Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment
Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • m b
    m b

    Sir, can I live with you

  • LrchPachuau

    I want to marry him 😁

  • NGUYENLAM 0964204020
    NGUYENLAM 0964204020

    Ngôi nhà an toàn và ấm áp

  • Alice Brown
    Alice Brown

    Beautiful home. (I'm a bit jealous) Enjoy.

  • Timothy Lannon
    Timothy Lannon


  • tang york
    tang york

    看过中国人制作的影片,也看过一些国际友人制作的影片,发现外国人的制作的影片里偏向于艺术,中国人做到作品匠气太重,例如时间1:32 这个柱子 可以选择保留下来 增加观赏性

  • Chow Kok chung
    Chow Kok chung

    Fantastic architecture cool home no need air conditioner bring wife stay there make defer environment 👍✌👌♦️🧧🌸🌹🐼🐉♥️🇨🇳

  • xXkennethXx

    I think his inspiration here is minecraft

  • Gemini Nae
    Gemini Nae

    real life hobbit

  • Andy Goldensixties
    Andy Goldensixties

    ROCK? What ROCK is that?

  • Dharma Aji
    Dharma Aji

    Its kind interesting but what about ownership and taxes?

  • Thanos Apostolou
    Thanos Apostolou

    He has been in santorini island Greece, As a Chinese just make a copy

  • Tanakrom Pangam
    Tanakrom Pangam

    No PPE & may be illegal to land this cavern.

  • Айдын Айдын
    Айдын Айдын

    Это типо глины застывшей а так он несможет при всем желаний перфоратором чистый кусок каменный

  • Jacob Coulter
    Jacob Coulter

    Fast way to get arrested here in the USA.

  • New Gadget Store
    New Gadget Store

    I more curious where *the gravel* going ????

  • Issachar Bryant
    Issachar Bryant

    Amazing !!!

  • Brigitte Dc
    Brigitte Dc


  • M T
    M T

    Weiter so. Noch mehr Natur zerstören. Ich feier Dich.

  • 053 Kunal Sharma
    053 Kunal Sharma

    People-"i live in a mountain view apartment" He-"Dude , i live inside a mountain" 😂😂😂😂

  • Андрей Андреев
    Андрей Андреев

    Моё почтение

  • 이길성


  • Ricky Barber
    Ricky Barber

    WOW! He sure worked his rear off doing that. It's a work of art. That's got to have many benefits built in, like cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Storm proof, 90% fire proof, very little up keep once it is done. Don't know where he's located at, but he probably doesn't need home owners insurance LOL. Seems like he would only be paying taxes for the land itself, no taxes on a house. Best of all, he's living inside of God's Creation, so he should be well protected in all aspects. I've got to give him several thumbs up 👍👍👍👍👍👍. I bet it's really quite inside. The shower is awesome, it's completely waterproof. Another plus, never need to worry about re-roofing it...EVER. Wonder what type of rock he was working with, soft limestone maybe? It looked like it was easy to carve out, at least with power tools. Imagine, doing it all with just a hammer and chisels like was done in Biblical days, when making their Burial sites. Sir, have a great life in your new home. In a new home that will be there through out the ages. If you've got children, may your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren and on, enjoy your creativity for Centuries to come. I'm not stretching it to far am I? Beautiful Job and Well Done. 👏

  • Leoncio Co
    Leoncio Co


  • Râ Julien.L
    Râ Julien.L


  • Stuart Wilson
    Stuart Wilson

    The good thing is that if you want to extend, you just keep digging! noice 👍 :) Just don't dig into a neighbors's house! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Han Putra Channel
    Han Putra Channel

    Very beautiful

  • AriqAflah 86
    AriqAflah 86

    Mau liat komen nya orang Indo ..

  • Allan Registos
    Allan Registos

    Please remove the useless soundtracks.

  • Samantha Jones
    Samantha Jones

    The piquant writer concomitantly clap because dream centrally telephone in a incompetent athlete. wise, selfish flood

  • Jake Pattinson
    Jake Pattinson

    I don't ever comment on videos but this is AWSOME!!

  • Damir Bua
    Damir Bua


  • lina Septiyan09
    lina Septiyan09

    Yang awal bagian depan pintu ada tulisan China. Ini beda Tapi saya tetap suka karena seperti rumah di film animasi

  • Y 2 D
    Y 2 D

    Minecraft? No this house look a like WE BARE BEARS house ! ❤️

  • Damir Bua
    Damir Bua

    😋😋meet mr flinstone jabadabaduuu

  • prince Justice
    prince Justice

    This man is a living legend.. 😁

  • Valentin Otto
    Valentin Otto

    except its moist and there is water leaking everywhere

  • Théo C.
    Théo C.

    The occidental version of the Indian guys

  • Михайло Дятел
    Михайло Дятел

    Цікаво, що то за камінь такий, який так нахаляву перфоратором колупається? Хотів би я глянути, як він все це саме в граніті буде робити :)

  • Imaginary Bon
    Imaginary Bon

    This man starter base be looking nice tho

  • Big Heart_Bilson Mind Entertainment
    Big Heart_Bilson Mind Entertainment

    Why this dislike...........

  • new

    How to play minecraft in real life

  • charles c reber
    charles c reber

    This is just simply amazing!!

  • Việt Hùng Khuất
    Việt Hùng Khuất

    Đục vạy không sợ sập nhỉ

  • Zak Mclaughlin
    Zak Mclaughlin

    What about the sewer, water and electric? Doesn't really explain that so this would suck for most of us.

  • 오버랜더매니아

    부자네.... 자기 산도 있고......

  • Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams

    I can only wish!

  • Марк ФИЛАТОВ
    Марк ФИЛАТОВ

    в росии на такое не способны

  • Veyron Park
    Veyron Park

    중국은 넓고 미친넘도 많다

  • Vagner Luz
    Vagner Luz

    Garotas dos vídeos primitivos fazem casas melhores sem o uso de nem uma ferramenta .

  • 4RedDwarf3

    Now he needs to cut out another cave on the side as storage space, because it looks like he needs some. Great house though, and would block out all the phone signals inside... bliss.

  • Gemini Girl
    Gemini Girl

    It's all fun until earthquake comes

  • TooLazy ToCare
    TooLazy ToCare

    Just imagine if he had the ‘build a house underground using only a stick and a bucket’ guy helping him.

  • Lizabeth Wildfury
    Lizabeth Wildfury

    This man really did minecraft irl and with modern technology

  • Leksander S
    Leksander S

    10:00 please USE REBAR for the floor!!!

  • Satria Incubus
    Satria Incubus

    It's free cave? Did he has to buy it?

  • Khalid Albalushi
    Khalid Albalushi

    Very nice job 👍🤠👍

  • 1moetime123

    And people really think the ancients did even BETTER than this with NO TOOLS 🥴

  • Pashute

    When does he show the nest to the female in the picture?

  • Smile Phone
    Smile Phone


  • Robiul Alamz
    Robiul Alamz

    In near future when humanity will fall, Newb scientists :"👽 might have done that ".

  • sarabjit singh
    sarabjit singh

    The guy has way too many tools and way too much skills to build anything 👏👏👏👏

  • Dr Talkbox SA
    Dr Talkbox SA

    And he finds gold and filming stops ASAP

  • cof fee
    cof fee


  • Frank Hammes
    Frank Hammes


  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias

    A woman once told this guy, "You Don't have money to Buy Me a House" Man: Builds a Home for Himself in 6 weeks. Woman ends up at Foxconn working for 10 years to buy a House.

  • Zeus 88
    Zeus 88

    The real minecrafter

  • crochet 0786
    crochet 0786

    it's really beautiful after seeing this video wishing to stay there

  • ㅣㅡㅣ

    본인 땅 소유지도아닌데 훼손하네

  • Finau Feiloakitau
    Finau Feiloakitau

    When you lose half of everything you own and the wife also gets the house and kids Mr.Tiger: hold my 🍺

  • Akon

    I wish he'd come to Australia and make me a house like that in the middle of no where..

  • Hao Le
    Hao Le

    Mất mấy tháng ấy chứ. Tay nghề giỏi gì cũng biết làm

  • bjo daddyo
    bjo daddyo

    I hope he doesn't cut out too much of the foundation holding that mountain up.

  • Long Nguyễn
    Long Nguyễn

    Can i have the name of the back ground music guys ?

  • askme menow
    askme menow

    IF you read this, please support our channel by subscribing. We need a thousand subscribers by the end of this weekend.

  • Marco Fialho
    Marco Fialho

    Como dizem em Shanghai: "o maluco é brabo!"

    • Marco Fialho
      Marco Fialho

      E o tamanho da extensão do fio dessa furadeira maluca?

  • Ledinhphat Ledinhphat
    Ledinhphat Ledinhphat

    Tolet ia đâu thây tăm chư bôn câu đâu

  • Tanzwurm Wie jetzt?
    Tanzwurm Wie jetzt?

    great job, but, protect your ears if u work so many hours with this loud machinery

  • Алмас Кирбасов
    Алмас Кирбасов


  • sujatha murali
    sujatha murali

    Very very smart guy👌👌👌👆👆👍👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen

    Giỏi quá

  • сергей Бабакин
    сергей Бабакин


    • Сергей Горбачев
      Сергей Горбачев

      Молодчага??? Откуда у него столько свободного времени? Я уже год не могу даже досмотреть сериал "Карточный домик".

  • CaptainZ

    I'm presuming he's never planning on getting married. 😁

  • Clive Turner
    Clive Turner

    this guy likes to dig!!!!!!! my old back is aching just from watching, he has some heavy dury tools ,what fantastic project i love it !!!!!!

  • Egor Evg
    Egor Evg

    Пойду построю квартиру

  • bulletsandpencils

    New valheim graphics mods looks awesome

  • llspragulus

    Uncle this house is beautiful!!

  • BillyNoMates1974

    probably last longer than a new Chinese high rise flat

  • llspragulus

    I love how us Asians wear slippers to do everything LOL 🤣😂

    • bjo daddyo
      bjo daddyo

      Slippers are ok as long as they're steel toe and OSHA approved.

  • Dima Kol
    Dima Kol

    Работяга, молодец. Но декоратора дизайнера ему не хватает:)

  • Crazy Shorts
    Crazy Shorts

    How to eat food in dust and how to live in dust

  • Hariharan B
    Hariharan B

    I am just amazed by the power tools and their potential.

  • jeffrey larbio
    jeffrey larbio

    And it looks like he did it in just a day. Thanks fast forward.

  • Archie Leung
    Archie Leung

    They did not protect their ears.

  • Casual Weebs
    Casual Weebs

    He ruined beautiful nature for his own convenience.

  • Sergiy Ishchenko
    Sergiy Ishchenko

    Таким образом под Тибетом и Гималаями можно расположить еще один Китай

  • Sergiy Ishchenko
    Sergiy Ishchenko

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  • Shaista Samieva
    Shaista Samieva

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  • Sergiy Ishchenko
    Sergiy Ishchenko

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