This keyboard can only type your passwords
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The Password Keyboard™️ Enter your password in record time with complete accuracy. We all know the feeling of messing up a password and starting over. With our super compact keyboard, simply type your password and only your password. Choose an ultra secure 8 character password and start tapping down the line. The integrated LEDs will alert you when you somehow still screw it up. Now was that an upper case S or a $.

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Unnecessary Inventions is the brainchild of product designer Matty Benedetto, where he designs \u0026 builds 2-4 brand new products each week that solve problems that don't exist.

  • Unnecessary Inventions
    Unnecessary Inventions

    Can everyone please let me know your favorite password 👇🏻

    • Su1ciDal Boy
      Su1ciDal Boy


    • A R E S
      A R E S


    • _KawaiiBobaT_

      Am I the only person wondering: Y do u need to know my passwords

    • Captain Monster
      Captain Monster

      Your mom

    • Modm8


  • ༒Pablo Zurita༒
    ༒Pablo Zurita༒

    Also scramble the letters bc it's easier to learn a pattern rather than a word

  • Unipanda Gaming
    Unipanda Gaming

    Well the password doesn’t really change your just switching the key caps

  • Sceptile

    Did he just show his password?

  • that creepy old dude who sells ham for a living
    that creepy old dude who sells ham for a living

    But wait wouldn't that mean every ones password is actually the same as the only thing that's changed is the plastic key caps Also what if the keyboard brakes unless you buy another one you will essentially not be able to get in to any of your accounts as you won't even know what the real password is again because it's only the key caps that have changed and not the buttons or what they type

  • Tonk Games
    Tonk Games

    Add an enter key at the end bruh literally unusable

  • Adam H.
    Adam H.

    Ok I don't think this is useless this is actually useFUL

  • Ethane Hunt
    Ethane Hunt

    are you seriously that dumb🤔🤔🤣

  • piecesofme

    So this device is likely scraping passwords…

  • Gab Bobadilla
    Gab Bobadilla

    Can you make a useless video oh wait here it is

  • Raizen


  • PrestoPlay

    This is so dumb

    • DailyPunch

      Little did you know it was a joke

  • Dotukca

    This is the most fucking stuff ever made😑😒

  • ihatebrickplanet12

    When you realise that when keyboard keys are changed it doesn’t change the output to PC so this keyboard will always type a set password

  • Regulus

    Imagine your password is long as foooooooooooooooook

  • Kevin McArthur
    Kevin McArthur

    "ultra-secure" "8-character" choose one

  • Christian Valle
    Christian Valle

    all fun and games until the keybinds get refreshed 😃

  • Ahmed Shaikh
    Ahmed Shaikh

    Me: I should not write my password in a book so someone could known This guy:

  • Alabanana Twerking God
    Alabanana Twerking God

    You also invented the water mate ?

  • Lil Shadøwling
    Lil Shadøwling

    "Password must be 9 characters or longer"

  • Félix Auclair Tendland
    Félix Auclair Tendland

    Yay let’s spy On peiple who have that shit now and steal their shit

  • a_noob

    I'll take your entire stock

  • Leah Tidwell
    Leah Tidwell

    Wait wut if a robber tries to grabs ut laptop and that goes with it??

  • Guru Nayak
    Guru Nayak

    The name of his channel makes sense

  • Richie Raymond
    Richie Raymond

    Good idea

  • maw kuri
    maw kuri

    This is stupidity.. it's like giving away your password to anybody.. same thing as writing your pw on a paper

    • DailyPunch

      It was a joke but ok

  • Shreen Shah
    Shreen Shah

    Please teach how to make that.

  • Alven Catarata
    Alven Catarata


  • Moo

    ... useless

  • Berezyn

    Changing the buttons isn't going to change the data going in. Seems like a lazy scam with gadget included

  • Lucy Vasquez
    Lucy Vasquez

    The real question is how can the keyboard tell what keys you pressed

  • FLexn Beatz
    FLexn Beatz

    I can just put my password in regularly My method requires 2 less steps.

  • Lewis Jenkins
    Lewis Jenkins

    It’s a pretty fucking idiotic invention I get it’s a joke but Still

  • Younicorn

    Alternative title: how to waste 1 USB port

  • Stardust Man
    Stardust Man

    I thought he was gonna say buy it now on

  • Kirishima

    Well if you if someone breaks in they can see the password

  • Mason Dassow
    Mason Dassow

    Sick dude

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill

    And for that reason I’m out

  • Principal Nezu
    Principal Nezu

    This isn't unnecessary it is necessary

  • Mariam JT
    Mariam JT

    Look out for tech giants they might copy it

  • Everyday4Play

    It doesn’t matter what buttons you put on it, it’s still just a single line of button getting pressed in a single order. They could be blank and it would have the same password as if it actually said password on it

  • Kwetzal

    Ay, this might actually be good

    •  Samantha Empey
      Samantha Empey

      Other people can see your password tho

  • Mtho

    Someone will steal it

  • Shade

    Well yeah but what if someone getting in then what do you do

  • kas trancenmoati
    kas trancenmoati

    This guy is getting hate by People because they say its stupid and shit and stuff but isnt that The point of the channel the Channel is called literally called Unnecessary inventions

  • Crayon Gudetama
    Crayon Gudetama

    I mean he's going places, maybe not college, but places

  • Zaxenal

    Big shit

  • itslex television
    itslex television

    Imagine a criminal stills your phone and also find this...

