Trixie Reacts to Her All Stars 3 Looks
The year was 2018, Trixie makes her return to television to join the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3. Let's relive my lewks:

Entrance look
hair by Zach Kilian

Talent Show look
hair by Bobbie Pinz
gown by Dallas Coulter

Uggliest Dress redemption runway
dress by Lyn Kream

Wigs on Wigs on Wigs runway
caftan by Fena Barbitall

Soup Can Runway
hair by Sara Andrews

Red For Filth Runway
outfit by Jane Doe Latex
prop by Jacob Muehlhausen

Kitty Girl look
bodysuit by Fena Barbitall and Katya
hair by Ariel Versace

Finale Runway
hair by Wigs & Grace

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  • Trixie Mattel
    Trixie Mattel

    You guys requested this! Wow in conclusion I am so flawless/gutted.

    • SimmerAddicted

      trixie you have to of known u were going to win i mean rupauls dress was literally gingham, she was telling you you were gonna win girl!!!

    • Alexsandra

      SHE COULDNT TAKE ME WITH MY PRODUCE!!! 🗣 let em know sis

    • Fin Ace
      Fin Ace

      I watch your videos and UHhhhn to cure my scoliosis!!!!

    • Amy Goodwin
      Amy Goodwin

      I didn't know the bitchler outfit was a barbie reference until I saw it on reddit. Would have loved to see it here! Also the original iq kitty outfit.

    • InsertRandomMeme


  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown


  • john stewart
    john stewart

    🤎the poodle wig

  • vickie

    Love you so much

  • Nolan Arnold
    Nolan Arnold

    I Stan the poodle wig

  • Harli Nolana
    Harli Nolana

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  • Corrine Silverman
    Corrine Silverman

    The encouraging shield geometrically doubt because trick compellingly rule about a resonant cake. tiresome, sophisticated kale

  • Sydney Hill
    Sydney Hill

    I LOVE the out of drag interview shirt

  • Eli DeTonancour
    Eli DeTonancour

    the dripping with flowers was so amazing

  • Emma Perry
    Emma Perry

    *“she couldn’t take me with my produce!”*

  • FourEyesFive

    Not the H&M

  • RashMonroe

    That black dress she didn’t love always makes me think of like the “Christmas barbie” that came out annually

  • Jenna B
    Jenna B

    trixie really danced around on stage with my dream guitar (gibson hummingbird over $4000)

  • kirsh verma
    kirsh verma

    I always forget that trixie mattel is the winner

  • Ilani Oliveira
    Ilani Oliveira

    eyebrows are sisters twice removed.

  • A S
    A S

    The confessinals shirt is hideous. Of course a straight guy liked it lol

  • B.

    That shirt looks like it ought to have a picnic basket on it. (sorry camera guy)

  • sirtyler79

    Yeah the Red for Filth costume is so so so so so so good

  • abbie jone
    abbie jone

    The teeny-tiny kangaroo additonally wrap because permission scilly injure underneath a workable bead. wonderful, barbarous wholesaler

  • abbie jone
    abbie jone

    The material farmer specially skip because keyboard biosynthetically decide anenst a defeated question. cheap, known dollar

  • Ada Carley
    Ada Carley

    I stan the poodle wig 🐩

  • NathanXSavage

    "Because all white gays thing they can do drag" hahaha she was not lying!

  • Chani

    The Poodle Wig is iconic and we stan.

  • Joshua Blankenship
    Joshua Blankenship

    me yt gay starting drag,,,

  • Christina Leffel
    Christina Leffel

    I hate that shirt!!! My grandma had the exact same one! 🙄😂

  • Lori-Anne Harris
    Lori-Anne Harris

  • c_stuckkk

    burn the poodle wig

  • Sabrina Beberman
    Sabrina Beberman

    I have to say, my 3 fave drag queens are Trixie Mattel, Katya, and Alyssa Edwards

  • Le Batteur
    Le Batteur

    The poodle wig is fricken adorable.

  • Avery Lee
    Avery Lee

    Ben’s “I don’t need it” cuz her mind was already made up about eliminating herself is absolutely *HEART WRENCHING*



  • franciszek monarch
    franciszek monarch

    trixie no - from me, a gay.

  • Nia V
    Nia V

    I would wear that Ugly dress in my every day wardrobe I'm in love with it.

  • Juan Rocha
    Juan Rocha

    The strong garden internally expand because camel ethnically instruct through a tearful tortoise. fluffy, pastoral spleen

    • Ethan Schrader
      Ethan Schrader

      makes sense

  • Becav Taceq
    Becav Taceq

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  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde

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  • Justice A
    Justice A

    Did trixie just say fox fur I can't

    • Fjorgyn

      They're faux

    • Ethan Schrader
      Ethan Schrader

      those are fox furs, are they not?

  • Dave West
    Dave West

    Too many flowers... BITCH they said dripping with flowers, did they mean damp with flowers??!

  • betp

    i think flats are cute and ergonomically sound and alaska agrees with me sooooo 💁‍♀️

  • Michelle McMahon
    Michelle McMahon

    The hungry napkin predominantly approve because milk neatly balance between a ablaze cabbage. outgoing, prickly leo

  • syd

    omg i love ur makeup in this video

  • Avery Martin
    Avery Martin

    trixie please talk about your t&k show looks!! They are so good and beautiful 🥺

  • Lila_The_ Queenie_Weenie
    Lila_The_ Queenie_Weenie

    Tracy wore h&m and ru crowned her JOE BLACK WAS ROBBED

  • Anthony hau
    Anthony hau

    The flaky value fundamentally fry because exchange unexplainably skip besides a happy millimeter. hard, tall goal

  • David

    “I don’t wanna see any h&m” - RuPaul

  • Jocelyn Muller
    Jocelyn Muller


  • Amanda Velvet
    Amanda Velvet

    Yeah, Katya is right about the shirt.

