Zenfone 8 - The most boring INCREDIBLE phone ever.
This is my full review of the new 2021 Zenfone 8, including a camera test, battery life, specs + more! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to www.dashlane.com/boss and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code BOSS for 50% off

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    CORRECTION, the phone does not have Wireless Charging, my mistake! To all of you who manage to get here before I do, you're the real heroes 👊 Very curious what you think to the phone's design? Too plain or do you actually like it? To see some of the coolest Tech Inventions in the world right now: hrposts.info/five/video/qJyWho9ra6dwp5k

    • Aakanksha Singh
      Aakanksha Singh

      I actually don't mind this basic design (plus i put customized covers on my Phones anyway). And personally its still much better than the random shiny gradients which phones have nowadays. The rest of the specs sounds good and i would totally buy this if i needed a phone in this price range.

    • Ameer Anas
      Ameer Anas

      @23- Adithya Sunesh زززننتنتن٨نننعععععههههخععههخن

    • Sesky


    • African Ratel
      African Ratel

      Love it's simple, low key looks. Keeps attention away. The beastly specs are awesome too, all they need now is to make a 6. 5 incher amd it would be perfect.

    • Comic X
      Comic X

      This is the one Smartphone that everyone would dream to purchase 🔥❤️🙂🇮🇳...this Smartphone have everything that I wanted🤯

  • Daeng Rombo
    Daeng Rombo

    5:42 nice

  • A Railfan
    A Railfan

    Imagine Google collabing with ASUS to create a GCAM. ASUS will be the boss of Android Phones.

  • Eisenhower Studios
    Eisenhower Studios

    So I looked up specs on GSM Arena and it says that there is no wireless charging, so I'm just wondering if there really is or not?

  • RpM_ Adrish
    RpM_ Adrish

    Best thing about this phone It has Android One yayyyyyyyy!!!!

  • bensadventuresonearth

    5.9" is NOT a small phone, but it seems like something i would definitely buy if i had to choose between that and a samsung or xiaomi... I need it to work and be compact, and have a headphone jack, i don't need 4 cameras...

  • Burgundy Home
    Burgundy Home

    Does anybody here bothers that these phones only has usb 2.0?

  • Thành Nhân Cao
    Thành Nhân Cao

    It’s boring af

  • Sana kiddy
    Sana kiddy

    Asus make good hardware in phones...but their UI and android implementation is their weakest department.

  • tanuj bhagota
    tanuj bhagota

    Can this asus zenfone 8 cast it's display to TV over type c to HDMI cable If someone owns the phone can you please check and answer this.

  • Cursed Noodle
    Cursed Noodle

    I have an iPhone 6s, so I might switch to to this!

  • John Michael Damole
    John Michael Damole

    I want that phone ahaha

  • tr33c

    every zenfone 8 review "ITS SOO SMALL" Me buying a new phone after owning an LG G6 for 4 years, that's the exact same size: I'll take your entire stock

  • arun csk7
    arun csk7

    F_@#k moto ad

  • Vineeth Vikraman
    Vineeth Vikraman

    മലയാളികൾ ആരേലും ഉണ്ടോ

    • Sarath Kumar T
      Sarath Kumar T

      Illa. Unnan pokunne ullu.

  • Latrelle Bridger
    Latrelle Bridger

    I just wanted to ask something but can anyone give me the games mrwhosetheboss is playing all the time pls

  • Wen Mag
    Wen Mag

    The delicious rocket phenotypically found because dance electronically unlock at a nauseating baker. testy, true hamster

  • bebespurs

    For the 3.5mm jack! in a flagship phone!!! Thank you Asus!

  • M E X I C A N A R T I L L E R Y M O D E B T C H !
    M E X I C A N A R T I L L E R Y M O D E B T C H !


  • Yashodhan PRABHUBORKAR
    Yashodhan PRABHUBORKAR

    I see bts cards there Arun😂😂❤️❤️

  • AG blue metal
    AG blue metal

    This is exactly like sleeper cars

  • Fantam Gaming
    Fantam Gaming

    4:58 He live in a town called hell 😎

  • johnrowel rodriguez
    johnrowel rodriguez

    seeing those phone on your shelf stack and just sitting there makes me cry because i use a samsung a3 :

  • Fearless

    Hi mrwhoestheboss... I need a little help from you... I am preparing for UPSC exam.. and I am in a utter need of an ipad for this... I know this is not a way to ask favour ...but I am completely helpless and want to study, but I am unable to since it requires a lot of investment and I belong to a middle class family and they think such things are not necessary for studies but they don't understand how much it would help me... I promise you I will repay every penny once I become an IAS... you may not even see this comment but I just wanted to try it out anyways... iPad will make me take notes and store them very easily so that I can revise it whenever I can it will make my online learning experience pretty good... If you have any ipad that you don't use please giveit away to me... I will be forever greatful and will definitely return the money back.🙏

