Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Crashes, collisions and heartbreak - Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

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  • Trisha Leow
    Trisha Leow

    This is now the most viewed race highlights of all time. Baku really never fail to disappoint us every year

  • Yegane Huseynova
    Yegane Huseynova

    So guys. As you see our dear and beautiful Baku deserves nice words. We are always glad to welcome you in our city and country.

  • Rajesh Chavan
    Rajesh Chavan

    Indian grand prix cancel ❌❌❌ Buddha circuit... Don't know official reason 🙄

  • Guido Fawkes
    Guido Fawkes

    Well Done, Baku 🇦🇿❤ Most Popular Races - Baku 🇦🇿 Magic County

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar

    Extended highlights please

  • مواعظ وايات قرانية)
    مواعظ وايات قرانية)

    سبحان الله الحمدلله الله واكبر


    Well done Checo!!! 🏁🏎️🏁 Saludos desde México

  • Emin Adiloglu
    Emin Adiloglu

    Altin qoya qoya gedirdiler

  • Anna Wiencek-Pokładek
    Anna Wiencek-Pokładek

    Asia dzisiaj ma powiedz

  • mail me
    mail me

    David Croft is ruining F1 for me. Someone tell him to take it easy. I can't hear the engine sound ffs.

  • DarthSparhawk

    street races rule

  • Zeno C
    Zeno C

    Congrats Perez!

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Where's all the Perez doubters who compared him to Albon and Gasly??

    • Javier Robles
      Javier Robles

      hello!!! me I used to say sergio perez never wins races, but I hope this is one of many!!

  • Pablo 56ts
    Pablo 56ts


  • Ilias Moufakkir
    Ilias Moufakkir

    The ambulance siren's at the restart at Baku in 2017 are so iconic and you can here it again faintly again

    • Ilias Moufakkir
      Ilias Moufakkir

      Very faintley

  • Neil Joseph Padao
    Neil Joseph Padao

    Leclerc Gets P1 then finishes P4. Ferrari aint the same no more.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      The abundant correspondent immunocytochemically slow because gas moberly back after a royal hand. straight, ubiquitous squash

  • marvel goh
    marvel goh

    I think those guys with the laser camera from Cars 2 are the culprit

  • Ilan T
    Ilan T

    Toto : Did you do it ? Hamilton : Yes... Toto : What did it cost ? Hamilton : Everything

  • billtwo

    I love Baku

  • Habacuc Ramiro
    Habacuc Ramiro

    Team checo Pérez

  • Leticia Lubag
    Leticia Lubag

    Why hamilton why🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Armando Vargas
    Armando Vargas


  • John Gillespie
    John Gillespie

    The sudden quartz fascinatingly hug because dressing consquentially measure towards a neighborly rat. accurate, wiggly pantyhose

  • Mallen Alley
    Mallen Alley

    Not only do I find the announcer screaming over nothing to be highly irritating, my wife finds it borderline infuriating. I have to turn the volume off to watch any of this with her in the house. Is this really the best F1 can do?

  • reinaldo caraballo
    reinaldo caraballo

    Valteri bottas retirare el gran ausente que no salio de carrera.

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    La más vista de la temporada 👍

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    Grande checo Pérez 🇲🇽

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    Muy buena carrera

  • Henry 268h
    Henry 268h

    This is so frustrating for Mercedes supporters 😤

  • Claudio Jr.
    Claudio Jr.

    It's not the first time you're here, right?

  • Davis Condor
    Davis Condor

    The abundant correspondent immunocytochemically slow because gas moberly back after a royal hand. straight, ubiquitous squash

  • David Pineda
    David Pineda

    Great race! I enjoy it so much!

  • Nature TS
    Nature TS

    Racing with these tires is really deadly.

  • Abdullah Husien
    Abdullah Husien

    Klas al alslat...

  • Abdullah Husien
    Abdullah Husien

    Kawal lah robot

  • Rebel Bon
    Rebel Bon

    nice last time hamilton luck vant hep for wins . you for wins dont need mercedes you need hamiton luck for wins this time i first time see luck him not help him ::)) RedBull Slow pitstop for perez for come abck behinde max but he should wins :)) ths time hamilton luck again work but he destroyed luck adn going out

  • rbarbetta1978

    "The championship contenders both failed to finish. It's "BAKU" to the drawing board for them!" The commentary! Hahaha! 7:00

    • Ayka Ayka
      Ayka Ayka

      @ReVaKo Ah, now I get it. Thank you very much for your answer.

    • ReVaKo

      @Ayka Ayka Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, the city where they raced in. Because Baku sounds a bit like 'back', he just made a joke about it

    • Ayka Ayka
      Ayka Ayka

      What does it mean?. Everyone writes about it)

  • bishop044

    Vettel, Alonso, and Raikkonen scoring points . What year are we ?

  • UF1L Niklas
    UF1L Niklas

    For the German guys : That Lance Stroll guy who Made him a meme is like the "Praktikant" from DAZN

  • Vivekananda. Madanmohan
    Vivekananda. Madanmohan

    F1 commentators should stop saying miles per hour , are they trying to please the Americans?

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre

    que esta Perez vuelvo para hacerle fuerza a este Excelente piloto latinoamericano. saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴🇲🇽🏎️👍😀

  • Domike

    Great Race!