  • Maiku

    So I can only have a password with 8 characters?

  • Snatch Block
    Snatch Block


  • Baha Alshwaiki
    Baha Alshwaiki

    That's a waste of time.

  • Hentie Artist
    Hentie Artist

    Dumbest shit I've seen in a hot minute

  • ahmed kn
    ahmed kn

    Not gonna lie i need it. Dont laugh I'm horrible at remembering stuff

  • Wyatt Garwick
    Wyatt Garwick

    My grandparents need this

  • Frebbe Is a qt
    Frebbe Is a qt

    Wait can i buy one no joke like really buy that no cap how much do it cost and were can i but it??

  • Wolfprogamer xx
    Wolfprogamer xx

    I need this in my life. I have not been able to open my stupid laptop since I forgot the password. And I missed a online job interview, don't I have the best life ever

  • George The Pooh
    George The Pooh

    So anyone can just log into your shit at any time? Lmfao okay.

  • Mr.żabson

    Where i can buty this in Polish

  • Merkurii & Pluuto
    Merkurii & Pluuto

    My password is 9 letters 😈

  • Waira Urbizagastegui
    Waira Urbizagastegui

    So have the same password for everything? Great for hackers

  • Sean Gazelle
    Sean Gazelle

    Lol it’d take way longer to type in the password. Let’s not forget anyone could c it n you’d have to take it w u everywhere n plug it in the pc every time...

  • Old Ben Kenobi
    Old Ben Kenobi

    Sure this is cool until you have to capitalize something

  • fanchristpo

    Khabi lame after watching the video: *takes keyboard and type password*

  • Amogus

    That is the most useless shit that i have ever seen in my life.

  • KraisuN

    I type mrly password faster then that

  • Echo Razer
    Echo Razer

    Me who’s password is 123456:I don’t have such weaknesses

  • panther crew
    panther crew

    Where do I buy this

  • campbell hall
    campbell hall

    I'm not the only 1 who saw Christian mingle am I?

  • Debo and chago
    Debo and chago

    Wait so when you put new key caps on it changes it … how

  • Nostalgia 29
    Nostalgia 29

    Have people realized that changing the letter on the key board doesn’t change it to that letter? His password is password, not whatever that is.

  • Anna M. Schatz
    Anna M. Schatz


  • Allison Sparkle
    Allison Sparkle

    So I can either buy this product or enter my password for free/choose the automatic “remember password” feature on any computer/device?

  • K Santosh Kumar
    K Santosh Kumar

    how about using a 'pencil & paper' (to not forget)

  • Lucomooco 123
    Lucomooco 123

    The easy way to get your password stolen

  • Gio Sanabria
    Gio Sanabria

    Sorry man people can say I’m tryna hate but this shit is more pointless then allowing you to talk to your TV remote like laziness is just becoming more and more apparent in the US 😭

    • kas trancenmoati
      kas trancenmoati

      His channel is litteraly called Unnecessary inventions

  • aes

    Alright, im sold.

  • Terribadguy

    If I see someone w this I'm slapping them

  • Warlord King
    Warlord King

    We need khabe lame

  • Lound Clear
    Lound Clear


  • someone

    people with 9 digit password: ok


    Wow Now people can see your password

  • FrmdaoKillinRoy

    Qwerty is used for a reason...

  • Monal

    His desktop is giving me 2nd hand anxiety

  • Real Sanic
    Real Sanic

    What's the point of the password then?

  • Lenny theidiot
    Lenny theidiot

    I'd just put wasd and the enter key and than I can game without worrying about it

  • Lego1upMushroom

    Legit this is why idiot get there accounts compromised

  • LazarBeam Fan
    LazarBeam Fan

    Then what the point of even having a password

  • Your Daily Discord Memes
    Your Daily Discord Memes

    I actually want this

  • ShortAnt

    It’s all fun and games until your mom finds this in your desk lying around

  • Aarotox

    Your name resembles this handy yet "unnecessary invention". Lol

  • poto

    All your creations are amazing

  • xX hotboi Xx
    xX hotboi Xx

    this guy needs to get in contact whit vat19

  • Lyn Malfoy
    Lyn Malfoy

    Its also the easiest way to know what peoples passwords are

  • Noobs something
    Noobs something

    Robber: *steals a laptop* Robber: "Dam... I don't know the password!" *sees another keyboard that says the password*

    • a wise man
      a wise man

      The robber "convenient"

  • 9000lives

    It would be the same password for everything because the key caps don’t control the key?

    • Swamp22

      Exactly lol

  • xXIbimskekXx

    If you think about it it's not that useless

  • Prithom

    Doesn't that mean that u have a limited amount of words

  • Poggers poggers
    Poggers poggers

    Yo fucking organize your desktop

see you soon
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