What pretending to be crazy looks like
Does the demon have an attorney?
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  • JCS - Criminal Psychology
    JCS - Criminal Psychology

    Thanks for sticking around guys, it’s truly appreciated. The uploads will be more frequent from now on x

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      Josh Fiver

      I have a request to do a video!! Would be a great JCS segment. Maybe a 2/3 part series like the Watts case. Check out the Murdaugh case down here in South Carolina. It’s got so many twists, waiting on them to solve the murders.

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      baby fernandez rubio

      This was amazing thank you for this video it was really good

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      Joseph Adams

      Do you have a podcast?

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      That is brilliant news. Your videos are really the best thing on HRposts.

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    Joshua Perry

    He may be a cold-blooded bastard, but his music taste slaps.

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    Mr Raging Vibrava

    At time of writing this - there is 20K dislikes on this video. Why?

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    No listen, it was the demon who vandalized my playlist. I included "Jesus Loves Me" and that's it!! It was the demon who added "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) [SATAN'S EXTENDED VERSION]" to the playlist!! I promise it wasn't me!!

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    Michael Bugner

    You gotta do Chris chan's interrogation.

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    Lynx Null

    "The Evil Song" lool

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    How exactly does anyone fail the ASVAB?

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    Paul American

    I would like to kill people that hurt innocent people. Does that make me a crazy?

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    please just fucking upload bro I am starving

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    Aziz Emad

    The quiet kid

  • Caleb Frenchman
    Caleb Frenchman

    at 30:00 I find it very interesting that he gets embarrassed because of a fight. From what I have seen/learned, when people will go to the lengths of mass shootings, it is not a common trait to be embarrassed because of a confrontation.

  • Danish Danial
    Danish Danial

    So what happened to him today tho?

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    TTV CoeStar

    Bro the German song scared the shit out of me

  • Danish Danial
    Danish Danial

    This part got me good “once again I grabbed the wrong key “ 😂😂😂

  • Televised Records
    Televised Records

    52:30 the detective hit a blunt with the Demons I swear 😂 and he didn’t choke ! 🥸

  • Televised Records
    Televised Records

    52:30 the detective hit a blunt with the Demons I swear 😂 and he didn’t choke ! 🥸

  • Prashant Tayshetye
    Prashant Tayshetye

    Bad acting 🎭

  • Prashant Tayshetye
    Prashant Tayshetye

    Not sure why on earth after the guy killed so many kids the attorney has to prove he is not insane. Insane or not if you leave this guy he will kill more. Are the victims who lost lives not worthy shouldntvthe onus be on the killer to prove he is innocent?

  • S K
    S K

    Imagine being such a shitty actor that even the trained professionals are laughing at you

  • Cheree A
    Cheree A

    i hate that theyre being so nice to that trashbag that killed 17 people.

  • Televised Records
    Televised Records

    These likes and dislike are these water bottles

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    I dont know but his voice reminds me of @greystillplays

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  • sakor88

    So... if you are insane, you are sent to a place where your mental health will collapse even further? Sounds like a pretty poor plan...

  • David Rusev
    David Rusev

    "shut up"

  • Mike Peezy
    Mike Peezy

    He said he didn’t buy weed a lot because it was “illegal” then proceeds to shoot up a school…both funny and heartbreaking, my condolences to all that lost someone that day

  • Rodrigo Calisto
    Rodrigo Calisto

    "Why dont you smoke marijuana every day?" School shooter that smokes once a week: its illegal.

  • Tara Lektro
    Tara Lektro

    Pathetic acting 🥲

  • Ellale Viojan
    Ellale Viojan

    The voice: "Yo Nik, you want to get some ice cream?" Nikolas: THE DEMON VOICE WANTED ME TO KILL AND BURN. BURN. BURN. The voice: 👁️👄👁️ you lil bitch

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    Random Subscriber

    WOOOOWW, This is my typical type of video. Where cases has been discussed. My dream job is to investigate one of these cases, especially this pretend to be crazy

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    Dewey Jr

    Why is there wd40 on the deck

  • Stranger •7 months ago
    Stranger •7 months ago

    Naughty America: Nobody does it better This boy:Marijuana does it better 51:40

  • chronixxz420 MLG
    chronixxz420 MLG

    this is a bit harsh to say, but why would they waste time building a case on it, put him on death row for years and years wasting tax payer money to keep him alive? the guy is clearly guilty of mass shooting, should of shot him then and there in the interrogation room, thats what he wanted after all and it would save all the hassle of trials and the victims familys would get the justice they deserve. thats just how I feel though, thats my opinion.

