Samsung Galaxy S21 VS iPhone 12 - Making Apple Look Bad?
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0:00 - Intro
1:50 - Hardware
5:03 - Software
6:42 - Camera
8:48 - Conclusion
9:10 - Pricing

If the previous decade has taught us anything, it's that even if the vanguard phones are the ones that draw headlines, they're not necessarily the best sellers. Most people will relate more to brands than capabilities, so on average, consumers just want a new Galaxy or iPhone for the least amount of money.

It's the reason why we've seen this new approach of not just one Galaxy S or iPhone, and in these challenging times, I'm sure a very important question you might have, is where to draw the line. Which is the best bang for the buck affordable flagship that money can buy? Today, we decided to compare two of our favorites.

This is the Galaxy S21, Samsung's least expensive flagship for 2021, and if you watched our recent review, one of the phones you should seriously consider right now. This is the iPhone 12, probably one of our favorite offerings in 2020, given how Apple was able to blur the lines between flagship features and price. I'm sure the fans are already drawing conclusions as to which one is going to win, but I'm gonna say it's actually not that simple. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is our comparison, sponsored by SUPCASE. Stick around to learn how you can win a Galaxy S21 and a Galaxy S21 Ultra.


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  • Daniel Pacheco
    Daniel Pacheco

    Jaimeh reibverraaa

  • Jesse Lopez
    Jesse Lopez

    I’m swapping from an iPhone 12 to an S21. I love this iPhone but there are some REALLY bad cons I have with it. Wifi calling doesn’t work AT ALL on the T-Mobile version, dead zones on the touch screen that become unresponsive. Massive lag here and there. Cell service dead spots where I had service with my One Plus 7 Pro. Those are the biggest. Then there are little software annoyances like Apple Music starting and playing music on it’s when connecting to the BT in my car lol Can’t wait to get back to Android. This was a fun experiment but iOS just still isn’t good enough for me from a functionality standpoint.

  • lucky Luciano
    lucky Luciano

    Samsung makes I phine screens.. hint hint 😏

  • I am Switzal
    I am Switzal

    The only deciding factor I've made for buying S21 was the design.

  • Jeff Roze
    Jeff Roze

    Totally agree. S21 all day!!! Amazing phone.. and im rockin that P. Violet one too

  • Bill Meyers
    Bill Meyers

    I agree. Tried both phones Samsung its great google works better than Siri for finding what you are looking for and connecting.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Apple makes apple look bad by dropping the beautiful 11 red for this inferior salmon shade lol.

  • Nick key
    Nick key

    I got the s21 plus for my bday last month on the 22nd I love it I switched from iPhone 11 to Samsung gonna be my main phone for, 3 years

  • Mpumelelo M
    Mpumelelo M

    What’s the point of a good camera if sharing the content it gets degraded on Samsung

  • IndigoStarrSeed

    Phantom Pink 🥰

  • Yeti Mobley
    Yeti Mobley

    With an employee discount the 256 gig s21 Ultra on Amazon costs me $40 than a 128gb standard iphone right now. Hopefully I can get the money before the price goes up

  • victor utomo
    victor utomo

    Kudos for picking a phone as a winner. Grow tired of reviewers who to afraid (or lazy) to pick a favorite.

  • Dan Dicristina
    Dan Dicristina

    The s21 is boss I am watching on my s21 phantom Grey it's boss

  • Dhisa Ayu Tresnaningrum
    Dhisa Ayu Tresnaningrum

    I regret using iphone because this phone makes my hands hurt. And the memory is not enough for my daily activities, take photos and videos. I changed my phone to S21+

  • Dwight Nishimura
    Dwight Nishimura

    Gracias Senior Rivera. Your Objective Comparison is Very Refreshing. My Service Provider gave me a FREE UPGRADE from my GS10e To A GS21. I guess it all depends on which OS you are used to using IOS or Android.

  • Potomac Studios
    Potomac Studios

    samsung all the way but i live in America where imessage is important and I also use ig and snapchat quite a bit so ios for me unfortunately lmao

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      @Potomac Studios YOU should go for the imessage so your got your iPhone

    • Potomac Studios
      Potomac Studios

      @Problematic kid TicRyt LG V40. T-Mobile is forcing me to upgrade because of the sprint merger. Was gonna get a V60 or Note 20 Ultra before realizing I kinda want imessage and iOS social media app support

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      @Potomac Studios what's your current phone

    • Potomac Studios
      Potomac Studios

      @Problematic kid TicRyt it does but you cant send reactions, I need a mac, and it uses apple ID rather then phone number. Im just gonna suck it up and get an iPhone, maybe in the future if i move to another country or if more Americans use whatsapp ill go back to android but for now ill just deal with it its not that big of a deal, especially since iphones are finally getting 120hz and widgets and some other android stuff i want this year

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      @Potomac Studios does it not work for android

  • junior segovia
    junior segovia

    Real question is…what phone are you using NOW?

