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Hardware Canucks is focused on everything technology. We do in-depth reviews of the the latest Graphics cards, CPUs, storage, smartphones, notebooks, overclocking and gaming peripherals. We also focus on tutorials and how-to's so that you can just the most out of your PC gaming hardware. Join us as we unbox, review and benchmark the best computer hardware on the market.

  • ZDY

    Gah...I guess this means no Viper Mini wireless then?

  • WorisonTV

    AMD are watching this video and enjoying it.

  • sor3999

    The fingerprint thing is because they design these to be "show room ready" because looking pretty in a show room sells units. Kind of how top end phones have all these fancy finishes and then people slap a cheap piece of a rubber around it.

  • Eugene Kuzmenko
    Eugene Kuzmenko

    Brio is obviously the best, but it still doesn't come close to what you have on the back of your iPhone

  • Voxann

    Ohh interesting! This video helps me decide that this keypad isn’t for me. I have been using Logitech G13 and it is so much helpful especially since there are buttons around the joystick for the thumb to work with.

  • Zato Zatoichi
    Zato Zatoichi

    Hmm, my top 5 would be: 1. G-Wolves Hati S Classic / Cooler Master MM710 (can't decide) 2. Ninox Aurora 3. G-Wolves Hati M (will prolly trade places with the Logitech G PRO X Superlight, once I get that) 4. Razer Salmosa 5. Logitech MX300 Well, if I had a Finalmouse Starlight-12 S (Ares), most probably it would steal the first spot, but getting one for an absolutely ridiculous price is not a realistic/sane proposition. : (

  • Da Be Lu
    Da Be Lu

    a full size removable cable keyboard would be mine; CM Storm QuickFire Pro


    If i don't now even one of the things in the video i will leave a like! Update: I didn't niw about the 'Mars'...+one like for you

  • Dynamo

    its a step down from the z506 for sure,the cable ports in the subwoofer are bad,the subwoofer itself is not as good as the z506 sadly

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    Great review and this machine shows Intel is an engineering powerhouse. (:

  • rezneba101

    Wow this video is *SO BIASED*. When intel is in 2nd place by a little "oh intel lagging far behind", when amd is not first "intel really be inching away"

  • Japs Pamplona
    Japs Pamplona

    This guy is the best tech/ laptop reviewer in my opinion. Relaxing voice and awesome delivery.

  • brabdom

    I'm cleaning a keyboard from goodwill that's 15x more dirty than that

  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel

    the only game this is good for is fortnite '

  • Paul Kendall
    Paul Kendall

    I feel This is AMDs opening shots they have been fast improving mobile cpu's now there mobile gpu's are back. The prospect that end 22/ start 23 will be seeing Zen4 with chiplet RDNA3 is mouth watering as when they launch(If AMD sort out Supply issue) Intel & Nvidea will need to up there performance to bring us a true fight and better pricing.

  • Emperana

    Oh shit its starlord

  • Sean Park
    Sean Park


  • Jeff Scott
    Jeff Scott

    Any idea what the black and white "Lego" looking logo is behind him? Where can I get one?

  • Chief Grizzy
    Chief Grizzy

    video starts at 1:40

  • Soulreigner

    I'm using the Glorious Model O and I am happy with the sensor but the wheel sucks! the groves are far too big, making me feel like a baby climbing the stairs, and that is when it works because it doesn't always respond on slow rolls. I'd also perfer the clicks to be quieter. If anyone has any advice on other mice let me know. Thanks

  • Intense Mark
    Intense Mark

    Which has the best airflow, Lancool II mesh or o11 Dynamic?

  • Wolf

    that pc is sh**

  • Jaz King
    Jaz King

    U just did it all

  • Malitha Venushka Wijayawickrama
    Malitha Venushka Wijayawickrama

    Damn this is a pretty good alternative to building a mitx. Thermals and cooling seem to be better than some of the mitx cases too.

  • Mr. Staircase
    Mr. Staircase

    All the amazon reviews for the v-moda are not promising. So I'm a little nervous about it.

  • Squigga.Mp4

    Personally after one day of using the headset I’m going to have to return it sadly. These were my dream headphone too it’s such a same. They hyperx cloud flights are better in my opinion. People were difficult to pinpoint and the headset gave my a headache from the clamping force.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    I'm in the market for a nother keyboard, and this seemed nice. Until I heard about the actuation. At this price - why isn't the actuation points adjustable? They are on the Razr one right? The one thing that have bugged me all this time with my K70 RapidFire is those damn actuation point. I'm kind of a sloppy writer and typing in passwords is a bitch, when just looking at a key will send a keystroke :P

  • daniel heinz
    daniel heinz

    love Intel PC's

  • Alex Deivid da Silva
    Alex Deivid da Silva

    When I bought my GTX 1060, the official price in my country was U$300, now I upgraded to 3060 and the official price is U$800 😳

  • Shawn Diaz
    Shawn Diaz

    When I got back into gaming I was so sad to see the G9 was not only no longer available but also the line had ended. I liked the shape and I don't know that I would use a similar most for gaming anymore, but it would be my go to productivity mouse.

  • Roberto Gutierrez
    Roberto Gutierrez

    These or HD 560s?

  • Hisada

    For someone on a budget, try the Hikvision webcam, trust me, it's really good for it's price.

  • RathØX

    Reason for not doing the avermedia 513?

  • oliver

    If I have 3.4k USD for laptop, I probably have at least one monitor to bypass Optimus.

  • Mast3rBlast3r

    Nice to see Arctic getting back to the top

  • Magni

    I need something like Phantom Canyon but with 3060 or 3070.


    Thx Starlord

  • Joao Freitas
    Joao Freitas

    this or the apple 13 air ?

