ULTIMATE Formula 1 2006 Onboard Crashes, Spins, Fails and Mechanical Problems HD Compilation
Biggest ever onboard compilation from F1 2006, with no commentaries. Enjoy it!

Copyright: Formula One Management

  • Cyril Hobby Web
    Cyril Hobby Web

    lol 😂

  • Jeffrey ten thije
    Jeffrey ten thije

    26:15 How perfectly did his sync up

  • FMTF - Finance & Investing
    FMTF - Finance & Investing

    In a time where cars still failed

  • Aether 776
    Aether 776

    i miss bmw sauber

  • Teo Cobos
    Teo Cobos

    9:00 typical 7 time world champ

  • Ale

    It was the first season I watched as kid. ':)

  • Crade

    Das Beste F1 Spiel heute noch Kimi

  • SamJesus8

    this is true nostalgia, the 4:3 Box Tv aspect ratio, the non HDness of the video truly brings back memories when I was a kid watching F1, even the pit stops were ancient asf with the lollipop man and the smooth tire changes. man this is museum worthy

  • BO7Southside

    Is it just me or did the cars look way more estethically pleasing from the onboard back then ? At least the Ferrari and the BAR

  • carlosb1

    This about the time I stopped watching F1

  • paulo jean clade
    paulo jean clade

    Track map on the racing wheel really ?? Is there a professional driver inside ? 6:14

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      Basically all the drivers have a track map inside the cockpit to show them the corners numbers, not the track layout itself. This is usefull when the engineer say something about the turn 9, for example, so the driver can look at the map and know exactly what corner that is.


    1:39 bro hes fucking shredding.

  • Malcolm Holmes
    Malcolm Holmes

    11:46 Basically an f1 2020 online lobby...

  • lisreal 2041
    lisreal 2041

    5:20 LMAO

  • abdi adagbre
    abdi adagbre


    • Reimel Ong
      Reimel Ong

      lol that was kimi

    • Categoria Xbox
      Categoria Xbox


  • Ernesto Longhi
    Ernesto Longhi

    Thank you so much for no music or comments! Pure sound! 🎶🎵 🎶

  • viosla guzman
    viosla guzman

    Lindo video

  • Marek Kösegi
    Marek Kösegi

    13:05 this is so funny

  • Marek Kösegi
    Marek Kösegi


  • oldschooldrumcorps

    loved the sound of the V-8's, the turbo hybrids not so much....but reliability though

  • ヅEuxinorus

    2:34 what is this guy doing?

    • ヅEuxinorus

      @Igor Noronha Thx brother

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      He is pressing the neutral button, so that he can push the car that was stuck.

  • DaniMacYo

    Schumacher. My hero.

  • Highland_Biker

    Back when they had proper racing cars in F1

  • KevinAbillGaming

    5:49 On his final flying lap, he came across some off-the-pace Villeneuve. And he didn't appreciate it.

  • Дмитрий

    Music relax

  • Gabriel Alves
    Gabriel Alves

    Eu amo o fato de que você não postava vídeos à 11 anos e do nada voltou a postar

  • Jon Chui
    Jon Chui

    9:43 Still to this day, I still think of Webber throwing his steering wheel down into the seat one of the coolest shows of anger and frustration in F1. Threw it down like a toy! Totally felt bad for him but they were such powerful pictures.

    • Jon Chui
      Jon Chui

      @Krystian Lato I mean, I liked Webber throwing his wheel down, so I thought it looked cool. 😎💪 Rubens, as much as I loved him was so wrong to throw his wheel onto the racing line. If it had been flicked up into the suspension arms and locked the steering of Chandhok or any of the cars behind, it could have caused a crash, or have been flicked into the helmet of someone. Another memorable wheel throw of anger I liked was when Hamilton threw his out and forwards after pulling off the track after damage from Webber at the 2010 Singapore Grand Prix. I was disappointed that he was taken out, of course, but his wheel throw was cool and powerful 😎💪

    • Krystian Lato
      Krystian Lato

      Still better than Rubens throwing his steering wheel on track

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti Allan

    These 2006 onboards are all way better than 2021.

  • Handy Andy
    Handy Andy

    8:59 whoops 😬

  • Tom Gregory
    Tom Gregory

    The 2006 season and engine blowups - name a more iconic duo.

  • xantelo


    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha


  • THEssSFM

    1:36 How to not aggressively accelerate

    • THEssSFM

      @Mustafa Kaya that is then what happens in a bus everytime it drives off a station. Bus drivers are goddamn idiots.

    • Mustafa Kaya
      Mustafa Kaya

      He was hit from behind and had a puncture x)

  • sternschnupper

    18:06 just enjoying a serene moment of a pile wrecked cars.

  • bdub215

    14:19 I was today years old when I saw an F1 car reversing on its own.