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      He is testing phones but my guess is both software's can't really define main since he uses them all if you get what i mean

  • Dio Titus
    Dio Titus

    Galaxy is way better than iPhone!

  • Munkhjin Asada
    Munkhjin Asada

    64gb and 4gb ram lmao

  • Munkhjin Asada
    Munkhjin Asada

    Iphone 12 has 4gb ram? lmaooo

    • MONKE TehTarik
      MONKE TehTarik

      "That doesn't matter in the apple world"

  • Josiah Martinez
    Josiah Martinez

    I just want a phone not insane ultra mega super duper ultra pro max A X mini

  • daniel viegas
    daniel viegas

    At least the iPhone is not plastic

    • Problematic kid TicRyt
      Problematic kid TicRyt

      true that glass is the future

  • Air Force kvn
    Air Force kvn

    Watch from my iPhone 5 😉


    Watching this on my Note20 Ultra

  • Digvijay Bhosale
    Digvijay Bhosale

    Don't know why they are suggesting samsung i am using 21ultra camera's just okay not good ! And video quality is garbage! Don't go for samsung

  • TitansFury

    I’ve had both and will be an Apple user for life after the issues I’ve had with Android products, Samsung included. And judging by the fact that iPhones out sale Samsung’s consistently in the US I’d say a lot of people feel the same way. But honestly, who cares? Use what works for you and what you like and stop comparing. It’s 2021 and by now most people are strongly on one side of the fence or the other. And it doesn’t matter who uses what.

    • L R
      L R

      I agree 100 percent. Who cares what phone someone else uses. It all work primarily the same. I Use Samsung and i love it but iphone is good too

  • michael kagan
    michael kagan

    I have both a Iphone 12 Pro Max and a Samsung S21 Galaxy Ultra and I can say while they both are awsome phones in their own wright I really haft to give the nod to my Galaxy. I mean it does everything perfect as far a cell phone goes and them some. When comparing the screens side by side the Galaxy wins hands down but the Apple is not far behind. As far speed wise here in South Florida on Verizon with 5G they both perform well but inside buildings like say a mall or warehouse or large box store like Walmart or Target again the Galaxy wins its not even a competition the Apple has no signal versus the Galaxy shines no problem. Both connect to WiFi no problem. As far as in car Audio they both do very well but in keeping the constant connection in the car the Galaxy again wins. When the Apple falls asleep it disconnects where the Galaxy still stays connected. So with that you make the choice.

  • Cotoi

    "Making Apple Look Bad?" come on. A Note 9 with a new battery makes Apple look bad. Take any iPhone and in within 3 working days Apple will let you down FOR 1.400 EUROS. Apple are between Windows 3.0 and Android 3. They are not making devices, they are making jewellery. "Look my gold wallet can run Android 3" that is iPhone.

  • Sesiones Lirikalez - Independientemente records
    Sesiones Lirikalez - Independientemente records

    I got the s21 plus and im never going back to iphones

  • 2 The Point
    2 The Point

    Bottom line 9:42

  • ian superchamp
    ian superchamp

    watching this on my s21 ultra i feel sad for ios users

  • Blake

    If the Samsung wasn’t so dang big. I’d use it.

    • Blake

      @Daniel Pacheco adult hands hm

    • Daniel Pacheco
      Daniel Pacheco

      @Blake my hand fits my iPhone 12 Pro Max comfortably even with a thick chunky case.

    • Blake

      @wizzgamer my hand barely fits the iPhone 12. S21 is definitely a no go

    • wizzgamer

      Grab the S21 not a bad size.

    • Blake

      The seem like they always build huge phones

  • Patricia Sanders
    Patricia Sanders

    I absolutely love love my galaxy s21 I ordered mine on my favorite color pink it's so fast it's everything that I need and want in a phone I also have the Samsung watch 3 as well as the ear buds love them all

  • Suresh Viswamithra
    Suresh Viswamithra

    I bought iPhone 11 and it had problems like sometimes no internet, sometimes cannot make call. they replaced it with a new one. I traded it and bought S21. I am surprised with the features and lightness. It is far beyond my expectations, an amazing unit. Apple is living on their past glory. Soon apple will get vanished from the market. They are looting the public with inferior products in every aspect. Apple is making us pay for restrictions, not for convenience.