  • Anti 3D 二
    Anti 3D 二

    The nuc is just a prebuild SFF PC at this point

  • Prikshit Verma
    Prikshit Verma

    v2 is best ...I changed from Logitech 402 to v2 ..but few days it was uncomfortable..

  • Iulian Luca
    Iulian Luca

    I don't get it. Why buy a webcam when you can use your mobile phone as a webcam and those have much better cameras?


    Better this or acer nitro 5 with i7 and rtx 3060? With same price

  • Francis Mulleady
    Francis Mulleady

    Brilliant and honest review. Superb narrative voice! I'd have bought this in a heartbeat and sold stuff to fund it. However, no 1080p webcam, better mic array, and mechanical keyboard stop this being the ultimate device. The UK version also has shortcomings with no backlight on the lower half of the number keys.

  • עילם למפרט
    עילם למפרט

    i boat the viper mini and the build quelity is the worse then 5 dollar mouse and model o

  • loveableterror

    I love my G14 (2021). It work SOOOOOOO well and is insanely fast. Gaming performance is PLENTY with the 3060 and Ryzen 9. It really is just perfect for what I need

  • Emperor Xitler
    Emperor Xitler

    Seeing Intel suffer is so sweet.

  • Remington Rojas
    Remington Rojas

    I dislike razer but their mice are underrated my mamba lasted all through middle school, highschool. and some of college and now Im on the basilisk ultimate. Only thing I would change is usb c, lighter weight, and more battery even though it last ridiculous already.

  • Noobie

    1 lakh kaa aage sabhi ko pata hai acche laptops konse hai....batana hai to budget laptop accha batao

  • vadergrd

    hope the next s series has a 6.5 screen variant...

  • Michael Carson
    Michael Carson

    If beast canyon could support 3 slot graphics card it would be a true beast.

  • phillip castillo
    phillip castillo

    Just got one of these today

  • Picasso Pablo
    Picasso Pablo

    7:12 Not edited to keep transparency and trust with viewers, thank you guys! 👍

  • Peter Conley
    Peter Conley

    Mountain Everest Max but wireless would be my top choice. Being able to ditch the tenkey and take it to the couch is a dream.

  • Joni

    Looks absolutely horrible :D One of those cases that people will be laughing at in 10 years and saying: "Who the hell even bought that?!" :D

  • Troy Gregory Lim
    Troy Gregory Lim

    try reviewing tecware fusion a budget itx case

  • Dalton

    If it would work even not well for gaming then I would jump on it since my XPS is not really a gaming machine and I mostly use it for work... however if I'm away from my PC then having a mouse that can game even if it is not perfect would be handy for killing time when waiting.

  • Juliana Montebugnoli
    Juliana Montebugnoli

    Is BlackShark V2 X a good headset for PS5?

  • Eisenhower303

    Thumbs down

  • Joshua 524
    Joshua 524

    7:10 "Current Unit of Computing" - Hardware Canucks 2021 We should make a meme out of this , LOLZ😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘

  • Mr FireBeast
    Mr FireBeast


  • thanh an le
    thanh an le

    expensive, having same size as normal itx build. might consider it if I'm super rich one day xD

  • spoots1234

    Alder Lake will probably be really good.

  • Quentin

    will this ever come in Europe? I'm looking for a slim and powerful laptop for my studies, and this seems to be a great solution, not too expensive

  • cjrciadt

    Looks at my Bean Canyon i3 NUC..

  • sebastian Cortazar
    sebastian Cortazar

    He says "back in the time" as if it was 20 years ago

  • Frank White
    Frank White

    The keyboard at 6:50 has a nice watery sound.

  • T5UN4M1 17
    T5UN4M1 17

    Please make a video like this for budget low profile coolers. The popular low profile coolers are all expensive, and we really need to know where our money is best spent.

  • [GD] FedeXD
    [GD] FedeXD

    That's a nice keyboard, but instead I would prefer the The Golden one

  • Mak er
    Mak er

    HRposts just coughed up your video. Not sure why? I have spent the last few days looking for parts for a new ITX system and found myself getting very angry at what I found or not found. Your videos had put be in a much better place. I will need to watch it a few more times. Lots to take in! Have setup a website to help off load some of your research! Thanks for today’s video, I sincerely appreciate the work you put into it. Until then stay safe

  • 100 subscriber's with video
    100 subscriber's with video

    I don’t like to wear headsets… hair dents

  • 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14
    14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14

    Please help! Ive accindetally spilled soda on my keyboarddddddd

  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes

    I am looking for something with a mechanical feel but will bluetooth with my surface go...I do alot of touch typing as I have very low vision....I have a logitech mechanical wired keyboard for my desktop with cherry mx switches and love it but would like a bluetooth option for the go....any ideas....the price of this one is quite shocking...

  • James Holdat
    James Holdat

    i've owned every one, aand used every size keyboard (and still have most of them actually.. i figured i could make some art thing maybe out of the pile of keyboards i got) for home regular joe use: full size mmo/alot of macro use/pressing alot of numbers.... 75% is ideal for gaming while adequate for school/work kinda an solid all rounder (75%>> 10 keyless) ... 65% gaming/browsing (65%>>60%) . my gaming rig is 65% and a 1800 for work related stuff (well only if i know ill be inputting alot of numbers actually.. i didnt know it had a special category till now)

  • Toasty Tek
    Toasty Tek

    I like the "gaming" mode for footsteps if you are heavy in to FPS huge help.

  • Khalil Razak
    Khalil Razak

    LG is releasing a 42 inch oled tv very soon.

  • AgentMiller418

    You forgot the dell ultrasharp