UFC 259: Pre-fight Press Conference Highlights
Check out the highlights from the UFC 259 pre-fight press conference headlined by a champion vs champion main event between light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz and middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.
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  • Dickie Reynen
    Dickie Reynen

    But to say you have an “iron black fist” don’t make sense.. Either iron or black can’t have both.. Let’s keep race agenda out of this beautiful sport shall we....

  • k9bushman bushy
    k9bushman bushy


  • Longnails

    That black guy got his ass whopped by the Russian 🤦🏼‍♂️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jonathan Ben Israel
    Jonathan Ben Israel

    Anderson Silva made the same mistake - moving from 185 to 205 for a fight; and he said that he would not do it again.

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel

    Amanda Nunes vai AMASSAR!

  • David King
    David King

    Is Israel Adesanya's dad ok?

  • Raffal

    Jan "You Know" Blachowicz

  • Cesar Augusto Cabeção
    Cesar Augusto Cabeção

    Adesanya se ferrou

  • aba mbaye diop
    aba mbaye diop

    Amanda Nunez

  • Warner Steyn
    Warner Steyn

    Change history... Time traveling episode?

  • Stay Classy Mobile Detailing
    Stay Classy Mobile Detailing

    Who’s here after Jan packed Izzy in a sardine can

    • Whales-PC


    • Pieter Lindeque
      Pieter Lindeque

      If the last round was 10 seconds longer Adesanya would have a concussion right now. Give Gastelum the rematch let's see what happens.

  • Marco Fuina
    Marco Fuina


  • SL BurnsM
    SL BurnsM

    Adesanya pulling a Gaethje with the belts

  • Dawid Haze
    Dawid Haze

    POLISH POWER 💪💪💪💪💪


    hrposts.info/five/video/xIqrm4eIlteBzaY ...

  • Łukasz Myszka
    Łukasz Myszka

    If You looking what Blachowicz meant about Dana not beliving his skills look at 4:42 💪👊🇵🇱

  • moulinyan

    sterling shouldnt talk again he is absolutely shite

  • SprytnyCzesio LIVE
    SprytnyCzesio LIVE


  • The Swedes Versus
    The Swedes Versus

    And just like that, hype train derailed. Izzy fans claimed he would beat Jon Jones. Claimed Jan was too slow and wouldn't be able to catch him. Well, turns out he could. This was supposed to be easy for Izzy they said, he lost.

    • Pieter Lindeque
      Pieter Lindeque

      Jones would make Adesanya retire lmao.

  • Mariusz Bielecki
    Mariusz Bielecki

    Blachowicz has Polish power like Mariusz Pudzianowski, too much for Adesanya

  • fibs rozie
    fibs rozie

    I"m glad yo🤣😅 i wanten Jan to win because izzy dissed Jon Bone man , even DC know he is to macht so why do that?🤷🏿‍♂️😓 be humble Nd than i will back you Up 💯💯‼️‼️

  • Big Dipper
    Big Dipper

    What was Megan Anderson's walk out music for UFC 259 against Amanda Nunez?

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode


    • DvR

      I mean.... it was pretty close in the first 3 rounds

  • The Podhub
    The Podhub

    You guys just HAD to keep saying stuff like "Aljo vs Yan is a guaranteed banger. There's no way this fight won't be amazing"

  • Vero Handed
    Vero Handed

    i just miss the trashtalker legend 😅

  • Amuria Iris
    Amuria Iris

    Why some fighters need to act all dumb like that when most are nice and respectful ? Also, Megan Anderson looks awesome.

  • Tytanowy Janusz
    Tytanowy Janusz


  • Nadeem Akhtar
    Nadeem Akhtar

    Sat here watching main card while doing my reflex ball!!! Both massive talents with big hearts. Made a lot of right predictions, its going to be a hard tuff good fight. But Mr Adesanya is going to be victorious insha Allah.

  • Ezbreezy0 Aka Spiderdude649
    Ezbreezy0 Aka Spiderdude649

    I thought 50 cent son started boxing 😂

  • Helio Junior
    Helio Junior

    Adesanya is over

  • Goku The Saviour Of The Innocent
    Goku The Saviour Of The Innocent


  • Marwen Barhoumi
    Marwen Barhoumi

    I hope u Lose adesanya

  • certified old g
    certified old g

    dam you can see all that'fear in that s, bender face. i really hope he gets his ass woop , by this Viking.. cant wait .all my money going on the Viking.

  • Jude Fz
    Jude Fz

    No one wants to trash talk because they no trash talk is "karma.. It bring bad luck lol 😂

  • siu moala
    siu moala

    U got this Izzy aim and fire 🔥 Auckland's shouting for YOU

  • Adam Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez

    Does anyone know of a sketchy website that i can visit to see a live feed of the fight?

  • mc Lucas trap
    mc Lucas trap


  • Haikal Izzul
    Haikal Izzul

    Imagine Jan wins this fight moving up to HW fighting Stipe. It would be like a twin fighting😂

  • Asiri Jayathilaka
    Asiri Jayathilaka

    5:08 scary when he's grumbling, gonna kill someone

  • MJ Joseph
    MJ Joseph

    No no non Jan....Brown shoes with a blue suit is a no go ! 🤪🤔🤣!

  • Bart Fart
    Bart Fart

    Who is your daddy, Dadesanya ? Dana White is your daddy. "Give it to him anyway"

  • Bart Fart
    Bart Fart

    Yan Brushes his fair forward because he is balding.