    • L R
      L R

      Samsung is better in every way but People will continue buying Iphones just because it's apple.

  • Darrell fit86
    Darrell fit86

    I just the S21 this phone is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I know I’ve got a small dick but
    I know I’ve got a small dick but

    I am moving from Apple to getting the S21. No not the Ultra and yes I would usually get the most price phone but I didn’t have enough money for a 400$ USD higher.

  • Carlo Mari Muñez
    Carlo Mari Muñez

    Been an android for around 4 yrs now (also tried an OP7T pro). I just found the iphone user interface better and it syncs better with my m1 mba compared with my android. Didn’t expect to like Apple coz it’s pricey but here I am.

  • ashish sachdeva
    ashish sachdeva

    I vl not compare thw two and twll u which one is better....(subtly .....Samsung is definitely better)

  • Steven Elliott
    Steven Elliott

    Im here because I bought the iphone 12 last November on ATT's free 12 with upgrade program. Overall happy with it. Camera and speakers are solid. Bought otterbox defender case. Dropped it off my table and landed on its back and shattered the glass. Other than some funky laser videos, it is almost impossible to replace the back as most things are mounted to the back of the iPhone. Apple is saying about $600 repair for back glass Reason why its so difficult even for Apple - per Apple - the MagSafe adhesive to the class. Per Apple: The GG is a higher density, but the MagSafe causes the back glass to handle more weight and is less pliable, thus actually breaks easier. At the same time the redesign with the MagSafe makes it extremely difficult to replace the back glass. Their program actually replaces most of the phone. So I get to walk around with a cracked phone for another year. Never cracked a phone before. Yep, its on me. But its aggravating, so contemplating heading back to Android. Good video!!!

  • Gordan Grgic
    Gordan Grgic

    The iPhone is a thing of the past and should stay there

  • Yadukrishnan

    Watching it on my s21+ phantom black..feels good ;)

  • José Honorato
    José Honorato

    Samsung is better. Samsung is going to beat Apple in all terms very soon

  • Eat more pork porky
    Eat more pork porky

    Love my S21!

  • Ippe Phil
    Ippe Phil

    Pffff more isn’t always better

  • Bong Jun Ting
    Bong Jun Ting

    Consider one more factor: resale value

    • Dat

      @Bong Jun Ting Samsung's website shows $800? What discount? Also 2 years? You can buy the iPhone XS for around $350. At MSRP that phone was going for $999. Don't even bring up the XR cause that phone is hot garbage compared to the S10.

    • Bong Jun Ting
      Bong Jun Ting

      @Dat in my country, Samsung has already discount the s21 to boost sales lol. And Samsung phones can drop 30-40% price in just 2 years while you can sell your iPhone for almost close to the retail price lol

    • Dat

      ????? Samsung is giving you $500 for an S20 to upgrade to the S21. If you buy the base model, it costs about $300 to upgrade. Apple gives you $380 for an iPhone 11. The iPhone 12 costs $800 which means I would be spending $420 to upgrade with less features. What resale value? Even selling on ebay, the iphone 11 goes for about $480-490. After Ebay fees, it's not even worth the time and effort.

  • Dito William
    Dito William

    Iphone only wins at videos but it is important for me so yeah i still dont know what to pick

  • JAA Gaming Review
    JAA Gaming Review

    s21 has Bluetooth headphone lag, severely noticeable during gaming, iphone has zero lag

  • Ivan Ds
    Ivan Ds

    I think the iPhone looks better but honestly it's nice that the Samsung has a hard plastic back, back glass brakes so easy on phones, it's kinda useless and almost everyone uses a case lol...

  • Hamada Zeko
    Hamada Zeko

    Watching proudly on my iPhone 12 Blue..

  • Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera

    Videos on S21 looked better than the iphone12 👌

  • Mark Walker
    Mark Walker

    I am not an apple guy at all but the s21 camera bump looks like a spoiled colostomy bag on a hot side walk

  • DoglinsShadow

    Thanks for the video!

  • Mihail Chehlarov
    Mihail Chehlarov

    My wife still use IPhone SE from 2016 and I just got rid of Galaxy S9+ in perfect condition but no longer supported by Samsung update services. Jumped to IPhone 12 mini and I'm happy. Why should I choose copycat with 3 years updates support, when I can have the original(headphones and charger)?


