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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
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  • Palak Shreya
    Palak Shreya

    How someday you're so much and the other day ur nothing to them ...although u try really hard still things only get worse ......once damage done can't be undone😖😖

  • 2009 YOUTH
    2009 YOUTH

    NF is way better than Eminem hands down no cap

  • Yoosuf-Ali Timol
    Yoosuf-Ali Timol

    What i'm going through at this very moment in my relationship !! Word for word. Nf thank you for this one. Wow.

  • Kurt H
    Kurt H

    Who's the female singing?

    • Nikki

      @Kurt H 😂

    • Kurt H
      Kurt H

      @Nikki that's pretty cool. Was gonna say sounds kind of like Halsey lol!

    • Nikki

      Its NF. His voice is pitched. He does it with other songs too

  • Tramyer Mactavish
    Tramyer Mactavish

    Always depressed tryna to find a better version of me Searchin' for somethin' I know's prolly right in front of my feet

  • joker

    the music videos are sick

  • Sylvia Loomis
    Sylvia Loomis

    (Side note) I really enjoy this music video

  • Sylvia Loomis
    Sylvia Loomis

    This song is literally WORD FOR WORD what I’m going through currently 🥺 me and my boyfriend have been going through some hard times and I had Christian hip hop on pandora and this song came on while I was cleaning, and I was SHOOK. Every single word is what I’m going through. I feel like this is a sign from God to keep holding on. Thank you NF! this is a beautiful song and makes me cryyy

  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!

    NF rap with the Glory of GOD.

  • Lone Wolf Nergigante
    Lone Wolf Nergigante

    "Made a lot of mistakes I wish I known how to erase." Why I relate to this?


    sadboy :(

  • KS4U 5341
    KS4U 5341

    0% Cussing 0% Drugs 0% Nudity like at all 1000% Perfect Rap

  • Mahmoud beast
    Mahmoud beast

    مو قصدي اجرحك.. آسف❤

  • The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby

    A friend of mine that i met on the internet recommended me this. And im thankful i came here. If your seeing this Drei, thank you.

  • ATOMFitz

    Today I got rejected by this girl I really love. She says that I always make her feel bad and she says I'm not worth it. 😞😭 This song really helps me a lot. I always tell her she's beautiful but she replied "I feel like I wanna vomit, reading your text" That really hurts me a lot

    • ATOMFitz

      @Victor Alvarez Thank you so much for understanding. I really wish she could have understand me more. I hope the pain will be over soon.

    • Victor Alvarez
      Victor Alvarez

      I'm sorry, it happens to the best of us. I also got rejected recently and it was rough. The first thing I did when I read the deciding text from the guy I confessed to was putting on my headphones and listening to NF for half an hour straight. Getting over someone is like grieving, but the pain will go away eventually. I see you're into working out too, so do that if it helps you. Stay strong.

    • ATOMFitz

      @Legendary Som I've already apologies but still she denied. I dont know what to do man.

    • ATOMFitz

      @Legendary Som thank you so much bro. I really wish I could just erase all of the things I did wrong.

    • Legendary Som
      Legendary Som

      I am sorry man i hope one day she understand

  • Rakesh Ramkissoon
    Rakesh Ramkissoon

    I honestly think he is the next eminem. He's really good !!

  • Cody Stewart Singer
    Cody Stewart Singer

    I never noticed this... In the song “Why,” NF says: “Let You Down’s the only song you’ve heard of, well then you’re behind, story time.” Check out the last 2 words: “STORY” and “TIME.” 2 songs of his on his most recent albums. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it just hit me the other day 😁

  • Nicolás Martín Esteban
    Nicolás Martín Esteban

    Crema de potasio 😎👍

  • L!ght

    Best. Reverse. Video.

  • k star 7 Mmbengwa
    k star 7 Mmbengwa


  • samo straka
    samo straka

    Damn I missed this song

  • YukioMustang

    I love NF. I love how he doesn't push what he believe onto the listener, instead a lot of songs talk about how it's HIS solution not everyone's solution. I also love how he can make songs that are relatable.

