VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021)
VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021) Tom Hardy, Let There Be Carnage, Action Movie HD
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  • Pilita Devilla
    Pilita Devilla

    When venom say yummy :D

  • Preston Ratliff
    Preston Ratliff

    This trailer would be so much better if they got the original voice actor for venom. His voice is meant to be frighting and scary, now its just makes him sound like some 70s bully or something. No hate to the trailer love it, either way im still going to watch the movie!

  • Rick

    good song choice

  • Sara Ballante
    Sara Ballante


  • Steven Stinnett
    Steven Stinnett

    Did you know anyone famous deals with something very similiar to this talking in their head? Except its not physical its a ghost in the end.

  • Snow Zhang
    Snow Zhang

    I can’t wait to watch !

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput
    Nenad ИС XC Shuput

    It's a demon

  • Keptin Kaos
    Keptin Kaos


  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast

    And here I am adding water to my shampoo bottle to make it last longer

  • Andres Kuaz
    Andres Kuaz

    Now. Are ve ok is be bad is you first and the life i feel re ally good

  • Jason Pittmon
    Jason Pittmon

    Looking forward to seeing this at AMC!

  • Nate

    Did they change venoms voice again

  • Amelia Ava
    Amelia Ava

    Contact Mrs Helen for more guidance 👇😊😊

  • Amelia Ava
    Amelia Ava


  • flyguy270

    Venom vs. Carnage!!!

  • hijazi Khaled
    hijazi Khaled

    Anybody watched it ? Plz answer !!!

  • Just a loud Russian hardbass
    Just a loud Russian hardbass

    Waiting for anti venom vs venom and carnage

  • Lyra Chan
    Lyra Chan

    So Venom and Eddy are basically an old married couple by now?

  • Hoang Phuc Sinh
    Hoang Phuc Sinh

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  • Paloma Monroy
    Paloma Monroy

    I can't wait to watch the Venom movie

  • Red X21X
    Red X21X

    I miss venom

  • Ivica Stančin
    Ivica Stančin


  • Ivica Stančin
    Ivica Stančin

    He ia very funny.

  • Ivica Stančin
    Ivica Stančin

    Venom is a bad boy.

  • Mike Gluth
    Mike Gluth

    The casting in this movie is AMAZING! You just know this is going to be an awesome movie.

  • cedaro laval
    cedaro laval

    I'm waiting

  • S.R 48
    S.R 48

    Suggestion of better title: VENOM; The Age of Carnage

    • Little Chicken
      Little Chicken

      It’s called venom let there be cartage

  • admin otaku
    admin otaku

    Why did venom said ''orphenage'' in german in response to the ''hello venom'' from miss cheng?

  • David Vela
    David Vela

    Que lastima que este actor participe en esta saga tan terriblemente mala.

  • Barbosa Beatriz
    Barbosa Beatriz


  • Farxad Huseynov
    Farxad Huseynov

    Venom Vs Carnage

  • mouad ait hammou
    mouad ait hammou

    wow this vemon is the best

  • Fatemeh Hashemi
    Fatemeh Hashemi

    When will this Venom movie be released ??🤔

  • Jakub Swiderski
    Jakub Swiderski

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  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Looks shit just like the first one


    Wait wait pls be Carnage I haven't seen the full trailer please be Carnage

  • R Game
    R Game

    Siapa disini yg risih sama "beli itik 2 ekor"

  • Emma Mutallib
    Emma Mutallib

    Cannot wait to watch it🤩🤩

  • Amaechi Christian
    Amaechi Christian

    Woom that sounds diffick shit on the movie stinvn


    Türkler sessizce beğendi

    • Hyper 35
      Hyper 35

      Ne zaman çıkıyo

  • Lupulsaiu

    Where si Siper Man?

  • Brandon J.
    Brandon J.

    00:44 *Detroit Jacket* Representing! Woot woot!

  • ItzzLuk

    When is cooming Venom 2?

  • Arian Asadi
    Arian Asadi

    Ohhhhh yes 😐❤️

  • Navigator Hotel
    Navigator Hotel

    damn i was really hoping for another actor to do the act of carnage :S


    hey Gordon you have a rival

  • Mrityunjay Kumar
    Mrityunjay Kumar

    Imagine venom "eating" ms chan🙂

  • Udeepta Bora
    Udeepta Bora

    Trailer is too dark

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    I really do hope that they make this movie rated R, it wouldn’t do carnage justice if it was just pg-13

    • hijazi Khaled
      hijazi Khaled

      Did u watch it ?

