Most Unpredictable Match In Football History
Most Unpredictable Match In Football History

  • Hamzah

    Wasit tolol Son di kotak penalti disenggol sampe jatuh kok,malah dikasih kartu kuning ? Tolol emang .

  • Shara Cryder
    Shara Cryder

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  • Phương Linh 600K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com
    Phương Linh 600K Vào timbantinhvn CHẤM com

    05:15 Anh độc thân ah? phải hông đó? có e đây... 🍲

  • Favourite moments
    Favourite moments

    That goal keeper is a beast.

  • Penguin President
    Penguin President

    I won so much money hahahahhaa

  • Madan Tamang
    Madan Tamang

    That's the power of gambling world. thousand of dolor invest in German for betting



  • Daniel Becerra
    Daniel Becerra

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  • Tapi Kago
    Tapi Kago

    I am subscribing ur channel only for this video.❤️❤️


      Thank you so much buddy!

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • Diego Lara
    Diego Lara

    Mexico beat Germany and they thought that made them top notch, and that they would win the world cup. Then we found out that every team beat Germany that year, so nothing special beating Germany at their lowest point.

  • Nereus 24
    Nereus 24

    As a German. I really wished South Korea 🇰🇷 would have gotten the World Cup 😊.

  • Fresh notch
    Fresh notch

    হে মুমিনগণ, তোমরা ধৈর্য ও নামাযের মাধ্যমে সাহায্য প্রার্থনা করো, নিশ্চয়ই আল্লাহ ধৈর্যশীলদের সাথে রয়েছেন .. - সূরা আল বাকারা, আয়াত-১৫৩

  • saleh d
    saleh d

    South Korea, Japan, and Iran always playing great in world cups but teams like Saudi Arabia is an embarrassment for the entire Asia, they always awful and get a lot of goals!

  • Sabre Cruz
    Sabre Cruz

    Son understands German. An asset.


    As a Germany fan I'm just sad and depressed cause löw is still our coach... His tactics are so shit. I can't see Germany qualifying for the group stages


    Oh shit we didn't notice how much werner missed then

  • Liviu Parausanu
    Liviu Parausanu

    south koreea can win matches without the referee's help... that's new...

  • vai brother's group
    vai brother's group

    Bad luck Germany man ... they tried their level best but luck factor didn't work

  • Juliette Ellie
    Juliette Ellie

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  • Conejosshop

    I remember watching this live AS A MEXICAN MAN THE EMOTIONS!

  • RBlawgs

    One of the happiest days of my life as a football fan

  • Muhamad Rizqi Al Ayyubi
    Muhamad Rizqi Al Ayyubi

    Imaging that wear the red jersey is indonesian

  • rcmanization

    nah, this was NOT the most unpredictable game in football history lol. it was a nice game, but there's been a lot more unpredictable games.

  • J B
    J B

    german trainer after 10th missed opportunity.. fuck it, you guys won, we're forfeiting :D

  • raabdj

    That was the last time they let Timo Werner run shooting practice.

  • gooju

    South Korea actually got really lucky gg tho very good game

  • Aaron Liu
    Aaron Liu

    lol, Korean did a great job to find out the weakness of German, sounds biased from the british hosts


    If the s. Korean goalkeeper isn't there next year, Imma won't support justice

  • Mazikeen Gray
    Mazikeen Gray

    That South Korean GoalKeeper was so damn good....

  • Alan Rodriguez
    Alan Rodriguez

    Mexicans will never forget this match 🎉

  • Eric Lie
    Eric Lie

    Lol whyyyy the keeper so far out from goal post 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris

    Germany played horrible this game. Really showed the WC champion hangover

  • Pigs Trotters
    Pigs Trotters

    The VAR was from Samsung

  • Lithanel

    I am half Korean living in Germany. Normally I root for both team, but this game was very satisfying to watch, since most of the German people and even the German media was disrespecting South Korea and acted like the game was already won before the actual game even started. Everyone was so shocked after this game. Don't count your chickens before they even hatched.

  • saroj kandel
    saroj kandel

    No worries...always +ve...losing and winning so its called Game... that's the same cheers

  • geem popo
    geem popo


  • Just Airplaneees
    Just Airplaneees

    how embarrasing is it for the linesman to have a wrong offside call

  • Ixo H
    Ixo H

    That cheating bastard SON dives and get a yellow. Not suprise.

  • 아이

    펄 ~ 럭

  • Tyler Lo
    Tyler Lo

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  • Joseph Terry
    Joseph Terry

    watched this live, couldnt believe my eyes

  • geoffrey BT
    geoffrey BT


  • Go Home and get your shinebox
    Go Home and get your shinebox

    Korean drama with a good ending!

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • Samsson Tötterström
    Samsson Tötterström

    You can now change the title, since Denmark - Finland was the most unpredictable.

    • Noc Chãotic
      Noc Chãotic


  • Patryk Zielinski
    Patryk Zielinski


  • thiddi thörtrich
    thiddi thörtrich

    German here and I need to say something to the ppl that say the Korean Goalkeeper was amazing. No he was not. Our team was just crap in attacking. Look at all those shots, eather they were all besides the goal or directly on the Goalkeeper. Werner was and is still crap, gomez was way beyond his good days, we just had no striker like Germany used to have in the past 80 years. Now it's 2021 and European Cup starting and I tell you now, we will have the same problem as in 2018. We have still no striker. No team would have taken Werner to the European Cup after he played such a bad season on chalsea. He is not able to shoot a goal, even if there's no Goalkeeper in it. This generation just doesn't have a Striker, it's a sad fact.

