Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007
This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips

    No kids born after 2002 will understand how magical a touchscreen phone felt for us at this time. It was truly revolutionary to be conditioned to the technology we had before this, then to be catapulted into the future like this

    • manuel langius
      manuel langius

      And it destroyed the world...nobody sees or talk with eachother anymore....only looking at the screen of their smart phone🙃

    • Forget About It
      Forget About It

      No kids born after 1987 can understand to have a “paired phone” with your neighbor at home. Pager. And than carrying a kilo mobile phone

    • Among Us Clips
      Among Us Clips

      Hey even tho i was born after 2002 i know, because i grew up in a poor family

    • Sujata Mondal
      Sujata Mondal

      Bruhh I got to know 'bout iPhone in 2011 and I was born in 2003 So sorry, but can't quite agree

    • MALJO

      Stop gatekeeping this shit everyone knows how big of a step it was

  • Syed Haseeb Ali Shah
    Syed Haseeb Ali Shah

    Hello. The last time is ongoing. Be prepare for The Last Reformer Of The World.

  • David Fox
    David Fox

    All the fan boys in the audience.

  • 犬熊玉


  • Darvoj Dervoj
    Darvoj Dervoj

    big boss :D

  • Phaul

    Apple needs you... now they suck...

  • doc jay
    doc jay

    and ruined the world.

  • Mr B
    Mr B

    Respect Legend! Rest In Paradise. Thanks for the tools you left us

  • Dietys Flight
    Dietys Flight

    Apple thinks of borrowing an idea "releases new iphone"

  • Muhammad Iqbal rusty • 10 tahun lalu
    Muhammad Iqbal rusty • 10 tahun lalu


  • corolla cross
    corolla cross

    Ypu Robbed The Beatles Steve Ashole !!! the apple icon , the music right etc

  • Ritchie Dee
    Ritchie Dee

    lol watching this hirsoric speech, and thinking... yeah but mrbeast gets more views on his videos for filling his friends house full of jello wtf?

  • Competition Sports 2021
    Competition Sports 2021

    and as of today, people are slaves and zombies to their phone.

  • Jacob Fish
    Jacob Fish

    This is a day.... Apple robbed a crap ton of people.

  • CL Goode
    CL Goode

    My first "smartphone" was a Blackberry, then a Blackberry Pearl, and then a Blackberry Pearl. Then I got an iPhone 3G.... and it was simply amazing until it died. I haven't gotten an iPhone since... but it really was a total game changer in the industry. I couldn't go back to a keyboard after getting used to it.

  • Clipper Clips
    Clipper Clips

    When Jobbs died apple died inside

  • Amaan Ahmed
    Amaan Ahmed

    One of the most important anouccments' in History!And that's a Fact!

  • Roy Choi
    Roy Choi

    The old generation "smartphone" just means a phone with keyboard, still remember how I use Nokia and BlackBerry, typing in the phone used to be annoying. Until iPhone announced, it DO changed everything, it changed the world.

  • Gulmablk Tv
    Gulmablk Tv

    It’s the greatest phone ever

  • Rick

    Imagine bringing this to the shark tank lol

  • Nelsan ART
    Nelsan ART

    This has been randomly recommended to me 9 years later

  • S A
    S A

    Lol these people had no idea they were clapping and cheering to spending 1000 dollars every 9 months on a new iphone every year for the rest of their lives.

  • Johan johan
    Johan johan

    Some times u wish u go back to all those old phone. Inestat of looking to your phone screens 24/7 .

  • BronxBombersGaming

    "Nobody wants a stylus, ugh" *creates Apple pen*

  • BronxBombersGaming

    Who else is watching this on an Apple device rn?

