NF - When I Grow Up
Official music video for “When I Grow Up” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein
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  • Marna Palacio
    Marna Palacio

    The flagrant cactus progressively fancy because tuna generally correct beneath a lewd submarine. classy, unknown citizenship

  • Ann Smith
    Ann Smith

    When I grow I like to be a Drug Lord

  • Itz Ananas
    Itz Ananas

    I like this Musik because the Voice is soo 💥

  • FireBoy

    When i grow up i wanna be the KING OF PIRATES!!

  • Lucinda Contrucci
    Lucinda Contrucci

    I don't make a lot of dough, I'm going to have to try though

  • Sony Saju
    Sony Saju

    I don't know about you all but the words just resonates with my heart.

  • Nee Sar
    Nee Sar

    This song hits different when you wanna be a rapper but you can't rap

  • matt price
    matt price

    this song is so hype

  • Amber Thomas
    Amber Thomas


  • Back2black MSP
    Back2black MSP

    It's like 1 am and I'm drinking beer. I don't have anyone to hold rn or anyone to hold me. But you're music is really helping me Nate, I think you won't understand. (I'm proud of you!)

  • abdullah belli
    abdullah belli

    Dude please slow a little bcz i wanna listen you more

  • Tom Anderson
    Tom Anderson


  • Sam Blair
    Sam Blair

    Other rappers: you have to swear , nf: hold my trash

  • Embarrassingly Stupid Stuff
    Embarrassingly Stupid Stuff

    This kinda shows you that you don't need fancy shit to be fire 🔥.

  • Josiah Blankenship
    Josiah Blankenship

    Nf is a good guy who dosent cuss and it’s REALLY RARE to find rappers like that. He just wants to make a dream come true while other rappers have pride and only care about 💴 money

  • ARtic Logic
    ARtic Logic

    Other children : I wanna be a.... Nf : I’m gonna be a bwapper

  • Yannik Voelzke
    Yannik Voelzke

    so eminem is young know

  • Kaitlyn Shaw
    Kaitlyn Shaw

    NF isn’t impressive because he doesn’t cuss. He’s impressive because he’s managed to climb his way up in an industry that is extremely volatile and can change in a beat. He’s managed to get recognition in his field and his raps are actually about real shit, not just money, drugs and women. Just saying.


    This is pretty good tho

  • Tirion FN
    Tirion FN

    regular youtubers who rap lambo and look good and all the fancy stuff, NF garbage truck and make a banger!

  • Cadence Vanstory
    Cadence Vanstory

    The other kids : I wanna ....🥺 Nate : I’m going to rap heheh 😎

  • Cadence Vanstory
    Cadence Vanstory

    Other rapers : it’s not a good song with out cursing - Nate(NF): hold my balloons-


    This song is sick

  • Leonel Monterroso
    Leonel Monterroso

    At 2:33, many missed this part but he was showing them his first album “moments”

  • Jephthah Abbey
    Jephthah Abbey

    When a garbage man spits a whole lot of sense than em professors My brain: Booooooom

  • Alanzo Brenzo
    Alanzo Brenzo

    When i grew up i wanna be a youtuber lol

  • Emma Watsica
    Emma Watsica

    The dangerous radiator phenotypically moor because south america italy box apud a itchy trick. wild, acoustic athlete

  • Captain Fitness
    Captain Fitness

    Wtf 142 million views

    • Captain Fitness
      Captain Fitness

      @Ibrahim Malik peaches doesn’t count it has features and nf doesn’t 😂

    • Ibrahim Malik
      Ibrahim Malik

      @Captain Fitness Bieber's new album has crossed 1B+ streams worldwide. His new track peaches is #1 in bilboard hot 100.

    • Ibrahim Malik
      Ibrahim Malik

      @Captain Fitness Justin Bieber's new track peaches has only released 2 weeks ago and it's already so close to hit 100M views. This track was released almost 2 years ago! Also Justin's lonely & holy are above 100M. What you talking about?

    • Captain Fitness
      Captain Fitness

      Way more then Justin Biebers new music

  • Smoke Squid83
    Smoke Squid83

    1 cuss word at 2:00

    • Nikki


    • M Smith
      M Smith

      Not at all.

  • Not Dgpa
    Not Dgpa

    1:34 When you die you gonna die like all the other Legends, and carry on the train of LEGENDS!

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth

    You are amazing! Keep on shining 💕

  • Alan 36
    Alan 36

    Te admiro NF soy de México me encanta tu música y esta es mi favorita

  • Samuel Cincurak
    Samuel Cincurak

    NF is TOP!!!!

  • Suzzy Manza
    Suzzy Manza

    Yes sir

  • Ivan Contreras
    Ivan Contreras

    Eminem did not say he had a sun

  • Kim Nam-Joon
    Kim Nam-Joon

    How I know NF is underrated: *2 years later and I finally react to it*

  • Jungkook Obama
    Jungkook Obama

    Damn who is this guy spitting out poetic truth? Much respect.