  • Raven Pickels
    Raven Pickels

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  • Lolan 11
    Lolan 11


  • ölümCenneti

    Haysi bakiyim

  • Wook Rep710
    Wook Rep710

    the better be R if not im going to be pissed

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Ah shit they gave venom a personality this is gonna be fun

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    This is really going to be the first movie isn’t it

  • Alex Tarazona
    Alex Tarazona

    The voice is pudge dota2

  • TheMaestro

    I love how Venom is apart of its own universe and not within MCU and spidey-verse

    • Wenson Wacaworth
      Wenson Wacaworth

      @Noriaki Kakyoin What do you mean by Spidey-verse?

    • Uday Varma
      Uday Varma


    • Noriaki Kakyoin
      Noriaki Kakyoin

      @leqesai im just talking about spiderman in general. Alot of stuff in the comics transfers to venom and venom 2 trailer

    • leqesai

      @Noriaki Kakyoin I believe the OP was referring to the franchise rights. Disney is currently using Spiderman, not Sony, and the next Spiderman movie is rumored to connect to the Sony spider-verse (how is yet to be seen but there are rumors of Sony+Disney collaborating) but as it stands these movies are currently their own thing. This has nothing to do with the comic relationship between these characters which has been well understood for decades.

    • bagio subagio
      bagio subagio


  • Ashraf Jarbo
    Ashraf Jarbo

    It comes out on my brithday

  • Luciano Silva
    Luciano Silva

    1.. filme..e.. show... gostei...😲

  • Ysmael Molinas
    Ysmael Molinas

    en el minuto 48 , Stan Lee . mis respetos héroe

  • يونس-amx49

    Hello please add me and I love you

  • يونس-amx49

    Hello please add me and I love you

  • يونس-amx49

    Hello please add me and I love you

  • يونس-amx49

    Hello please add me and I love you

  • يونس-amx49

    Hello please add me and I love you

  • Vietnam Конопелько
    Vietnam Конопелько



    Ah shit they gave venom a personality this is gonna be fun


    Nice Content

  • tony marti
    tony marti

    Ahhh... Another film with wholesome family values... Is it from Disney ??

  • J Doe
    J Doe

    This looks wicked af anyone know when it comes out

  • Flo

    il sort quand au ciné?

  • Mykhailo Hohol
    Mykhailo Hohol

    I get that they draw ideas from comic books; but I don't understand the idea behind villain being similar to the protagonist but stronger. In the first part - ok, it was kinda with the whole invasion thing. Why again? I feel like watching two cosmic slugs fighting and the good one winning in some random/smart way isn't very creative.

  • Nurlan Emirbeyli
    Nurlan Emirbeyli

    0:50 song?🤔


    Trailer of trailers shouldn't be a thing

  • SealAngel


  • Spartan Gaming and Record's
    Spartan Gaming and Record's

    Why only in theaters? Why not on maxdome, Netflix Amazon and in theaters? 🤷‍♂️ Mortal Kombat was on Amazon a few days after the movie started, or even the same day...

  • adrian dana
    adrian dana

    Venom is annoyingly funny

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones

    Just subscribe

  • Steve

    I wanna watch this

  • Kendra Deuker
    Kendra Deuker

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  • summit pawar
    summit pawar

    Venom learing about pop culture

  • camden nala
    camden nala

    the best movie !

  • Thabiso Mhlongo
    Thabiso Mhlongo

    I hope the movie becomes dope more than the trailer

  • Ekaterina Darknes
    Ekaterina Darknes


  • Ryan Draga
    Ryan Draga

    "Soon come chaos. Chaos, Soon come." This sounds like a phrase or an adage or something, and the syntax makes it sound like some form of West Indian patois or another pidgin. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Pierre Preston
      Pierre Preston

      Not sure if it's an adage but I feel like they really missed an opportunity to "say soon come carnage, carnage soon come" since yaknow carnage is venom's offspring and the main antagonist if this film and all... But you're right the expression still slaps

  • Jaz V
    Jaz V

    The special effects are fucking awful

  • Rei stefanidhis
    Rei stefanidhis

    Hello Alfie

  • king axxídєntѕ
    king axxídєntѕ

    Exactly why people ain’t ready for CARNAGE

  • gagan bansal
    gagan bansal

    All marvel characters are made from serum

  • Azrael Garcia
    Azrael Garcia

    Everybody gangsta until venom become a hero

  • David Lugo
    David Lugo

    1:58 scream symbiote?


    But venom don't like music and see trailer in first scene he loves how

  • 無効_void

    Its still enjoyable for underraged people, just disturbing stuff sometimes.

  • Robert Delafuente
    Robert Delafuente

    I say either I say neither you say neither ketsup!? Lol

  • Svzcxaswdv Vzxaswe
    Svzcxaswdv Vzxaswe

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  • Finn


  • abbie jone
    abbie jone

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