  • Ivan Inaev
    Ivan Inaev

    Так делается революция

  • シ Jugador RASENKS シ
    シ Jugador RASENKS シ


  • Shogakubu

    The audiences are clapping and cheering but I bet they were somewhat skeptic and not fully sure how revolutionary this would become

  • jumong Soliva
    jumong Soliva

    Watching this with iphone 12😳

  • Supreet Kothuri
    Supreet Kothuri

    If he was Alive for few more years then today People will not obsessed to buy iPhones even they are 10K $

  • AS

    I love that he just knows he is going to change the world! Love the confidence, too bad he had to go so soon.

  • AnZeEn ALi.S
    AnZeEn ALi.S

    2021 Aug 1

  • Vaibhavi Chauhan
    Vaibhavi Chauhan

    I Know how it felt when I actually encountered a touchscreen iphone for the first time 😂😂 And now I am master in using them Waiting for a new REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT

  • Illmatic New Yorker
    Illmatic New Yorker

    This was the greatest presentation I’ve ever witnessed. It was such a pleasure to buy this iPhone in 2007 4GB in short pump Virginia mall. Then it was amazing to get hired by the same company a few months before Steve died. Precious memories.

  • Pa P
    Pa P

    Thank you. Tua11466.

  • Abraham Men
    Abraham Men

    Fuck you jobs

  • Igor Brian
    Igor Brian

    I saw someone using a laptop

  • Aravind K S
    Aravind K S

    Man Steve knew how to market things! It's his marketing that motivated the engineers to make breakthrough innovations!

  • Huang Alex
    Huang Alex

  • Scuba J
    Scuba J

    The beginning of brainwashed masses on social media

  • Tinderella

    I don’t know how people can bag on Apple. Samsung and Android in general is a complete and utter ripoff of the iPhone and iOS. Probably the most revolutionary product to come out this century. I don’t even own a computer anymore, you can do literally everything on an iPhone, an watch Netflix, and watch HRposts, and I really couldn’t live without my iPhone.

  • Spamfitters

    Americans are so excitable 🙄

  • Yassine

    I'm currently 16 and aspiring to be an entrepreneur I'll come back here every year on August 1st and give updates on how it's going. Please someone remind me lmao.

  • Chris R.
    Chris R.

    This is how Nokia dies. *With thunderous applause*

  • Nalla Ebenezer
    Nalla Ebenezer

    2021 we call it roasting other phones.

  • LTEtech review
    LTEtech review

    I just thinking that 2007 nokia has launched N95 series phone.And 2006 to 2010 nokia has launched xpressmusic for those who want to listening music.So in 2007 nokia just make the keypad phone like n95 or n73 can do video call.I love nokia.

  • The Kiddie Teacher
    The Kiddie Teacher

    Watching this on apple.

  • Devin Duhalde
    Devin Duhalde


  • Space Cookies !
    Space Cookies !


  • Stefano BAGGIO
    Stefano BAGGIO

    Genius 🙌🤩

  • 8 Atheist
    8 Atheist

    If multitouch was patented how has everyone copied it?

  • DDK

    I remeber seing the first iphone at school and the whole school was gathered around amazed by this tech. To be fair it hasn't really changed since this I phone

  • Jovin Wong
    Jovin Wong

    Steve Jobs just change the world with a comedy way

  • Satya Permana
    Satya Permana

    When phone were fun

  • Çağan Ulaş Kılıç
    Çağan Ulaş Kılıç

    I'm not an Iphone user currently because of their software update policy. But all of us who uses Iphone or not must admit that Apple has strated a totally different era in world history. If we say that they marked their names with golden letters in world history. We wouldn't be wrong

  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas

    In the words of Leonardo DiCaprio: "The way of the future."

  • Eugene Kobiluk
    Eugene Kobiluk

    AHAHAHAHAH RECOMENDATION in 2021... srsly!?

  • Kappa Beta
    Kappa Beta

    He had reinvented the entire world...... Imagine a world without smart mobiles and just a phone with that clickker thing.

  • carlos garcía
    carlos garcía

    That man with no suit, runner shoes and at all fondly of ties changed the world, literally.


    July 2021 on an iPhone 11

  • RRAX

    N E R D J E S U S 😝

  • danny hofer
    danny hofer

    LoL they cannot get the patent for smartphones touchscreen. they didn't invent it but they want it patented?