  • yeezy tao
    yeezy tao

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  • Sagnik Mitra
    Sagnik Mitra

    7:09 - Being a mad Brazilian fan, I so much love this moment ❤️

  • Joseph kasonde
    Joseph kasonde

    The goal keeper for the Korean 👌

  • gla diator
    gla diator

    Korean defense in this game was like an Indian movie

  • BlueAversion

    I remember Chris Sutton on the BBC website live text calling Neuer a disgrace for playing upfield as Germany chased an equaliser in injury time. Clearly Chris Sutton failed to realise that the difference between 1-0 and 2-0 for Germany at that point was negligible. There was no issue in what Neuer was doing as his side needed to throw everything at getting a goal back.

  • Möth Fizz
    Möth Fizz

    that discord server with 10 mexican people i was in:

  • raymanragman

    This is good refree. He don't make decision before reviewing it throughly. Unlike the unqualified refreree from japan who disgrace himself for awarding panelty to a player who dive far from any players. I am referring to asia world qualifying match between malaysia and vietnam held yrsterday. So that you be aware the referee name is sato. He should be banned.

  • TJ’s Toys
    TJ’s Toys

    This is why we play the game. I really enjoyed the highlights.

  • Danny Cosmos
    Danny Cosmos

    France needs to be worried

  • Filip

    proof that good defending can win you games. All you need is one chance. Sublime defending and world class goalkeeping from south koreas third? goalkeeper.

  • TrumpetFunk

    The worst german Team ever...

  • Munya Sakarombe
    Munya Sakarombe

    What’s the name of the song at the end? Thank you

    • Munya Sakarombe
      Munya Sakarombe

      @ROYAL BLUE omd you’re amazing, thank you!!


  • Jancliford Yncierto
    Jancliford Yncierto

    One of the biggest upset not only in the World Cup history, but in the history of the game as a whole.

  • Sehun's legal wife
    Sehun's legal wife

    This is one of the worst games I watched. what was this lmao

  • Bas Hauwert
    Bas Hauwert

    I love to see a german cry

  • mayvb49

    The thing was, had Mexico won against Sweden, SK's win would have been more of a history

  • Sunil S
    Sunil S

    A big slap to german's arrogant team.I was so happy to see the Germans fan on that day.😂😂😂😀😀😀😂😂

  • Sebyy_

    Korea is soo good at defending

  • MoonXu

    people are saying that nobody is talking about the South Korean GK but everyone is talking about the South Korean GK 😀

  • youn호완

    한국인 없냐 시벌...

    • 좀비총각


  • YaBoiGeo _10
    YaBoiGeo _10

    I still love watching this game

  • ああああ


  • Germain Teh
    Germain Teh

    still remember mesut ozil played this game as if he is non-existent

    • a a
      a a


  • 구기홍

    코엑스에서 본 최고의 삼성동의 그날 밤. 최고였징

  • deeznuts

    best game of the world cup. seeing germany losing is always pure joy

  • Tarik Jahid
    Tarik Jahid

    all love to south korea from morocco, it was so satisfying

  • Andrew Lane
    Andrew Lane

    So Werner has always been a bad finisher. I thought it was a new thing

  • kim zim
    kim zim

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  • Gwyn James
    Gwyn James

    The goalie was awesome great win,love to see Germany beaten 😀

  • PS4.GameTV

    94 Worldcup 2-3 Germany W / 2002 semi 0-1 Germany W / 2018 Worldcup Korea 2-0 Germany

  • Subash Shrestha
    Subash Shrestha

    i remember this match bcoz i lost betting big time 🤣

  • 백지헌


  • Darryl Pittman
    Darryl Pittman

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    zhao wenhao

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  • Ngọc Ánh 700K Vào Henho24h xyz
    Ngọc Ánh 700K Vào Henho24h xyz

    02:30 Trời đổ mưa rồi sao anh chưa đổ em ? 🥖

  • Zsolt Danszkai
    Zsolt Danszkai

    As a Brasilian i must say.... i loved this video 😈 hehehe

  • iFraudNano

    punishment for leaving Sane home

  • 68Warpigs

    This never gets old :D

  • blackjetski555

    Cameroon, Senegal, Iceland, South Korea... it's moments like this that make International tournaments the greatest.

  • Abdul Basit Siddiq
    Abdul Basit Siddiq

    4:43 - I hate the way he opens his big mouth

  • Abdul Basit Siddiq
    Abdul Basit Siddiq

    3:40 penalty or free-kick for Korea. Instead of that, yellow card shown to 'H.M Son' (7). What a shit piece of umpiring!

  • maximanimo

    5:38 Konichiwa !

  • payal subramanium
    payal subramanium


  • Lone Basit
    Lone Basit

    And they blamed OZIL

  • Mariel Ang
    Mariel Ang

    Korea did well damn

  • Nathan Berry
    Nathan Berry

    Refs were helping Germany all game

  • Big Don
    Big Don

    That’s karma for the 7-1 Brazilian defeat.

  • Dark Zero48
    Dark Zero48

    I'm watching Germany absolutely destroyed Brazil in world cup. And I missed this match. Fuck me.

  • Zia Ramadhani
    Zia Ramadhani

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  • 멀어져


  • Irshad Ali
    Irshad Ali

    The loss was so painful that last world cup they won.

  • Abdul Ghafur
    Abdul Ghafur

    Ozil created more chances... sad to see him retired

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