Race Highlights | 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
What a race! Enjoy all the best bits from an action-packed day at Imola.

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  • Esteban Pezo
    Esteban Pezo

    3 racers out of the race because of an accident in Imola, that doesn't surprise me, it seems that the improvements the motorway has suffered in the last years didn't work enough, it stills being dangerous, just remember the black weekend in 1994

  • Pascal Smid
    Pascal Smid

    Hamilton was very lucky. Without the crash from Russell and Bottas, he wouldn't be 2nd.

  • Addster

    By red bull standards..... How dare max and redbull celebrate after bottas massive crash.... Disgraceful behaviour when a driver could have been seriously hurt....


    Verstappen bloque Hamilton 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • RugambwaYT

    Hehehee! Watching this after the 2021 British Grand Prix.

  • jason bell
    jason bell

    Then there was Silverstone!

  • mulenga peter
    mulenga peter

    So it was a pay back in Silverstone

  • Bruce Wayne#Tumbla
    Bruce Wayne#Tumbla

    Hamilton will not yield to Max anymore and stood his ground at Silverstone...

    • Dilukshi Ramanayake
      Dilukshi Ramanayake


    • Mr Bear
      Mr Bear

      @Venu Krithish at the end of the day max is much better that Hamilton

    • Venu Krithish
      Venu Krithish

      @President of Super Straight Pride Dovah Kanye Shut up dude. It's what Max has been doing for years and apex keeps changes depending on your current position.

    • Chris Spr
      Chris Spr

      @Sean yea well also how many times has max tried to jump through a gap that wasn’t there(especially trying to overtake ham)

    • Sean

      @Chris Spr part of defending your position is forcing people to pull off the throttle through corners to slow them down

  • Mariaaa_Slm

    Max forcing Lewis off track yet they hating on Lewis for the British GP

    • Max Wilson
      Max Wilson

      Same thing happened in spain. Sir ain't backing off no more. Title is on the line. That's what these retards won't understand.

  • Wai Ling Cheng
    Wai Ling Cheng

    This is another person) I like F1 and I think Hamilton should lose for once :|

  • Wai Ling Cheng
    Wai Ling Cheng

    I loved this video ! Can you make more?

  • Emmanuel H.
    Emmanuel H.

    Yeah, After Silverstone it's obvious max did the same to Hamilton here. Granted it was a slower corner in imola but the action is the same, and nothing happens to Verstappen with the FIA just because Hamilton is more experienced and makes a dangerous situation look not as bad as he backs out. If Verstappen did the same in Silverstone he would at worst only lost 7pts to Hamilton. But Max is too aggressive all the time, so when someone else end sup also being aggressive then he can't handle it.

    • Emmanuel H.
      Emmanuel H.

      Nope, check FIA guidelines 9n being on the inside and having the corner ad your own even when slightly behind. Not as simple as you think:)

    • Sensitive Gaming
      Sensitive Gaming

      Lewis was behind Max in that corner so it was Lewis his fault. He missed the apex. Max is agressive but plays fair. Lewis is sneaky, Lewis just wanted to do everything to win at his home GP. End of story

    • Sim Virdee
      Sim Virdee

      100% agree with you

  • Frederik Juul
    Frederik Juul

    what a dumb mistake from schumarcher...

  • gmax876

    Max strikes again... Silverstone 2021.

  • JMG715

    Can you imagine what could happen between Hamilton and Verstappen in the last 5 laps under 3 seconds?


    0:32 what goes around comes around MAX! You gonna push lewis on the the kerb then he pushes you into the barriers so it was coming to him

    • Sean Smith
      Sean Smith

      @LBFcolin no ham fans hasnt. It is max fans who lost the plot!


      @LBFcolin yet max fans are crying about a simple racing incident

    • LBFcolin

      Imagine comparing those 2 situations. Just like Hamilton himself, Hamilton fans really have lost the plot.