  • Ryan Dimock
    Ryan Dimock

    The end of the world as we know it

  • Kinteros Gaming
    Kinteros Gaming

    And then, ecological apocalypse. Thank you.

  • No Ordinary Jams
    No Ordinary Jams

    This was truly a jump into the future. But damn do I miss my Motorola krzr

  • Squirrel Victim
    Squirrel Victim

    “This will change everything” 2021: Kid laying on couch sluggishly swiping at TikTok videos

  • shiba inuu
    shiba inuu

    And the rest is history

  • TeUltimate

    Im using one right now

  • ayan pervaiz
    ayan pervaiz

    Fun fact: I was born in 2007

  • 4Heed Indeed
    4Heed Indeed

    gotta admit this did change the entire smartphone industry from buttons to full touchscreens

  • Mido Slajufm
    Mido Slajufm

    Apple , its a different company which changed the electronic market

  • Herry Wibowo
    Herry Wibowo

    The world is in your hands now


    "A giant screen"

    • HESTER

      ​@TrES-2b Yeah but it's funny today to remember what was a "giant screen" lol

    • TrES-2b

      Yes, at the time

  • bimopi

    fantastic ! this is real history in making !

  • Manoj Maity
    Manoj Maity

    Why these amazing guys leave this world fast?

  • Vinoth Kumar
    Vinoth Kumar

    The futuristic demo...

  • Kareem Odeh
    Kareem Odeh

    wow the phone looks cool what would phones look after 14 years?

  • Ethan133 - R6S clips
    Ethan133 - R6S clips

    2007: All born with figures 2021: outrage of people saying they aren’t etc etc like they witches film etc

  • Ethan133 - R6S clips
    Ethan133 - R6S clips

    Unfortunately this is the starting of social media and the downfall of real life interaction


    One of the very few times where : "This is a revolutionary product that will change the world" turned out to be true.

  • PikaNinjaBros

    I feel old now.

  • danpost55

    LOL Apple did not invent the mouse!

  • TechZoo

    He’s a genius of giving speeches! If you compare him with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and other entrepreneurs, the amount of excitement he brought to the audience was always unparalleled.

    • gw kiv
      gw kiv


  • Engineerisaac

    Jobs was an asshole.

  • DallenisherE

    3:08 people just don't care they still clapping


    I’m watching this on an iPhone 2021

  • Poury Y7
    Poury Y7

    Huawei Is king of the technology

  • baisley hively
    baisley hively

    The fretful wallaby additonally count because seagull optimally gather given a faded deadline. belligerent, melted cloth

  • Sign

    Rob Jobs really changed my bank account

  • AlexTheDog27 :D
    AlexTheDog27 :D

    I like how happy everyone is because it was at that moment they realised that they were getting a revolutionary phone

  • C M
    C M

    I’m watching this on my iPhone 12 wow

  • michael minarik
    michael minarik

    i miss my blackberry so so much

  • SpiffRogue

    Funfact: Apple never invented the touch screen.

    • TrES-2b

      And they invented Multi-Touch which is touch screen but so good that every phone uses it today

    • TrES-2b

      I know, but they made it finally good

  • XII-F_11_Aditya Patankar
    XII-F_11_Aditya Patankar

    Revolutionary mobile phone

  • Nic Strep
    Nic Strep

    How crazy that he knew the most important feature was “ internet communication device” and no one else in the audience did… got almost no applause. The iPhone today is a internet device, with a phone, juts like he listed it here. Never mind how sil the styles joke sounds today… but this was the standard for full screen devices like the palm pilot then

  • ssewwess

    Looking back now Jobs really sounded like a prophet.

  • Nikita Kucherov
    Nikita Kucherov

    I think that guy is on to something here…

  • iiAidenGamingii

    Apple in 2007: who wants a stylus anyway? Apple now: *apple pencil*

  • R W
    R W

    He was soooo right……

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