  • Dawn Munn
    Dawn Munn

    little girl: what’s on your arm? me: they’re battle scars. little girl: you fought in a war? me: yeah. a long and hard one. little girl: that’s so cool! can i get one? me: no. please do not ever get any. but i’ll tell you what. whenever you see someone else with battle scars, i want you to hug them. okay? can you promise me? little girl: yes. i promise. a few days later we went on a short shopping spree. suddenly the little girl let go of my hand and ran up to another random teenager teen: why are you hugging me? little girl: because.. (*points*) you have battle scars just like my babysitter. the teen looked up at me, and i rolled up my sleeves to show her. with tears in her eyes, she said one thing to me.. teen: my war is far from being finished right now, but i am not done fighting. she bends down at eye level with the little girl teen: thanks for giving me the strength to keep . you are forever my war hero. ⚠️ this is not my story, but i saw it somewhere else and decided to share it too because i want you to do the same to anyone with “battle scars” ⚠️ I need everyone to pass this on

    • Claire de lune
      Claire de lune

      @Ezekiel Hoeldtke You are IN NO WAY a failure, I don't even believe in fails. There are only experiences and lessons in your life, you never FAIL something - except the macaroons I left in the oven this morning shiiiiiiit - (well at least I know I shouldn't let them that long in it). Everyone is different in their own way, everyone possess their own intelligence (by that I mean that there are manymanymany types of intelligence e.g. mathematical, musical, analysing, etc), having a different one from the others doesn't mean you're dumb. It works for everything you could consider as a fail in your life. You can't keep friends? It's because you haven't met THE right person/people to be yourself with. Your mental health is down? Probably, but if I hadn't been down myself I wouldn't be here trying to help you, and perhaps you'll even do the same later. It takes time to get better, and it's a long looooong journey. You are NOT are failure, you are a bunch of experiences that will help you grow stronger later, you are NOT a failure, you are yourself. And it's enough, no need to be original, no need to pretend to be someone you're not to please somebody else. You are truly worth it, once you see it yourself everything puts itself in the right place, you just need to see it. Now, don't cut yourself please, it only brings bad scars. How to stop that? Well, first you need to know WHY you do it precisely. Is it to feel alive because you feel dead inside? Is it a kind of punishment? Is it a 'help' sign? Once you've got your finger on why you do that, try to find a healthy alternative solution, e.g. if it's to feel alive, try to do something else, like intense sport, (which can also work as an alternative solution for the second reason if you don't like sport). I know it's like a drug and it's difficult, but throw away every blade, scissors etc and take a few days to cut you off of all the stress, the work and anxiety you can have in going to another place than your house (like a relative house? Perhaps a grandparent's house?) And if you're at school rn, you can ask to be hospitalised a few days too in psychiatry and you'll get a paper to miss school. I write a lot because I feel this is not something you get over with in two sentences, I believe in you, and you should believe in you too because you are worth it and I'm sure later you'll be able to wake up and say "I've been there and now I'm stronger than The Rock" (Er...well...perhaps you won't EXACTLY say that but you get my point) Also, try to find a goal that is achievable on the long term, like learning a language or workout or grow your hair, something that'll be worth the wait. It'll give you a valid reason (while you don't see yourself as a valid reason yet, even though you are) to wake up every morning and work it out :) Have a good day ❤

    • Ezekiel Hoeldtke
      Ezekiel Hoeldtke

      @Claire de lune I can't help it, I just sliced myself up. Why am I such a failure

    • Nizar Zulkafli
      Nizar Zulkafli

      @Ezekiel Hoeldtke that's why the title of the song was made. It's need Time. Everything need times. Be strong 💪🏼

    • Claire de lune
      Claire de lune

      @Ezekiel Hoeldtke I promise you we get out of it, it takes time and patience but we get out of it. Idk if it can help you but in my case it did: back in the days when I was suicidal, I wrote a letter to myself titled "dear suicidal me" and I imaginated myself ten years older, having a perfect life. I was describing it and pointing out how every bad thing in my life at that moment would get better and HOW they got better. From that, I worked hard on myself to achieve the 'better things in the future' following the advices I gave myself. It's always easier to advice someone else -in that case, your past self- and to follow your own advices, so both problems are resolved :) Have a nice day and I hope this could help you, take care ❤

    • Ezekiel Hoeldtke
      Ezekiel Hoeldtke

      I've been fighting for a while and I still have a long ways to go.

  • Yannik Einacker
    Yannik Einacker

    The video telling the lovestory backwards is a masterpiece.

  • Palak Shreya
    Palak Shreya

    A random stranger recommended me listen NF and m here and its been 3 hrs m listening all his songs😍😍 Good music Good voice Good rap 💗💗💗💗

  • n0 0n3
    n0 0n3

    when i grow up u know what i wanna be?

  • datmoneytho gaming 999
    datmoneytho gaming 999

    who was here before tiktok

  • Edmund Chan
    Edmund Chan

    well after 1 year + i have finally am able to say i’ve changed but a lot of other have changed too such as not being with you anymore 🥲

  • AthenaBallou

    This🙌 tugs at my heart, pulls the words out I couldn't find. It explains me. Smh, I found comfort in knowing even tho I am the only one with my past, I'm not alone with the emotions.