    • Bart Fart
      Bart Fart

      Nunes is wearing that head band because she is balding.

  • TonganDeathGrip

    Ummm wtf are Amanda's shoulders? I think she left her coat hanger in there.

  • TonganDeathGrip

    Can't fucken hear anything, stupid effects.

  • jesus mendo
    jesus mendo

    Amanda dressed like Milly Vanilly

  • Bijou Bakson
    Bijou Bakson

    Why am I so excited about this fight? :)

  • Z

    Gotta make me do this lmfao

  • Billy Parker
    Billy Parker

    Israel had to wear a big coat to make him look big laugh my ass off I hope polish power knocking the f*** out bringing back to reality

  • Piotr Pietruszczak
    Piotr Pietruszczak

    Janek Musisz !!!!❤❤❤

  • swiper King
    swiper King

    Where Conor when we need em? “What cha gonna do!?” Would of made things more intense.

  • Paul Oluyomi
    Paul Oluyomi

    I don't like the vibes from Izzy on this one, he's usually more upbeat about a fight than he is right now.

  • Money MitchX
    Money MitchX

    Amanda is a cute chick I’d let her submit me x

  • Frank A
    Frank A

    Can't wait

  • ReapNation

    Think Izzy would be more humble with a lose under his belt. Jan got this

  • Emre Demirkaya Loves
    Emre Demirkaya Loves

    Fight of the Year 2021 " We made a mistake " Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones


    To win some money i need 🇯🇲 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 to win

  • Valery Meladze
    Valery Meladze

    That Russian interpreter doesn’t understand English

  • Toothy Beaver
    Toothy Beaver

    This is where you can outstare your opponent if you can't beat him.

  • Nenad Milovanovic
    Nenad Milovanovic

    Nunes will eat you megan !!After she eat you alive you can go back to your photo shoting whit mask

  • Piotr P
    Piotr P

    I saw fear in Israel reaction

  • Kristofer Maranik
    Kristofer Maranik

    Jan ”you know” blazcovich

  • Idris Elmi
    Idris Elmi

    Adesanya will win

  • neto ochuka
    neto ochuka

    Israel adisenya the real champion

  • mistrzu983

    Rozwal tego murzyna!

  • Fahad Baloch
    Fahad Baloch

    Love Adesanya and Nunes good luck

  • Radosław

    go JAN!!!!!

  • Tim D.
    Tim D.

    what did Izzy say to him at the face off? And did Blach respond in Polish, dekuju (Thank you)????

  • GudBeatz Ent
    GudBeatz Ent

    Common 🇳🇬 let’s smash a pole 😃

  • Aj k47
    Aj k47

    Let's go new zealand all the way you got this

  • Official Deamo
    Official Deamo

    Israel gon hurt him bad😳

  • ThereAreNo AvailableNames
    ThereAreNo AvailableNames

    Amanda's English in extremely good.

  • Domonique Rapier
    Domonique Rapier

    Where the stream at :((


    Pleaaase jan dont acept extra money to lose win ma man just win you are a warior i know you got honor come on just put adesa to sleep ok ok tnx

  • KIRO

    1:08 female costa

  • Jonathan katti
    Jonathan katti

    It should be trash

  • Jeff Reisen
    Jeff Reisen

    Adesanya was a dancer 1st before a martial artist Bruce Lee was a dancer 1st before a martial artist

  • Eugene Kravtsov
    Eugene Kravtsov


  • Mr starr shine
    Mr starr shine

    Didn’t realise Izzy was soo tall tbh..

  • Stephe O' Johnsen
    Stephe O' Johnsen

    Let's go Izzy! "NA NAIJA MAAAAAAAAAIN! 💪😎

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan

    You cant change history....

  • seth alexander
    seth alexander

    Nunez needs a chromosome count???

  • Asiri Jayathilaka
    Asiri Jayathilaka

    Adesanya is a real beast

  • Marc Schweiz
    Marc Schweiz

    Go Jan! Show them your polish power

  • Giuseppe Dimarco
    Giuseppe Dimarco

    Come on Jan 👌 All Champs Fall Tonight ☺️🍀

  • ichigo kurosaki
    ichigo kurosaki

    Israel and Jan make mma look like gentleman blood sport with class f...ING love them both

  • Liat liat
    Liat liat

    Adesanya asiaaaapppp😂

  • Eire King
    Eire King

    Jan will knock izzy out

    • dietisgreat

      You are on drug charges

  • pavlus sulvaq
    pavlus sulvaq

    spokoooooj janek!

  • kelamuni


  • Mr. Grumpy
    Mr. Grumpy

    Those press conferences are horrible without Conor: the irish king!

  • speaknsee

    I thought Amanda Nunez was 'MILLI VANILLI "

  • Krzysztof Gonciarz
    Krzysztof Gonciarz

    Jan You Know Błachowicz

  • Jinu Kumar
    Jinu Kumar

    Mark my word nunes can beat her very easily

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Israel knows he's the challenger in this division so didn't want to pose with his belt ...Dana knows champ vs. champ sells lol so made him hold it. 😂

  • Richard Brendt
    Richard Brendt

    Come on Jan

  • Artur

    these women should reduce their testosterone doses. they have square faces

  • Artur

    these women should reduce testosterone doses ...

  • CzesiU

    'you know' ~ Błachowicz 2k21

  • Aztekium Bot
    Aztekium Bot

    Widzę strach w oczach obydwu! Nie dziwię się...

  • Phillip Ford
    Phillip Ford

    Megan is sexy as F*****