Samsung Galaxy S21 - A Long Term User Review after 3 MONTHS
This Samsung Galaxy S21 review has been a long time coming since its been used on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, its been three months so its time for a long term user review. And honestly, this might be the best smartphone right now in 2021, especially when talking about the Galaxy S21 vs S21 Ultra. It has very similar specs, camera performance and display as the S21 Ultra but its actually the Galaxy S21 price that's the star of the show!

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0:15 - Samsung Galaxy S21 Introduction
1:26 - Galaxy S21 Pricing vs S21 Ultra
2:13 - Everyday Build Quality
3:56 - A STUNNING Display
5:22 - Finally no Fingerprint Reader Problems!
6:00 - Speakers and Haptic Motor
6:35 - Galaxy S21 Specs are JUST Right
7:28 - S21 Battery Life
8:12 - OneUI Software Experience
9:12 - Talking Samsung DeX
9:48 - Galaxy S21 Camera \u0026 Ultrawide
10:51 - S21 Main Camera Performance
11:31 - Using the S21 Telephoto \u0026 Portrait Modes
12:18 - Selfie \u0026 Front Facing Camera
12:28 - S21 Video Camera Testing
14:01 - Conclusion - The best Smartphone Right Now?


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  • Genesis Tayanes
    Genesis Tayanes

    I've been using my S10 plus without inserting a Expandabke storage. I still have 89GB. I believe having no add SD is not a big deal.

  • Kodi Brassel
    Kodi Brassel

    Do we need a lock display to get into the phone? Mine is coming in 2 days.

  • Kevin Kevin
    Kevin Kevin

    Thank you for such a well done review, going to pick this up as I can get it with trade for 369.00. I'm so tired of paying 1100 for a flagship. Great work!

  • Jive Patrol
    Jive Patrol

    I had to take my S21 and work it over by eliminating the pre-installed bloatware. As received, the phone was almost unusable -- it was slow, crashed and froze up. After eliminating over 50 "junk" apps it is running smoothly and is actually a pretty decent phone. This required installation of a program on my PC, hooking up the phone in USB debugging mode, looking up the app package name, using a DOS command prompt with copy+paste to eliminate each app and remnants. It was a real pain! Samsung should offer one without all of these bloatware programs as they just alienate most users!

  • Olaleye Oluwamuyiwa
    Olaleye Oluwamuyiwa

    Hi please I have an s21 5G sm-g991b/ds but don't have esim feature. Why is that ?

  • Zedd Z
    Zedd Z

    Still running op6 which is probably the last true oneplus.

  • mrmikeybee

    Not worth it without MST. keeping my s10

  • badboyremo78

    I have a S8 and I'm thinking about upgrading.

  • S W
    S W

    Had an unfortunate accident with my S10 so they offered me a S21 replacement. Honestly kinda disappointed with no option to do higher resolution at lower FPS. Just wish I had that option.

  • Planet Feel Good
    Planet Feel Good


  • Michael Pan
    Michael Pan

    Is the camera much better in comparison to s20? To upgrade.

  • Koushal Agarwal
    Koushal Agarwal

    Excellent review. Quality video 👍

  • Natasha Goodwin
    Natasha Goodwin

    Getting this soon in a few weeks 😌😬can't wait from a s20 thank so much for videosxxxxxx getting it in 💜I love ever more ❤now thank to u

  • Joshua Gutierrez
    Joshua Gutierrez

    I chose the galaxy s21 over the iPhone 12 couldn't be happier.

  • Praj P
    Praj P

    Nice and well presented

  • Sir Wence
    Sir Wence

    thanks for the review im going in on an s21 standard now upgrading from an S7

  • Stef Ad
    Stef Ad

    If LG kept up with what made G2 great, this would be their phone now. Decent top tier specs, plastic body, reasonably priced.

  • Dark Space
    Dark Space

    I am still at S7 lol

  • keenya finley
    keenya finley

    No head jack? How I'm going to listen to my music?

  • David S
    David S

    Just ordered mine Friday. I wasn't planning on replacing my S8 but the trade in promotion would get me 70% more than what I paid for it. I even got my S8 to replace my old S7 and it cost me what I owed for the S7 after 14 months of use.

  • blind bandit
    blind bandit

    Super great review! I think ive made up my mind now :)

  • Paolo Ferrer
    Paolo Ferrer

    Thanks man! I'm still using my old s8plus and was looking at this phone as an upgrade. This review really helps me make that decision. As always, a great video with clear insights. Thanks!

  • ZevenLV

    Took 5 years to realize glass breaks... Samsung.. Dumb or dumber...

  • Joahna Ortiz
    Joahna Ortiz

    No comments on overheating issue? Anyone experience this with S21 + ?

