NBA "999 IQ" MOMENTS showcases some of the smartest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as LeBron James, Chris Paul, LaMelo Ball, Stephen Curry and many more basketball geniuses!

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  • KingSwish

    Who is your guys' favourite player in The NBA 🤔

    • K RoseBoss
      K RoseBoss

      Kawhi Leonard Mr.12 Rings

    • Eethan Adamson
      Eethan Adamson

      @Owura Appiah Same

    • Roco Gonzalez
      Roco Gonzalez


    • MuteENT


    • Pepe Perez
      Pepe Perez

      James Harden

  • 太田上田大好きっ子


  • Top Shot
    Top Shot

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  • Milkcrate

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  • William Springer
    William Springer

    Anyone realize that Clint capela should’ve won most improved player in Houston

  • Uitumen Tugs
    Uitumen Tugs

    these are not the fucking IQ, u better know this

  • K RoseBoss
    K RoseBoss

    Kawhi Leonard Mr.12 Rings

  • Tine Zakotnik
    Tine Zakotnik

    Smartest teams: nuggets, lakrrs, hornets

  • Artem Maximov
    Artem Maximov

    The probable adapter impressively scare because aftershave simultaneously pause qua a tasty vietnam. nebulous, needless pvc

  • Tanner Tillie
    Tanner Tillie

    lebrons move at around :30 was so slow

  • ItzDavid1K

    Did you put this on slo-mo?

  • wodahs

    So basically Trae Young and the Hawks?

  • Flimsyzozixyz Flimsyzozixyz
    Flimsyzozixyz Flimsyzozixyz

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    luwen Hu

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  • Chan -ID
    Chan -ID

    Naaiiisss :)

  • subfune jalefnic
    subfune jalefnic

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  • Roco Gonzalez
    Roco Gonzalez

    Most of these are just good plays not 999+ IQ stuff

  • Milkcrate

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  • Cheyenne

    Tournoi Vidéo Demi Finales Match 1 : Solaize Sports Basket - HRposts

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

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  • The Transit Prodigy
    The Transit Prodigy

    5:12 How do you get crossed by a euro step? 💀💀💀💀💀


    2:14 Russ still searching for that ball today

  • Daddy Dagger
    Daddy Dagger

    That luka pass was insane

  • mjk frt
    mjk frt

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  • Codee Vicente
    Codee Vicente


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    Jennifer Smith

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    Matthew Valles

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    Smith Kenny

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    Chris George

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  • hn ic
    hn ic

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Gabriel Johnson


  • travis graham
    travis graham

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  • r perov
    r perov

    how tf those forwards even catch this balls. their synergy with passers is awesome.

  • huh968

    best play: 1:52 best pass: 6:48

  • Tina Toofer
    Tina Toofer

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    reckless bose

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  • Valentino Molina
    Valentino Molina

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    Scott Stacey

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    Rohan Mathews

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    Ken Little

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  • Sashok Fokin
    Sashok Fokin

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  • Trey Dunn
    Trey Dunn

    No way Lebron moving the ball around his waist is a high IQ moment LOL

  • clg soren
    clg soren

    you couldnt make this more clickbaity if you fucking tried might as well title it 'heres a bunch of behind the back passes'

  • Zhuorong Liu
    Zhuorong Liu

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    Alexandra Martin

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  • Hey This Is Rob
    Hey This Is Rob

    as a pacer fan, 0:40 is more of a 0.0 IQ play by the defense.

  • Kris

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    Joel Rodriguez

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    Kai W-Hardy

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    Steven Alex

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  • Rene Arcilla
    Rene Arcilla

    very few high IQ moments more like best assists..good compilation though.

  • Kingsley Bridgforth
    Kingsley Bridgforth

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  • 14GoOdLiFe

    Click bait... Just the first lebrick pass shows this was made by someone with an USA iq standard...

  • SL1CK

    3:12 thats a travel

  • Life Talks
    Life Talks

    So, every full court pass is 999+ iq.. ight!

  • Ryan Ericson
    Ryan Ericson

    0:22 nice to know you're a bronsexual this didn't fake anyone out bruh

  • Ashford

    is it just me or ben looks like kyle

  • onidemoni

    Disgusted by how little cp3 plays there are in this. If i think about a smart player its cp3 and that one play that was in there was not even good lol he does plays like that 5 times a game like what

  • Lorenzo Paul
    Lorenzo Paul

    Damn CP3 in the thumbnail but no clips???

  • Jameel Batarseh
    Jameel Batarseh

    Most of these are just flashy passes not IQ plays

  • JDeLorenzo D
    JDeLorenzo D

    2:55 worst uniforms ever?

  • BankShot BasketBall
    BankShot BasketBall

  • simp

    0:01 who also thought that it got blocked?

  • Davyd Lima
    Davyd Lima

    4:33 Jesus... He gave this pass with desgust

  • The Tiger Den Podcast
    The Tiger Den Podcast

    3 mins in and less than half of these clips are what i'd call high IQ moments. i mean some definitely are, but, weird choices bro.

  • Wilor360

    999+ IQ

  • Jerome Robinson
    Jerome Robinson

    7:14 how is that 999 IQ it's literally just a pass lol

  • Scarrexisreal

    I'm gonna say it. LaMelo's spin wasn't that impressive.

  • ṨtellRχツ

    why after watch this i destroyed my friends who block all my shots on 3 vs 1 i do what i waanted to do with them: All types of dunks, Almost all type of layups, Jumpshots, Threes we were playing to 150 points idk why.

  • Dioris Isaac Peña mateo
    Dioris Isaac Peña mateo

    esto es una mierda

  • sloppystreamer

    man if i hear one more toxic poop ad ima loose it

  • easy soft
    easy soft

    Campazzo’s vision 🥶

  • Drew Coleman
    Drew Coleman

    Jamal Murray literally did the 2k spin back

  • Mario Decierra
    Mario Decierra

    I've already watched 80% of the content from your previous videos

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan

    All of these plays in NBA r AWESOME.

  • Rega Ton
    Rega Ton

    3:07 me fake dying in front of a school shooter

  • shitpost sin sentido
    shitpost sin sentido

    3:07 😂

  • -Maxten

    4:00 draymond cant shoot so i literally thought it was gonna be a fake shot to actual pass lmaoo

    • First Wave
      First Wave

      He can make some

  • -Maxten

    3:10 i first saw paul pierce do that, good move

  • truth truth
    truth truth

    Where is Nikola Jokić? his basketball IQ is probably the best in NBA

  • Kapci Yunus
    Kapci Yunus

    For me the best player is lebron

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey

    Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research ..

  • Dimljeni losos
    Dimljeni losos

    It hurts me to see no assists from Milos Teodosic

  • Will Woods
    Will Woods

    man i dont like Trae Young all that much, but he does some things here and there that are alright

    • James McAllister
      James McAllister

      looks like his team has a good chance to win a playoff series this year

  • Zidane F
    Zidane F

    no one has ever had even 300 iq if those guys could read they would be upset

  • breme

    Bruh that first play I thought Luka got blocked LMAO


    I mean come on. Who has better iq than westbroo- -Lebron walks in What was I saying?

  • Balto J
    Balto J


  • Jay X.
    Jay X.

    2:26 that's actually a travel

  • JasTheKariol

    If you want to see above "999 IQ" go look for a video with Ginobili's passes.