  • KhmerGuide

    meowwww meowwww hello kitty!!! 0:09

  • Pumpy

    this phone is better than my laptop which is bigger and has more tech room

  • Arnaud smith
    Arnaud smith

    Yes à JAAAAACK


    Tonny kakkar 🤔

  • dosko

    fantastic step into the right direction, now let's go for 5,8 inches guys

  • Deulhadj Ilyas
    Deulhadj Ilyas

    Yessss finally! Small phone that actually has amazing hardware!

  • Sam Anwar
    Sam Anwar

    even the cat dislikes it

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Compact phone with decent hardware? Just shut up and take my money I have been waiting for something like this since my Xperia Z3 Compact died. They still don't sell it in North America but at least they announced that they will this time.

  • Vighnesh Pai
    Vighnesh Pai

    ASUS is a FRAUD! They don't deliver promised Android upgrades! When they do they do it with feel lot of bugs. They're still "WORKING" on Android 10 update for the ZF Max Phones And in the name of Stock Android they give a Toned Down version of the OS with a lot of features missing which you can find on non Android ONE phones as well like Moto G10 and E7

  • Без имени
    Без имени

    They copied the simplicity of google pixel 4a

  • ador ador
    ador ador

    "If your crush finally texted you back" - still waiting :3


    3:54 6 gb ram??

  • Swapnendu Kar
    Swapnendu Kar

    The perfect phone.

  • isabella

    Dang Genshin Impact runs so smoothly...

  • Devil Wolf
    Devil Wolf

    It's like asus trying to prove that judging anyone from how it looks is wrong, what to see is that how it performs.

  • ANIME - L
    ANIME - L

    this phone is killer,

  • Cereinel Gauss
    Cereinel Gauss

    A plain & simple looking phone, one that's not all too flashy in such... To put it into context, what phone you buy somehow reflects your personality which is what I like at some phones out there. Edit: or at least that's how I see it

  • Dony Tontiardo
    Dony Tontiardo

    Hell is quite cold these days

  • ikanberapi

    its basically ROG5 on a small case but man still, no macro

  • Ꭺꜱʜɪꜱʜ Kumar
    Ꭺꜱʜɪꜱʜ Kumar

    I'm using 5.9 inches phone it's not so compact

  • Clavo

    Its the sleeper phone Who understood understood :D Btw i like the simple design :D² Btw² Good video :D³

  • Theo Thompson
    Theo Thompson

    3:35 lol 69%🤣🤣

  • rahul singh thakur
    rahul singh thakur

    Can anyone tell the name of game played by him

  • Steve Bolton
    Steve Bolton

    I like the look of it. A phone should just be a phone, not a fashion accessory you change monthly. Gaming? I dont give a toss. Social media? I dont give a toss. Photos? I have a Camera with me all times.What I need is reliability… a phone that turns on when i need to use it to contact someone, something my apple iphone does not do anymore even after going back to apple. I need something i can trust, The teen idiots can and will buy the other “shiny thing” phones. This is a phone for everyone else it seems.

  • Dickson Thandi
    Dickson Thandi

    This phones seems yo be more incredible

  • Jonas Pfeiffer
    Jonas Pfeiffer

    Im really torn between this, the oneplus 9 and the galaxy s21. Here in Denmark, they're all about the same price. which one should I go with?

    • Syed Rahim
      Syed Rahim

      Well first of all. How the hell they priced the same? I would love to buy the phone there. I think if they are priced the same, i would choose those with extra small features that i would love too have. I would opted for s21. Got flat screen, the best display among those 3, security and software update will surely be the fastest too. Surely the camera wont disappoint with s21. It's not as small as zenfone 8 but not too big as oneplus. Guess the only thing i would be missing is Oneplus Os.

  • 20-504 Abhishek Prasad
    20-504 Abhishek Prasad


  • - Starline -
    - Starline -

    I love the cat so ADORBLE 💖

  • DG

    finally a cheap compact flagship

  • ark venancio
    ark venancio

    The feeling when you're bullying the most boring nerd kid in your room, ended up liking him because of how amazing and incredible he is

  • Marqlut Marquez
    Marqlut Marquez

    shit 16gb ram..and superb performance

  • Aljun Reyes
    Aljun Reyes

    a perfect compact android phone since galaxy s10e

  • ProGamerEnVy BEAST
    ProGamerEnVy BEAST

    4:53 is hell cold now?

  • Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
    Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

    I love it, font judge it..