  • Stranger •7 months ago
    Stranger •7 months ago

    "My voice tells me to go to meal and not pay for my meal "🤣🤣🤣 37:56

  • Sharon Moore
    Sharon Moore

    Now I see why he didn't have any friends

  • Static In my head
    Static In my head

    Where is the part is he did this so everyone would know him but this is the first time I figured out the parkland shooters name so..

  • Velfecr

    This system is terrible someone who killed a group of people can’t be good the single place where he gotta go Is a psychologist how can you expect for normal answers and behaviors under this pressure.

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    Rudy Pacé

    And the award for best performance goes to mr.Magee

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    Ferrous Aradicen

    "The uploads will be more frequent from now on" *2 months later* Why you gotta lie to me?

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    Ridz Barton

    What I don't understand is the case of Jeffrey Dahmer..... I mean..... what?!?

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    Maybe he does hear voices… with those big ass ears 😂 Pack it up, Dumbo. You ain’t fooling anyone 😒

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    3:40 my soul left 💀

  • Paul Chadbourne
    Paul Chadbourne

    The insane don’t really seem to see a problem with what they did more of a problem with the punishment of being detained.

  • it is a mystery
    it is a mystery

    I hear the voice that I was originally referring to as though they were plural like once a day in the afternoon, like clockwork. The voice is talking to me right now. The last time I heard the voice was last night at work. I'm guessing he wasnt a very good student. What was even the point in the whole act if you are both going to constantly contradict yourself AND have a video on your phone floating to 4chan or whatever.

  • Mary I
    Mary I

    At least first guy was smart enough to ask for attorney. I’m rewatching this video for a fifth time. The detective is amazing, so much patience, the real hero of this video.

  • Hope

    He’s sooooo funny 😂😂😂

  • RollingCheeseCart

    Crazy? nono. Untreated mental health

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    Lil Chicky

    58:20 when my dog see a bug fly by

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    sparkle_ dream_HD

    For me as a german I literally cracked as he told him he listend to Panzermensch lmaooo his acting was so cringe it was so hard to watch this video but still it's very interesting to see how he thought he would get away with it

  • Colin Baker
    Colin Baker

    The music he listened to is eery enough to send you mad on its own.

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    follo cza Laolang

    Dude can remember how much he was making at the Dollar tree but cnt remember his Cellphone make lol....

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    This is your best video

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    My man's voice seems a big fan of Tron Cat

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    Wow you got more views than Shane Dawson documentaries before he got canceled

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    Carii playz

    “What happened” Cop: “shut up” LMAOOO

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    Sarah Mayer

    he‘s a bad actor

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    Naomi Kidane

    This is amusingly horrifying

  • QueenB

    I love how detailed this vid is! Glad i discover your channel

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    Mikko Paloheimo

    They are just drinking coca cola…

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    I wish that you'd stuck with the original case, instead of jumping around.

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    binks-kun OwO

    Please stop coming jn to my recommendation I'm scared now, my family is also scared

  • Szalai Csongor
    Szalai Csongor

    I have a question. If the Nick kid is so mentally healthy, then why his former class/schoolmates kept making fun of him for years for "being cr@azy"? They said that he was totally out of it, all the time, he did horrible things, he cannot behave normally, etc. They did admit to harassing him for a long time, that bald girl also said that in her speech. So, if his behavior was normal all the time, except when the camera was on him at the police station, then why the kids in school made fun of him and called him ins@ne? Did he pretend to be insane in school, for years? What about his dead parents? Why were he and others reported him to the police and to the feds, many times? Why was he called the police and asked for help? Was it all an act, like the actors in the video? Or it was all false news? (I doubt it.) - The video is telling that he did not ask for help. Yet, the news said he did ask for help. So which one is it? News said there were a huge amount of warning signs, just no one cared about those. Anyway, he was playing for the camera, but there are many questions about what was going on with him. Also, why is the case not closed yet? That thing happened like 3.5 years ago. If it's an obvious case, how is the court is still not done with it? Even if he gets the d-penalty, it's usually starts with a 25-30 years death-row.