    The color on the iPhone tho 🥰


    The design of phone is useless thats why i hate phone cases

  • 둥이님

    I am korean, i use iphone but now i want to use galay

  • jaera park
    jaera park

    Watching this on my new S21 ❤

  • Esa Syt
    Esa Syt

    Russell Peters was right when he said some people talk perfect English but as soon as they say their own names, they sound like they've just stepped off the boat.

  • Craig T
    Craig T

    To summarize this video. For less money Samsung offers double the storage capacity and overall it's a slightly superior performing phone because of the 120hz refresh rate.

  • Jetthead18

    Coming from a Note 9, the best phone I ever owned, the S21 feels like a step down. The battery is horrible on S21. Turned off 5G which made the battery better but it'd still bad. The last update messed the Note 9 battery up, charge wasn't holding, which was why I had to change phones.

  • Victor P.
    Victor P.

    Free upgrade trading for t-mobile mothers day

  • Lawomenshoops

    The entire question is how long will you keep a phone. S21 if you keep it for four years you’ll be right at the limit of their updates. Say you paid $800 for the S21 brand new. That’s $200 a year. If you buy the 12 for $1,000 and kept it for 5 years, you’ll still be able to run the latest updates and for $200 a year you’ll get an extra years use.

    • Son Of Age
      Son Of Age

      nice. good point. I don't necessarily think the best updates is an OS upgrade, i prefer stability over new. I like security updates to be consistent -- so far, Samsung , for me, is OK..i'm not sure if they're the best on Android's side. However, Apple is consistent on that front, i hope. haha. I am not a fan of OS upgrades perhaps it's due to seeing shoddy updates from Windows that gives me trust issues with OSes being updated in that manner. When i updated from Mojave to Catalina , i had issues with older apps i had, but to be fair, Apple did fix it as soon as possible. With Windows, i had to roll back . Linux, no issues...ironically, considering the "lack of support". Android , most times, it's Ok with me, i wish there were more monitoring options out of the box with Android but that's ok too as there are ways around it but for normies, i guess , that's too much work. I love Termux though, which isn't available on iPhones, but the alternatives are stuff like ish, i haven't tested that yet. Ok i'm nerding out, i'm sorry haha.

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard

    Biased review

  • петър йорданов
    петър йорданов

    S21 rocks!!!

  • Gaurav Chaudhary
    Gaurav Chaudhary

    Why other brands are not making smaller size flagships...we like apple for size

  • Stoycho Rusinov
    Stoycho Rusinov

    The notch is awful but I hate when people brag about the Samsung’s 120 hz refresh rate screen, it’s not that big of a deal and it doesnt make major differences in everyday usage, and on the top of that consumes more battery. How can you give the software part to Samsung when A14 Bionic is far more powerful???

  • Hector Rivera
    Hector Rivera

    Perfect , I buy S21 Thank you

  • xipher

    Watching on my s21u

  • Sam Jam
    Sam Jam

    s21 wins because of storage. Have 256 GB, enough for photos and vids which still comes cheaper than a 128 gb iphone. Another plus for samsung is the phone has dex wireless for samsung TVs.

  • Reticent Assertiveness
    Reticent Assertiveness

    Important things on a smartphone are Camera, Resolution, Display, Refresh rate, Battery, Convenient OS, No notch, Fingerprint scanner etc not an ability to run mobile games fast. You can play realistic games on RTX GPU on Windows PC (not Mac) that Apples chipset can never catch up with lol.

  • VidsForFun

    Galaxy S21 is great but I am still doubting the overheating issues of it. Many people mentioned this issue especially when using the cameras at a point the phone is not usable. That is why I decided to buy the iPhone 12. 🤷

  • Nereida Benitez
    Nereida Benitez

    Very helpful

  • Ray Luxus
    Ray Luxus

    Hey James you look like smoke from MK

  • Fitri Raji
    Fitri Raji

    After using iphone 12 for 4 month .. i think samsung is better.. cuz, iphone’s battery health is drainingg !! From 100 to 98 within 4 months .. i hate it so much .. and guess what, i hate face id on iphone , sometimes its very hard to unlock especially after you shower and your hair is messy, ip cant recognised you ..

  • Dugtrio Ramen
    Dugtrio Ramen

    To go even further, people equate updates on iOS to updates on Android, when in reality they're pretty different. Android is more modular, where many parts of the system have been extracted into separate apps that update through the play store. The OEM updates are just for big updates or some system fixes. On iOS, all of the system apps require a whole system update, which is why iOS users should actually care that much about updates. Their apps rely on whole system updates, while Androids can update core apps separately

    • Reticent Assertiveness
      Reticent Assertiveness

      iOS is Apple's own OS.


