NF - Leave Me Alone
Official music video for “Leave Me Alone” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
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  • Floating Oreo Demon!
    Floating Oreo Demon!

    My favourite songs. Leave me alone. Paid my dues. Why.

  • Floating Oreo Demon!
    Floating Oreo Demon!

    I’m a huge fan NF!!

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Anyone else getting m&m vibes

    • Familiariuss

      The candy bruh???

  • monkey dave
    monkey dave

    Nf invisible - ‘leave me alone’

  • Delavi

    Besides Tupac and dmx mostly white guys rap on issues and it's basically therapeutic

  • nagito simp
    nagito simp

    i just found this guy and i wish i found him sooner

  • NeonXR

    4:00 I like this part So persistent Dont forget this Hold the tension Soul is bending No pretending Open ended Low percentage So demented Whole consensus Flow tremendous No apprentice No incentive Show intensive So possessive Tone aggressive Watch your step when I

  • K.A.X__Destiny

    Bro nf the s s undreated

  • teodulo Cuellar Gonzalez
    teodulo Cuellar Gonzalez

    Is beautiful

  • Samira Rrry
    Samira Rrry

    Amazing 👌❤️🇩🇿🤟

  • Kristina Bartasevic
    Kristina Bartasevic


  • Big Con, the random dude with lots of talents
    Big Con, the random dude with lots of talents

    unskipable ads: exist me when I get one: 1:49

  • Billy-jean chard
    Billy-jean chard


  • App1eMacBook

    Nice song dude

  • Mc Christian Mamaoag
    Mc Christian Mamaoag

    Eminem is not the fastest rapper because the words he makes it fast doesn't makes sense Nathan john is just a fast rapper

  • Mc Christian Mamaoag
    Mc Christian Mamaoag

    Nathan john is Making my life better

  • BWF Badminton
    BWF Badminton

    World didn't see fastest rapper like nf

  • Rado Sterk
    Rado Sterk

    I dont know how this man does it but every time i hear his song that i didnt hear yet it instantly becomes my fav

  • S Taka
    S Taka

    scheiss alter hab ich da watt verpasst watt ein flow erstma NF nachholen

  • Shadyn Ungos
    Shadyn Ungos

    For the longest time I thought he said "fan called" and not "fame"

  • Jacob Coleman
    Jacob Coleman

    2:26 i wanna say this to everyone who messes with me while im playing xbox

  • Jacob Coleman
    Jacob Coleman

    this is how i feel all the time when im playing xbox LEAVE ME ALONE

  • Jacob Coleman
    Jacob Coleman

    love this song

  • Mnl lrbi
    Mnl lrbi

    Eminem vibe

  • Katy Brian
    Katy Brian

    When you call someone half expecting this song to play 00:00

  • depression

    NF is all i listen to now he just gets it

  • Bo Bailey
    Bo Bailey

    Is there a story in these videos???????

    • Purpose

      Yeah something like that

  • Michael De Armon
    Michael De Armon

    Why does he keep pulling/pushing shopping carts? Does he feel like he should be homeless or something?

    • Nikki

      They are helping pull his burdens (balloons)

  • letz go_explore
    letz go_explore

    The director of NF music videos be like you don't want cool Lambos and gold bars then NF be like no I want shopping carts and balloons LOL but seriously I love NF

  • Naomi Stanton
    Naomi Stanton

    Your a god at songs

  • Purple Skyez
    Purple Skyez

    The Dark Carnival!! Relatable in so many ways I will not mention here. Though I like how he looked in the window and didn't see anybody like "what the flip!?" at 1:10. Looney haha. But real all the same.

  • raipur1234raipur

    Eminem 2

    • Purpose

      Nah, first NF

  • Jaxi

    مره كيت

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    Don't mind me I'm just randomly listening to NF's songs until he drops another one.

    • Purpose

      You can listen to this one too

  • Yasmin Müller
    Yasmin Müller

    Wherever I am, nf is with me with his music 🥰 I love his music more than something else ❤️

  • gasser55t

    Being "autistic " is a cursed life. All we want to give is love but get hurt to the soul. Then I try to fit in, but its All lies on both sides. Nobody wins. All hope is lost on "people" for good this time. I really don't see the point of "living " if nobody is 100% honest, and able to prove it. Not speaking Metaphorically, obviously 🙄. Only people who "know", know 🤨. The frustration is just not worth what we get back. But at least I fit into a category of "people", finally. I wish I could laugh about it.