  • Kishan Kotadiya
    Kishan Kotadiya

    Max is always amazing with wets

  • Abdul Rehman patel
    Abdul Rehman patel

    Just came to see max run hamilton off after what happened today at silverstone

    • Floyds high heels
      Floyds high heels

      @Giannis Kamakas You don’t have a single clue what you’re talking about, that’s a slow speed corner and he was right at the apex where he should be, Hamilton had the space yesterday but was a mile off it and understeered straight into Verstappen, learn more about racing before you debate it

    • Giannis Kamakas
      Giannis Kamakas

      @Floyds high heels yeahhh right, check in 0:52 to see how much space he gave him... Max got Maxed dude, and nothing more beautiful happened this year

    • Floyds high heels
      Floyds high heels

      @FriedChicken What when Verstappen was as tight as he could be to the inside compared to Lewis having a massive gap on the inside??? Clueless


      @FriedChicken Exactly Lewis got cut off and people ignored it

    • FriedChicken

      @Floyds high heels go watch Spain then

  • Amex H
    Amex H

    Here After Silverstone 🤔

  • World Traveler
    World Traveler

    Who is here after the British GP?

  • Илья Филиппенко
    Илья Филиппенко

    So now we know what happens when Lewis does not yield his space, huh. Guess Max will think twice before sticking his elbows out in the first lap after Silverstone. No offense to VER obviously, wishing him a speedy recovery.

    • FriedChicken

      He is fine, already sent out an angry tweet ha. He got 2 weeks to recover whatever bruise he got anyway

  • Robby Maria
    Robby Maria

    To all the people who think that Lando deserved more the podium than Charles, go to minute 4:01 and look at the gap between the two.

  • Dain Huston
    Dain Huston

    Norris makes it to the podium woooooot !

  • Han Add
    Han Add

    Come here after austria penalties madness, that max n lewis in start🤦‍♀️ start and sc condition kinda same tho

  • Wouter Kors
    Wouter Kors

    Watching this back Lewis got sooooooo lucky with the red flag

  • Banana king
    Banana king

    4:34 the HALO saved his head holy moly!

    • randhir seodutt
      randhir seodutt

      It didn’t save Russell’s brain cells

  • soos fane
    soos fane

    mistake was on russel

  • Fischi

    blast past that ferrari

  • CrashingSpec

    he took the L

  • Cosmic Gibber
    Cosmic Gibber

    Will Max be breaking the world record for being the longest since Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1?

  • alluarminen

    Bottas did nothing wrong. Russel thinks hes more experienced than Bottas :D

  • Robin Snijders
    Robin Snijders

    1:13 grosjean flashbacks

  • Dragapult Gaming
    Dragapult Gaming

    4:20 Hamilton out Hamilton hold my beer

  • Kat

    Amazing race... Max is the best!! Hamilton 2nd best

  • Zacarias Cisneros
    Zacarias Cisneros

    0:17 - 0:38 Overtake of the year

  • Tomson2k5

    spinoda pogslide

  • Panagiotis Dasios
    Panagiotis Dasios

    Nikita Mazepin hited Nikolas Latifi

  • Valencia Flo
    Valencia Flo

    I recently got into f1 and what if u only want to see lewis, vettel, verstappen fight for the first places? Because it might be boring to only watch 4 or & cars? I dont get it fr. Are they always video taping 100% of all the take overs like they never miss any? What if they talking about some random drivers while lewis overtakes verstappen? I dont get it.AND WHY CAN'T THEY GET BETTER SHOTS WHERE WE CAN SEE THE TRUE SPEED?