  • Federico Daidone
    Federico Daidone

    35:10 - 36:52 PAIN

    • Federico Daidone
      Federico Daidone

      @Valentin Münch yeah i agree

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      Oh yes but 33:27 - 34:02 is much more pain! 😵😖😭

  • Federico Daidone
    Federico Daidone

    33:27 - 34:04 ladies and gentlemen that's pain

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      Oh yes! 😳😥😤😢😭

  • Antonello Boccardi
    Antonello Boccardi

    33:28 my heart broke that day

    • Reimel Ong
      Reimel Ong

      @Villager lol

    • Villager

      9:00 and that too

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      I can absolutely understand that and I'm so glad I didn't see this race back then. In this time I was nine years old and I saw some races but fortunately not this because I was at this day on the way. I had hear this later in the news which was annoying enough but by far not so bad like if I had seen it live in TV. Michael Schumacher was one of the greatest drivers in history of formula one. Sorry, my English is not the best.

  • jpshou

    God I miss that sound!!!

  • Rhys Benjamin
    Rhys Benjamin

    Can't quite believe to this day Montoya did not get a penalty for punting Rosberg off into the wall in Montreal.

  • mert b
    mert b


    • Ice Breaker
      Ice Breaker

      Thicc 🥵

    • SzandorThe13th


  • Miguel Perdomo
    Miguel Perdomo

    We need more of this

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer

    Nice compilation... though the Williams burning at Monaco would have made the perfect ending to display some text on as the smoke obscured the view entirely. 9:44

  • COTTö

    05:21 *B O N K*

  • Mat C
    Mat C

    I love how chill Kimi is when his car's on fire 😂

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      @Mat C Yes, I saw this live in TV. That was so cool. 😃😅👍

    • Handy Andy
      Handy Andy

      Yea I think so

    • Mat C
      Mat C

      Wasn’t that the race where he went to his boat and not the paddock?

    • Handy Andy
      Handy Andy

      He’s thinking how can I park it closer to home lol

  • Colours Capello
    Colours Capello

    Wow. I forgot F1 used to sound like that! Those were beasts!!

  • STREET24000

    Watching this makes me want to play F1 Championship Edition

  • Moses Ktz
    Moses Ktz

    Wait the N letter is for neutral?If someone knows respond me

    • Moses Ktz
      Moses Ktz

      @Jec Kek Harvard wants to know your location because they have a special study that has to do with brain damage guys who playing smart

    • Jec Kek
      Jec Kek

      Are you kidding me? What you think it stands for, Nandos?

    • Moses Ktz
      Moses Ktz

      @Igor Noronha thanks I didn’t know that and I was wondering what was the N letter for.Thanks you

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      Yes, it is. When there's a hydraulic problem or a gearbox problem and the car is stuck at some gear, someone needs to press that button that disengages the gear mechanically.

  • Dawson Fowler
    Dawson Fowler

    24:40 when you use full traction control on the F1 game

    • AlexTheGamer23

      If you didnt know, 2006 cars used TCS and ABS

    • VS Ultra Gaming
      VS Ultra Gaming

      Jesus that sounds worse than the game

  • Ian Howlett
    Ian Howlett

    Listen to these cars compared to the soulless junk they have today.

  • KingOskarPL

    I love this f1 sound good job👍

  • Michael Flowers
    Michael Flowers

    Oh How I miss the sounds of the f1 engines screaming down the straight!!! (Or anywhere for that matter!)

  • Davi Show
    Davi Show

    Foi um brasileiro que fez o video, não to acreditando

  • KD F1
    KD F1

    I forgot how shit the 2006 Williams was for reliability back then😬😬😬

    • im that dude
      im that dude

      every cars reliability was shit back then

  • Michael Shi
    Michael Shi

    Can anyone explain what happened at 5:08, was Ferrari pitting both of the drivers together?

    • Michael Shi
      Michael Shi

      @Igor Noronha cheers mate!

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      That was the qualifying, not the race.

  • Dragomir Stijovic
    Dragomir Stijovic

    Magny Cours 😍

    • Adam

      @Valentin Münch 👍👍

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      @Adam Exactly my thought! 😀😁😅👍

    • Adam

      So much better than Paul Richard

  • Giovanni Dias
    Giovanni Dias

    4:50 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    • Jraybay

      @Giovanni Dias Wasn't really a big deal at those slow speeds

    • Giovanni Dias
      Giovanni Dias

      @Jraybay I referred to the pilots driving with a gigantic truck on the track

    • Jraybay

      Yes it was a huge failure of the engine on the last lap

  • Miguel Elgueta
    Miguel Elgueta

    This pre 2007 stuff looks ancient because of the lack of hd recordings and to me it feels like it was yesterday

  • Euwyn Draper
    Euwyn Draper

    Wow the first year of v8 engines were extremely unreliable omg

    • SirRobbins

      Toro Rosso still used the Cosworth V10 in 2006. The last V10 in F1 to be used...

    • ferrari2k

      I wish it would be like that today. The cars are way too reliable today, only 2 or 3 retirements each race...

    • Jusuff

      It could be, because they rev'd up to 20k

  • The Racing Line
    The Racing Line

    2006 is my favorite season

    • Valentin Münch
      Valentin Münch

      @Ice Breaker 2011 was very boring.