  • Dominic Wong
    Dominic Wong

    "Its BAKU to the drawing board for them"

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba

    Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 Baku ❤️

  • Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio
    Marco Antonio Cortes Ascencio

    Magnífica carrera 👏💪

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre


  • Cyn1cal

    The best story from this race was definitely the leclerc-Gasly fight for the podium at the restart

    • Leonardo Manríquez
      Leonardo Manríquez

      Checo vs Lewis bro

  • Diogo Lima
    Diogo Lima

    But here it comes Sebastian Vettel

  • DAN 1987
    DAN 1987

    Best GP after years!!!! Pure emotion!

  • Dicecubed

    literally the worst track on the calendar

    • ReVaKo

      Pov: you don't understand F1

    • ??


  • Omar N
    Omar N

    1:00 "We're watching Yuki Tsunoda insulting his engineer".

  • Humberto Najera
    Humberto Najera

    Esta carrera tuvo de todo, y hasta el final estuvo emocionante, yo no era fans de la Formula 1, pero acabo de cambiar de opinión, observo a varios Pilotos con un nivel competitivo alto, capaces de manejar un bólido al máximo, a eso yo le llamo una competencia que te crispan los nervios dado que no sabes quien va ser el ganador.

  • The Impossible Triangle
    The Impossible Triangle

    Best race of the season by far

  • Алан Зураев
    Алан Зураев

    Go, Checo!

  • Dina Marin
    Dina Marin

    As a Mexican and fan of Vettel I just couldn’t be happier

  • Brett Libby
    Brett Libby

    This is the most viewed race highlight on the while channel!

  • Ден Плясунов
    Ден Плясунов


  • daniel rendon
    daniel rendon


  • BAKER 13
    BAKER 13


  • vie_vie_vie

    What A race

  • Ashmaterial

    Greatest race in F1 history

  • A Sabry
    A Sabry

    My fav race of the season thus far

  • Toukkq


  • muhammad afif
    muhammad afif

    sergio perez wins baku in date 6th - 6 (juny) - in the 6 race season calendar and 6 months after he wins last race (sakhir)

  • Mr Premium 56
    Mr Premium 56

    Get in there Lewis

  • Tiago Felipe PF33
    Tiago Felipe PF33

    Até que enfim um vídeo que preste sobre o resumo

  • Diego Allan Reyna Rodriguez
    Diego Allan Reyna Rodriguez

    If it wasn't for the slow pit stop Pérez would have come ahead of Verstapeen and that's a battle i would pay to see. Verstappen attacking and Perez master defense (like with Hamilton) gainst his team mate

  • Rob1nGames

    So ein krasses Renner das beste in 2021

  • jailson nascimento
    jailson nascimento

    Last laps. Hamilton’s wheels lock. Mercedes: We enjoyed it while we had it.

  • Eason Xu
    Eason Xu

    Seb is back 🆙🆙🆙

  • Mr. Uklixx
    Mr. Uklixx

    Honda one heart...satu di hati 👍👍

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams

    5:17 smoking brakes for lewis

  • Professor M
    Professor M

    This has become the most viewed race on the F1 channel!

    • Professor M
      Professor M

      @Tyonamin give it a day lol

    • Tyonamin

      Monaco 2019 is still higher I think. Going to happen within a week though.

  • histon texas
    histon texas

    Quedé 🤡 atte lance stroll

  • NHK撃退活動家高須

    角田やるじゃないか! 7位は凄いぞ! 日本人として嬉しい!

  • Ego Digital
    Ego Digital

    Комментатор своим голосом только раздражает!

  • manasnyk

    Blue flagssssssss

  • David Rosenbloom
    David Rosenbloom

    Yes. Hold onto that. Because it is very likely the only chance you’ll ever have…

  • Jason Arthur Taylor
    Jason Arthur Taylor

    got it. drink red bull, and you will get a speeding ticket.

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Lewis Hamilton has got no speed Max verstappen is better

  • Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์
    Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์


  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh

    I've never been able to see it, how can I see it for real

  • Piotr Bartecki
    Piotr Bartecki


  • tylerdurden786

    After years I really picked a great time to get back into F1

  • southpaw

    Lance Stroll future world champion?

  • JF_ _16
    JF_ _16

    Old fans coming back must be so confused, McLaren back at the front, Ferrari on pole and RedBull outperforming Mercedes

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Mazewin again ahead of Shumi😎😎

  • Cable46


  • ERIKSON simlinger
    ERIKSON simlinger

    sad that max crashed. but at least redbull still won!

  • thunder dark
    thunder dark

    *Hamilton: blue flags!!* *Mazepin: nope nope.*

  • Endless Photography
    Endless Photography

    "Baku to the drawing board" 😩😩🤣 nice. . . .

  • Cpr1234

    after just 6 days, this video has 8.6M views which now makes this the second most viewed race highlights video. Most viewed is 2019 Monaco GP which has 8.9M views

  • shazlfc ronaldo
    shazlfc ronaldo

    Best place for GP Love you Azerbaijan !! From 🇵🇰

    • İNSANE Xxl
      İNSANE Xxl

      Aleykum selam You're always loved, so man

  • Walter Raimundo
    Walter Raimundo

    Passou reto o Hamilton Gosto das corridas que a mercedes não se dão bem 😄👍🏻

  • Jackdmore

    What a race though!

  • Richard WILSON
    Richard WILSON

    Street tracks are the best, makes the race more interesting and kills the all the time One-Two boring finish

  • Alejandro Alarcon
    Alejandro Alarcon

    Hamilton: ....bye Bryan...!!! Perez:....bye Dom...!!!


    V ettel was great!!!!!

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro

    Lando is the last laps king

  • alfi e
    alfi e

    What a thumbnail

  • Frunze Airship
    Frunze Airship

    Mazewin again ahead of Shumi😎😎

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