Mortal Kombat 2021 - Official Trailer | 4K
Mortal Kombat 2021 - Official Trailer | 4K. The first trailer for Mortal Kombat is now here and the 2021 film looks like a blast. Let us know your thoughts on the first look teaser below.
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Mortal Kombat is a mysterious, intergalactic tournament of ancient martial arts. Shaolin Monk Liu Kang, from Earth, gets invited as a competitor.

  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers

    Let us know your thoughts on the first look below. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel *Check out our BEST new videos below* *Willy's Wonderland Ending Explained* - *Wandavision Episode 6 Breakdown* - *Zack Snyders Justice League Trailer Breakdown* - *TENET Side Characters Explained* - *The Stand Ending Explained* - *Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Breakdown* -


      Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion is epic. Uchu kara no messeji: Ginga taisen, Ninja in the Dragon's Den, The Last Samurai, Ring, etc And in the future in Mortal Kombat and Army of the Dead. One of the coolest 60 year olds on the planet.

    • The Phogg
      The Phogg

      Have a few ideas how this might play out and a few theories on what we can expect in a sequel: 1. Hanzo (Scorpion) kills Bi Han (Sub Zero) at the end of the movie as it has happened so many times before in the Mortal Kombat lore exacting his revenge. As it has happened before as well, Bi Han's younger brother will take on the mantle of Sub Zero in the sequel hunting down his brother's killer. 2. Kung Lao dies mid film, and Lui Kang alsl dies in a shocking twist towards the end of the movie, leaving Cole to fight the final fight agaisnt Shang Tsung and become the new champion of Mortal Kombat. 3. The Reptile we see getting his heart ripped out by Kano in the trailer is indeed the Syzoth (Reptile) we all know and love. However, later in the movie Shang Tsung resurrects him in his more human form for the tournament. This is a nod to the controversy over Reptile's design changes over the years and going back to the one hard core fans like the best. The original. 4. Kano betrays the Special Forces. Pretty much a given. He doesn't die though, as for the sequel he is the entry point that leads into the introduction of the cyber ninjas Cyrax and Sektor. 5. Smoke will be a messenger of some sort and will end up volunteering or being forced to join the cyber program for the sequel. 6. Johnny Cage will be in the end credits. 7. Like in the old film, Shao Khan will be shown in the last scene setting up the villain for the sequel. 8. Quan Chi will reveal himself at the end of the movie to wind up Scorpions part in the film. Without going too much overboard with theories that will do for now.

    • gnrsbubby

      The trailer sold me on the Hanzo Hazashi and Shira-Rayu village sequence. That Kunai fight is straight out of the MK Lore!!! 😍😍😍 And finally Sub-zero gets his due!!! Dang that icy.. I AM SUB-ZERO... Is just boss!!! Just hope the movie does justice to the promise that this Trailer offers!!! 🤞🤞🤞

    • Johnny TheClown
      Johnny TheClown

      I CANT STOP WATCHING THIS 🙈😭🙈😭🙈😭🙈😭🙈😂😂😂

    • Chip Nguyen van
      Chip Nguyen van

      Sup NINJ 0:26 so many people have claimed their 𝟻𝟶𝟶𝟶𝚟-𝚋𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚜.from 𝕗𝕟𝕓𝕠𝕩.𝕦𝕤

  • Drake Ryden
    Drake Ryden

    Whoever came up with that Mileena actress and look should get Finished! by Scorpion,

  • M P
    M P

    Looks awesome but they made sub zero look much better then scorpion. He should have fire in his eyes or something. Also I hope they read these comments and change that “get over here”. It just sounds off. No where near as good as it sounds in game.


    I think 💭 I’m going to need therapy after this cause I’m totally addicted to the trailer lol 😂

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Godzilla vs kong??? Hahahah what about scorpion vs sub zero

  • Emil_S

    Looks like I gotta watch this! Awesome trailer.

  • Shinwen Chen
    Shinwen Chen

    Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion? Joe taslim as Sub zero Talk about flawless Kasting

  • Christian Terry
    Christian Terry

    Someone said keanue reeves is going to appear as kenshi in this. If that’s true I will shit my pants!

  • Danny Ramirez
    Danny Ramirez

    Needs more blood, gore, and violent Death.

  • Edward Blake
    Edward Blake


  • Mariajose Morales
    Mariajose Morales

    Zub pero 😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  • Corduroy Epps
    Corduroy Epps

    Wow they cussing all in the trailers now? lol 😂

  • Al

    It's obvious he is going to "get over here" as there is dagger attached to a chain stuck in his enemy's skull or chest. I, therefore, think it is not necessary to say this kind of thing whilst he has enemies surrounding him and time is of the essence

  • Me Against The World
    Me Against The World

    I looks fucking trash

  • N Lee
    N Lee

    Oh and if Scorpion doesn't ignite someone in flames I'm walking out the damn theatre. 😂

  • N Lee
    N Lee

    They better have at least, AT LEAST, 12 character fatalities or it ain't shit...Lol

  • holdmyflames

    Why dont get the real voice actors of the characters for the lines. Keep the same actors, just make the voices be played by the people who voiced the characters in Mk 11

  • Fred Atkin
    Fred Atkin

    GET OVER HERE love it finally

  • Orcun Tim Zehir
    Orcun Tim Zehir

    Kano just became my favourite character. Trevor Goddard gave him an awesome start, let's hope Josh Lawson makes him even better!