    • The Racing Line
      The Racing Line

      @Ice Breaker I talk especially for cars, team present, livery etc

    • Ice Breaker
      Ice Breaker

      I’d say 2011 or 2012


      Mine too

  • Pet M.
    Pet M.

    this compilation doesn't have a logic and it's chaotic

  • Foksyyh

    So many maclaren mercedes DQ's by engine failure

  • 74HiTzErSTriKE47

    6:44 Am I crazy or did Red Bull really use a steering-wheel-mounted screen in 2006??

    • Alan luscombe8a
      Alan luscombe8a

      And then I think they did away with it in the vettel years

    • Purwanti Allan
      Purwanti Allan

      @Topzaum have u tried Richard Burns Rally??

    • SzandorThe13th

      Thats more of a williams thing tbh

    • Miguel Elgueta
      Miguel Elgueta

      @Danil Tereshchenko The first lcd screens attached to the driving wheel were used by Ferrari in their 1996 Ferrari f310 I think, albeit they were small and rudimentary they were really useful.

    • mitsakos

      @Miguel Elgueta later on they removed it, i think that is what he means

  • The Yellow Banana
    The Yellow Banana

    Very nice video, thanks. I think 2006-2009 was my favourite era of F1.

    • Quan Van
      Quan Van

      I like how your era was actually two eras

    • Bec Tonković
      Bec Tonković

      Mine was 2002-2005

    • I know I'm stupid but
      I know I'm stupid but


  • Eugen Moldovan
    Eugen Moldovan

    Why so many fire after shut off engines?

    • javier garrido
      javier garrido

      Those V8 engine were news...

    • Eugen Moldovan
      Eugen Moldovan

      @Igor Noronha your point seems legit as back then powerplants used v8's and v10 even v12, not to mention number of powerplants per season reglementation didnt exist back then.

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      I guess many of those shut offs were caused by fire in the first place, but also the teams were not so committed to cool down the cars like nowadays.

  • FXor R159
    FXor R159

    V8 or V10?

    • MDDeGrande1994

      They used the 2.4L V8s (all the way to 2013), except the Toro Rosso, which used a restricted 3.0L V10 from the previous year).

    • TheSonOfMegatron

      V8 Cosworth, Mercedes, Renault and Sauber.

    • Efecan Pakkaner
      Efecan Pakkaner

      @Hugo De Bosschére Cosworth I believe.

    • Hugo De Bosschére
      Hugo De Bosschére

      Renault v10

    • one jordan
      one jordan

      @Igor Noronha That Toro rosso was the old 2005 redbull car with some changes a capped V10 engine

  • Blake AC
    Blake AC

    5:20 lollipop man hahaha

    • SzandorThe13th

      aight go wait fuck no problem fuck fuck shit shit fuck stop shit shit shit

    • Enes Cetin
      Enes Cetin


    • Adrián De la Fuente
      Adrián De la Fuente

      ahahahahaha he thought he would stop him with the lollipop

    • Darus

      ikr, its 5am and im laughing cause of him

  • Pedro HN
    Pedro HN


  • Mats Burbach
    Mats Burbach


  • mark daniel torres
    mark daniel torres

    low quality booo

    • worm man
      worm man

      @MiimWerk redditor chungus

    • MiimWerk

      @MotorStonder ew reddit

    • Artificial Volume Studios
      Artificial Volume Studios

      @one jordan no

    • one jordan
      one jordan

      New F1 fan?

    • MotorStonder

      @Jenson r/Murderedbywords

  • SuperCooper19961

    19:29 Random Sato for 2 secs

    • SmokyGR !
      SmokyGR !

      @藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac -who are you? -michael’s engineer. S🅱️inalla -? Wait w- 19:30

    • SzandorThe13th


    • 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
      藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

      Pronto?Sato? S🅱️INNALA

  • mtwo eight
    mtwo eight


  • zombiekill-88

    Great job my friend!

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      Thank you.

  • Nicholas Bainbridge
    Nicholas Bainbridge

    They were much more relaxed on having heavy equipment on track with the cars back then

    • p c
      p c

      @Stone301 Trophy Guides actually 3, it also happened to schumacher

    • p c
      p c

      @Rhys Benjamin even in Monaco 2019 Sergio Perez almost ran over two marshalls

    • Stone301 Trophy Guides
      Stone301 Trophy Guides

      @Andreas Radya 2 in 20 years, rare yet possible occurence

    • Andreas Radya
      Andreas Radya

      @Stone301 Trophy Guides martin brundle japan 1994? a toro rosso just inches away from hitting a tractor in nurburgring 2007?

    • AA

      @Nicholas Bainbridge yet they blame the f1 cars and add the halo instead of their own mistakes by having tractors on the track

  • Scenario11

    where do you get this footage?

    • Jraybay

      @Igor Noronha Very nice Thanks

    • Igor Noronha
      Igor Noronha

      I compilated footage from the FIA Official Review, onboard races and races with no commentaries that I found at some online forums. Many of those footage are very hard to find.