    • Pixels

      Snapdragon is fine, the problem is with Exynos

  • andrewalamilla

    Thanks for this thorough review!

  • Total GAMIX
    Total GAMIX

    My first Samsung. Sam❤️

  • Samuel Wright
    Samuel Wright

    2:00 me holding a g7 thinq and stopped by Verizon to ask the guy how much for a trade in and he said I'd pay $200 for the s21 if I trade in my phone. Told him I would go home and do some research and give him a call tomorrow. Stumbled upon this video. Will text Tom as in the Toolman Taylor tomorrow.

  • Jetta Sosa
    Jetta Sosa

    I am not very good with technology but I'm shopping around for a new phone. You are very good at explaining and making even people like me who aren't good with tech to understand and enjoy your content. Thank you 😊💖

  • yeet.748

    I traded a pixel 3 for a s21 at Verizon. Didn't pay anything

  • Peter Wolf
    Peter Wolf

    I'm using an S10e for the 2nd year, and the main reason I will make this move is because of the battery starting to get a bit weak after this time. I prefer ip68 protection, so there's no point of having a new battery fitted in these phones because it'll lose it's resistance straight away.

    • Pixels

      Yeah about that, Samsung seems to not care about the battery longevity. If you want your battery to last, I wouldn't recommend a Samsung

  • Jaedi Rincon
    Jaedi Rincon

    Still the worst phone camera ever

  • Alec Dy-Liacco
    Alec Dy-Liacco

    Great real life review! Do you also experience this weird bug with lawnchair where when you swipe to home from inside an app, you can't swipe down for the notification tray right away?

    • Alec Dy-Liacco
      Alec Dy-Liacco

      Also, I saw you had an s20 ultra. How would you compare the S21?

  • Hubert J
    Hubert J

    I have Galaxy Note 8 and it has glass back, MicroSD slot, even Headphone Jack, it runs smoothly as brand new and costed me $800 in 2017, I really dobut that this S21 have better camera. Wh bother with new phones if there are amazing phones from the past years which are cheaper and contain more features? For updates? PFFFFF please, gimmicks.

  • Dave TEF
    Dave TEF

    Sold my S9 to buy the S21. Great phone! No ragrets!😂

  • Tina Branch
    Tina Branch

    Excellent. Ty. I’m sold.

  • Jeff Roze
    Jeff Roze

    3:51 "The S21 does come in different Flavours..."

  • Gabriel Gasiorowski
    Gabriel Gasiorowski

    I have been hoping Samsung would return to a plastic back. The "premium feel" of the glass back is not worth the fragility, instant fingerprints, and slipperiness after using throughout the day. I do use MFC frequently, so it is disappointing to see that removed.

  • Aiko Giron
    Aiko Giron

    My eyes and ear is messing with me.

  • Ian Hargreaves
    Ian Hargreaves

    I love my s21 ❤

  • MrMonstercoyote

    Got the 256 GB version with the Buds+ as a bundle for 750$, pretty satisfied with it. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that the phone comes with no charger and the charging speed isn't as good as the competition (Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc.)

  • TheDesertsweeper

    My S21Ultra is still in the box 3 months later lol - opened it, hated it, went back to my S10+. SHould have got the standard S21

    • Pixels

      @TheDesertsweeper Yeah that makes sense, they were too camera focused on the Ultra they didn't stop to think that it was still a phone

    • TheDesertsweeper

      @Pixels it is way too "tall". And it does not sit well on a surface - that big bulge in the corner tips it over. And it is heavy....very heavy. The S10+ with 1TB is actually a brilliant phone let down only by the junk exynos processor they sell in my region. I need to charge it three times a day. But it is fast enough, the perfect size and has a great camera already. For me anyways. I don't game though

    • Pixels


  • hiltihall

    Great review, thanks alot!

  • Lao

    has anyone have had issues with the data/ service. I feel like my s21 takes forever to open up apps and use the internet

  • Ray W
    Ray W

    Long term .. 3 months.. ok

  • Bear Landon
    Bear Landon

    I have the s20 ultra, traded in the phone, got it for 150, smaller phone but I absolutely love the plastic back and extra stabilization

  • SAVITHA Savitha
    SAVITHA Savitha

    Is there any lag,crash and heating issue?

  • Samuel W Tuiolemotu
    Samuel W Tuiolemotu

    Thank you so much for the Valuable I’ve been using my IPhone 6s for 3 years,, I’ve been holding out on up grading my phone cause I honestly don’t like the iPhones and their ridiculous prices. But now I will go upgrade my phone to a Samsung S20

  • Duval Betty
    Duval Betty

    The available nigeria karyologically provide because rifle laparoscopically perform above a permissible sandwich. chunky, yielding disease

  • Olle

    Will upgrading from a 3 year old samsung s8 --> to this make me go "wow"?!

