luka brzi od zvuka😂

  • Parris McCaul
    Parris McCaul

    Saying it’s the Craziest in NBA history is a bit overdoing it.

  • Vic Handa
    Vic Handa

    In history???

  • Lokkiwie

    man just did a 3 point floater lmfaoo

  • Zehrudin Hasanovic
    Zehrudin Hasanovic

    Balkan genes built different.

  • Mar Gal
    Mar Gal

    If he didn't make it he would have cried. Biggest cry baby in league😭😭

  • Richard Qin
    Richard Qin


  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison

    Aww im not shock

  • Darien Rodgers
    Darien Rodgers

    Luka and Giannis are the only reason I watch the NBA

  • John Swan
    John Swan

    He goin be the highest payed player everrr

  • Julien Berndt
    Julien Berndt

    If only ppl watch reg season basketball

  • Ghost

    Hasn't Curry done similar shots to this?

  • Michael E
    Michael E

    I love Dirk but I think Luka might go down as the best Maverick ever.

  • Lyrical Mike
    Lyrical Mike

    Luka is so insanely talented

  • KneelBe

    in nba history or in 2021 history 🧢

  • Μαρίνα Σ
    Μαρίνα Σ


  • SS HH
    SS HH

    He's just a lazy fat player

  • GonR0gue

    3 point floater

  • Francis Albert Llorando
    Francis Albert Llorando

    Similar to wade's against gsw

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams

    lol nba is dead


    As a grizzlies fan, I couldn’t do nothing but be in shock and give props

  • Edwin James Perez
    Edwin James Perez

    Craaaazy game winner but wouldn't say it's the craziest in history.

  • Chang Chuy
    Chang Chuy

    Mark Cuban sending another mil to Luka's bank account for that shot....

  • Hussein Ali
    Hussein Ali

    Luka is so fun to watch especially hitting game winners like that

  • Yobe 1
    Yobe 1

    No fans And I’m still not watching an entire game. Only when the algorithm pulls a good highlight up. So sad I have no incentive to watch basketball anymore

  • ꧁꧂ Ꮧ Ꮼ S Ꮛ ꧁꧂
    ꧁꧂ Ꮧ Ꮼ S Ꮛ ꧁꧂

    Confirmed he’s the luckiest player.. aim bot, imagine playing a hole game just to lose to a lucky toss up

  • My Email
    My Email

    Kawhi Game 7 Nuff said...

  • Rory Colgan
    Rory Colgan

    With the dogecoin pumping Cuban will have plenty of cash to pay the man🤣

  • Jammil Bonde
    Jammil Bonde

    Dwade did it first

  • heng li
    heng li


  • AMIL

    So the Jeremy lamb half court game winner doesn't exist

  • roger murray
    roger murray

    A crying shame after battling so hard.

  • david mckesey
    david mckesey

    He's so good

  • Luke Moorefield
    Luke Moorefield

    Not the craziest in NBA history...... C'mon. Amazing shot yes

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    I Love Luka. Luka Loves American Cuisine? Hope he's not gonna eat his way out of the league? Nice shot! Not thinking the ENTIRE WORLD is /was in SHOCK?

  • capnduff

    I swear larry bird did this same thing against portland

  • XIX Express
    XIX Express

    Back when I realized this type of shot was a legal 3, I wondered if it would ever be pulled off.

  • Ya Ku
    Ya Ku

    Have you seen tmac's?

1,1 mil.