  • robert tungs
    robert tungs

    Idk why i still watch your smartphones reviews even when i know they're way out of my affordable range...can u give me one of your smartphone?

  • Choy L.
    Choy L.

    How many 'that's' word he speak, can you count? 😁

  • Purple Spark
    Purple Spark

    The headphone jack does not need to be on its way out. It'll only be if we don't ask for it. I personally prefer it, like I do laptops with many USB ports rather than one or two with an added USB-C

  • Yogesh Durai
    Yogesh Durai

    #Valimai Update

  • Francis Guison
    Francis Guison

    All Amazing! But. I'm off with the Camera Notch infront. 😬

  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri

    Boring is EXACTLY what phones need. Fuck all that expensive, shiny, metallic, pearlescent design language that screams "STEAL ME!"

  • A 4 U
    A 4 U

    Please!!!!! Also review Realme XT

  • Ricerous

    What about if dashlane is hacked? Anything is possible in tech because their software is created by super Aliens. aaaah hope it makes sense, ooooh.

  • Sagar Dhimal
    Sagar Dhimal


  • A Human I Swear
    A Human I Swear

    Like a true millennial, I set the button to only- Instagram.

  • A Human I Swear
    A Human I Swear


  • Shriram Aghav
    Shriram Aghav

    I think he speak in hindi but 😄😄😄

  • Aliengrade

    Now that US Government shut down my that my beloved Huawei, everything marginal is a beast. smh

  • The nice Coconut
    The nice Coconut

    RIP iPhones

  • Heych Ex
    Heych Ex

    The real test is Minecraft with max settings, RTX beta shaders and a 2048x texture (at least 512x)

  • Akhil Ali
    Akhil Ali

    4:38 what is name of that phone

  • Purple JPuff
    Purple JPuff

    Can we realize how CONFUSING the title of this video is?

  • Clast Verse✓
    Clast Verse✓

    Why i love him very much His voice is awesome

  • Rfec

    Whats with the added caption? We can turn in on /off by default if we need it.

  • Shqrk

    The fact he played Genshin Impact on it just makes it even better

  • S J
    S J

    They're charging 599 for a mid range phone though lol

  • Ben Durbin
    Ben Durbin

    Does anyone know the game he was playing on the phone?

  • Andreas Modin
    Andreas Modin

    Thanks for the review. Maybe a dumb question. But. Does Asus have swype typing like Samsung has?

  • Sheeesh

    Mrwhosetheboss is that third picture in finland? Cuz it seem like?

  • WlllSmlth

    Cam sucks!! 700$ not worth… my old 🍏XR is better…

  • Anwell Motumi
    Anwell Motumi

    So bvasically a Samsung S21 Competitor?!


    Does it have fingerprint sensor, face recognition???

    • TheHowling77

      yes and yes


    I love your content and I was gonna recommend you to play genshin impact as gaming performance test and I love how it came to me like "if you want it here you go I don't need someone to tell me I know you" 😎 it's awesome I love your content due to your humor to anyways your awesome

  • Rijul Bhambry
    Rijul Bhambry

    This phone is exactly what I wanted.

  • Queen Dahyun
    Queen Dahyun

    I don’t know why there is RM’s map of the soul card but I appreciate it 😊

  • Shayan khan
    Shayan khan

    Pls Gimme your Genshin UID Aron

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    5:41 nice

  • BlindSp0t

    Your review actually made me buy the phone. Waiting for it to release after pre-ordering it. It's pretty much everything I want in a phone, down to the form factor and jack. The only downside for me is the camera system, but I think it's still going to be miles better than what I have currently (OP5). Been waiting for a phone exactly like this for 2 years.

  • d williams
    d williams

    This video has 2160P quality!!!!

  • Annie Surie
    Annie Surie

    It was 12:22pm in the phone's clock 🔥 Yeah! Oh and then 4:54pm?? This man is in sync with the universe ❤️

  • David Pelky
    David Pelky

    The absurd certification energetically recognise because lan aditionally question of a lacking deposit. omniscient, alcoholic clerk

  • zenjm

    Alright! I have decided that I'll never buy another phone without a physical headphone jack. The sound quality is much much better! And I don't have to charge another device!

  • Mr M
    Mr M

    The ONE good, cheap higher-end phone not from China, Samsung and Apple.

  • toredo goredo
    toredo goredo

    i need this phone in NEPAL

  • Mohan B
    Mohan B

    Y u r voice is so annoying???🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Gift Mugendi
    Gift Mugendi

    No rickrolls? Im disappointed

  • Rayjada Yakshrajsinh
    Rayjada Yakshrajsinh

    Perfect Phone

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