  • Mimi

    She was my first serious girlfriend. We were together for 1,5 year. I got some mental issues because of studying. I couldn't deal with stress, I felt lost. Because of my problems, I wasn't as good for her as I wanted to. She couldn't handle it and she left me. After two weeks she got new boyfriend. I still have her in my heart despite that she already healed herself and forgot about me. It's unfair. I will suffer for a long time while she is already happy. I can't forget about her, I can't leave her behind. I feel lonely like never before but I'm trying to fight. I'm trying to change myself, to change my mental, I'm trying to be the best version of me. Even if you did something that broke up your relationship don't feel guilty. If that person was meant for you, she would forgive you in the same way you would forgive her. Don't feel guilty, just go ahead and be the best version of you. Right people will come in the right time. You will be already prepared to give them your heart and best version of you.

    • Akm Alam
      Akm Alam


  • Jeffrey Paske
    Jeffrey Paske

    Carissa Elyse Terretti I miss you dearly. You are my Nala. My Harley. My favorite woman in the universe. Come back to me

  • Reshirex


  • jenna Bevins
    jenna Bevins

    this is my parents song. they believe it describes them perfectly.

  • Rin 愛しています
    Rin 愛しています


  • hello hi
    hello hi


  • Bryn Blanchard
    Bryn Blanchard

    Its not very often i find an artist where all the music they make is jammy, but nf has got something goin there dat boi's music slaps hard my dude

  • Robert C
    Robert C

    This is garbage.

    • Nikki

      @Robert C that fact you say that make me know even more you are just a salty troll. Go love on who you like then.

    • Robert C
      Robert C

      @Nikki This shit isn't even Music lol

    • Nikki

      Your comment is dumb. Salty troll for sure 😂😂

  • Sean Osull
    Sean Osull

    A wise man once said “when you are happy you enjoy the melody when you are sad you understand the lyrics”

    • John Austin
      John Austin


    • Avi Bosen
      Avi Bosen


    • Cian - Trex
      Cian - Trex

      So you made another comment lol

  • Ricky Pickles
    Ricky Pickles

    this dude is a genius one of the greatest of all time

  • João Carlos dos Santos
    João Carlos dos Santos

    Meu relacionamento está assim...

  • Markess Wright
    Markess Wright

    Is that bucky

  • Jemaje

    I like the way NF rapping, I heard a clear pronunciation and I can recognize him on the radio even though I don't know the song. He has a characteristic

  • Kylee Laybourn
    Kylee Laybourn

    I've heard this song before and didn't know who it was. Recently I watched lost. I had no idea it was the same artist until now, truly amazing

  • 0pingsoldier


  • Sharad Pradhan
    Sharad Pradhan

    Thank you NF.. From India

  • F.M. Goga
    F.M. Goga

    I don't listen to rap, but I'm glad I found NF. He's a very talented person and writes meaningful lyrics.

    • Namibia

      Next go on a country music song and write "I dont listen to country but" People like you require therapist it should be goverment funded

  • David Bubar
    David Bubar

    Christopher Nolan must've directed the music video

  • Stranger FA
    Stranger FA

    Time never stop like that NF music will never stop.

  • Empty Places 長崎
    Empty Places 長崎

    Lol bye?

  • Nelson Nazareno
    Nelson Nazareno

    Why is he underrated like wtf dude

  • Aitan Vaskovtsev
    Aitan Vaskovtsev

    This gives me so much 1-800 vibes from logic

  • Anh Do - Logo & Identity Designer
    Anh Do - Logo & Identity Designer

    One day, I will show this song to my future wife

  • Vvviola Llawyer
    Vvviola Llawyer

    NF 😀😀😀😎

  • colormeoopsie

    I love Nate, but my mom used this song as a reason to validate her staying with my abusive and severely toxic stepfather and so even tho the song is good its so hard to listen to.

  • Abdul wahab naik
    Abdul wahab naik

    Ayoooooo wtf this video is a master piece till this date

  • Jaostrong 88
    Jaostrong 88

    i need time and therpy too lol

  • MôōnFrøst YT
    MôōnFrøst YT

    happy bday NF!! love u so much man

  • Sterlo41

    Yoooooooooo I just now realized that this is NF. I legit had no idea, thought the first time I heard him was when I grow up like 2 months ago lol

  • Brooke Alexander
    Brooke Alexander

    Nf is the definition of "hey... I know that songg!"