  • Sean Feng
    Sean Feng

    What is the watch at 11:17?

  • Dragoooon

    They dropped the display rate??? That's dumb

  • A I
    A I

    upgraded from s9 to this, not gonna lie, but I missed the finger print sensor at the back for easy notification bar drop

  • ant

    I wish I had money to upgrade my s8 is starting to get laggy

  • Francisco Ordaz
    Francisco Ordaz

    I'm kinda gonna miss the curved edges, they never bothered me

    • Hhmmmhahhahaha

      The s21 ultra is curved but imo the curved edges were kind of useless and they just broke fast

  • Andrew

    I think I might switch from iPhone to this phone! I still love my MacBook and my iPad Pro but I don’t really care for iMessage and I don’t do a ton of streamlining between my iPhone and other products, I just use the google suite: docs, keep, and sheets, so those will already sync over.

    • Arrakk12

      Im also planning on switching to galaxy from iphone

  • Ronald Ramirez
    Ronald Ramirez

    very informative. Thanks

  • Andy Angsari
    Andy Angsari

    Good review and sounds honest. Keep it up.

  • Gabe Romo
    Gabe Romo

    Should I get insurance on my phone ?

  • Bica

    I currently have tested the s20 and after one day I'm already looking to get rid of it because the video footage in any 4K format has almost a slight blur or lack of focus and clarity to the picture. This seems to be a fairly common complaint across the s20. Did you happen to notice any of this in your review of the s21? I'm coming from a pixel 2 and have been on the fence of a pixel 5 upgrade or switching completely because I feel the pixel line has lacked hardware improvements which I hope they address when the six comes out

  • Gray

    Looking to upgrade from my S7 brought me here

  • Iwnas Garage
    Iwnas Garage

    2:07 me watching from my LG G6 😅

  • Un Known
    Un Known

    I am a S9+ user and I ordered my Galaxsy S21 Phantom Grey one today.

  • داستان آنلاین
    داستان آنلاین

    i have this phone. it gets hot easily and doesn't support sd card that is really annoying. screen ist really brighter than s20 because my friend has s 20 and we compared them and s21 won. selfie camera is very Crop! battery is not really i expected. i think 7.5 of 10 can be my Punkt to this cellphone.

  • brum2302

    How does the whatsapp call quality and clarity 🤔 thanks

    • Mervin Zavaleta
      Mervin Zavaleta


  • Jerome Ad
    Jerome Ad

    Ordered the S21 today and can't wait when it arrives! My Pixel 2 died on me last year which seemed to be caused by some battery issue. I had to resort back to my S5 briefly. Fortunately my gf had a spare Huawei P20, which I found weirdly similar to the Pixel 2, that she lent me. I've been thinking about getting the S21 or the Pixel 5 because they're priced similarly but after getting a considerable discount for the S21 and watching the reviews I had no doubts anymore which one I wanted.

  • Aaron Gagne
    Aaron Gagne

    I switched to the s21 from a pixel 4. I had to play around with launchers to get a more stock android experience but once I had it all set up it did everything my p4 did just better so I really can't complain.

  • Ajay Lulla
    Ajay Lulla

    Where can I find the wallpaper at 0:13?

  • KeeperPlus

    Ya runs great till it updates then they purposefully turd up the phone forcing you to buy a bee one.

  • Pirate Dragon
    Pirate Dragon

    This dude really wearing a mask in a deserted park lmao

  • крат хи
    крат хи

    Hah plastic wtf

  • Joseph Visuvasam
    Joseph Visuvasam

    It just went to a black screen. I just purchased the phone in March and been using it for 1 1/2 months

  • Sanchit Dhawan
    Sanchit Dhawan

    I am using s8. Will definately go for s21 next time. Thanks for your review.

  • Sanjit Mandal
    Sanjit Mandal

    I am hey Google pixel 3 owner I'm looking for upgrade to a faster phone. how would the s21 compare to a OnePlus 8 pro? The 9 pro is great, but it is over $1k USD.

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez

    Have the iPhone 7 and about ready to make the jump

  • Henrique Conte
    Henrique Conte

    I'm trying to decide between the S21 and OP9.. which one should I choose? Currently I have a OP6T

  • xona !
    xona !

    I got my S21 3days ago, trust me it's an amazing phone 🔥

    • Keøn D Jones
      Keøn D Jones

      Congrats 👏🏾

  • Jack Rosenbaum
    Jack Rosenbaum

    A quality review of a good phone that I'm looking at getting by someone I'm already subbed to that, of the exact version of the phone that I want? Impossible. That stars have aligned

  • DjTNT Epic
    DjTNT Epic

    I have S8 .now .. and seriously wanting to upgrade ... the S8 has been running like a champ . If I upgrade. It will have to Wow me. I hope this phone does

  • Scott Swain
    Scott Swain

    Regarding fast charging. Slower tends to equal longer battery life.