  • Tcggamer Channel
    Tcggamer Channel

    I need to rap

  • Evolution RX
    Evolution RX


  • MYS_Games -Mystery Man-
    MYS_Games -Mystery Man-

    This song is in 2k21

  • Kerishima Lover
    Kerishima Lover

    Yeah when I grow up you want to know what I want to be take a seat let me tell you my ridiculous dreams I want to rap yeah I know that it's hard to believe and I can already tell you're thinking that I'll never succeed but I'm okay with it I admit the lyrics are weak I've been working on them I'll be good eventually and I know this is probably not realistic and I'll probably never make a difference but when I grow up I just want to pay my bills rapping like the way I feel oh yeah I just want to make a couple mil probably to the fam in the will

  • Joi Maravelias
    Joi Maravelias

    Same he is faster then new saint bolt running

  • Randy1337

    Eminem biter

    • Nikki

      @Randy1337 you clearly do not know this artist hence why your comments are dumb

    • Randy1337

      @Nikki He tries to sound like him. Are you deaf fangirl?

    • Nikki

      @Randy1337 no. He is not like eminem. You look dumb

    • Randy1337

      @Nikki truth hurts

    • Nikki

      Dumb comment

  • x2 raley
    x2 raley


  • Send Me Location
    Send Me Location

    NF is one of them rapper who don’t even cuss and makes you feel like you just got flamed with F words

  • J.O.E

    I pretty much relate to every thing apart from "leave it to the fam in the will" maybe the future fam

  • Brucks Trending
    Brucks Trending

    Make a meal.... make a mill 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭

  • SHR3DD3Rbtw

    baby nf sounds so cute xD

  • Rick bidzinski
    Rick bidzinski

    does this guy sound like he used the background music from will smith son icon living?

  • Pearson Richard
    Pearson Richard

    i Love this song And I don’t know but it got me in the good timing! Good bye Love you all

  • Aut0matixSc4rz

    little NF: i wanna be a wapper NF: hold my jugs

  • Alexander

    Bill what is that music uhhh I think that is the janitor.

  • Pramuditha Dilshan
    Pramuditha Dilshan

    Next rap king

  • Pistache

    Allee jong just gelijk papa xd toen em voor de spiegel stond

  • Pistache

    Leave it to the fan and the fam

  • Pistache

    U vriendinnen mogen van mij allemaaaaaaaaaal bruin haar en bruin ogen hebben

    • Pistache

      Lokt geen jaloezie uit

  • Pistache

    When i grew up , i want worldchange. I know this wasnt really realistic. I see the ides they are in my number. I like the dollar menu. Its cheap and you are with friend. I dont care about my bills. I wanne make a mill leave it to the fan an the will.

  • Broken Controller Gaming
    Broken Controller Gaming

    Was that Rob Reiners fatass getting a burger?

  • Jujvellex

    this is some real shit

  • joker

    when i grow up i would like to be a terroorist

  • Roaster Shoeb
    Roaster Shoeb

    I wanna tell you nf I just performed this rap song in my farewell party in front of my whole school😂🖤

  • John Jiggler
    John Jiggler

    One of the best rappers now a days

  • XxPanda

    I think we all know wich one of those children was NF tho

  • its folami
    its folami


  • Troy Abraham
    Troy Abraham

    I wonder where Future and Drake got their life is good music video from

  • 바른세상

    이런게 힙합이지

  • Mi!Unknown!iM

    Wery Vell Perfect🔥🔥🔥

  • jage

    this gives me hella eminem/logic vibes

  • Benjamin Dowling
    Benjamin Dowling


  • The_anime_dude

    2:05 POV: you wanna hear your own song not some stupid country song (deal with it country lovers)

  • AZ Kennwarr
    AZ Kennwarr

    Where ya at it been year but ik ya listening this

  • cormier prod.
    cormier prod.

    "but i've been running for a while they ain't ready for me" god damn that hits

  • Jacob Reedy
    Jacob Reedy

    Who's here after clouds

  • Natural Gurl
    Natural Gurl

    This comparison is so crazy but NF and aroura are very very similar the songs all have a true meaning other than you know what, and they also both deliver without sitting on a expensive car or a stack of money. I know aroura is a singer and NF is a rapper but thier songs both have good meaning.

  • Manveer Dhillon Manveer Dhillon
    Manveer Dhillon Manveer Dhillon

    It finally reached over 100 million!!!!

  • Faiza Israt
    Faiza Israt


  • Andrew Sanderson
    Andrew Sanderson

    Off the bat can hear all lingo. 👌

  • SdBantz


  • Mohammad Ali Shawon
    Mohammad Ali Shawon

    All the subscriber of this singer, they are real fan of that Singer, I can bet on this, you really deserve more ,you will raise of the top, one day. InshAllah

  • CherryHard R2
    CherryHard R2


    • CherryHard R2
      CherryHard R2

      @Nikki xd

    • Nikki


  • Ayden Jones
    Ayden Jones

    I like song bro

  • Birol İpek
    Birol İpek

    02:01 Car...