  • Bob Mastowski
    Bob Mastowski

    🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩 Finally. Been waiting for another one since I was 15.

  • Eduard Raul Hasa
    Eduard Raul Hasa

    "Get over here" is a little bit cracky but ehh'

  • ivan kučinić
    ivan kučinić

    Mortal Kombat-1995 is real treasure.

  • Matt Stevenson
    Matt Stevenson

    Look at the promotional poster for the film, the one where it is half Scorpion, half Sub-Zero. That Sub-Zero is not Joe Taslim - but it does look a lot like Lewis Tan. Joe Taslim has bushy eyebrows and a mole under his left eye (which you can see on SZ's face in the trailer). Poster doesn't have that.

  • Christopher Fergo Jr
    Christopher Fergo Jr

    Goodnight Mortal Kombat trailer, I'll see you tomorrow morning.

  • Theslayercometh_

    I'm confused, kano is a good guy in this? And since when was lu kang one of sonya's teammates? I didn't think they met until right before the tournament?

  • Nad 13
    Nad 13

    Most of the actors don't really look like the characters they're meant to be. Just having them wear the costumes is not enough, Liu Kang looks much more rubbish than the old MK films for example.

  • Franco Cari
    Franco Cari

    Grande keyblade 😎👍

  • Бахтияр Бакитов
    Бахтияр Бакитов

    Omg their going to ruin all of this

  • Abrahan Reyes
    Abrahan Reyes

    For me the Best of trailer is the looking of Scorpio when he see the other ninja madafaka with superpowers like him.

  • Alexandre Chetrite
    Alexandre Chetrite

    Scorpion "Get over here!" Sub-Zero: "I can't..I Have Covid-19!" Scorpion" Stay over there!" Sub-Zero": Ok no problem" hahahaha!!! :-)

  • Anthony Kirkwood
    Anthony Kirkwood

    That "get over here" is a bit shit.

  • RJ

    Does kano have the cyber eye on the left side? 1:19

  • KrispyHD

    Kano is gonna be great with that Australian accent.

  • Joe Milner
    Joe Milner

    That “get over here” and was hella suspect, was he drunk?

  • Donald Mullis
    Donald Mullis

    Sub Zero is a beast

  • Михаил Долиненко
    Михаил Долиненко

    Почему Соня спецназ в одной монанде с преступником Кано???

  • Stefan tesic
    Stefan tesic

    I dont like, too many Blacks in movie.

    • Franco Cari
      Franco Cari


  • Riley Borgstadt
    Riley Borgstadt



    Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion is epic :Uchu kara no messeji: Ginga taisen, Ninja in the Dragon's Den, The Last Samurai, Ring, etc And in the future in Mortal Kombat and Army of the Dead. One of the coolest 60 year old on the planet.

  • Davis Gaming- Let's Plays!
    Davis Gaming- Let's Plays!

    "get over heeereeeee!" Sub Zero: "I can't i have covid!" Scorpion: "Stay over there.....6 feet please!"

  • Javier Redding
    Javier Redding

    So Kano wacks nightwolf?? Haha what a spoiler

  • Csaba K
    Csaba K

    I am a 90s kid, fan of the games and movies and I am not excited about this trailer at all, don't understand the hype either. The only thing people seem to like is the brutality of it and the CGI. The sounds, the actors, the pace and continuity of the trailer... How about that "get over here"? The signiture line of the game and the previous movies is used here dubbed by someone's grandma. I see this movie as one that will boast massive CGI, cheesy lines, political correctness and a lot of neutrality. It wont't be a movie for the 90s kids. And if I'm wrong, I will be the happiest to admit. Let's wait and see.

  • Polatkan Koçak
    Polatkan Koçak

    Beğenmedim. Oyuncular hiç iyi değil. Vin Diesel gbi kaslı oyunculara yer verilmeliydi

  • ghuddy7445

    Scorpion get over here was so cringy

  • Nick Turner
    Nick Turner

    For me "Get over here" is badass!!!!

  • joga D'n'B
    joga D'n'B

    Just hoping theyve still got the classic mk techno theme by the immortals from original movie.. ! But yeah looking good this is.. hope it dosent flop...

  • Bang Santos
    Bang Santos

    Joe Taslim

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    Can't wait! 🦂

  • iblixky -
    iblixky -

    I already kno it’s going my to disappoint me but I’m still going. To watch it

  • Waleed BS
    Waleed BS

    The casting is pretty much perfect

  • Aditya Murtandi P.
    Aditya Murtandi P.