    If you want to use a glass screen protector on the S21, you'll need to enable increased touch screen sensitivity in order for the fingerprint reader to work.

  • desamania

    If it’s about bang-for-bucks, the iPhone would be your best option because the iPhone’s software get supported for 5-6 years.

    • SoySauce

      Who cares anyway, your iPhone will anyways stop updating someday as well. And who even uses phones for 6+ years? Samsung gives you what you need.

    • Douglas Edwards
      Douglas Edwards

      Nope, The Samsung is better in nearly everyway

  • Buddain Shariff
    Buddain Shariff

    watching this on my iphone 12 product red

  • Gin Tomino
    Gin Tomino

    It’s interesting to see also that no galaxy phones came in the top 10 best selling smartphone. And when it comes to customer satisfaction, Apple wins. Of course, tech reviewers will aways say the Galaxy is the clear winner on paper and value.

  • sono spiacente
    sono spiacente

    i don't care about the notch, i actually find it pretty charming. If they just gave me the telephoto lens... just that 😭

    • Sergio Ortiz
      Sergio Ortiz

      @sono spiacente they actually removed it, the telephoto lens was on the 7plus/8plus, hope you are right but I don't see it happening anytime soon

    • sono spiacente
      sono spiacente

      @Sergio Ortiz i mean it's apple I'm sure theyll do it in the 13 or something and then just give us another technology exclusive to the pro lineup

    • Sergio Ortiz
      Sergio Ortiz

      The cannot because then there would litetally be no reason to buy the 12 pro

  • Toure Hines
    Toure Hines

    Waiting for my s21 to arrive, wont be here til the 26th 😪😩

  • Tim Gentz
    Tim Gentz

    The year is 2043: apple introduces........."A BACK BUTTON"🙌 Its brand new!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Yash Upadhyay
    Yash Upadhyay

    Great quality video.

  • Rivka

    samsung isnt trying to make apple look bad, apple is bad on their own

  • GGiLi321

    Waiting on my s21 to come in 3 more days! That's why I'm watching s21 videos

    • Lee Hong Jin
      Lee Hong Jin

      Also Samsung launched the S21 with free giveaway Galaxy Buds Lives or Pros. Apple will never give you a free pair of airpods.

  • Jared Bauer
    Jared Bauer

    Verizon just gave me $800 credit for my S7. I.e. FREE S21. Reviewer did not even mention reverse charging on the Samsung.

  • Luki gaming
    Luki gaming

    0:00 pls music name

  • Jony Sinens
    Jony Sinens

    i'm waste my money buying 12 😏

  • Ditto Christianto
    Ditto Christianto

    In a country which have massive amount of fan base yet Apple still don't bother to have official representative, Samsung Galaxy S21 should be a smart choice for average users.

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    Just ordered s21 phantom violet. IPhone is garbage 🗑

  • neptali cruz
    neptali cruz

    Jaime Rivera is the smoothest reviewer on planet earth, no competition 😀👍👍👍

  • SteveB

    S21 the iPhone killer 💪

  • Tomas Gașpar
    Tomas Gașpar

    Am I a weirdo because I like the iphone notch ? 😅

  • Daniel Bozev
    Daniel Bozev

    I'm hesitant to switch from iphone 12 to S21 mainly because of the display but here we are with exynos 2 100. Someone Give an opinion?

    • Harry Drake
      Harry Drake

      The new Exynos is fine for average use. However it will throttle quicker than Snapdragon, so you may notice if you’re an avid gamer.

  • Rakesh G
    Rakesh G

    Samsung has stepped up their game with s21 series.. s21 is awesome

    • Cool Person
      Cool Person

      I couldn't agree more

  • souveek ghosh
    souveek ghosh

    U seems to be wise person..just like Morgan Freeman..I totally agree with u

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis

    Why are all the higher gig models sold out?

  • Colin Booth
    Colin Booth

    Watching from my S21 Ultra and feeling all superior like.

  • Richard B
    Richard B

    S21 camera is worse than my pixel 3. Not worth upgrading.

  • stealthh h
    stealthh h

    There's literally no reason to buy an iphone expect if you like FaceTime or something.

    • TJLT

      The problem with apple is, they try to trap you into their company. So if you don't have extra money to spend, your stuck with them