  • Charlie Cribbin Remnant
    Charlie Cribbin Remnant


  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    S🅱️innala Sorry no entiendo el pizza Oh sorry,let me rephrase that do el s🅱️inadero Ay caramba

  • Jeffrey du 94 SMDF
    Jeffrey du 94 SMDF


  • Mohammed Naseeruddin
    Mohammed Naseeruddin

    This shows the difference of Mer and Redbull and rest of the car's aero, top speed and mechanical grip,,, championship is only btw Mer Vs Redbull this season

  • X Coroleu
    X Coroleu

    Here after France I will watch every Max Verstappen Victory now😍😍

  • Massautobot

    Sergio then vs Sergio now 👀

  • AH ACE
    AH ACE

    3:44 HAMILTON…

  • octaviocgsa

    Pathetic. It just goes on to show what F1 has become nowadays. What it takes is one circuit without tarmac run off areas, and suddenly they look like little kids trying to stay on the circuit. Also, a championship contender going out while warming the tyres? Come on...

    • ??

      this is called rain mate


    Still the most exciting race of the season so far

    • ??

      Baku was better

  • Magma Fang
    Magma Fang

    Why did Perez do so bad? Was it because of the time penalty and the slip

    • ??

      Perez wanted to copy max's race settings but he spun immediately after applying the torque. He then got a penalty and i think spun twicr

  • Cristián Betanzo
    Cristián Betanzo

    4:18 i love how even race director thought that Hamilton retired

  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes


  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes


  • Kevin Ratano
    Kevin Ratano

    4:22 Valttery Bottas & George Russell Crash

  • П Ч
    П Ч

    McLaren Renault?!

    • Hipotenuza

      This year they are using Mercedes engine.

  • Sai Aakash
    Sai Aakash

    Statement of the year:That is not mazepin’s fault (1:17)

  • Doge inc
    Doge inc

    Pretty hilarious that Maximilian Verstappen won thee Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. It seems as if he was born to win the race.

  • India Davies
    India Davies

    What channel does this commentary is it sky?

  • Heisunplaysmobile

    max verstappen is just a monster on wet tracks

  • sigit arya
    sigit arya

    5:09 💔

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia

    Amazing from Hamilton to come back to 2nd like that after that incident.

    • Andrés Camacho
      Andrés Camacho

      Even worse because he had massive damage to his front wing. He would have had to pit dropping him to maybe p14

    • Yash Kanodia
      Yash Kanodia

      That was pure luck If it hadn't been a red flag he would've finished 8th or 9th

  • けく

    4:50 LEC kind

  • Paulo Clovis Munhoz
    Paulo Clovis Munhoz

    Essa pista tem maldicao 😢😢😢😢

  • Soto Span
    Soto Span

    My gosh all the slipping was so annoying

  • gigas81

    I like that Formula 1 still says "you drivers all are going to race. even if it rains, windy etc. Get in THERE!"

  • TAHSAN 3002
    TAHSAN 3002

    Alright thats not mazepins fault...

  • Isaac Morrison
    Isaac Morrison

    I don't care if it wasn't mazespin's fault, it still is.

    • Isaac Morrison
      Isaac Morrison

      @DY Donkyee yes

  • of course
    of course

    🙉💩🖕🙉💩🖕🙉💩🖕...F1 is white 🥰

  • Sumit Blogs
    Sumit Blogs

    lucky lewis

  • Stephan 1986
    Stephan 1986

    Danke danke danke 👍✌️🔥

  • nvt nvt
    nvt nvt

    The first 3 seconds I thought it was a new game :) Imagine a F1 manager for PC looking the same

  • Cenon Saranguero
    Cenon Saranguero

    Brave This Storm From FORMULA 1

  • X Kari
    X Kari

    What a race!

  • Chris Cooper
    Chris Cooper

    Just got into f1 and I am in love where have I been

  • Joshua Macfarlane
    Joshua Macfarlane

    Me big fan of f1 and charls lecler

  • HomelessLemur

    srsly how lucky can someone be... that hamilton recovered from such incident is realy bothering me, dont know why

  • Enrico Martin
    Enrico Martin

    I love Formula 1👊👊

  • Turken 66
    Turken 66

    Was it just me that noticed McLaren Renault? Didn’t Mclaren switch to Mercedes engine in 2021?