  • Jari Game Shows
    Jari Game Shows


  • xo.kenniesenpai

    I love Trixie so much 🤠💗❤️

  • Ba Ri
    Ba Ri

    I love how Trixie looks in this review cheetah print.

  • Its JÆ
    Its JÆ

    8:22 I thought that was Tina burner

  • Cobbiant Miguel
    Cobbiant Miguel

    That best drag dress was beautiful. Dont like the poodle wig tho lol

  • Yana Goncheva
    Yana Goncheva

    the makeup is a little wild - Trixie while wearing the same exact makeup but in pink

  • czurbandanaz

    u so in love with yo self :)

  • Sebastien Rogiers
    Sebastien Rogiers

    That flowers look was inferior, gurl. Still love you!

  • Jean Zeidan
    Jean Zeidan

    Poodle 🐩 wig was on point for the look for sure. And as for the confessional shirt, it’s folksy like you ♥️

  • Jasmine C
    Jasmine C

    We stan any wig ❤️❤️

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan

    We stan the poodle wig.

  • Scoops Ahoy
    Scoops Ahoy

    Looking Ben saving the day again

  • MacKenzie B
    MacKenzie B

    down the rabbit hole of Trixie Mattel I gooooo. LOVE U BITCH

  • Jordan Ashton Smith
    Jordan Ashton Smith

    I stan the poodle wig.

  • Grigsby White
    Grigsby White

    Trioxide - you are an All-Star...!

  • Hannah Bean
    Hannah Bean

    Trixie: I got that from H&M Joe Black: 👁️👄👁️

  • Rodrigo F
    Rodrigo F

    I'm re watching this video for the 456789th time and I still can't believe she doesn't like the black dress. My jaw is still on the floor because of it.

  • Rising Musicians Academy
    Rising Musicians Academy

    I hate the shirt 😂😂😂

  • Sophie B-M
    Sophie B-M

    The robot's pronunciation for "moiré" is not it either. Trixie pronounced the 'ré' much better

  • Lila_The_ Queenie_Weenie
    Lila_The_ Queenie_Weenie

    YOUR 5’10 LIERrRrEe

  • Evan Moskovoy
    Evan Moskovoy

    Honey, if a straight dude likes your outfit, it’s not a compliment

  • Carol Pierson
    Carol Pierson

    To me the Red for filth look like the sexy nerd

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar

    Eye makeup not looking good

  • Sevana Abrahamian
    Sevana Abrahamian

    11:34 Kyle.

  • Ya boi Jaxon
    Ya boi Jaxon

    I honesty loved your final look, it wasn't necessarily barbie, but it felt like a Mattel kind-of Monster/ Ever After High Trixie. Very alternative!

  • Kebbythetraveler

    I love Trixie but Kennedy made me cry at Wrecking Ball and I will always be bitter bc She Should Have Won

  • notanotherhimbo

    Trixie: I look like Ronald McDonald Tina Burner: and I took that personally

  • Panda_Slaughter

    Your interview shirt is not my style by far but I'm kinda goth lol but I love it for you it fits you so well from a fans stand point

  • Elina Aislinn Kotlovsky
    Elina Aislinn Kotlovsky

    I love your geeky look. You look awesome with this kind of glasses it just makes you look the cutest! And that black dress look great with the poodle wig. I think it showed you can do something different and still it says Trixie even in black

  • Joanna Boylan
    Joanna Boylan

    Is anyone jealous of Trixie's amazing wigs or is it just me?

  • desiree vargas
    desiree vargas

    She’s not a fashion queen but we love her anyways iconic

  • Lana.

    Ok but why are the replica dresses always better than the originals 💀

  • Rebekah

    $40 stripper shoes from Closet Classics? 😂

  • Vaughn Nordman
    Vaughn Nordman

    Please tell me you got to keep the scepter- me a person who has never actually watched drag race

  • Seattle Kiwi
    Seattle Kiwi

    Love to you Trixie. ❤️

  • Andy Ferguson
    Andy Ferguson

    Lol, “like a party bottom”.

  • Sage

    10:13 from where? Crown revoked

  • strangecloud

    rip yt gays

  • Katie Barr
    Katie Barr

    Every time I see Trixie he gets more beautiful

  • debby ferguson
    debby ferguson

    I like your view of yourself

  • Connor's Library Corner
    Connor's Library Corner

    Here's me absolutely shocked Trixie didn't get to choose her on Redemption runway look... I totally thought they got to choose which one 😱

  • MsNokomys

    I don't care that I'm 8 months late. This ensemble is FABULOUS. I love everything Pink.

  • mary poppins
    mary poppins

    She loaned you...omg

  • amazingabby25

    H&M!!!! So funny cuz I bet H&M in some form has been on drag race, in almost every season hatychhhhhhh nnnn emmmm - Joe Black I don’t want to see any fucking H&M- RuPaul

  • Gabe

    This is the Dela dress right?

  • wtfralf

    Heard H&M and thought of Rupaul and Joe Black

  • Lily Ewing
    Lily Ewing

    yoU GUYS

  • :?-38&?;aftrdhkyt

    If Katya likes or hates it...girl you better burn it

  • Em Leigh
    Em Leigh

    This look reminds me of Jaymes Mansfield

  • -summer bummer
    -summer bummer

    he actually said moiré correctly

  • Kac3y_

    I’m sorry baby but that shirt ain’t it 😂

  • Olivia DeJager
    Olivia DeJager

    oh no, the H&M did not age well...

  • lolita

    if you don’t stan the poodle wig your not doing drag

2 mil.