    • Blah Blah
      Blah Blah

      I gave my life to Jesus and I’m doing things I’ve never thought I could. If your like me I’d want you to give your life to him cause with him you can do all things. God bless you

  • Emily

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE. I was at a point where I was literally ready to throw in the towel. Years of therapy from childhood trauma, nothing helped.Medication after medication... I felt my mind was irreparably broken. Just a big lump of damaged goods. Then I found NF. I couldnt ever figure out how to describe to my therapist what's going on in my head, so I would go through his songs and write down all the stuff he described I related too so I could finally properly communicate what I was experiencing.. Anyways... After peeling back all the layers of the onion AT 25!!! I just found out my OCD and ADD were just underlying issues and that Im actually Autistic. With a sprinkle of PTSD from childhood traumas. (Yeah I'm a shit show, deal with it 😎) While that probably sounds depressing it's actually AMAZING!!! I finally have resources and information I never had before. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I don't feel so crazy anymore. God Bless you NF! Thank you for sharing your story. I don't have social media so this is the only way I know how to try to thank you. -Emily

    • Emily

      @Jakub Kolembus Hey I really appreciate that, Thank you! Love and light ❤️

    • Jakub Kolembus
      Jakub Kolembus

      What a story! I´m with you, never give up

  • starla

    Did anyone else see that theres another person in all black pushing a cart with black balloons on it behind him? Or is it just me

  • LK sticky
    LK sticky

    Yh yh wheres my mano hout

  • Android Box
    Android Box

    wh6 all illuminated

  • Rachelle Woodhouse
    Rachelle Woodhouse

    Love his 🎶....

  • Rachelle Woodhouse
    Rachelle Woodhouse

    I love him. 💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡....

  • Tara Coots
    Tara Coots


  • Dewey VEE
    Dewey VEE


  • SSK 718
    SSK 718

    Tell the truth and shame the devil

  • Tabitha Walford
    Tabitha Walford

    I don't know where I would be without you Nate...

  • Grace Idk
    Grace Idk

    He was at like 1.0 M to 3.5 M and now he like 7. Something M and 71 views damn

  • EtoMisha



    Ayyyyy anybody still listening in 2021😃👋🏻❤️

  • Helious

    Me: puts on my headphones to listen everyone in a 100 mile radius: tries to talk to me "Quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, quiet, leave me alone!"

    • Elijah Del Bosque
      Elijah Del Bosque

      @illusiqn same lol

    • illusiqn

      I just read that in sync with the song 😂

  • Audrey Simmons
    Audrey Simmons



    Im still fucking searching. The search continues.


    There now leave me alone.


    Bout damn time.

  • Alejandra Paz
    Alejandra Paz

    Fame has terrible taste if he hated this Sheeeeeee

  • Lisa Utley
    Lisa Utley

    It's me again I can't think of anyone else to say hello to

  • Taylor Cook
    Taylor Cook

    Shoutout to my weird obsession with abandoned theme parks for leading me to this song 🔥

  • Munkhbayar

    Everyone who reads this, we don't know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world

    • Sophia Hagerty
      Sophia Hagerty

      You too 🥺🥺❤️

    • nagito simp
      nagito simp

      thanks my guy

    • Jathin Bono
      Jathin Bono

      Likewise bro

    • Oloa gamers ##1
      Oloa gamers ##1

      Thanks man you all nf fans are like family

    • S Taka
      S Taka

      best wishes back .....beste wünsche und grüsse zurück aus Dortmund

  • Devin Harrison
    Devin Harrison

    Or worse

  • Yucan 541
    Yucan 541

    ♪♪RaP GoD Remix♪♪

  • Ek_Ek Tv
    Ek_Ek Tv

    He's just like Neffex, so under rated.😇♥️

  • Elijah Anderson
    Elijah Anderson


  • Dan1el

    Me: *Listens to NF Anxiety: Ok, you have 5:12 minutes *walks away *Me who listens to the whole album Anxiety: Hey, stop. Me: No.

  • future marine
    future marine

    Nf deserves alot of attention and his songs make me cry and keep my head up and keep me going

  • Kayla Woodall
    Kayla Woodall

    God he’s so slept on.. honestly he’s helped me fight my PTSD. This man deserves so much more ❤️❤️🐐🐐

  • Sean Erbse
    Sean Erbse

    Sleep. Well. Jennifer

  • Dominic Wood
    Dominic Wood

    Who’s still listening

  • Jasmin Russaw
    Jasmin Russaw



    Nate thank you I love your songs they help me with a lot of emotional depression ,I hate myself but your songs help me it takes the pressure of my chest and again thxs

  • Nick Acket
    Nick Acket

    When the police knocks on your door because u've been blasting way too loud:

  • H4ppY xenpai
    H4ppY xenpai

    I love you!

  • TheDtadr

    NF: "im kinda famous" Also NF: 7.11M Subscribers

  • Solomka

    Браааааат,ну ооооочень круто! Прям пиздато! 😼💣💪🏻🔥💥💢

  • Diego Avila
    Diego Avila

    Everytime I hear this song I always think I'm butt dialing someone

  • MA Huda
    MA Huda

    i just discovered NF and can't find one song i don't like. love how doesn't use any profanity and still get his message strong. Beautiful, artistic and clean

    • Alex

      Yup...I usually can't listen to rap because the swearing and other "profanity" turn me off, but this guy just cuts through all that and goes straight to the heart of the issue. I haven't heard anything better in a long time.

  • Lorenz Cibenko
    Lorenz Cibenko

    Story of our lives; except for the celebrity part

  • Mufsa

    what do the black balloons represent in his videos?