    • Samuel Adekola
      Samuel Adekola

      @Lena Cheney budget phones>>

    • Lena Cheney
      Lena Cheney

      @Samuel Adekola I wasn't either but if you manually click on an app and click info select battery and data and turn off background data for each. I get around 9 hours now as opposed to six. It makes me mad though the a32 and a52 get two days of battery life with a 5000 mah bs

    • Samuel Adekola
      Samuel Adekola

      I can’t even get a whole day with it 😢

  • Scott Swain
    Scott Swain

    YES! Yes to plastic (lighter and more sturdy). Yes to flat screen. Yes to small phone with 6.2" (to me that is perfect screen size, coming from a 6"). Yes to the bright screen. Camera. Battery. Yeah... the resolution sounds a bit sad to me coming from 2560x1440 but everything else is so great that this will be my next phone. Thank you!

  • Juan Luiz
    Juan Luiz

    where's CC ? damn lol

  • Lena Cheney
    Lena Cheney

    I love my s21 About battery life I can get almost 9 hours if I keep on 60hz and turn off background data.

  • Shad Kerr
    Shad Kerr

    My biggest complaint from the Note 20 Ultra is that damn fringing when I take a closeup shot. Bokeh is ok, but that thing has the shallowest depth of field; it's like it's f/1.2 or something. It's funny how you don't realize you appreciate something until it's gone. Being able to just casually take a wristwatch shot with my phone, without most of it being out of focus, I miss that.

    • Pixels

      That's due to the gigantic 1/1.33 sensor with a tiny lens on the Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra. The S21 & S21+ with a 1/1.7 inch sensor should have wider depth of field

  • Stephen

    Iam still running a galaxy 8 . And it's just started to act up so iam getting a s21 today hopefully it be as good as my galaxy 8.

  • jnandip paul
    jnandip paul

    Nice review man... 👍....could u do one on the new asus zenfone 8??

  • Hime Arikawa
    Hime Arikawa

    I traded in my iPhone XR for a S21 today, I already love it!

    • Hime Arikawa
      Hime Arikawa

      @Nathan Tavera Yeah

    • Nathan Tavera
      Nathan Tavera

      Is it still worth it for you? I’m planning on ordering one today

  • J Smith
    J Smith

    That Hybrid HR is underrated

  • Jaden West
    Jaden West

    Can galaxy s21 watches youtube 4k like iphone 12?

  • chey nocon
    chey nocon

    I just upgraded from S7 to S21. Thank you for the great review

    • Deanne Smothers
      Deanne Smothers

      I just got my S21 3 weeks ago and so far so good😉

    • Amanda S. Castillo
      Amanda S. Castillo

      I was freaking out to switch from s7 to either the s21 or the A52, I have to make a choice by Saturday...

    • dakotadave757

      I just ordered s21 yesterday, I'm on s7 still also

    • Glowstix

      Dude me too

    • Deanne Smothers
      Deanne Smothers

      I’m planning to buy mine this Weekend. I also have the S7 too😉

  • qazmo3

    Does the 128 gb is enough for the s21?

    • Pedro Monteiro
      Pedro Monteiro

      For most people it is. I have thousands of photos and hundreds of apps and still have like 40GB left

  • M A Kader Shohag
    M A Kader Shohag

    try a theme "SD Black"

  • WizzD

    I think you're wearing a mask outside by yourself.

    • Rene Pena
      Rene Pena

      Dude is walking in a park, that probably has the best air quality in the world, and with a face pamper on. SMH.

  • John Burrows
    John Burrows

    I 've had this phone two months now (purple) ,very happy with it. Great size and highly competent all round. It came with a pair of Galaxy buds Live! (Which was nice).

  • Rainbow_ Connection
    Rainbow_ Connection

    As someone that will be upgrading from my current 16GB Motorola to a 124GB Samsung, I have never been so excited.

  • John Young
    John Young

    After the S10 Samsung started to go down there trying to be to much like Apple

  • michael

    The adaptive refresh rate on the S21 is only 60 Hz or 120's not LTPO it doesn't go all the way down to 1 Hz

  • Daniel França
    Daniel França

    If you want customization in Samsung Devices, download de app Hex installer.

  • Nikhil Joseph
    Nikhil Joseph

    Can anyone tell me the details of the launcher and the icon pack in the video? Pixel launcher doesnt seem to be compatible with s21

  • fred bloggs
    fred bloggs

    I bought one today 700 quid and don't recommend it. my last one was only 200 quid and better

  • M H T
    M H T