    Finis him!!

  • Nick

    Trash trailer for trash movie

  • Lincoln Orcutt
    Lincoln Orcutt

    A trailer hasn't gave me goosebumps like this in a long time

  • The Rocker
    The Rocker

    New MK movies looks like fanmade with a cosplays) Doesn't feel like MK at all

  • Bence isme gerek yok.
    Bence isme gerek yok.

    If Subzero or Scorpion dies, the movie gets more criticized, after all they both have a fan base.

  • Gslayer Slays
    Gslayer Slays

    scorpions mask needs.... work..

  • cihan yaralioglu
    cihan yaralioglu

    The cover shot with the close up of eyes..AWESOME

  • Edenezes Da Silva
    Edenezes Da Silva


  • Joe Yung Tyunne
    Joe Yung Tyunne

    Decent!!!!! Game movies don't usually rock, but this is fire

  • Paula Lopez
    Paula Lopez

    I'm excited...Will "get over here" ever be's close though.

  • Baran Akkoç
    Baran Akkoç

    Wtf man

  • Lutfi Iskandar
    Lutfi Iskandar

    I can't wait 😁😁

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali

    Where’d Johnny cage!!!!!!’nnnnbbb m

  • Cosmin

    wtf, i think the "Get over here" line is the worst i heard in any movie or mortal kombat game

  • Black Drop
    Black Drop

    I smell cheese 🧀

  • Johnny TheClown
    Johnny TheClown

    im a total fan boy geeking out to fuck with this trailer!! never been so hyped in all my life

    • Johnny TheClown
      Johnny TheClown

      @zijuiy wttuy ikr?

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      Dame,, No Johnny Cage..

  • Cheezy McPardin
    Cheezy McPardin

    Joe Taslim for Oscar!!!

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      hahaha gears of war THE COLE TRAIN. What about quan chi?

  • Theo Touka
    Theo Touka

    Where is the SOOOONG

  • KGTPro

    "Get over here...!!"

  • Harrunson K
    Harrunson K

    The more I watch the trailer the better the movie look

  • the random gamer
    the random gamer

    i thought after the second movie the series was dead but this looks dope

  • wolfgang nation
    wolfgang nation

    So I guess the biggest question at hand is will the toasty guy jus randomly pop up during a fight scene

  • Nelson Kimmie
    Nelson Kimmie

    This is the best thing I've seen in years 😂

  • James_ Gaming
    James_ Gaming

    Poor jax



  • Justin Gary
    Justin Gary

    I think that's Cole fighting with the Ryu outfit on using fire even though most people think it's Liu Kang but I could be wrong since only Liu Kang does fire dragon moves

  • Marc Lim
    Marc Lim

    GET OVER HERE!!! you sexy youu..

  • Olanrewaju Ade-Vincent
    Olanrewaju Ade-Vincent

    My best 3 characters in MK all time 1. Liu Kang 2. Scorpion 🦂 3. Sub Zero

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers

    how come predator is not is this movie i mean he was in one of the games

  • Obiageli Adegbite
    Obiageli Adegbite

    Can't wait

  • Drumdogma

    I'd change my panties but...what's the point?

  • Toby Thornburg
    Toby Thornburg

    hahaha gears of war THE COLE TRAIN. What about quan chi?

  • Tim Seaton
    Tim Seaton

    Dame,, No Johnny Cage..

  • Nodir Mardonov
    Nodir Mardonov

    Where is kitana

  • Nodir Mardonov
    Nodir Mardonov


  • Josh Estes
    Josh Estes

    Sub zero better win

  • Craig Richardson
    Craig Richardson

    Kano is suppose to have black hair

  • Mark

    Always said they needed to remake this movie now with the cgi we have

  • Quinn Taylor
    Quinn Taylor

    Great looks as good as the last one

  • kolisionn

    Goddamn this looks badass!!

  • Timara Marie
    Timara Marie


  • Light-wolf Red
    Light-wolf Red

    Liu Kang better do that turkey gobble noise when he does the bicycle kick

    • s Crutches
      s Crutches


  • Wiliam Palmer
    Wiliam Palmer

    Scorpion so you have the power to use ice subzero no I BEND water and your blood scorpion well guess I'll die

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    How it feels to chew 5 gum 0:25

  • MustardTiger89

    Scorpion "GET TO THE CHOPPER"..

  • Jazz

    Got to see the liu kang's flying fire kick and bicycle kick

  • Prikolist UA
    Prikolist UA

    Тони Джа во тема

  • Connor Wolfe
    Connor Wolfe

    They made it seem like subzero was the bad guy for once Edit: Oh wait, that’s bi Han isn’t it

  • Prophet

    Wtf is that raiden are u fucking me?

  • Rokesha

    I'm so here for that. Love me some mortal kombat