  • Ibrahim Musa
    Ibrahim Musa

    Amazing first Time verstappen win in emillia romanga

  • Dwayne

    Hamilton from 8th to 2nd in the span of a few laps... wow

    • ??

      I wouldn't call 35 a "few" mate

  • TEE 2X
    TEE 2X

    Is 2:10 where senna crashed ?

    • Damian_szwarcgaming RBLX
      Damian_szwarcgaming RBLX


  • Łukasz Bodzon
    Łukasz Bodzon

    Ferrari aqłamena rari

    • Łukasz Bodzon
      Łukasz Bodzon

      Ło te te is te Ferrari te is te Ferrari of aqłamena rari od sza lecle

    • Łukasz Bodzon
      Łukasz Bodzon

      *Ło te is te Ferrari te is te Ferrari of aqłamena rari

    • Łukasz Bodzon
      Łukasz Bodzon

      *Ło te is te Ferrari te is te Ferrari of aqłamena rari

    • Łukasz Bodzon
      Łukasz Bodzon

      *Ło te is te Ferrari of aqłamena rari

    • Łukasz Bodzon
      Łukasz Bodzon

      *O te is te Ferrari of aqłamena rari

  • Dita Gharini
    Dita Gharini

    They had the best race two years in a row in imola, just watch out if they dare to take out out imola for 2022

  • parthasaradhi komanduri
    parthasaradhi komanduri

    The fact that George Russell who is in a Williams almost overtook a Mercedes which is the fastest car out there that is the foreshadowing of Williams rising to glory

  • Cab Max
    Cab Max

    Crofty's stats seem forced. "Never won Italy!" Comes across as if Max has been racing for a long time and has a ton load of wins under his belt.

  • Abiodun Adegbulugbe
    Abiodun Adegbulugbe

    Tiger 6 48 53 (9£46l 14 Brown 53 48 55 7£46 16 Teen 79 5m1 18 Water 115 331 25 Sun 115 331 29

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    0:00 s🅱️innala

  • formulafan

    asdwegfwes.... anyways formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    Max casually spraying Champagne on Landos' mask, nearly suffocating him

  • Saurabh Siddharth
    Saurabh Siddharth

    It's so satisfying to see hamilton loose

  • Evan Yoon
    Evan Yoon

    and now we have the Spanish GP, with Hamilton miles ahead of Verstappen

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    The way Lewis and Max were celebrating with Lando..❤️ They both were so happy for him.

    • Wouter van der Weerd
      Wouter van der Weerd

      Little sad that you copy this comment from Rahul...

    • Will D.
      Will D.

      That was them welcoming him to the Podium Club

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin

      planned crash to deploy the safety car for lewis to catch up bottas is the perfect teammate

  • Carl Estepa
    Carl Estepa

    They we're friends until they aren't

    • Ptao Tom
      Ptao Tom

      Teacher says every time Hamilton doesn't win, an angel gets it's wings

  • SlapNL



    New season super

  • WetDogCereal

    Verstappen and hamilton wheel to wheel going into lbajdhdudbkfjf temprayrhid chicane!

    • WetDogCereal

      @zijuiy wttuy also, does that make me a cheese head just because I'm dutch? :/

    • WetDogCereal

      @zijuiy wttuy bro what's with the hate, you can like both these drivers like i do, and respect them both. I don't get this rivalry between fans, but oh well

  • Joanna

    "Valtteri, George, it's James. Please give us a Red Flag. I'm sorry." BOT-RUS: Copy, James

  • VelociFaptor

    I don't like Hamilton all that much but I can't deny that seeing him on the comeback gave me a semi.

  • Ali Hsnt
    Ali Hsnt

    Hamilton lucky

    • Joanna

      Perez needs a podium finish soon

  • burugula sridhar
    burugula sridhar

    Dragster racing

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith


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    Dem K.

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