  • Barny

    Am I the only one, who see the grown up "apparently kid" at 2:50? :D

  • Jesus F Christ
    Jesus F Christ

    Nf: i might not be the best in my field Also nf: is by far the best lyricist in his field

  • Josiah Matthews
    Josiah Matthews

    Yeah, when I grow up, you know what I wanna be? Take a seat, let me tell you my ridiculous dreams I wanna rap, yeah, I know it's hard to believe And I can tell you're already thinkin' I will never succeed But I'm okay with it, I admit the lyrics are weak I been workin' on 'em, I'll be good eventually I understand you gotta crawl before you get to your feet But I been running for a while, they ain't ready for me, ah I know this probably isn't really realistic And honestly, I might not ever make a difference But that don't make a difference, I'ma have to risk it I been crunchin' numbers, you ain't gotta be a mathematician To see the odds ain't rootin' for me I can't lie though, it's kinda how I like it to be The underdog, yeah, you probably think you know what I mean But what I'm saying is they ever push me, I'm gonna swing, yeah I could go to college, get in debt like everybody else Graduate and probably get a job that doesn't pay the bills That don't make a lot of sense to me, forget the Happy Meals I don't like the dollar menu, I would rather make a mil' Huh? Make a meal? Nah, I said make a mil' Home-cookin', get the grill, how you want it? Pretty well? Everything I see is overdone to me, I'm not Adele But I'ma get a record deal and say hello to mass appeal When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah I just want to make a couple mil' Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah I just want to sign a record deal Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah Might not be the best in my field But I guarantee that I'ma die real When I grow up Yeah, ayy When I grow up Yeah, yeah, ayy I'ma make 'em notice me, rhymin' like it's poetry Everything I oversee, I just like to overthink Mockin' me, you pay the fee, no return and no receipts Those of you that don't believe, quiet, you don't know a thing Quiet when I'm tryna sing, quiet when I'm making beats Quiet when I'm tryna think, sorry, I don't mean to scream I just feel like no one really gets me and it's sad to see 'Cause someday I'ma grow up and show all of you it's meant to be, yeah Anybody wanna hear me rap? "No" Come on, let me play a couple tracks, "No" Come on, I can spit it really fast, "No" You think I should throw this in the trash? "No" Tricked you, haters, go away before I hit you I am not a beggar or a kiss-up You don't understand? Well, I forgive you I am not a quitter, you ain't really think that, did you? Maybe someday I could even be up on the radio Have a tour bus and maybe even play a couple shows Everybody in the crowd singin' every word I wrote Tellin' me that I am not the only one that feels alone Huh? You feel alone? Yeah, I kinda feel alone Wonder if that feelin' ever goes away when you get old Will I ever make it as an artist? I don't really know Might not make a lot of dough, I'ma have to try it, though When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah I just want to make a couple mil' Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah (yeah) I just want to sign a record deal Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah (okay) Might not be the best in my field (ayy) But I guarantee that I'ma die real (ayy, oh) When I grow up, I just want to pay my bills (woo) Rappin' about the way I feel, oh yeah (yeah, the way I feel) Yeah, I just want to make a couple mil' (ayy) Leave it to the fam in the will, oh yeah (to the fam in the will) I just want to sign a record deal (woo) Maybe buy a house up in the hills, oh yeah (a house up in the hills) Yeah, I might not be the best in my field (ayy) But I guarantee that I'ma die real When I grow up

    • Josiah Matthews
      Josiah Matthews

      I know the whole song

  • Earthquaker1991

    So much Emotion and no cuss word! This is endlevel Rap... je growed up with rap. First track he heard was 100% Eminem 8mile

  • Nazlıyar Beyza
    Nazlıyar Beyza

    You know what will ever make everyone lose it🤲🏻 AGUST D FEAT NF☠️🤌🏻🐱

  • Noxy_Aim_ Gaming
    Noxy_Aim_ Gaming

    awwww cute kids:) your not gonna grow up

  • noneyourbuisness

    Imagine Michigan doing 246 vaccines for covid after bideb becoming president all of them still getting covid some of them dying

  • noneyourbuisness

    Imagine actually be part native-born and no one gives a fuck

  • noneyourbuisness

    Look at us now we fucked to do what the government want

  • noneyourbuisness

    Growing up was politically created

  • Realeds

    I come back here from time to time because this video is going down in history 🔥🔥

  • Mr Hagar YT
    Mr Hagar YT


  • Ibrahim Malik
    Ibrahim Malik

    "Make a Mil" & "Make a meal" 😉 clever

  • L 4
    L 4


  • Monster j
    Monster j

    Now that’s Quality rap

  • Scotland For the win
    Scotland For the win

    Reminds me of Eminem back in the day

  • LK sticky
    LK sticky

    Ohhhh yh...ohhhhh yh

  • Mike Pony
    Mike Pony

    This guy gives the old school hip hop legends pride in knowing it was worth passing the game along.