    • Nikki

      @Mufsa no problem! 🖤

    • Mufsa

      @Nikki oh ok thanks

    • Nikki

      They represent his burdens. In the search he explained that. The part where he mentions burdens and said “well i brought a few with me” and the camera angles different to show the balloons more

  • tien nhat
    tien nhat

    this is a real rap

  • Zenobia Allen
    Zenobia Allen


  • Zenobia Allen
    Zenobia Allen


  • Zenobia Allen
    Zenobia Allen


  • Shawnaries Man
    Shawnaries Man

    This guy is a genius

  • Joshua parrish
    Joshua parrish

    Y’all are missing the point he is crying out

  • L. Million
    L. Million

    Nf songs was made for the joker movie bro how come I did not hear on in there

  • Uğur Cebeci
    Uğur Cebeci

    Just NF and his Cart

  • Liam Thomson
    Liam Thomson

    I wish people would leave me be 😠😡🤬😠😡🤬

  • Amar Kharidia
    Amar Kharidia

    Is it me or does NF use the best props in his music videos. Og

  • zᗪxνιใツ

    Behind the scenes of NF’s song “ The Search “.

  • StrangeMather

    So clear and no swears this is fire i mean its a revolution to teach those who think rap is just swears and stuff and he punched Eminem with respect u can feel that he is respecting Eminem but yet he just broke Eminem. Respect... I MEAN I CANT LISTEN AND DONT GET GOOSEBUMPS

  • Danger Bots
    Danger Bots

    Wwwww wait I didn't hear any cuss words in whole song 😮😮😮😮

  • Sizzlac Pro
    Sizzlac Pro

    uff what that new eminem or what xD

  • Eva Večeřová
    Eva Večeřová


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    So this is that power level I was sensing...😏

  • Enrique ___
    Enrique ___

    Leave me alone


    Doe anybody know what the symbolism of the music video means.

  • TheRealKB

    That's what I tell my grouphome every day "quiet quiet quiet leave me alone"

  • Jb'z life
    Jb'z life

    Nf keep it up man you are my favorite rapper you are sick i so suprised that you are not tending yet

  • Alec GameZ
    Alec GameZ

    What I’m like to my little bother. Leave me alone

  • FioFoxGamer

    Yea fame would treat me da same XD


    It was today I discovered NF. I feel so lucky. This guy is so talented and captivating..... Any recommendations on other songs, albums, freestyles ????


      @Nikki highly appreciated! You're an amazing Fan... I hope I enjoy the Nate journey as much as you... so far it's been incredible and wow what a phenomenal artist. Respect for this

    • Nikki

      This is for anyone new who may want to take the NF journey as we call it because he intertwines his music like marvel movies. All four albums is like a connected series. For instance in his when i grow up song, paid my dues, leave me alone, and why song, the black smile is the fake smile that he mentions in therapy session song. He hides eggs in his videos. In when i grow up song there was two hidden eggs in that song. A black balloon by the trash cans and in burger joint he grabbed at receipt that had the date and time of when his song time was being released. In the search song he had cage in background he rapped in from his outcast song. Here is the song order: Mansion Album: Intro All I have Mansion Wake Up Paralyzed Notepad Therapy Session Album: Intro 2 Therapy Session I just wanna know How could you leave us-have tissues nearby. Grown men reactors have shed tears on this one Real song- (he pays homage to lil wayne in this song feed me rappers or feed me beats) Oh Lord- this song gets referred to in returns two albums later. Great song Statement (he pays homage to eminem and drake in this song) Warm Up -single (hype song) Green lights (pay attention to what he has written on the notepad at the end) Perception Album: Outro Intro 3 Outcast Know- pays homage to eminem and 21 pilots Destiny One hundred Let you down If you want love Remember this- 💎 Gems all over this track Single: No Name. This gets connected in leave me alone song an album later. Single: Why- he pays big homage to Big Sean as he uses his flow from bounce back in this and mentions Big Seans name and his album I decided. (This isnt nates flow he says) Also he has a ton of eggs like Dont mess with real music written on walls. Pay attention to all the writing. Additionally, Big Sean paid homage back in harder than my demons song he had the black balloons in it among other things Search Album: Whole album should be listened to but you can choose which you would like to do: The search (video) When I grow up (video) Leave me alone (video) Change My stress Nate Time (video) Returns- (hype song) one of his best for flow switches and word play Only Let me go Interlude then I hate myself song I miss the days No excuses (hype song) Like this Options (hype song) Thinking Trauma singing only song. Amazing song His paid my dues song is one of the last songs you should listen to. It was to the awful article rolling stones put out because the writer was a big chance the rapper fan and was pissed NF took number one spot. Over 400 people bashed that writer in the comments lol Chasing -demo he did with a fan. This is the last one to listen to. Also there is many good songs not on this list like Dreams, you’re special ect if you like him then take the time and go back through and listen through them all at some point. His lost in the moment song was just used for the promo for the new show called the equalizer starring Queen Latifah.

    • Mike D
      Mike D

      start from the beginning and enjoy the journey🔥🔥, The first album is Mansion.