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    Love your videos man but the audio needs work. All of them including the Patreon vids require you to have your hand on the volume constantly. Interrogations are quiet and then your narration is super loud, and then your added music is INSANELY loud. Easy fix in most video editors.

  • anterosia

    the guy that tried to fucking act suicidal makes me snort

  • anterosia

    i don't think i'm qualified for this kind of profession, it's either i'll burst out laughing, feel sad, or run out of patience


    God! why i feel so embarrassed on behalf of them..

  • The Gallivanter
    The Gallivanter

    I had a panic attack one time and one time only, and that, . . . . . . that wasn't it.

  • Diverzn

    For weeks and weeks I thought why this video...and then I finnaly clicked.

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    YouTube Bram

    37.00 if u don't think this guy's insane.... There's something wrong

  • Aaaa An
    Aaaa An

    I can’t with the dude How did the other guy not burst out laughing when the guy was saying some fake demon shit

  • Melody

    That’s embarrassing for him...

  • Paul Beddows
    Paul Beddows

    Killing anyone for the hell of it just ain't normal is it so who knows it's all fucked up!!!

  • Damien S
    Damien S

    “Does the demon know an attorney?” That made me laugh, yet only briefly because what this kid did deserves serious retribution.

  • The Gallivanter
    The Gallivanter

    The act was obvious the entire time, but the part that got me was where he said he had been cutting himself for 'years'. Like, mcsqueeze me? Those arms? *Years??* How did he go to a high school and not know how stupid he would look saying that? At some point in the 'years' he would have had a sharp knife and he would have made a visible mark, why didn't he say something that would be less visible? If he hadn't said enough foolish things already, that really topped the cake, jeez.

  • AR

    Why would someone who confesses to killing someone and is a psychopath not just execute him.

  • Aidan Kerrigan
    Aidan Kerrigan

    Note to self… if I ever decide to kill someone I just gotta be brutally honest to the officers

  • Cesare Cesare
    Cesare Cesare

    To me the ppl that murder and aren't insane are actually more insane than the insane ppl. That Cruz kid is fucked up badly.

  • potawatadingdong

    This dude acts like a child when they get caught doing something bad.

  • Thommy Kane
    Thommy Kane

    Somebody finally takes accountability for their actions and we call him insane for it.

  • D Diamond
    D Diamond

    45:30 "you're too nice." Seeing as this guy has been entertaining your awful looney impression for an hour and a half, I'd say the voice might be on to something mate.

  • Braxton Buff
    Braxton Buff

    Damn never gonna listen to salad days the same again

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    Fu*k I love psychology

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    When you're alone that's who you really are. You can't fake insane.

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    Literally the real insane will be upfront and will fall apart in front of police. Because the way their brain works a lot of them can't plan ahead in the way that would make sense to use insanity as a plea. Like with the guy who killed his roommate who was deemed insane, he literally didn't plan anymore than the murder and after it he knew he wanted to go to Canada but didn't plan anything to get there.

    • Sarah Bell
      Sarah Bell

      The worst part of watching this kid is I have met so many men like this kid omfg

  • Lucifer, CEO of Hell
    Lucifer, CEO of Hell

    I don't blame the guy for acting crazy to avoid prison. At least in psychiatric facilities, you're not forced into slavery and tortured if you refuse to work. Personally, I'd rather get executed than be a slave.

  • Seneca Zues
    Seneca Zues

    ayy that second song man! it ain't "evil" -🇩🇪

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson

    Test tube babies released by the government this is all mass shooters trust been in research a lot of shit people aren’t exposed to

  • Simon Leak
    Simon Leak

    Great video! I would recommend looking at when detectives brought his estranged brother in to further establish a motive - btw they wanted to establish a motive to see if they could establish mitigating circumstances to get him the death penalty

  • uhtern

    please do a video on chris chan's interrogation

  • Child Kid
    Child Kid

    isint this Nick Cruz?

  • C S
    C S

    This scares me. Am I really repenting? Or am I just pretending in hopes of avoiding hell? how can I be certain?

  • Toria Valentine
    Toria Valentine

    He could've idk prepared a little better and do his research if pleading insanity was his goal 😂 this man overheard about schitzophrenics hearing voices and ran with it, the voices do NOT come from inside your head