  • shimon 55
    shimon 55

    This is the best song and video ever!!! From the beginning ‏till the end and everything in between

  • Kerry Smitty
    Kerry Smitty

    This song tho

  • Lwazi Nhlapo
    Lwazi Nhlapo

    Am I the only one who thinks NF is so underrated... He got skills no doubt

  • GRN gaming
    GRN gaming

    "The mirror is my best friend because when i cry it doesn't laugh" - Unknown

  • MIke Todd
    MIke Todd

    This is of my Favorites!!!! I F’ing LOVE This Song.... Perfection.... Total Ear Candy!!!!! 🍭 🍬 🍭 🍬🍭🍬

  • x3 Beast
    x3 Beast

    This Video hits different!!

  • craft MIne
    craft MIne


  • Patricia Mcmullen
    Patricia Mcmullen

    NF flows 💯perfectionist 👍 one greatest rapper in the world my love for You NF 💯✅👍✝️🙏

  • ZenBozzz Gaming
    ZenBozzz Gaming

    This is so amazing. Nf is an extremely talented rapper and he doesn't swear. I just wish I could see this music video in reverse🙂

  • Landon The Shinobi
    Landon The Shinobi

    I remember when this song first came out and me and my friend listened to it and loved it

  • This&that

    How have I listened to almost all his songs without knowing who he was

  • Chad Grillz
    Chad Grillz

    5th video in a row, Love when an artist gets you excited about music again, haven't felt this way since Earl Sweatshirt and Phonk music.

  • nate garner
    nate garner

    To autumn...

  • A.J. Antonitiis
    A.J. Antonitiis

    song checks off a lot of boxes.....all types of relationships...could swear that is Halsey doin' her thing @ 1:40

  • YAMI

    I have 0% time 0%comments 0%likes 100% reality

  • Za Loni
    Za Loni

    I think you don’t understand I’m............ Obsessed 🤩!!!!

  • BasicGamingTV

    Reversed falling in and out of love

  • BasicGamingTV

    I gotta pay attention to details in this video. You could see that they stopped sleeping together at one point.

  • 鲨鱼恐龙

    NF explains real life problems and you wont be able to understand the song if it never happen to you 🥺

  • Newlove Y. Kwarfo
    Newlove Y. Kwarfo

    Why do I feel like this song is dedicated to NF's wife... Say if I'm wrong 🙏

  • Sohel Mahmud
    Sohel Mahmud

    Yes, NF is a great influence!!

  • 2 Pabos
    2 Pabos

    he looks like tarzan

  • Lydia Cruz
    Lydia Cruz

    The instinctive railway endogenously sin because south korea technologically fold amidst a supreme cicada. damaging, shivering seal

  • yami haokip
    yami haokip

    Anyone in 2021😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Michael Pope
    Michael Pope

    It’s mad how shit just happens

  • Parker Stephens
    Parker Stephens

    There’s never been a more loving HRposts comments section than on NF songs 🙌

  • Nick Pergola
    Nick Pergola

    This is the same couple from "Story".

    • PmoneyyFN

      Yea ik that’s wierd

  • LB86

    I've heard this song for so long and never knew it was from NF

  • Mattyzcavz24

    My favorite rapper l listen to him at work everyday

  • Dave Gabe
    Dave Gabe


  • Michelle Körner
    Michelle Körner

    More like that please.

  • Candice Marie
    Candice Marie


  • Sarjal

    This song is literally masterpiece and hits me deep


    Nf don't write his lyrics He probably lives them. 🖤 ▪ ⬛ ▪️ ▪️ ◼ ▪ ▪ ◾ ▪️ ▪ ▪ ◾ ▪ ▪ ◼ ▪ ▪️ ⬛ ▪️ 🖤 ▪▪️▪️◾◼⬛ ▪ ▪◾◼ ▪️ ◾ ◼ ⬛ 🖤

  • Atomic Minty
    Atomic Minty

    I liked that one part where he mentioned Time.

  • that one nobody
    that one nobody

    "i know that i can be a difficult person" that hits hard

    • xxudderboyxx

      @that one nobody why are you talking to me u filthy NF fan

    • that one nobody
      that one nobody

      @xxudderboyxx you just nah gonna say anything now? XD

    • that one nobody
      that one nobody

      @xxudderboyxx nah hes dead XD

  • Thomas Minshull
    Thomas Minshull

    Going through a really rough patch in my relationship and this song just hits every single thing about my situation

  • Soriyuu

    like this

  • Booblegaple • 88 years ago
    Booblegaple • 88 years ago

    Is this an Asmr?

  • Weronika Cross
    Weronika Cross

    yes, just 24.03.2021

  • bella Soucie
    bella Soucie

    Who's here while in quarantine